Lawmakers host oil and gas open house in Weiser

Washington County residents will get a chance to hear from state officials about the proposed oil and gas laws and regulations under development this legislative session.

An open house is scheduled with legislators and state agency officials at the Vendome Event Center in Weiser Feb. 2 at 6 p.m.

Republican Sen. Monty Pearce, of New Plymouth, House Speaker Lawerence Denney, and Republican Rep. Judy Boyle, both of Midvale will host the open house with representatives of several state agencies. The will answer questions about the proposed rules and bills governing oil and gas development.

If they use some of the gas to make pizzas...


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Washington County residents

Washington County residents prepare for the polluting of local water supplies. The facts across the country confirm that oil &gas exploration and extraction.

The EPA report concluded water contamination in the town of Pavillion, Wyo was caused by fracking chemicals and a third-party review of its findings indicting the process is expected.

Feb. 1, Texas will become the latest state to require the public disclosure of all chemicals used in the controversial natural gas extraction process known as “fracking.”

Beware of unregulated gas and oil exploration and extraction they leave definite environmental scars on your communities that will effect your health and rural lifestyle.

Slim evidence

One town get's a ruling of pollution by fracking and all of the sudden it's assured that the exact same thing will happen in Washington County? Come on!! I don't even know where to start on the logical fallacies presented here.

Truth is hard to come by

What about that town in Pennsylvania, was it?

Their aquafer was ruined by this activity and right not the few remaining residents cannot even get the water they need. It would be ridiculous to stay anyhow but this has to be the omen even Damien would not be happy with.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Local control

i'm disturbed by the fact that our normally public-sensitive reps are trying to take away local control of this issue. They've basically taken the cookies and are trying to craft state law that will pre-emt the local governments from making any local regulations to protect the citizens.

Aquifers don't know about them county lines.

This is bigger than the both of us.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

They hate mandates from the feds

But it's not a problem when it comes from them. Explain to me why the geniuses who show up in Boise for a couple of months should control what happens on, or under, my land for somebody else's profit. It would be nice to know how many of these "public servants" have already taken money from the extractors, in addition to the Lt. Gov.

Pearce, Denney, and Boyle

Curley, Larry and Moe?

That's an insult...

... to the origional stooges.

But what about the Pep Boys?


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

sham meeting?

My guess is the meeting put on by the three legislators re oil and gas drilling in Washington County will be a sham. These legislators who often talk about the merits of local control will find all sorts of reasons not to defend the authority of local land use boards to set rules oil and gas drilling. The gas and oil companies don't want common sense local rules to protect local citizens and they have greased state officials to keep this from happening. The money usually wins.....

It is always like this

Natural gas exploration is new to Idaho, but the same oil company friendliness (at first) has played out all over the world.

They come in and buy off the key officials. In Idaho that is at the state level. They get friendly laws or regulations and go to work, and the heck with us.

The bought off officials almost never pay at the polls. I think things will be no different in Idaho unless some folks grow some and get organized.