Former Boise State football player Daryn Colledge donates $150,000 for weight room; football team gets ready for 'Big Splash'

By Chadd Cripe
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Former Boise State offensive lineman Daryn Colledge and his wife, Megan, have donated $150,000 to Boise State for upgrades to the athletics weight room, the school announced Friday.

Colledge just completed his first year with the Arizona Cardinals, where he is the starting left guard. He previously played five seasons with the Green Bay Packers.

Colledge started all 52 games during his four-year career at Boise State, from 2002 to 2005.

"We are extremely grateful for all that BSU and the city of Boise have done for us,” Colledge said in a statement. “We are excited for this opportunity to give back to our university, and we hope that with this gift and others like it, BSU will be able to continue to give so much to Boise. We are grateful we can contribute to those who have supported us for so long."

The gift will be used to replace and upgrade equipment in the weight room, which was built in 1988 and expanded in 2004. It will remain the athletic department’s primary weight room even after the new football complex is built. The new complex includes a weight room that will be used by the football team.

Other statements in the press release included:

From strength coach Tim Socha: “This gift from Daryn and Megan will allow us to make improvements to our current strength and conditioning facility that will help all of our student-athletes for years to come. The Colledges are very special people and have a great love for Boise State and the city of Boise. It means so much to us that they have decided to give back to the school that they have so much pride in.”

From football coach Chris Petersen: “It’s always great when former athletes remain involved in our program. Daryn and Megan’s generosity towards supporting our current student athletes is greatly appreciated and allows us to continue our rich tradition of success. Their willingness to give back is proof that they valued their time here at Boise State”.


The Boise State football team is showing its support for the women’s teams by participating in challenges once a month at women’s events.

The first is Saturday at the Broncos’ swimming and diving meet against Oregon State. The meet begins at 11:30 a.m. at the West YMCA.

The football event is called Big Splash. The competition is offense vs. defense with a 1-meter diving event and 4x25-yard relay.

The offense members are Gabe Linehan, Geraldo Boldewijn, Bronson Durrant, Michael Ames and Spencer Gerke. The defense team includes Darren Koontz, Hazen Moss, Lee Hightower, J.C. Percy and Hilton Richardson (not sure if he’s moved to defense or is just helping out).

The M.C. is Faraji Wright.

The football players will compete at a women’s basketball game in February, a gymnastics meet in March and a softball game in April. Linehan and Moss are the team captains.

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They could stop sending me FOCUS that would save them a few bucks .


Wow, is that cool. Thanks to Daryn and Megan. He is still giving to BSU. OKG!


Thank you to Daryn and Megan. Now lets see some of the other high profile NFL guys do the same. The weight room is a great place to start. It will ensure continued success of future student athletes and the program.
Coach Socha has to be stoked!

Many thanks

Darren and Megan. That's a huge contribution, and truly shows how much you both love BSU. Let's hope it starts a chain reaction as we're beginning to get more players in the NFL who may be able to afford similar donations. You have set a standard to help all the student athletes.

Bronco for Life

Great to see an NFL player giving back. Makes me proud to be an alumni of BSU.

Very cool


Thank You

to Darren and Megan.

always nice

when players give back. definitely makes a statement regarding their feelings about time spent at boise state.

OK Funky...

What are you hearing?

§ Betting Coach Pete stays

even if Chip jumps. The timing for BSU (with all the transition in staff and players among other issues) couldn't be worse.

I have the sense he would not want to leave BSU in a bind like that. I'll put "35c" on that.

"Oregon football coach Chip Kelly is finalizing a deal to become the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, the Tampa Bay Times confirmed Sunday night.

Kelly met with the Bucs earlier this past week and both sides are hopeful an agreement can be reached within the next 24-48 hours.

Kelly has been Oregon's head coach for three years, winning the conference title in all three, reaching three straight BCS games. Three weeks ago, the Ducks won their first Rose Bowl game in 95 years.

Kelly would make the jump to the NFL if a financial agreement can be reached, a source told KGW in Porland, Oregon Sunday night."

I like that thinking razor

And maybe theres some sanctions coming too, but not enough to hold off Pete if he wants to go. So, let me ask what if??

Wilcox? Harsin? Any other names?

§ tfunk must be out

golfing under the lights in the snow and rain.

Right before signing day? With all these new and highly-anticipated recruits about to grab the pen? New OC (and others) who have signed up to work with Chris Petersen? The timing of such a move would be a disaster for BSU and Coach Pete knows that. He doesn't need "disaster" on his résumé.

I can't think of any names, even if the unthinkable were to occur. It's pretty late in open season on coaches. Sure wouldn't be Wilcox or Harsin ... not now with what they have going on at Washington and Texas.

Looks like I missed all the fun

Kelly's staying put......

Chip K. from Oregon to the NFL and .....

Coach Pete to Oregon?

Looks like we will be welcoming

another former Bronco to the coaching staff later today.

Coming up from your digs 81.

I wonder if Coach Pete's bigger....

stadium and newer facilities may approach sooner than he thought?

ugly - they will really get on it now - you are right once again

rembember how it was just a little over a year ago it was announced that Coach Pete was gonna stay at BSU and not go to Stanford and wanted expansion to Bronco Stadium and at least 3,500 more sears, coaches offices, weight room, film room, players lounge, showers, and etc.

Coach Pete was assured it would happen and be a reality for the beginning of the 2012 season, and so, as we all know, Coach Pete stayed in Boise.

Then a few months later Coach Pete upped the ante to 10,000 more seats and the finalized date was for the bginning of the 2013 season.

Now, fast forward one year and a little more has happened, to be fair about it. The Dona Larsen phase is coming along nicely and it looks as though the Dig Down will happen real soon (removing the running track around the football field in Bronco Stadium).

Apparently, the BAA engineers have solved the water table problem/concern and the plan is to go forwqard in a few months, or so (as I understand it - if anybody knows differently please expound).

The money to fund the expansion project is apparently there in the BSU Foundation (Central Reserve) and has been all along. Donations to the BAA are nice and appreciated, but it is not a 'War Stopper' if no money is collected per the BAA Fundly expansion of Bronco Stadium fundraising project - because the money is there to complete the project. We are starting to see the 1% Real True Broncos stepping forward and contributing some serious money to make it happen (aka Daryn Colledge and his wife - their contribution is critical).

Even though, we Vandals have been Leading The Charge by supporting Coach Pete's and President Kustra's Call To Arms for the 99% of Bronco Nation - the CBFers - to dig deep and support the project with individual contributions of money. As we all know, not much (a pittance) has been collected from individual Bronco Fans (more than likely due to harsh economic times and minimal wage jobs that most Common Bronco Fans have, not allowing them to spend any more money than to get food, propane gas for their heaters during this cold winter, and Star/Enquirer magazines for their families to read - per JLandon's partial synopsis of the money shortage for Broncos buying minimal food and feeding families).

I am left wondering what will happen the next time President Kustra and Coach Pete ask for a Call To Arms from the 99% of Bronco Nation, given the desultory track record that has been established per CBFer donations and giving to the BAA and BAA membershiips.

I am guessing the BAA is reevaluating their fundraising effors to not include any attempt to secure donations/cobntributions from Common Bronco Fans, as a Waste Of Time & Resources; but instead, the BAA might market solely to Idaho Vandals who are bigger supporters of the Bronco Football Team than 99% of the members of Bronco Nation (as has been established as a fact on these boards, and not contested in anyway by the Worm Boys or the Hackey Sack Clubbers - they know the truth and are totally embarrassed by it).

ugly - if you were on the BAA Board of Directors, would you support an ititiative to market BAA Memberships to Idaho Vandals and to rely more heavily on Idaho Vandals, than Common Bronco Fans, to financially support the BSU Bronco Football Team, because Bronco Nation does not seem to be able to do it and 'cut the mustard'?

ugly - also, do you think that you would be interested in serving on the BAA Board of Directors? It seems to me that the Board needs to have a person like yourself with a 3-D Mind and capable of obtuse and asymetrical analysis of solutions to problems.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....Those are good points and good


If I were on BAA Board, I probably would have a contest by BSU MBA students to provide a Marketing Strategy for the Boise State Broncos....the winning team would get like $35,000....second place, $20,000....third $10,000....fourth, a free pa$$ to HSC meetings....

Would I join the BAA Board of Directors? No!

Why? Cause the first thing I would do is raise ticket fees 80%....that is the only way you will get more monies from the 99% side....If I did that, then I would probably be dumped along Blackcat Road somewhere, so no since in joining....

VNDL, you do the math....will the Boise State Broncos Football ever be in the gross revenues of $45M or more? If so, then how? If not, then why are they trying to become a BCS Big-Boy? Why not just be a good WACer, and play BCS teams at times....$24M is good revenues in the WAC....not so great for top 15 BCS teams....

Also, on showed the list and it was heavily Boise only....In Nebraska, is it heavily Lincoln only?

ugly - You are correct as usual - ticket prices need to be

raised at least 80%.

I would recommend just going to 100% and simply doubling everything that is out there right now.

And if Bronco Stadium is 'sold out' after duobling, then just double again the next season - until Bronco Stadium is at 75% capacity (simple Price Point Establishement Methedology used in any Mom and Pop business). Just keep raising the prices until you find the point where there is a significant decreases in sales. That becomes, in essence, the 'price point'.

The Corn Huskers are Nebraska's Team. The composition of their Board of Directors are corn people with big plastic corn cobbs on their heads, from all over the state, I am betting.

ugly - could you imagine going into a sports bar on Corn Husker Game Day in ANY sports bar anywhere in the State of Nebraska and NOT having your Husker Club Membership Card?

Bronco Nation is estimated to be half a million strong (500,000) yet only 5,000 people in the entire World, belong to the Bronco Athletics As@ociation - AND of which - 3,000 of the 5,000 are Idaho Vandals with only 2,000 being Bronco fans.

Think about it - I mean stop and really really really think about it - 60% of the entire current BAA Membership - at this time - right now - as we speak and type - are Idaho Vandals.

Isn't that kinda bizarro?

There are more Idaho Vandals who are members of the BSU Bronco Athletic As@ociation than there are Broncos who are members.

I find that statistic absolutely puzzling at first blush. Then with some 3-D Thinking, I believe I have the anwswer:

Idaho Vandals can afford the cost of belonging to the BAA while Broncos cannot.

The more as time pa@ses, it appears that JLandon was right all along when he told us that his fellow Broncos were basically poor people strapped for cash in these tough economic times and were struggling to buy lard and for deep fat cooking and Comet cleanser for dishwashing, baths, clothes cleaning, and acne rehab. JLandon is a Man Of His People and really knows what they are up against, financially, I think.

It is wonderful that Idaho Vandals don't have to live like that. We have been blessed. Maybe that is why Broncos are so jealous of us - because for us Prime Rib Roast is not a can of Spam baked on a cookie sheet at 250 degrees for 15 minutes.

I, as a typical Vandal am very grateful for all that the State of Idaho and Moscow gave me.

ugly - I think history (in about 5 years) will show us that the BSU Broncos were more successful with a Bottom Line in the long run by being in the WAC.

I believe BSU has to raise ticket prices and the BAA and President Kustra know this and are planning on raising prices with the unveiling of the new 10,000 expanded seats at the start of the 2013 season. I predict that.

What do you think about my prediction?

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....On Your Prediction?

Yes, I think that ticket prices will have to be raised; but will they?

Phase I to 10,000 seats? I'm not fully confident that the facilities and the 3300 seats will be here by Fall 2012....only 7 months to go for season opener....are they that close to completion for Fall 2012?

The 10,000 seats by opinion is that is where the monies run out and bigger delays will occur....

Dona Larsen, Track Removal, Facilities, and 3300 seats will get done--but with some delays....the delays wont be too bad, but monies are there as you said....

The 10,000 seats and lowering of Stadium--I hope they have good engineers....also, I'm not sure where this pile of $$$$ will come from....

Nebraska and card members on game day--yes, if you want served at any sports bar on game day you had better wear red and carry card....That is true from Lincoln to Scotts Bluff....

I like the Price Point idea....Not sure if that will work in Boise without stirring riots?

How this all unfolds will be interesting to watch....