Updated — TV, radio notes: KTRV, KBOI, KINF change programming

— Beginning today, the "My Network TV" prime-time lineup is moving from KTRV DT2/12.2 ("My Boise TV") to the main channel KTRV 12.1. Here's the new KTRV 12.1 prime-time lineup:

Mon.-Fri. 7-7:30 p.m.: M*A*S*H
Mon.-Fri. 7:30-8: 30 Rock
Mon. 8-10: Law & Order SVU
Tue. 8-10: Cold Case
Wed. 8-10: Burn Notice
Thu. 8-10: Without a Trace
Fri. 8-10: Monk

KTRV DT2 12.2 (Cable One Channel 14) now will carry "Me TV Network" programming 24 hours a day — shows such as "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "The Odd Couple."


KBOI 670 is changing its lineup at night. Mark Levin “The Great One” is moving to 7-10 p.m. Monday through Friday. "The John Batchelor Show" is moving into Levin's previous slot: 10 p.m.-1 a.m. weekdays. Batchelor also will be on from 10 p.m.-midnight on Saturdays.


Update: Looks like KINF also shook things up beginning this morning. The station, which had been simulcasting, is now splitting programming Monday through Friday. KINF 99.1 FM has a news focus ("when you want to know") from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. And KINF 730 AM has a talk focus ("when you want to know why.") The two stations will continue to simulcast on weekends. Here's the new weekday schedule:

99.1 FM
4a-9a: America's Morning News
9a-noon: America's Radio News Network
noon-1p: The KINF News at Noon
1p-7p: America's Radio News Network
7p-10p: The Savage Nation (recorded)
10p-11p: Dennis Miller (recorded)
11p-2a: Phil Hendrie
2a-4a: Advice Line

730 AM
4a-8a: America's Morning News
8a-10a: Dennis Miller (live)
10a-1p: Laura Ingraham (live)
1p-4p: Jerry Doyle
4p-7p: The Savage Nation (live)
7p-10-: Rusty Humphries
10p-1a: Advice Line
1a-4a: Phil Hendrie

Mon. 8-10: Law & Order SUV I

Mon. 8-10: Law & Order SUV

I thought SUVs were politically incorrect these days?

Not if Ice T is chasing 'the perpetrator'

SVU=Special Victims Unit


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

He corrected it. ;-)

He corrected it. ;-)


Can the political talk nonsense. I wish it was V99.1 again.


I agree! 100.3 sucks now that they took on half of J-105's music. And we don't need news talk radio on FM. Nobody is listening to their AM station, why would moving to FM make any difference?

Pull your head out of the ground

There are nationally syndicated radio shows that have audiences TEN TIMES larger than most TV shows of similar topic (i.e, news, politics). It may not be your first choice in listening plaesure, but if more people tuned into actual news than getting their info from comedy shows, this country wouldn't be so ignorant when it came to national issues.

That isn't my point.

My point is why do we need to have duplicate programming on two different stations while completely ignoring a genre of music. I understand there are numbers to support the programming, but to have it on duplicate stations seems absurd to me. If nothing else it proves there is an overabundance of radio stations in this valley and not enough programming or listeners to support them.

I guess I should've responded to the other post

My comment was more directed to Brettxpw's comment. Your post is a valid comment. Currently, KTIK does the same thing with 1350AM and 93.1FM. In that case, it's the SAME programming (with the exception of the occasional Stealheads show/game in the AM station) at the same time.

These other stations aren't totally identical, tho. They may have the same shows, but at least they have some variation of time slots. Perhaps this is for some people that cannot catch the live one. I don't know. TBH, I don't listen to any of those shows. They just don't interest me.

But they SUCK and 99.5 will eventually play the Stylistics


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

You mean comedy shows like

Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and all the other Faux news comedies? "Yet another study has been released proving that watching Fox News is detrimental to your intelligence" http://www.alternet.org/story/149193/study_confirms_that_fox_news_makes_you_stupid/

I think you lost some brain cells from swarmines.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Boise Radio and TV Programming

Radio programming.....station programs are so bad that the only way you can listen to it is if you don't understand spanish. Then listen to the Hispanic stations.

TV....12.1 and 12.2 going to canned programming is just like the radio stations. If they are eliminating local programming then they now are now competing with TNT, ESPN etc. ,which they don't.

Rather than not using 12.3, why not see if BSU would like to have the students work on developing local programs as part of their class work? Would have to be more interesting than reruns.

I've suggested a local sports channel to Cocola a few times...

And what do you mean by "canned"?

KTRV went on the air in 1981 as an indepewndant station. Perhaps you weren't aware. I'm 3 years older than Michael and he wasn't here when I was 15.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

LOVE the retro TV shows!

Rifleman, Odd Couple, Mash, Twilight Zone, Perry Mason. LOVE IT. If you haven't seen Boris Karloff's THRILLER definitely check it out. It's like a Hammer Horror version of Twilight Zone. And, Saturday night has the 60's Batman!

I'd rather watch these great shows than the lousy garbage sitcoms of today.

Mark Levin

Hooray! Mark Levin