Boise State still searching for 13th football game in 2012

By Brian Murphy

Boise State is still exploring its options for a 13th football game in 2012, but the Broncos are unlikely to play Arkansas in Dallas as has been rumored by some web sites.

"You're going to hear all types of names, all types of games, but that (an Arkansas game) is not on our radar," new Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle told the Statesman on Tuesday.

"We're looking at all possibilities. With all this conference realignment, I think you have a lot of programs across the country that still have opportunities for scheduling. With us playing at Hawaii, we get that 13th game opportunity and that's what we're trying to look at and address. ... It's just trying to find the right match and the right fit for everybody."

Coyle said he and Curt Apsey, who served as the Broncos' interim athletic director before Coyle's hiring and is a senior associate athletic director, have been working together on football scheduling.

"We're working obviously closely with coach (Chris) Petersen. He's going to be involved in that process. It's a collaborative effort," Coyle said.

"(Petersen) has goals and objectives for his program and we want to make sure when we schedule that we match those goals and objectives."

Boise State has six home games and six road games scheduled, including two of each in non-conference play. Boise State visits Michigan State and Southern Mississippi and hosts Miami (Ohio) and BYU in non-conference games.

Boise State plays home Mountain West games against Colorado State, Fresno State, San Diego State and UNLV and road games in conference play against Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming. The Broncos do not play Air Force next season.

"Ideally that'd be great to have a home game. We have something very special here," Coyle said. "If we could have somebody here, that would be ideal for us."

The Mountain West is planning to release its football schedule in March.

"I do think we have some time, but obviously that window is getting tighter and tighter to schedule," Coyle said. "We don't want to schedule somebody to schedule somebody. We want to make sure we schedule somebody that makes sense for our program, for our fans."

• Note: I also asked specifically about Cincinnati, another school that has been mentioned as a potential 13th opponent. "I would take a deep breath on that one," Coyle said. "I'm not aware of that."

• Just can't get away from conference realignment talk. The Big 12's expansion committee will meet today, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. The two top candidates for expansion are Louisville (Big East) and BYU (independent).

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How about

Rutgers at MetLife stadium? I read where they are looking for a special opponent, and are very tight-lipped about who that might be.


I'm not sure Pete will go for anything east. With MSU and S. Miss. we already travel over 4,000 miles (more than the entire SEC non-conference travel). Throw in Hawaii, and BSU will travel over 10,000 miles in 2012.

The best thing for the program is a home game, even if it's an Idaho type team.

Restore the rivalry game

Perfect opportunity. GO VANDALS!

We don't need cupcake games!

Please, don't start dragging us down to the vandulls level again!

What about a Pac-12 or Big-12 team?

Think USC or Utah or Washington would be interested?

Maybe a visit to Fort Worth against TCU could be worked out. I think the Horned Frogs would appreciate the return game in their stadium, since the MWC kinda shafted them by having them visit Boise in 2011. Besides, Bronco fans would want "revenge". Either way, it's good for both programs.

The PAC2

is out. They are full. TCU, maybe, the Big12 scheduling is up in the air because of the WVU situation.

This is going to be interesting to see who they get.

The Big 12

We'll know soon

What about PAC 12

Not so sure-a Rebuilding year for Chris Petersen's Broncos.

gotta be at home

Though it's not specifically mandated, the whole reason teams get that thirteenth game is to recoup how expensive it is to travel to Hawaii. The best way to turn a profit is to play a home game.

The question is whether that home team will be a quality opponent or Weber State. Getting Utah to visit would make tons of sense but they don't have any openings. You know, Texas A&M still has an opening...

I understand the monetary issue, but...

if losing money by scheduling a 13th game away against a quality opponent results in some elitists saying "Hey, they schedule a cupcake", I'd do it. The loss in money will be compensated by a bump in respect because we could've scheduled a garbage team, but chose to aim high. If we could schedule TCU or USC or Texas for that 13th game, I think it would be worth it.

Somebody call

"The little sisters of the poor", and see if they have an opening.


The SEC schools have taken all available "little sister" schools for their own OOC schedules.


You win.

13th game

It would be best for BSU to not worry about a high profile game unless they get to play it on the blue. BCS folks don't give a rip about the strength of schedule and if you play and lose to Arkansas you are automatically out of consideration. So barring some miricle that a top tier team comes to Boise, play Idaho for the money that will be generated and placate the Vandal fans for a year.

Another Cupcake coming...

without a doubt!

Try your best-to schedule a competitive game?

What do you bloggers think?


And that does not include Idawho!

Unfortunately I agree.

Bob Kustra would not allow that game.

A question for the Statesman:

Sports information dept-do they ever ever release press releases?

Toll Free

Dial 888-884-3246.

Ask for Rob Spear.


Rob has kind of backed himself into a corner. He needs BSU to play in Moscow, and that's not going to happen. A Idaho game in Boise would be good for U of I, but Spear has kinda backed himself into a corner with his demands.

I don't see Spear doing the right thing here, no matter what his alumni say.

Quit being nice

There's no kind of about it. He has to cater to Vandal alum whom believe they deserve a Home game against Boise State.

You guys still don't get it

I told you guys about a month ago, when you were on your BSU v. Idaho game in Boise kick; that Idaho was never going to play BSU again in football - anywhere - anytime. You chose to not believe me.

It is not about Rob Spear, it is about the majority of Vandal alumni not wanting Idaho to continue chasing the Big Time Football Dream and a continuation of a Money Pit, and the overwhelming amount of input that has been recently submitted by Vandal alumni, to President Nellis, requesting him to reevaluate Idaho's involvement in BCS football.

Many Vandals believe, enough is enough. The purpose of Idaho is not to be a football school like BSU has become, but remain an academic shining light for all Idahoans to see and be guided through challenging times, by the brightness of the Beacon On The Hill, and receiving superior knowledge and learning.

I have tole you and tole you and tole you, that the majority of long time Vandals and alumni want Idaho to go back to the Big Sky.

The only ones that want to continue with the so-called 'Rivalry' is some of you Broncos that just can't let go of the past and live in your jworld of Bronco statistics from past games and seasons.

It is over.

Idaho does not want to play BSU - ever.

Give up your 'rivalry' ghost.

Vandals don't care anymore.


Now, run along and continue to grow as a Football College, while Idaho refocuses on the historical primary mission of Excellence in Higher Academics and Education.

Vnadal alumni support the BSU Bronco Football Team, as most Idaho Vandqals want the Broncos to be successful at the Big Time level and bring a BCS Natty Trophy back to the State of Idaho for all Idahoans to be proud of. BSU simply has a better footbal team than Idaho, and we acknowlsedge that. The more you beat down Vandals who suppport Broncos, the more you look like fools.

So - the simple fact is that the Bronco Athletic Association has 5,000 members and about 3,000 of those are Vandals.

60% of the BAA is composed of Idaho Vandals who are very happy to support the BSU Bronco Football Team and wish only success for BSU's efforts to become a Top Tier Football College/University. We do not begrudge BSU of becoming a football school. If some colege has to do it, then it might as well be BSU and a State of Idaho Football Team.

I am a Vandals and I support the BSU Broncos. I have joined the BAA, and I am a Vandal. I know many posters to these boards who are Vandals and have joined the BAA, also. In addition, many Broncos on these boards have posted about how many Vandal friencds they have that are members of the BAA also. Possibly you might have some Vandals as friends and they are BAA members as well.

Surprisingly, not all Boncos who post on these boards are members of the BAA. I understand from your postings in the past that you are a Bronco and a BAA member. Possibly you could use some of your referrent leadership and encourage your fellow Broncos who are not currently BAA members to join the BAA. That is, if you believe it is important for Broncos to belong to the BAA. Apparently 3,000 Vandals do, while only 2,000 Broncos do.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799


I heard on the radio today that there was some big thing going on downtown Boise where the majority of things presented were from UIdaho. The indication was that Idaho had a bunch of research projects going. Is Idaho considered a research university? If so, that's great. I didn't know that, and it's good for the whole state.


Um - uh - yes.

The University of Idaho is a research university.

It is Idaho's Land Grant University.

Possibly you are new to Idaho and did not have the opportunity to take Idaho History and Idaho Civics in 5th Grade?

Not putting you down, at all. But, Idaho receives the lion's share of federal research dollars as the Constitutionally Mandated clearinghouse and recipient of federal research dollars, to be shared by not only by Idaho, but other state colleges in Idaho, at Idaho's discretion.

That is what has caused the rub - the UoI's 'discretion' thingy. BSU (and ISU at times) has always felt left out of the funding equations/distribution of federal researcgh funds and the Idaho SBOE is powerless to mandate what the UoI does with the monies and who they share it with as there is no provision in Idaho's Constitution for the SBOE to be involved in anything connected with Idaho as a Land Grant (that has really frosted the SBOE over the years - even when it was controlled by Vandals).

Somtimes - it is best to be THE Constitutionally mandated Land Grant school in the State of Idaho. As they say - "It Is Good To Be King" !!

Basically, all federal research dollars coming into the State of Idaho pass through the UoI, as the 'clearinghouse' if you will.

It is the Golden Rule at play. He who has the Gold - Rules.

UoI has = BSU has not.

I hope this clarifies it for you. Idaho is technically the only federally recognized 'academic research institution and recipient of federal academic research dolars' in the State of Idaho. The others are just little birds in the nest wilth their mouths agape waiting for the Momma Bird to drop some worms into their mouths.

That's about it.


Good answer VNDL....

It doesnt take much to research the legacy developed at the University of Idaho, which almost was lost thru the Idaho Center fiasco....

Most people dont know that the worlds first cloned animal (Dolly) was done at was Teflon by Max Renfro? I believe....and numerous other stuff....

Boiseans hate Idaho so much that they have always excluded the contributions the university has done in Agriculture, Engineering, Forestry, Law, etc....

The jelousy just never stops....

I am proud to say that I received both my BS and MS degrees at Idaho, and have also joined the BAA because I am proud of Boise for its Nationally recognized cfb football team....

plus, I like to run Robie Creek....

Not really.

I just didn't realise Idaho was a research school. It's never talked about by anybody. In fact, I alwasys thought the only WAC school that was a research university was Hawaii. Maybe you are right about the Idaho-BSU tension. But, from what you say, it seems Idaho is as arrogant about their federal funding as Boise State is about their athletics.

Personally, I think what happens at UofIdaho is good for Boise State, and vice versa. I think the same about Idaho State, NNU, Lewis & Clark, and all other institutions of higher learning. It's all good for the entire state. But, again, there is jealousy on boths sides between Broncos and Vandals. If Boise State ever had the facilities that Idaho and Idaho State had, they would get HUGE. Considering the way of life here in SW Idaho, that could be a bad thing. I would love to see BSU get a Law School or Medical School, and I don't see why making that happen would step on UoI's or ISU's toes, either. But, maybe those schools are not willing to share that prestige. Unfortunately, Moscow is so out-of-the-way for the rest of the state. If UofI was located along I-84, instead of up north, it would definitely grow. It just strikes me that the funding would be put to better use if folks actually had access to it.

"It is the Golden Rule at play. He who has the Gold - Rules."

Hehe. I like that. Or, as said in Disney's Aladdin: "He who has the gold makes all the rules".

BTW, we moved here at the end of my Freshman year, and I graduated from Meridian High. I promptly joined the Navy. Having returned to Boise, it's not like I get a lot of talk about the facilities at Moscow.


In one of your times where you have 3-4 days off, you should travel to Moscow and the Palouse and visit the area....

Visit the Idaho campus and walk around it....

Look at the rolling wheat fields around Genessee....

I think youll like the area and the people....

RMS - maybe

Idaho is arrogant because it is a research university of national prominence and distinction, while BSU is arogant because it is a football college of national prominence and distinction. Both have earned their different arrogances.

I can live with that.

Idaho needs to stay focused on what it does best - high level academics and research - and forget striving to be a BCS football school and go back to playing FCS Big Sky football and stop wasting alumni and state taxpayer dollars on football.

BSU needs to stay focused on what it does best - high level football team - and forget striving to be a high quality academic university and go back to providing vocational/technical education to the residents of the City of Boise, and using the financial success of the Bronco football Team to buy more welding rods and hair dryers to train with.

I am like ugly and SIF. We are all Idahoan Vandals who support the Bronco Football Team, are members of the BAA, and have given money to the BAA for the expansion of Bronco Stadium - because - we realize the only legitimate chance of winning a BCS Natty Trophy for the State of Idaho, rests on the shoulders of the BSU Broncos. The Idaho Vandals have been surpassed by the Broncos in the area of football prominence, a long time ago. it is time for Vandals to just accept it and move on and stop this stupid fighting among Vandals and Broncos.

It is also time for Broncos to accept the fact that until the Idaho State Constitution is changed, the University of Idaho is the preeminent research and higher level academic university in the State of Idaho, and move on and stop this stupid fighting among Broncos and Vandals.

I am an Idahoan Vandal - born and raised with Silver and Gold in my blood. I happen to have a little Blue and Orange in my veins, too. I contribute to the Foundations of both universities (BSU and Idaho), I belong to the Vandal Coaches Fund and the Bronco Athletics Association, and the alumni associations of both schools.

BSU cannot get a Law School nor a Medical School, as per past historical Idaho Legislature restrictions and University of Idaho Land Grant status.

Idaho does not have a medical school, nor needs one. We have the WICHE and WAMI programs. Let the other states absorb the mega bucks required to field and operate a medical school. Idaho needs to just stay the heck out of the medical school business and export our students and let other states' taxpayers shoulder the burden.

Like ugly recommended - maybe take your family to Moscow and spend a few days visitingthe campus and town. It is really unlike any other experience in Idaho - it is a Real University Experience and Environment - notat all like BSU.

Who knows, you might even like it up there?

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Bronco Arrogance stems from Bronco fans and residents of the City of Boise having a superior football team.

PPS- Vandal Arrogance stems from Vandal students being smarter and getting higher paying jobs and positions of leadership in the State of Idaho and around the world, than Broncos.

Please give that number to Bob.

He can call him?

Dont do it Spears! Unless the Broncs

are willing to revenue share 50/50....

Share Revenue?

Why should we? We are tired of you financial parasites sucking profits off of our successful football program's back. Like tape worms your appetite for financial succor from better teams grows while your team languishes as a perennial bottom feeder that can not earn enough money to pay the light bill. If the vandals want to play Boise State, the Broncos are they big dawg and they call the shots. Spears has to acknowledge ...... the vandals are no longer relevant and hat in hand on bended knee must accept what ever bone Boise State tosses their way.

I see

another Bronco who just can't accept the fact that Vandals no longer care about playing th Broncos in football.

BSU has been rejected by Idaho.

Sorry, buddy - but you are just going to have to accept the fact that there are more Vandals who are supporters of the Bronco Football Team and are members of the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA) than there are Broncos (BAA Membership is 5,000 of which 3,000 are Vandals and 2,000 are Broncos)

Are you a BAA Member?

Have you given any money to the BAA for the expansion of Bronco Stadium project?

What is your BAA Membership Number, if you have one?

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

Here is an idea

Let's get Idaho to play Idaho State in Boise. There are more Vandal fans here in SW IDaho than up north, and folks from Pocatello are more likely to travel west than up to Moscow.


did an interview last year in which he made it clear, the Vandals must start selling out home games. Unfortunately, the only home games they have sold out in years is BSU. An 8,000 average home crowd will be the end of Idaho football, which, frankly is too bad.

Ita a home game---

Should be a home game to recover expenses for traveling to Hawaii. Dont ever see anyone else giving up the home game bucks, dont see why we should to prove anything. Better be big payday if we do travel.

I'd give up the home bucks...

if it meant scheduling Texas or Oklahoma or Arkansas or USC.

I'm sure----

they would let us play in Vegas again if the boys won. Who needs money.

Idaho State

BSU hasn't played Idaho State since the 2008 season opener when Kellen Moore debuted at QB. Idaho State tried running the Statue of Liberty in that game. Maybe they could go with the Hook and Ladder if they return to The Blue. ;^)

Ben Weaver

Anyone know the story on Ben Weaver? It seems he received an offer from Texas A&M and is now rethinking his commitment....

I heard he did get an offer

...but never wavered playing for Boise State.

Who's the new co defensive co. at A&M?

Idaho game

Had dinner with a Idaho alum that is tight with Spear. He told me me that Spear has offered a 3 for 1 deal (3 games in Boise, one in Moscow). But Spear has been told that BSU will not play in Moscow again under any circu-mstances.

We both agreed that if Idaho does not start putting butts in the Kibbie Dome, Idaho may not even have football in 4-5 years.

Here's that interview with Spear last year

13-O' Luck of the Draw

Maybe BSU could just schedule a game with U Montana so all the coaches could show how they have moved up in this world. It'd be a thriller and a high level game for BSU to end the season with a big score. And if they are not open, call the Vandals!It'd be a sell- out!

Check out the


In OT with UNLV

It was a great game

And a great atmosphere. This young team fought hard all game and had a chance to win in regulation at the buzzer. They're headed in the right direction.

I agree

Rice has the program going in the right direction.