Idaho Press-Tribune gets uneasy 15 minutes of fame on journalism blog

I don't take any wicked pleasure in passing this on, but I know this one will make the Treasure Valley media rounds today.

Our colleagues and partners-in-press, the Idaho Press-Tribune, got a little unwelcome attention today from Jim Romenesko, a widely read journalism blogger.

Two elements collided on the front page of Sunday's Press-Tribune: a headline that read "Child porn at their finger tips;" and a front page ad wrap (known in the trade as a "spadea") for Albertsons.

The unfortunate juxtaposition, as posted on Romenesko's blog: "Child porn at Albertsons."

I agree with several commenters at Romenesko's blog and Facebook page. This is no big deal, and really nothing more than bad luck. It could happen to any of us, on any given edition, so I can definitely feel the pain on this one.

Hang in there, Press-Tribune friends. Tomorrow's a new day in the blogosphere.

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Here Kevin,

i'll loan you a "take." Insert it as the third word at the beginning of you(borrowed r) article.

Here, go4it

I'll loan you an "r" for the penultimate word in your sentence. :) Next thing you know the banks will chop up these loans, hedge them and ruin our vocabulary, and we'll end up loaning all our vowels to them and arguing who caused it for 5 years. Spelling, who knew it had so much power.


I'll take it! I was out of dem!