Idaho Legislature: Tax protester pushes silver and gold currency bill

It is, with apologies to Burl Ives, the Silver and Gold Bill.

Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, has introduced House Bill 430, which would allow Idahoans to use silver and gold coin as an alternative to paper money. The bill from Hart, the House's resident tax protester, would exempt these coins from taxation.

Where do these ideas come from? Well, last summer, the Idaho GOP central committee approved a resolution to study gold currency as a replacement for U.S. currency (more here from Betsy Russell of the Spokane Spokesman-Review.) So Hart's bill may not be mainstream, but it hardly registers as shocking.

If nothing else, Hart once again proves to be pure blog gold. Or silver. It's all good.

More about the bill from StateImpact Idaho's Emilie Ritter Saunders.

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It shouldn't matter

what kind of money Hart doesn't pay his taxes with.


This guy is so amazing.


Who needs a bill like this?
You can use gold and silver instead of US Currency.

Any want to accept my gold as payment?

What's sad is people like Hart think they are normal--- just like M. Bachman saying, "Tomorrow I am going to win Iowa".

It proves Idaho should spend more for mental health care. :-)

Hart hearts lax tax

It's all about avoiding any taxes for Mr. Hart.