Otter expects long slog in presidential race, says Romney has 'brushed up'

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter, who with Sen. Jim Risch, co-chairs Mitt Romney's Gem State campaign, said he was pleased with Romney's debate performance Monday night.

"Romney was pretty good," Otter said Tuesday. "Romney has brushed up."

But Otter said his expectation of a quick victory for the former Massachusetts governor is dashed.

"I would have bet you a month ago that this would have been over with by the first of February," Otter said. "But things have changed."

Otter said the March 6 Idaho GOP caucus could play a significant role in a prolonged campaign for the nomination.

"No matter who his co-chairmen are in Idaho, I don't think that's an easy plum to pick. We're all going to continue to work hard, up to our caucus and afterward, to do what we can to get Romney in."


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