Boise State president says it's 'too late' for 2012 move to Big East

By Brian Murphy

Boise State President Bob Kustra told the Idaho Statesman that the Broncos' football team is unlikely to move to the Big East in 2012. Boise State announced in December that its football program would join the Big East for the 2013 football season.

"It's too late. I can't imagine how anyone can pull that off. We would never want to pull it off in a fashion that dealt shabbily with our existing partners in the Mountain West. I don't think that could ever work," Kustra said.

Jon Wilner of the San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News tweeted Thursday that "Source: Boise State under pressure from Big East to join in '12 to offset WVU departure."

West Virginia is seeking to leave the Big East and join the Big 12 for the 2012 football season. If West Virginia leaves the Big East, it would have just seven football-playing members in 2012.

Kustra said he has "heard those rumors."

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So who cares?


blkshoe, you are so insightful, we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for your next post.

Apparently, you care

The title was very descriptive of the content. Unless you are not very intelligent (no judgement here) you knew what you were reading. So you chose to read this information. Ergo, you care.

So who cares you're an idiot?

Not me.


The Big East would buyout the games Boise has scheduled against Miami (Ohio) and Southern Miss. With the extra game BSU gets for playing Hawaii, BSU could play 3 Big East teams in 2012 as a prelude to 2013. The Big East could do the same thing with other teams that will be transitioning into the Big East in 2013 to generate so extra excitement and start building a history between the existing teams and the future teams.

Cincinnati vs Boise State Friday Night September 14, 2012 (ESPN)
Boise State vs Rutgers Thursday Night September 27, 2012 (ESPN)
USF vs Boise State Friday Night October 4, 2012 (ESPN)

Bad idea to say the least.

A smooth transition is in the Broncos interest. Damage control after the fact is a lot easier if there's no damage to begin with.

I see no reason to leave for the Big East now

The current Mountain West Conference is NOT the same conference we agreed to join. Therefore, we should be able to leave without any penalty due to the breakdown.

Unfortunately, our contract with the MWC didn't include that clause, so we're stuck. I'd still try to leave a year early. Without TCU, this conference blows.

Whats good for the goose

Don't cry for BSU. What about Fresno and UNR that were talked into joining BSU in it's jump into the MWC. Sounds like BSU screwed them. So much for ethics. Maybe the administration skipped that class and took basket weaving instead.

I would think

the administrations at Fresno and UNR are old enough not to be talked "into" moving conferences. As for the "BSU screwed them" comment, well, that just shows your true colors......

It's also too late to join the Newt Gingrich campaign.

It's become so amazing as to just how rude various posters all over the site have gotten once restlessness has taken ahold.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Think bigger & bolder, Kustra

If Boise State has the chance to move a year earlier with the Big East/WVU paying the buyout to the MWC, there should be no obstacle big enough to stop them from doing so. The money is there immediately and the home schedule is saved (because it looks terrible right now). You've got do this if you have the chance. I hope the new AD has the gumption to look in to it further than "It's too late. I can't imagine how anyone can pull that off." and persuade Kustra that this can be done and has to be done if the opportunity is truly there.

What Then?

Where will BSU go in 2015 if the Big East loses it's exemption and we are back in the same boat but 3000 miles away?

3000 miles away?

3000 miles away. that's funny

Maybe they can get games

Maybe they can get games with Vandals and U Montana. It'd be a Big Sky festival.

Of course, It can be made

to work if the money is right. The Big East can take the money they get from West Virginia's buyout and apply it to Boise State's fine for leaving the Mountain West early. Then, it becomes monetarily feasible for the Broncos and our new AD can get to work on any scheduling conflicts. And, with Air Force reportedly ready to join Navy in becoming a Big East member the upcoming TV contract will get even more lucrative for the league.

It could be a better option

As much as I dislike all of the change that's occurring with the constant conference shuffling, I agree that a move to the Big East might be feasible in 2012. I'd rather see Rutgers, Syracuse, Cincinnati and USF (WV away games in 2011) play on the blue turf instead of Colorado State, Fresno State, San Diego State, UNLV.

Big East in 2012 if Possible

It is only Feb 4. Kustra is right about not leaving folks high and dry, but if the money works AD's can clean up scheduling issues. Mtn West teams may not WANT to make the changes, but they easily could. BSU could get plenty of concessions from Big East by coming on board now. (Take the basketball teams to Big East, and this gets really interesting and fun!!!)

The travel expenses are not worth it

Each basketball team plays 2 games per week. On average, our teams are going to travel across the country every week? That's too much.

Teams are home one

week, then away the next. They go with travel partners and play two games per trip. Only four trips for 8 away league games. Eight home games with UCONN and other Big East teams in it makes sense, because that is 8 sell-outs, or nearly so. Let's take advantage of what the Big East really has to offer, and that is basketball. Big East basketball would really set the Treasure Valley on edge.....excitement....We are blowing a huge opportunity. If they didn't want us in basketball, let's use them needing us for football in 2012 as a lever.

Will they slavishly drone into the stadium?

Abracadabra or whatever. Nothing is guaranteed in this world.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.


why wait?

Because we are sportsmen and don't mess up a league.

Every game BSU forfeits messes up the continuity of the MWC and costs the teams revenue from ticket sales as well as from the profits of the authorized vendors.

The easy-squeezy "penalty" doesn't add cheese to anybody other than the colleges.

You keep telling us it would be so easy but it can't handle the black eye our reputation would get. It is too late to handle the scheduling problems and therefore as sportsmen we will continue to honor the plan of changing over previously agreed to.

To do otherwise makes us look liks cavemen. When we are in transition, having lost some outstanding seniors includion KELLEN MOORE, proper behavior becomes PARAMOUNT to how we strive to continue in a high position. A lot of work must be done and we can't mess it up.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.


I have watched this program since 1950, when it was a JC under Coach Smith! We have always been above board with our dealings, and I DON'T want to see THE PROGRAM get a BIG BLACK EYE! We have to honor our committment to the MTN, for 2012, then make the move, even if our schedule might seem a bit soft. I wouldn't want to see it any other way!
PLUS, staying in the MTN, will give Nick Patti a year of adjusting from JUNIOR COLLEGE (that is about what an 8 A conference in Fla is) to the teams in the MTN and the MAC. It will give him a chance to get his feet wet, and learn the PLAYBOOK.
I actually believe he will be ready, in August, to start in East Lansing. I have watched several videos of him, and he is as accurate as Kellen, has a more powerful arm, can pick out his open receiver, while walking up to the line, AND IF he has to scramble, his 4.4 speed will get him out of trouble.
I know a reporter with the Orlando Sentinel, and he tells me what we have, is Kellen Moore, with wheels, Lamborghini wheels! Think about what Kellen could have done with 4.4 speed!!! SCARY THOUGHT, HUH?

Just heard....

Earlier today, I read that West Virginia cancelled their Sep 8 game (the first of a home-and-home) against Florida State. I know we want another home game to balance out the Hawaii trip, but how hard would it be to get that week against FSU? We play Michigan State the week before (8 days to be exact), and Miami (OH) the following week. If WVU cancelled the first game, maybe we can move in on a home-and-home with the Seminoles with the Sep 8 game in Boise.

In a pinch, I bet we could talk Miami (OH) into coming to Boise the week before, and scheduling Florida State on the 15th in Tallahassee!

I hope the New AD and Kustra can make this happen. I'd take the loss of home revenue for the chance at playing FSU back East. The prestige would be worth the loss of money. And nobody could claim we don't play tough games "week in and week out".



I doubt Pete would go for another 4,000+ mile road trip this year.

What about bringing them here?

And we go there next year?

I just want a good opponent. I'm grasping at straws here. I mean, the Ducks are afraid to schedule us again.

Completely understand....

Florida State needs a home game to replace a home game. The PAC schedules are out so they can be scratched off. The Big 12 is still up in the air, depending on the WVU decision, there may be a home and home there.

I know an Idaho game has been discussed, Idaho wants at least one game in Moscow and that's just not going to happen, so they are out. I'm thinking a northwest FCS team will probably fill the slot.

You guys are dreamers....

Bronco Stadium does not bring in enough revenue for Florida State to come over to Boise....

People forget that Colleges do want to make money, whether or not they win or lose....

In all honesty, what can Boise State offer financially to Florida State that would make them want to by-pa$$ all the good teams that can pay financially over their and head to Boise?

It's a moot point

FSU needs a home game.

Its a moot point and if Boise fans are

serious....then try to schedule FSU at their place....

or quit dreaming and get real....

Look at nearby teams only....

Nice non-

point, especially coming from a self-proclaimed "Boise fan".....

Screw the nearby teams

No team around us (Idaho, Idaho State, Washington State, Colorado, or Utah) does anything to bolster our schedule. Scheduling a 13th game against some garbage team may bring in revenue with a home game, but what will the cost be to our national reputation and our "strength of schedule"? The way I see it, Boise State has only 2 viable options:

1) Schedule a good AQ school at THEIR home.
2) Or, forget completely about the 13th game.

I'd rather see no 13th game than to schedule a chump. We get criticized enough without adding fuel to that fire.

RMS....You are right and I would just

skip the 13th game....

Boise has come along ways and they are at the top in all cfb aspects, except revenue....

That should change as stadium gets bigger?

I can appreciate

you SOS argument. But at the end of the day, having an extra couple of million in the bank will mean more to Boise State than whether some east coast writer criticizes our schedule or not.

BSU4342....You finally saw the


It is revenue....

You will make more money on Utah State or Idaho, than Florida State....

Down the road, the Big East may change that? Not sure though?


thanks ugly........

dirka dirka

BSU4342....No Problem....I am here to


Anytime I see a goofy statement by a Boisean, I will help and set the road straight and narrow....

The day Boise becomes a part of the new PAC-16, the debate on SOS and revenues will be over....Boise will be at the top and have reached will be Prime-Time cfb in Boise with packed stadium of 50,000+ and revenues in the surplus....

Go Idaho!
Go Broncos!


I'm not to sure about being any help...

But you do keep most of us chuckling....

A long Engagement

Better Boise State waits til never know who might come call'in during the year.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.