NCAA grants sixth year of eligibility to Boise State tailback D.J. Harper

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State tailback D.J. Harper has received his sixth year of eligibility from the NCAA, the school announced Tuesday on Twitter.

The NCAA generally gives athletes five years to complete four years of competition. However, there is an exception available if an athlete misses two seasons because of injury.

Harper has played in each of the past five seasons but in 2009 and 2010 he only appeared in three games. The NCAA allows for a medical hardship if a player competes in less than 30 percent of games.

Harper is the projected starter for 2012. He was expected to get his extra year all along, which is why he was not honored on Senior Day. Harper has scored 25 touchdowns in his career and rushed for 1,642 yards.

Boise State has not made any announcement about offensive lineman Cory Yriarte, who also is expected to receive a sixth year. Yriarte missed two full seasons and seems like a clearer case for a sixth year than Harper.

Both players tore the same anterior cruciate ligament twice.



§ Extra bonuses

to go along with what looks like a great recruiting class. These two seniors will be counted on for big contributions.

Go Broncos and Go Signing Day!


A very mediocre class to say the least. Please they are the type of players this coach recruits sound familiar-were they vetted?

§ Right on time

Very astute.
Now would be a good time to call Mel Kiper and the other draft experts.
Don't forget to cite your scouting reports.
Looks as if your wealth of knowledge would be greatly depreciated.


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Doesn't matter if he has graduated or not other than if he has graduated he will then be enrolled degree seeking in a Master's Program. Kellen graduated last year and was a Master's student this season.

Relax and stop trying to always find fault. Since it's not necessary for the story, only nice to have, it's not necessarily his homework to do.

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It does matter if he graduates- did he go to class-five years is plenty of time to get a degree for a full-time student.

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No he has not graduated. In fact he is currently taking Freshman level english this semester.


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Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

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That's a lot of work

to rehab a knee twice and still keep playing ball. I'm Glad DJ made it through the season and is coming back for another year. I imagine that he had to remain academically eligible for the past five years and into season number six. That's not something some athletes are willing to do. Glad to have you around for another year.

Haters will always hate

Noone spoke up and attacked when Case Keenum was given an extra year, why do we see the vitriol and personal attacks on DJ. Very good young man and deserves the chance to continue playing....will be great to have him as aBronco next year....could even lead the conference in rushing, very fast very tough

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DJ Harper is playing another season in Bronco Blue...yippie!!!

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