Boise State hires former linebacker Andy Avalos to coach defensive line, juggles assignments

By Chadd Cripe
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Former Boise State linebacker Andy Avalos has been hired to coach the Broncos’ defensive line, coach Chris Petersen said Wednesday.

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Defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski, who has been coaching the line since 2006, will remain involved with the line.

Linebackers coach Bob Gregory will add nickels to his responsibilities.

Tight ends coach Scott Huff will coach special teams.

Boise State previously announced the additions of Jimmy Lake (defensive backs) and Jonathan Smith (quarterbacks) to the coaching staff.

The Broncos lost offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Brent Pease (Florida), defensive backs coach Marcel Yates (Texas A&M) and special teams/nickels coach Jeff Choate (Washington State).

Here’s what Petersen had to say about the changes:

— “Every year there’s a great chance of that and the guys that stayed, every one of them had job opportunities and that’s the case every single year. When you’re doing the things that we’ve done here, people take note of that and they come after them.”

— On why three coaches left: “The right opportunities. Sometimes it’s just time for guys to take the next step. … Marcel has been here longer than me, as a player and as a coach. And he’s done a great job. I’m really happy for him to be able to take the next step. He’s got a coordinator title, so I think it was time. Brent Pease wanted to get into the fast lane back in that SEC and double his salary. And coach Choate wanted to take a different direction in terms of his focus away from special teams. So all of them make sense. Part of my job is to help guys achieve, not only players, but our coaches, achieve the goals they’re after.”

— On new coaches: “I can’t tell you how good I feel about the guys I’ve got in here. It’s a credit to the administration, to Bronco Nation, to the Coaches Club, to the kind of backing we get to bring in top-notch guys. These are the exact guys that we wanted. I think people would be shocked at the people trying to get in here and trying to get jobs here. Like recruiting, it’s all about the fit.”

— On Avalos, who was at Sacramento State: “We’ve been laying in the weeds waiting to get a chance for an opportunity to get Andy here. It almost happened one other time and it didn’t. As soon as that correct opening happened, I knew we’d get him back here. Andy has been really a special person since we first came across him.”

Avalos played at Boise State from 2000 to 2004. He was an All-WAC first-teamer in 2003 and 2004. He coached linebackers at Sacramento State in 2011. Before that, he was the defensive line coach at Nebraska Kearney (2009-10), a graduate assistant at Colorado (2006-08) and the linebackers coach at Corona (Calif.) High (2005). He is from Corona, Calif.

The current staff:

Chris Petersen, head coach
Robert Prince, offensive coordinator/wide receivers
Chris Strausser, offensive line
Scott Huff, tight ends/special teams
Keith Bhonapha, running backs
Jonathan Smith, quarterbacks
Pete Kwiatkowski, defensive coordinator
Andy Avalos, defensive line
Bob Gregory, linebackers/nickels
Jimmy Lake, defensive backs

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I can think of many other coaches

that could learn a lot from Coach Pete. "Part of my job is to help guys achieve, not only as players, but our coaches, achieve the goals they're after." Very selfless attitude from an absolute class act of a guy....Sunny...

No more hres?

They are watching?


Good grief, WEISBERG, what are you trying to say?

It's LOI Day

You'll have to excuse Weisbeerg, he's been drinking since 8am, when the faxes started rolling in up north and he saw what the Vandals would be working with for the next 4 years.

Now thats


We excuse Weisberg

We even excuse you for the Vandal Comment.

The Vandals, like it or not, will be much better once that QB from Northern Idaho (Post Falls, whatever) takes over as starting QB. I am a tad jealous they were able to get him to sign, he was suppose to walk-on for us this year? Oh well! Bottom line, a good QB goes along way. Boise State has had very good to GREAT QB's for nearly 15 years give or take and now the Broncos are in the Big Boy News. Still the little guy, but even so, in the Big Boy News. Who'd a thunk that 15 years ago?

I don't wish the Vandal's well, but they won't need my opinions or grace they will do just fine at least for the next four years


Just because ya wish the Vandals well doesnt mean your wishing Weisberg well? I dont understand why with staduim being expanded that we're dropping the Vandals and still playing MAC teams?????
If we dont think we can play there (really we sound like those bcs schools we curse) then we could have a series where we pay them every other year.

If ya think your a big boy----

ya can play 7 home games "every" year and pay some money for having an extra home game ya know ----but it has to be someone who will fill the staduim like Idaho.

Great time today...

For those that have yet to join, and want to, razor will send out a post with an email. We have great insight from so many different guys and gals. Had some new ones join the group today too.

Sounds like a Meeting to the Directions to

Nowhere Land, by the NoWhere Mans....

Couldnt be more wrong...

Just happy you were not there and never will be.

§ Stitches and joiners

Today was a blast. Lots of talk (and audience applause) about the new kids coming into the BSU program. As hard as it is to say goodbye to the seniors, there is equal anticipation for those now entering.

Much more is to follow, including meeting for the spring game.

If interested in joining the crew, email me at and be sure to use your screen name. This is a temp email address that will allow me to get back with you while verifying that no trolls get through.

ps - If tfunk comes up with any more granny and her arsenal jokes, well ...

I remember --

in a game, bowl game I think where Andy pointed to reciever he should cover so someone else would cover him and then moved to another reciever and picked off the pass down in red zone (he read the play from the git go, but knew his 1st assignment also had to be covered). Always liked his play.
Welcome back Andy. Really like our new coaching staff. Best of luck to all of them.

DBeav Revisited


Ω DBeav
Submitted by razor on Wed, 01/04/2012 - 8:09pm.
You're old and not the least bit interesting.
Go back to Corvallis and sit in your own shít.
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