An NFL scout's take: Doug Martin, Shea McClellin were standouts at Senior Bowl

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Three players have emerged from all-star season as contenders for Boise State’s No. 1 NFL prospect, according to a scout who attended Senior Bowl practices.

Tailback Doug Martin is the front-runner, with linebacker/defensive end Shea McClellin and defensive end Tyrone Crawford close behind, the scout said. Martin and McClellin played in the Senior Bowl on Saturday; Crawford played in the East-West Shrine Game a week earlier.

“(Martin) is a complete back at 5-9,” the scout said. “It’s probably him.”

Here’s the scout’s take on how the five Broncos performed in the Senior Bowl. (My recap can be read here.)

“It was kind of like a microcosm of the week, I thought,” the scout said.

“(Safety George Iloka), you can’t really do much in that game because he’s playing so deep. He was good all week, so there was really nothing for him to do.

“(McClellin) was great during the game but he was good during the week as well. He showed his versatility.

“(Defensive tackle Billy Winn), I didn’t see him do much. He flashed a little bit during the game.

“(Martin) … great week, he showed what a complete player he was yesterday.

“(Moore) would have had a touchdown, could have been an offensive MVP candidate if guys were catching those balls. He’s like an acquired taste — either you love him or you don’t.”

I’ll have an evaluation of how the Senior Bowl affected each player, and what’s next for them, in Monday’s Idaho Statesman.

kellen was hosed !

Kellen was hosed, big time WR's dropping very good balls from him. Didn't get as much playing time, and coaches having him 'hand' off the ball on run plays.

Kellen did super; the rest of the playing field didn't

You are so right, Brick. If they had let him do his job....I hate to think of the point spread.


Could you do a microcosm on our DE prospects for the upcoming season? It seems like our most critical need, per this scout's observation, is replacing Shea and Tyrone. Those are going to be big shoes to fill. I know we have Tyler Horn, and maybe could move Darren Koontz to the position but can we field a solid four-man rotation?

No Football

This is an institute of higher learning, all sports should be walk on's, all players should be students.

You mean like

Duke? or Stanford?, or Harvard?


Athletic programs bring in the money to fund the Academics

Do you think a debate is going to bring in the same money that football does?


and your point is ????? if it were not for Slippery Rock University Football no one would have ever known who the Pittburgh Steelers were... put that in your pipe and smoke it...Tarak Makto would agree for once in his life...

§ Better run out

and get some more Shinola. Trouble is you gotta know hownice from Shinola in the first place.

"This is an institute of higher learning, all sports should be walk on's, all players should be students."

"This is an institute of higher learning" - check

"all players should be students" - check

"all sports should be walk on's" - sorta check; all sports do have walk-ons (what is walk "on's"?; is that like football's or idiot's?; maybe it's like, "He doesn't know h'ownice from Shi'nola.")


Two more verbal commits ...

DE Darien Barret
OG Mario Yakoo

Also Sam McCaskill,

another DE prospect from Oregon reportedly visited Boise today and was down to Oregon State or the Broncos. Maybe we'll know by tomorrow. It looks like Coach Pete is searching hard for DE's...we need em'.

§ Nice info, eagledave

Here's a bit more:

Video is from the Nike Combine. Guy has some quick feet. ESPN is showing his status is "committed" to BSU as of today.

Video shows him playing on both sides. 6'3", 325. ESPN is showing his status is "committed" to BSU as of today.

Signing day chatter should be terrific.

Got a little curious....

Turns out Yakoo is the second biggest BSU recruit (going back to 2002) at a listed 325.

Without looking it up can you guess the biggest (2004 recruit @ 326).

§ Has to be

Clady, right?



§ If he signs

I think I'll register, .net, .org; then ask ICANN to add .bsu for ... yakoo.bsu.

They might help-in a rebuilding year.

Yakoo told by the new Coaching staff to look elsewhere.

Draft day interests me this year.

Not big guy on nfl, but cant wait to see where Kellen, Crawford, Winn (havent a clue what round) and even some the other kids like Shoemaker, Efaw, Hout, Tevis, Baker. Some of who will maybe get drafted or sign free agent contracts?
Sure Martin, Mc Clellin, Ikola, Potter will be fine. Bunch of good team players that graduated this year.

All these good seniors leaving---

Yet when ya look at BSU roster its amazing how many jr and seniors coming back who have started at some point or played major backup roles in the past.
I'm really liking BSU o line and Wr's next year. "If" theres another BSU Qb thats a diamond in the rough hid out among the 4 kids = alot folks are gonna getted shocked on the points BSU will put up.

Mario Yakoo Football Verbal UCLA told him look elsewhere

Good player.A offensive lineman from Calif.

smart kid

Appears he knew where to look when picking a winning team.

Ouch, sorry weis

First coach Pete says "no" to UCLA, and now UCLA looses a recruit to BSU. Though to rebuild a program that hasn't been relevant for years.