California linebacker commits to Boise State football program

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Linebacker Chris Collins of Santa Monica (Calif.) High gave the Boise State football team an oral commitment Saturday during his official visit, he said Monday.

Collins (6-foot-2, 195 pounds) chose Boise State over Arizona, Arizona State, Washington State and New Mexico State. He was recruited to Boise by departed defensive backs coach Marcel Yates.

“I love the city, and the coaches are pretty nice,” Collins said.

Collins likely will play outside linebacker or nickel, he said. He registered 17 sacks as a senior at Santa Monica to earn Ocean League Defensive Player of the Year honors. He was a three-time All-Ocean League first-teamer and he made the All-CIF first team in 2011.

Here is the updated recruiting class:

Joined program in January (6):
— QB Nick Patti, 5-11, 195, fr., Dr. Phillips HS (Orlando, Fla.)
— DE Elliot Hoyte, 6-4, 275, fr., Tavistock, England
— LB Tyler Gray, 6-3, 215, fr., Templeton (Calif.) HS
— TE Hayden Plinke, 6-4, 230, fr., Glencoe HS (Hillsboro, Ore.)
— DE Demarcus Lawrence, 6-4, 248, so., Butler CC (Aiken, S.C.)
— TE Connor Peters, 6-4, 245, so., Laney College (Antioch, Calif.)

Oral commitments (15):
— WR/RB Shane Rhodes, 5-7, 160, Klein Collins HS (Spring, Texas)
— CB Chaz Anderson, 6-0, 175, Loyola HS (Los Angeles)
— TE Armand Nance, 6-1, 238, Dekaney HS (Houston)
— RB Devan Demas, 5-9, 170, Cypress Creek HS (Houston)
— OL Steven Baggett, 6-4, 250, Martin HS (Arlington, Texas)
— RB Jack Fields, 5-11, 200, Americas HS (El Paso, Texas)
— CB Donte Deayon, 5-9, 155, Summit HS (Fontana, Calif.)
— LB Ben Weaver, 6-1, 225, Klein HS (Spring, Texas)
— OL Travis Averill, 6-4, 280, Servite HS (Anaheim, Calif.)
— LB Andrew Pint, 6-2, 215, Valor Christian HS (Highlands Ranch, Colo.)
— N Chris Santini, 6-1, 216, Leland HS (San Jose, Calif.)
— S Chanceller James, 6-2, 190, Steele Canyon HS (San Diego)
— WR/S D.J. Dean, 6-1, 190, Eagle HS
— P/K Sean Wale, 6-2, 180, La Habra HS (Whittier, Calif.)
— LB/N Chris Collins, 6-2, 195, Santa Monica (Calif.) HS

Another good one

Here is Collins' video

§ Menace

Guy is trouble when he gets into the O backfield. Looks like he can really run and hit and is a sure tackler.,ca%29/football/videos.htm

Might want to turn down the audio on this one unless you aren't yet sick of the Rocky theme.

ps - MaxPreps video looks to be the same as AlphaDR posted.

Boise State is a great place

to grow and mature. It provides a wonderful opportunity for athletes from metropolitan areas to get away from distractions and focus on getting an education and play football.

Welcome to the BLUE!

Looks like a stud!


All About The Edge

He plays the Edge like it is no mans land and owns it.

Looks like a great pick up

25 pounds and this kid will make a killer OLB.

He's 6'3"

He could be a beast at DE or S, if needed. Hope he can bulk up a bit without losing his quickness. With a 4.61 40, could we use him as a TE? He does have High School experience at WR, and his height could be a big advantage.

Edited: Having looked at the others on this list, I scanned some of the other DEs and TEs. All of them are 6-4 and 230+. Collins would be the smallest of them. So, disregard what I said above. He is comparable to the other two S we have (James & Dean), tho.

Marcus Rios?

Four star recruit: A verbal?

No Star recruit ...

Lee Hightower - started as a freshman. BSU OKG. The rating system is not always a predictor of future contributions.


had his offered pulled for visiting another school. He lost his spot at Boise State and recently committed to UCLA.

Appears fearless,

and the way he runs might place him on special teams first.

He said on KTIK

That he would be greyshirting this year.

Another 2 star to add... the 70th ranked recruiting class...LOL!!!!!!!!

Almost as low ranked as Boise's annual SOS...LOL!!!!!

What a joke!!!


Given the fact that we mopped the floor with Ducks with the 89th and 82nd recruiting cla$$es, it's a good thing for the Clucks that they don't play BSU any time soon.

Speaking of SOS

Arkansas State
Fresno State
Tennessee Tech

Doesn't get any tougher than that baby........

As per usual...the land of the people who need dentists... still livin in the past!! Get clued in toothless!!!!

2008 Boise over Oregon...Oregon plows OSU in Holiday Bowl
2009 Boise over Oregon...Oregon wins its conference & plays in Rose Bowl
2010 Boise fails to win its own weak azz conference
Oregon...ranked #1 half the in NC game...loses on the last
play of the game
2011 Boise fails to win its own weak azz conference...bowls in vegas...AGAIN
Oregon wins 3rd straight conf title...wins Rose bowl
2012 Boise will not be ranked in the top 20...loses Jiffy Lube management team
Oregon reloads for another run at NC

Oregon just keeps moving forward...Boise hangs it's hat on games played in 06, 08 & 09...sad really...but thats the difference between Oregon and the toothless!!

Rack me again like usual...the rest of you on my blog...get to a dentist!! Stop whining about the BCS and just go away!! Oh yeah, I already did...15 minutes are up hillbillies!!!!

Can you at least win the MWC this season??? I mean comon...its the MWC...LOL!!!!

Poor Bcluck

How's your Beavers doing these days?

Another wild boast with zero knowledge of the situation...

...if you had the slightest clue, you would know that KState (preseason 2012 rank of 11-20) backed out of our non conf schedule. Thats KState and Tex A&M over the last 2 years who have backed out. Still Oregon has played Oklahoma, Michigan, Purdue, Tennessee & LSU IN ADDITION to the 9 BCS conference ganmes we play EVERY season...year in and year out baby...

Boise...ah, not so BCS team per season and in the rare instance, two...but that's extremely rare, once in the last 8 seasons or so...

yep, gotta play em and win em to be taken toothless nation has found out...winning a million games against cupcakes impresses no one...see Las Vegas Bowls...another laugher!!!

Rack me...again...over and over...hey vine, thanks for the Jim...CLICK!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor poor Bcluck

At the end of the day Oregon faced two teams on their schedule that finished in the BCS top 25. Just as Boise State did.

As for Oregon's non-conference schedule, it is what it is.....weak.

BTW, How's the Beavers recruiting class this year?

B43S42U...who cares about the rodents from corvallis...

...Oregon rules the state and the west for that matter. Always has, always will...

boise may rule the Big Least someday, but by that time, it won't have a BCS AQ bid.

BTW, its the rest of the teams Oregon faced that fell just outside the top 25...compared to the rest of Boises' schedule. Thats the difference fool, and why Oregons SOS is always top 10-30 and Boise's is always 70 or higher...

Its just how it is...when you and the rest of toothless nation finally realize that and crawl quietly back into your place...we will all be better off. Now, get to the dentist and get those false teeth eddie...Hi vine, thanks for the Jim...LOL!!!!!!!!

Who you trying to kid Bcluck

You have posted on many other boards as a Beaver fan......

Oh, and for the record, the closet Duck opponent that fell "just outside" the top-25...Washington at

The only JOKE on these

The only JOKE on these boards b-duck2009 is you .... you need to get yourself a life my friend..


at the first day of Senior Bowl practice

Looks like

another steller commit to Boise St.. We are going to be OK this coming season

Welcome Young man

Hope your school experience is as good as you hope and you graduate on time without a single injury. Play fast, Play hard, Play loose. I really hope your quick as you are advertised, as you are about to find out just how fast the college level game is when played at a high level. Go Bronco's.

Navy coming to the Big East

Hey B43S42U...I can tell you're excited...

...I'm sure you can't wait to stoke the fires of the intense rivalry with Navy!!!!

Nice future conference foes!!! You might as well add Army and Air Force every season and then whine that you dont get the service acedemy trophy, whatever its called.


Wow!! that recruit may have moved Boise up to #68...

...Coach Pete sure can recruit cant he...Oh by the way, have you hillbillies seen you QB for the upcoming season...yikes!!!

I know, I know...he was shift leader and lead drain plug finder at the Jiffy Lube under Moore, but the promotion really does show how bare the cupboard is!!!!

I see 3-4 losses and Mac and Cheese next December...

Rack the knowledge and truth of...BDuck!!!!

As Eddie from Boise so inbredly put it on the Rome show..."Hi vine, thanks for the Jim"!!!

Ha Ha Ha...typical hillbilly!!

Poor Bcluck

Did you know that Boise State has more players invited to the NFL combine than the ENTIRE State of Oregon.......

PS Your Beavers had zero invites (Geez, even Portland State had one)

Invites don't equal roster spots... many Boise State formers were playing in the conference championship games last weekend??

Off the top of my head for Oregon...Paysinger, Peele, Snyder, Ngata, Chung, Dickson...probably a few I'm missing...Boise...well...I'm waiting...

Poor Bcluck

Haha, all those 4-5 star recruits and Oregon may not have a single player drafted.....

Boise State could have as many as seven......

Times, they are a changin....

BTW, Any of your Beavers have a chance to be drafted?

Its all about roster spots...

...lets count em after after the first NFL game next season...Ducks and Broncos on NFL rosters.

You can yell and shout and make all the wild boasts you want but at the end of the day, numbers dont lie. There is a reason why Boise has a handful of players in the NFL and Oregon formers literally dot every roster in the league...NFL ready talent...

1 stars and zero stars cannot develop into that kind of athlete, even with all the voodoo coaching they get in Boizee...

I bet there are more Idaho formers on NFL rosters than Boisee's. Might lose that bet. Maybe we should combine Your vandals and Broncos and see if they add up to the Ducks total.

It doesnt matter...SOS, NFL roster spots, BCS games played in, recruiting, coaching staffs, facilities, athletic programs, acedemics, stadiums, game day appearances...Bozo cant keep up...

So go ahead have my blessing...keep beating your chest...spouting off all the bozo babble that you the end Vegas is Vegas and a non BCS conference is exactly that...hi vine, thanks for the Jim...CLICK!!!!

So it's roster spots....

As of the beginning of the 2011 season there were 22 Ducks on NFL rosters. There were 14 Boise State Broncos on NFL rosters.

So you are crowing about having all of 8 more players in the NFL. All those millions of dollars, all those 4-5 star recruits, playing in a "big boy" conference and we're talking 8 more players......

By this time next year Boise State will probably have more NFL'ers than Oregon, what will be your spin then?

And then when you drill down further we find...

...16 of those Ducks were starters this season...3 starters from Toothless nation...

Kind of seems uneven right? And considering the drug addicted WR fom the Rams has been cut, and that there were 7 Oregon formers playing in the championship games this past weekend...and that the all time draft numbers are 119 from Oregon, Boise 49...

Well 119-49 resembles very much the all time Boise record against BCS teams...9-16...

As I said, the numbers dont lie Eddie...Rack me!!!

So now it's not roster spots,,,,,,

So let me see if I have this right...

It's not wins

It's not combine invites

It's not who gets drafted

It's not roster spots

It's starters in the NFL

OK, I think I got it now

Oh and we can't bring up the Ducks 2 losses to the Bronco's because that was in the past but it's OK for you to go back 15 years when talking about the bronco's

Funny Duck........

not really a funny duck

more of a fumbduck.


You mean the idiot whose false start likely cost Baltimore a touchdown and a win? Maybe he's still too busy crying about Boise State's players hitting him too hard to concentrate on counting to two before starting a play.

Indiangrrrrll... rather I think he is counting his playoff bonus money and preparing to get better next season...

BTW, how is that speedster criminal WR from Boise doing? You know the one that got busted for drugs? The one for the rams I least he playED for the rams...probably cut now...whats new

Zabrinssskkkiii...Johannnnssseeennn...CFLers all!!! LOL!!!!

Times, they are a changin......

Who will have more players drafted

Boise State


The State of Oregon


Click...that was Oregon hanging up on Coach Petey...

...There is a reason why Coach Petey keeps turning down all those big boy jobs...he's just waiting for big bro and uncle Phil to call, but...

...guess he will have to toil in purgatory a few more seasons...just until Oregon wins a few more conference championships, a few more Rose Bowls and a NC...

Then we will see if he can coach...or if he runs an elite program into the groud.

We all know the Chipster wont stay forever and no one dreads him leaving...its his replacement we dread cause everyone knows it'll be petey and we are all fearful of the Koetter/hawkins tradition...

Oh well, its still a few seasons away...

Hi vine, thanks for the Jim....CLICK!!!

rack me again!!!!!!!!!!!

The numbers don't lie...II

All time NFL draft choices...

Idaho St 22
Idaho 39
Boise 49
Fresno 75

rack me!!!!!

Drillin down...Factoids dont lie...

Players drafted by the NFL since 2000

Oregon 39
Boise 20
Idaho 11

Since 1990

Oregon 64
Boise 24
Idaho 16

hey vine thanks for the Jim...CLICK!!!

B43S42U...your moron shows with every unresearched, inbred post!!


So all those Millions of dollars, All those 4 and 5 star recruits, All those "big boy" games and you are crowing about 19 more draft picks in 11

Again, who will have more players drafted THIS year

Boise State


The ENTIRE state of Oregon


A little update concerning...

...the state of the athletic department...

Boise BB team...0-3 in the MWC, 10-8 overall...
Oregon 6-2 tied for 1st in the Pac 12, 15-5 overall and heading for the NCAA's

You may remember the meeting between the two last winter won by Oregon. It really doesnt matter who won though, because as always Oregon moves forward, win or lose.
Rebounded from Rose Bowl loss to play in NC game. Rebounded from loss in NC game to win another conference title and Rose Bowl. Oregon's BB team, won the post season tourney to end last season, but would still be 6-2, 15-5 and in first place, even if they had lost to Boise.

Boise, on the other hoof, just cannot seem to build on its success against Oklahoma and Oregon as they cant even win their own conference and have had to play in the Las Vegas bowl the last two seasons...despite winning a million games. Boise BB, well I wont go there.

The factoid BDuck point is Boise just lives in the past..."we beat Oregon twice, why wont you play us again"..."we beat Oklahoma in the best bowl game ever...why wont they let us play in another one" unfair...WAAAAAAAAA

State of the athletic programs and THE reason why no one takes Boise serious...a "C" football team and an "F" everywhere else equals conference mediocrity!!

Rack me again...Eddie!! OUT for now!!

Drillin down...Factoids dont lie...

Players drafted by the NFL since 2000

Oregon 39
Boise 20
Idaho 11

Since 1990

Oregon 64
Boise 24
Idaho 16

hey vine thanks for the Jim...CLICK!!!

B43S42U...your moron shows with every unresearched, inbred post!!

Drillin down...Factoids dont lie...

Players drafted by the NFL since 2000

Oregon 39
Boise 20
Idaho 11

Since 1990

Oregon 64
Boise 24
Idaho 16

hey vine thanks for the Jim...CLICK!!!

B43S42U...your moron shows with every unresearched, inbred post!!

Poor Bcluck

Times, they are a changin.

In the last 5 years who has had the most 1st round picks.....Boise State

Who had more draft picks in last years draft......Boise State

Who will have the most draft picks in this years draft......Boise State

Poor Bcluck........

Didn't think so b43s42u...typical...

...donkey non response...when the heat gets turned up it a big dose of...


rack me!!

Poor Bcluck

Did you just not want to see my response?

Guess not......


§ I like the bad DBeav better.

Looks like his little tail has been busy today. I remember when DBeav was only a very bad DBeav. He was consistent. He was an angry little barkrat.

He used to post all over the Oregon Duck blogs, telling the Duckies they weren't in BSU's league, go get in a real conference, no chance for any BCS games, and play some big-boy football. It didn't matter that he was just an angry little barkrat and that his own team sucked Duck eggs. I wonder if he got tossed off all the Duck boards?

One day the bad DBeav tried to turn into a kinder, gentler DBeav. He attempted to be coherent and engaging ... almost agreeable. He thought he was "playing nice". In baseball parlance, it was a tremendous curveball. But, nobody fell for it. We knew better that the angry little barkrat was firmly entrenched in his angry little barkrat DBeav dam ... albeit a leaky one ... and that he would soon re-emerge to throw sucked-out Duck eggshélls once again.

So, he's returned to his bad DBeav ways. He is more worthwhile in that vein anyway. There is presently a dearth of contras and trolls here. DBeav, the barkrat in feathers, is about all we have. He isn't much, but at least it's practice.

Thanks for that furry little