Kellen Moore impresses Vikings offensive coordinator; Mike Singletary says Shea McClellin is 'going to be a real monster'

By Chadd Cripe
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MOBILE, Ala. — Minnesota Vikings and North offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave said Thursday that Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore has been “very impressive” at the Senior Bowl practices.

“He’s really immersed himself in the system that we’re installing this week and has a lot of good touch and anticipation,” Musgrave said after the North practice was turned into an indoor walk-through because of rain. “… We’re just scratching the surface in our evaluation of him. This has been great for us to get up close and personal with him. He’s done a great job in the huddle in terms of leading his teammates and making sure they believe in him. You can see that’s a big part of being a quarterback.”

Much is made of Moore’s size — I’ve got a story for Friday’s paper on the NFL’s obsession with tall quarterbacks — but Musgrave said he thinks Moore can overcome it.

“I don’t think he’s too small,” he said. “If you can play, you can play. Guys adjust for what they’ve got, what the good Lord has given them in terms of height, weight and speed. He definitely knows how to play the game of football.”

The issue for Moore, who is 5-foot-11 ¾, will be vision, Musgrave said. The Vikings offensive line averaged nearly 2 inches taller than Boise State’s.

“Guys are getting bigger and faster all the time,” Musgrave said. “At times, when your vision is occluded, it’s tough to be effective out there.”

But the qualities a shorter quarterback needs to succeed are Moore’s strengths.

“They may have good anticipation, good vision, good timing, things like that,” Musgrave said.

Only five of the 112 quarterbacks currently on NFL rosters are 6-foot or shorter. All were dual threats in college, unlike Moore. The list: Drew Brees (6-0), Michael Vick (6-0), Chase Daniel (6-0), Troy Smith (6-0) and Seneca Wallace (5-11). Brees and Vick are the only starters, but Brees — no longer a runner — has proven than a 6-footer can succeed from the pocket.

“I don’t think anybody’s afraid of anybody,” Musgrave said of whether the NFL shies away from shorter QBs. “If you can play, you get a job. If you can’t, you do something else.”


A few other interview highlights from today:

— Washington Redskins quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur, who is working with the South, planned to meet with Moore on Thursday evening to get to know him and get a feel for his knowledge of the game and communications skills. “He’s a hell of a college quarterback,” LaFleur said. “I wish we got a chance to work with all the guys down here. I’ll get a chance to work with him at the combine. … I tell you what, he did some great things in college. He tore up everybody he played.”

— Mike Mayock of the NFL Network likes Broncos in general, but particularly tailback Doug Martin and defensive end/linebacker Shea McClellin. He said he liked Martin on tape and was impressed by his performance this week. He also liked McClellin on tape but hasn’t gotten a good look at his play this week yet. “One thing about the Boise players,” he said, “they’re all really well coached, their techniques are great and you can tell that that’s just such a solid program. I don’t care if I see a kid at the East-West game, the Senior Bowl, whatever. I always really like them because I know I’m going to get a kid who hustles his tail off and is well coached.” On Moore, Mayock said nothing that happened on the field this week would have a big impact. He has him ranked among the top 10 quarterbacks. “He anticipates and throws with accuracy, so that will give him a chance,” he said.

— Vikings linebackers coach and former Bears great Mike Singletary is a big fan of McClellin, who spent most of the week playing inside linebacker under Singletary’s direction (more on that in Saturday’s paper). “Something tells me that he’s going to be a real monster,” Singletary said. “… I get excited about what he can become.”


It was raining when the North team took the field at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Thursday morning, so after some warm-ups the team got back on the bus and headed to the convention center in downtown Mobile. The team held a walk-through on a concrete floor in the exhibit hall. By the end of practice, water was leaking from the ceiling and tornado sirens were blaring outside.

The South had more time to prepare for its indoor practice, and it showed. The convention hall was cleaned up and the Redskins staff put the team through offense vs. defense plays, at a controlled speed.


ESPN plans to do its series of Jon Gruden quarterback camp specials again this year — a show that could highlight the football smarts of Moore.

The series is in its early planning stages and the participating quarterbacks could be identified in the next couple weeks, ESPN officials said.

Moore’s agent, David Dunn, said he usually finds out in late February whether one of his quarterbacks will be featured. Last year’s series raised questions about Cam Newton’s readiness for the NFL (he answered those during the season) and seemed to help the draft stock of TCU’s Andy Dalton.

“(Moore) could get on the other side of the table and start teaching Jon,” Dunn said. “I’d love for that to happen.”

Moore’s chances are helped by his ability to draw TV viewers and media interest. However, he is not one of the elite quarterback prospects.


I wrote about tailback Doug Martin in today’s paper. Story here..

Martin said he has met with every NFL team in Mobile.

“The most intimidating meetings are when the whole staff is there just writing stuff down, glaring you down, asking questions,” he said. “But I’ve got my answers ready.”


Vikings and North coach Leslie Frazier said all of the plays for the Senior Bowl were installed Monday, which has created better practices each day.

“They’re more comfortable with the concepts,” he said. “We’re hoping they’ll be able to go out and play fast on Saturday and impress some of the NFL personnel who are here.”


Frazier on the Southeastern Conference: “It’s almost like they own the BCS.”


Redskins and South coach Mike Shanahan on all of the recent defensive talent out of North Carolina, where coach Butch Davis was fired amid an NCAA investigation: “It’s amazing one guy could get that many great players into an organization, but that’s another story. We won’t get into that.”


Boise State's football team placed 24 players on the Mountain West all-academic list, which requires a 3.0 GPA and participation in at least half of the varsity contests. The next-highest in the conference was Colorado State with 14. Senior offensive tackle Nate Potter, a consensus All-American, finished with a 4.0.

Here is the press release.

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Moore will fit somewhere in the


Regardless of where he is drafted, he will rise much like Kurt Warner....

It may be a few years down the road?

(Rotoworld) After watching

(Rotoworld) After watching Kellen Moore practice for two days at the Senior Bowl, The Sideline View's Adam Caplan compares the former Boise State star to Tyler Palko. Analysis: It's not a good thing. According to Caplan, Moore's arm strength is "less than ideal," and he struggles putting any mustard on downfield throws further than 20 yards. draft analyst Tony Pauline recently stated that Moore has the least velocity of any quarterback in Mobile. At under 6-foot and 191 with a noodle arm, Moore may be lucky to be drafted at all this April.

Youve posted this twice

I don't get what you're trying to prove. Everyone gets Moore isn't a typical QB. He's undersized and doesn't have a huge arm. Big deal. Go get a life dude.

Intangibles Joc Doc

That's what makes Kellen great. You're not telling anyone things people don't already know, but thanks for the enlightenment. Kellen is an undersized QB with below average speed and arm strength, yet all he did was win games. He may not be a pro bowl quarterback, but given his lack of physical gifts, it makes his accomplishments even that much more impressive. Nice double post by the way. Don't forget to paste this same post on tomorrow's Sr. Bowl update.


You continue to be a negative jackhole, dontcha?

Rotoworld? I'm sold. 100

Rotoworld? I'm sold.

100 bloggers opinions aren't worth one NFL exec's opinion.

As Tebow and others through

As Tebow and others through the years have shown, the ultimate stat is wins and losses... Given an even shake, I think Moore can win games for somebody... Anyone else old enough to remember Fran Tarkenton or Ken Stabler???

not insightful

The comparison to Tyler Palko. And nothing against Tyler P. but Kellen is just a better QB. All the yada-yada about size and perceived arm strength is just conjecture and noise. I actually think all the nay sayers help Moore. Going as a very low round pick will keep him under the radar and give him a chance to just show what he can do on the field, which is perfect for him. And while NFL scouts and exec's put alot of due diligence into their study of players, at the end of the day, they really don't know how a player is going to turn out in real game situations until the player gets on the field and into those situations.

aaahhh yes, here's Joc Itch

with his usual words of discouragement. Surprised he's only picking on Moore....Sunny...

Here's what Tony Pauline

had to about BSU players at yesterdays practice.

- Shea McClellin of Boise State looks better every day at the linebacker position. He's been planted in the middle today and has done a great job remaining patient with assignments, smoothly moving across the field and showing a good degree of awareness.

- QB Kellen Moore shows terrific timing on his pa$$es. The consensus is he'll be a No. 3 quarterback for a West Coast offense in the NFL.

- Doug Martin just had a nice run in which he put a move on Trent Robinson and left the Michigan State safety grasping at air.

- The North squad began the day with special teams drills, specifically kick return and coverage game plans for Saturday. Doug Martin of Boise State again looks good showing both a burst and long speed. This is something to keep an eye on during Saturday's game, which will be the first and only time both squads run special teams at full speed and full contact.

- Doug Martin is impressing outside of special teams drills, too. He's showing terrific quickness and just put a great move on former Boise State teammate Shea McClellin to come free in the flat for a nice reception. Martin has shown soft, strong hands all week.

"The consensus is

he'll be a No. 3 quarterback for a West Coast offense in the NFL." Sorry Tony, I don't think you talked to all of the NFL personnel people to come up with any kind of consensus. I think it's total B.S. on your part, Kellen can be a backup early on and go from there. You started out totally negative on Kellen, and now that other analysts are commenting on his anticipation and timing you throw in a backhanded compliment with a No. 3 rating so that you don't appear to be a complete idiot.

Great Show

Jon Gruden's QB Camp is my favorite show ever. I love seeing Jon and the QB's break down film. I wish every episode was 2 hours long.


His noodle arm, as mentioned by Jockitch, was responsible for 14667 yards and 142 touchdowns in four years...can you do better? Didn't think so......

What does a "JocDoc", do?

Do you sew them back up and clean the stains? Maybe replace the elastic. It seems like a wierd proffession.

joke doc

$100 says km does more in the nfl than your denard robinson.

I'm a little old I guess:

I remember that another guy was too short and could not pay at the NFL level from Boston College, so they never drafted him..He went on to set a bunch of CFL records and then when he was too old to play in the NFL, he came down here and beat the crud out of a lot of teams defenses for the next few years. He's now an analyst for the ESPN and makes pretty good money at that too. Anybody remember him too?

This Dude?

Yep: Doug

Doug Flutie and the Hail Mary from 1984. Darned good pass and catch on that one - I was watching along with about a million other people on TV when it went down. I enjoy watching that show replay still when it comed on.

actually he played for Notre

actually he played for Notre Dame then went up to the CFL and lit it up and when he came back below the 49th parallel went on to a fantastic career with a couple of Super Bowl appearances to go along with all his other accomplishments. Is no taller than KM

that would have been Joe

that would have been Joe Theisman


You're doing a fine job down there and giving us some real great info, and from respected coaches and commentators. Thanks for all you've done and keep doing, to bring us Bronco diehards the insights.

We, as a fan base, are lucky to have you and all of us are grateful for the work you put in every day.


If you are impressing Mike Singletary you must be doing something not just right but great! It is wonderful that some of these folks are getting to know Kellen - he is such a great pro prospect.


Mike Singletary is one of the greatest linebackers ever to play.

and one of the worst

nfl coaches of all time. agree with sanford on samurai's playing days but his coaching stint with the niners set the franchise back 3 years.

It's just great

and exciting to me that Singletary has taken Shea under his wing to work with him on a personal basis. We're talking about one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game. I'm old enough to remember the intensity shown in the close-up shots of Singletary's eyes when he lined up for the Bears on Monday night football. To me, that look still epitomizes the competitive nature and violence of the game. I hope that he impresses that on Shea's personna, and I look forward to Shea's career at the next level.

most of us

will get a laugh out of this.

The funny part

will be when he goes to get his job back at ESPN and they don't want him back.