Boise State cornerback dismissed from team

By Brian Murphy

Boise State cornerback Quaylon Ewing-Burton is no longer with the football program.

Ewing-Burton, a sophomore during the 2011 season, did not live up to the standards of the program, a team spokesman said. He has been removed from the Broncos' team web site.

Ewing-Burton played in all 13 games for Boise State (12-1). He recorded 26 tackles. Ewing-Burton was forced into the starting lineup after an injury to Jerrell Gavins. He started four games, including strong performances against Nevada (six tackles) and Fresno State (nine).

But he lost his place in the starting lineup and is probably best remembered for his struggles against TCU. Ewing-Burton was in defense on Horned Frogs' wide receiver Josh Boyce for the game-winning 2-point conversion in the Broncos' 36-35 home loss.

He did not have a tackle in the last four games of the season.

Here is a feature story colleague Chadd Cripe did on Ewing-Burton, which highlighted some problems issues he had during his high school career and "maturity' concerns early in his Boise State career.

Starting cornerbacks Jamar Taylor and Gavins are expected back for the 2012 season.

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Thats too bad

QEB will be missed but the BRONCO way is more important than any one player. Hope you get your life together young fella.

It's interesting that

Iloka was his best friend and the guy keeping him in line. With him gone, he couldn't keep up.

That seems to be the case

I've heard a couple different scenarios on why he could of got the boot. Coach Pete is more forgiving then we know but his stance is still firm. Too bad QEB couldn't see the great things Georgie was doing and set his goals as high.

Well, we have that CB

coming in this weekend for an official visit. This kid would be a huge get.

Good luck to coach Pete on this one

Sounds like he'd fit right in... moskow!


Do you really have to make this about something other than the topic at hand? Sigh...


UofIdaho wouldn't tolerate that crap either. On the other hand, he'd fit right in at Oregon, Ohio State, Florida State, or Miami. Players on those teams can break rules left & right and it won't matter.

Stay Classy Xavier

At least your spelling is getting closer. Hooked on phonics is working for you!

Nice shot, dagnasty!!

Nice shot, dagnasty!!

His dimissal...

had to have been due to behavior issues. The BSU coaching staff isn't known for getting rid of players because they lack the athletic skills to benefit the team.

I guess OEB ...

turned out not to be OKG.

The coaching staff at BSU has shown a willingness to work with players by giving them chances to grow and mature. Some players benefit from second chances (Titus Young) and some don't. As the recruiting pool goes up, there may be less patience with players that do not "live up to the standards" of the program. This sends a strong message to current and future players regarding expectations.


spot on.....