River flowing through recreation park area

Image Water started flowing Tuesday in the Boise River where the new diversion dam is being built at the Ray Neef M.D Boise River Recreation Park.

Even though there are a few nice little surf waves in the river, don't jump on them. Because of construction and the need for testing the equipment, the park won't open for a few more months, according to Boise Parks and Recreation.

Crews are now concentrating on getting the Boise Greenbelt put back together along the northern bank of the river near Quinn's Pond.

The river is flowing over a diversion and then through wave-shaping devices, which will control water for a whitewater park.

You can also see rocky areas along the banks which have been made for eddies and also for places just to sit and watch what is going on.

Passersby are amazed at the progress of construction crews and how the old diversion has been replaced.

While crews worked on the diversions and Wave Shapers, the water in the river was diverted through Quinns Pond.

Construction continues on schedule for the park and the construction zone continues to be closed to the public while heavy equipment is being used to build in river jetties, stabilize the river bank and construct the new Greenbelt pathways.

McAlvain Construction is nearing completion of a new diversion dam and the waveshaper mechanisms. Construction managers are working with engineers from the Denver-based McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group testing the new technology.

When construction crews are "off duty," the waveshaper devices will be positioned in such a way that the water will be flat without waves.

The Greenbelt remains closed on the Boise side of the river with a temporary detour from Pleasanton through the future Esther Simplot Park site. The Garden City Greenbelt path is expected to reopen in early February.

Photos taken Jan. 25 by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman. Follow Zimo on Twitter @zimosoutdoors


Yea Baby

SURFS UP!!!!!!!

Onward Floaters, Hikers and Bikers

To the confluence of the Boise River at the Snake!

Great news that it's on

Great news that it's on schedule. It's a pretty impressive construction site, diverting the river and all.

Let me know when the calamity commenses...


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