Boise State announces hiring of QBs coach Jonathan Smith

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State announced the hiring of quarterbacks coach Jonathan Smith on Thursday afternoon.

Smith is the former offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Montana (2010-11) and quarterbacks coach at Idaho (2004-09). We reported his hiring last Friday. Here is the story.

"We are excited about Jonathan becoming a Bronco, and he is going to be a good fit with our players and coaches,” Boise State coach Chris Petersen said in a press release. “He was successful as a coordinator and brings the type of expertise we need in helping our quarterbacks.”

Smith takes the staff spot vacated by offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Brent Pease, who went to Florida. Smith will coach quarterbacks and wide receivers coach Robert Prince will serve as offensive coordinator.

The Broncos still have two staff openings, created by the departures of special teams/nickels coach Jeff Choate and defensive backs coach Marcel Yates.

Here’s Smith’s bio information from the press release:

Montana ranked 16th-nationally in scoring offense in each of his two seasons at Montana, scoring 33.86 points per game in 2011 and 31.73 points per game in 2010. The Griz were sixth-nationally in sacks allowed this past season (0.71), and also ranked 21st in total offense (420.36). Montana ranked 17th in rushing offense in 2011 (210.86), and 28th in passing offense in 2010 (233.55).

He joined Montana after spending the previous six seasons coaching quarterbacks at the University of Idaho. In his final season with the Vandals, Idaho finished ninth-nationally in total offense (451.38), 12th in passing offense (286.69) and 20th in scoring (32.69). Additionally, quarterback Nathan Enderle finished the season ranked fifth in passing efficiency (157.28).

Prior to his six years with Idaho, Smith served as a graduate assistant at Oregon State University – his alma mater – from April 2002 through December 2003.

Smith played collegiate football for the Beavers from 1997-2001, walking on before starting for four-consecutive seasons at quarterback. He was 24-14 as a starter for Oregon State and served as team captain both his junior and senior seasons.

In 2000 he led Oregon State to an 11-1 record en route to the Pacific-10 Conference Championship, and was named offensive most valuable player in the Beavers’ 41-9 victory over Notre Dame in the 2001 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. He set career records for Oregon State in passing yardage (9,680), total offense (9,209) and touchdown passes (55), and also completed his career ranked third all-time in the Pac-10 in passing yards and total offense.

Smith set school single-season marks in 2001 for passing yards (3,053), total offense (2,957) and touchdowns (20), and also set the Beavers’ single-game record for passing yards against Washington in 1998 (469).

He earned his bachelor’s degree in liberal studies at Oregon State in 2001. Smith and his wife Candice (Huddle) have two children, son Robert and daughter Bella.

Smart moves

The staff is abandoning ship in drovers, Peterson is a rotten leader

are you serious?

Yeah, he is a horrible leader. two coach of the year awards, two bcs titles, four conference titles, top ten in player graduation ratio. i wish i was doing as poor as he is

Vandull fans!

Just can't help but showing the jealousy, can you? Just keep MistAKEY up there! Welcome to the new coaches, one and all!

blkshoe is never serious

He lives with a altered view of reality. His post are merit-less and best ignored.

I Understand

He also lives with his mother.

blkshoe is just

plain rotten

Just another...

...jealous Vandull fan!


We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. Glad to have you on board.


is a great hire!


Welcome to Bronco Nation Coach Smith. 224 days and counting until Michigan State so let's get to work!

Welcome aboard coach Smith...

pick up the chip and place it squarely on your shoulder. It serves to motivate BSU every year. The AQ schools never learn.

I'm thinking seamless

transition, and it comes at a semi-critical time in the program. Coach Smith showed with his work with Nathan Enderle that he can step in and get our young quarterbacks ready to play. And, he's going to be ultra motivated at his new job. Welcome...we're looking forward to seeing you on the sideline.

If That Idiot > BLK...946 -

was a Vandal fan - he or she would respect the great job that Smith did while at Idaho as well everywhere he has played or coached, and wish him well.

He (Smith)coached Enderle and turned him into a pretty good QB. I am happy he joined our ranks. Keep up the good work coach You have to be really awesome to have achieved all you have : )


Blackhead err Blkshoe ...whatever..........he/she is pretty clueless about life the universe and everything

Looks like more Vandals helping the


That is a good thing....


I Don't Shine Shoes for Vandulls

However, being a U of Montana Alum who has followed the Griz program since childhood, (40 years), I know the fans in Montana follow sports just as close as those in Boise. Losing someone good is a blow. Especially a smart 33 year old coach that sharpened his teeth with a great program. Here is what the Montana Coach Said:

Pflugrad was appreciative of Boise State coach Chris Petersen in his approach to recruiting Smith and his former OC.

"Jonathan Smith did a tremendous job," Pflugrad said. "He became a better coordinator as the season progressed. I think he really improved and I think that's a sign of a good coach - if you can improve a little bit every game, just like a player.

"And he was really fun to work with because he would take input very, very well. We're going to miss him."


Your anti-Vandal stanza probably will earn you an email from the HSC, now that you think like them....


Go Gwizz....

§ ugly is correct,

except in his misuse of English. We will let that slide for now. ugly remains unblocked.

For those who would like to meet other avid Bronco fans and talk football and sports in general, there is a get-together planned for around noon on February 1 near the BSU campus. This is Signing Day and there will be plenty to discuss. Among the topics will be the spring game, which many of us are planning to attend, and the coaching changes that have occurred.

There will be at least one special guest and there has been discussion about another.

As is always the case, nobody will be standing at the front door with a hat out in one hand nor a questionnaire in the other. This is for football fans, with no strings attached.

If interested, email me at and be sure to use your screen name. This is a temp email address that will allow me to get back with you while verifying that no trolls get through.

Bonus - A preliminary gathering is planned for the Senior Bowl (1/28), location pending.

ugly - you called it as usual

It is interesting to note that razor actually admitted to you that his group is the group with the anti-Vandal stance, and if a person hates Idaho Vandals or has an anti-Vandal stanza, that person gets invited to razor's group which he has said in the past, "respects and treats them (people who attend his meetups) with favor".

You probably remember just the other day, that it was razor who said his group meetups were open to all people and how those who attended would be treated with respect and favor.

You probably remember razor's other post, just a few weeks ago, to an Oregon State Beaver, where he treated that person with respect and favor, also; which is as follows:

Ω DBeav
Submitted by razor on Wed, 01/04/2012 - 8:09pm.
You're old and not the least bit interesting.
Go back to Corvallis and sit in your own shít.
Read more here:

I kinda get the impression razor does not like Idaho Vandals and only wants to surround himself with a group of people who also have an Extreme Hatred of Idano Vandals.

ugly - do you get that impression, too?

Do you think razor is trying to intimidate Idaho Vandals from posting to this board, because he hates us so much?

I am baffled why razor hates Idaho Vandals so much - considering he is not an Idahoan to begin with, nor ever attended nor graduated from BSU. Where does all his hatred for Idaho Vandals stem from?

ugly - you got any ideas? You are the board's Smartest Poster and are usually 'spot-on' with your analysis of situations. What do you think makes razor tick in terms of his Extreme Hatred of Idaho Vandals?

Go 2012 Broncos.
BAA Member #63799

Read more here:

VNDL....It is not just the 'r'

dude....there are plenty of Vandal hatred on this blog, and obnug as well....

It is impossible to intimidate a Vandal--we are leaders and not followers, thus intimidation only comes thru jelousy....maybe they should focus energy on imitate, instead of intimidate?

The hatred cannot come from football, since the Broncos have left the Vandals along time ago....

It has to be thru leadership....even bloggers have stated their bosses are Vandals, and they have attorney friends as Vandals, and accountants as Vandals....

We Vandals know the history of Boise....Maybe at their (HSC) next meeting on Feb1, they should have 'guest' read the History of Boise? They could start with Idaho and the Episcopals....

My how things have changed----

Can you image hiring the Montana offensive coach for qb coach at BSU before 1996. BSU has climbed the latter in div 1aa football and this hire just shows how much this program has grown.
Best of luck at BSU Mr Smith and glad to have ya aboard.

Vandals and Bronos - Here is another supporter - Clarence Jones

Who recently said: "I hope all of Bronco Nation will step up and donate funds to help construct the new football complex at Boise State University....our present facility is very inadequate...and a new football complex is a necessity, especially if we are going to continue to be have a first-rate college football program. Your help would be great appreciated."

per his Fundly Web Site:

Clarence is yet another example of a proud Bronco Fan stepping up and donatinghis money for the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium project:

ugly - it looks like us Vandals provided te leadership necessary to get another $50.00 donated toward the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium fundly project.

While the HSCers sit around, we Idaho Vandals are hard at work motivating Idahoans (regardless of college affilitation) to join the BAA and contribute to the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium fundly project.

While the HSCers twiddle their thumbs, Vandals are leading and improving the Qualty of Life for all Idahoans. It is just What We Do.

An Note For All Readers: Please help Coach Pete and the Bronco Fotball Team and join the BAA today and donate to te BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium:

Go 2012 roncos.

BAA Member #63799

After watching

a couple of replays of 2011 Montana games I think it's safe to say Smith has a great grasp of the Read-Option.

Why doesn't that surprise me.....

I like hearing that...

Its going to be fun to see these young QB's and their abilities. Its going to be a little less agonizing not seeing #11 calmly moving the offense down the field.

Funky, it seems to me, all 4 QBs on the Bronco roster have had some experience of running the spread. Defenses will have a difficult time planning for such different schemes and I cant help but think Coach Pete throws everything from Pro Style to Read Option and everything in between, at the opposition.

I have to agree

When you look at all the personnel on the offensive side of the ball this could be one of the more exciting offenses at BSU in some time. Lots of fast, athletic dudes (even on the O-line) along with Prince bringing all that coaching experience.

Wouldn't be surprised if we run the Oregon offense better than Oregon...... :)

Dirty Dirty South


"Nasty and inebriated" seem kinda tame doesn't it..........

ugly - We just have to accept it, the BAA only has 5,000 members

There is a small element of Bronco Fans who really hate the University of Idaho Vandals, for whatever reason. These are usually people who have never attended any college/university in Idaho. They hate just to hate. Somehow they got caught up in the BSU/Idaho Rivalry of years ago, and just cannot not let go. Their Extreme Vandal Hatred is very glaring on these boards.

Of another interesting note is how small the Bronco Athletic Membership is, in proportion to the reported/claimed size of Bronco Nation. On some blogs/forums one can read how Bronco Nation is 'half a million strong'. Of course much of this projection is based on an extrapolation of retail sales numbers for BSU Bronco hats, shirts, X-MAs decorations, tree hangers, Bronco ice chests, pop-up sun screens, and etc.

Yet the BAA reports their membership at approximately 5,000. That is only 1% of Bronco Nation being a BAA Member and actually supporting the BSU Broncos, directly, with money contributions that help with athletics scholarships, construction projects, coaches/assistant coaches pay, and etc. I believe that everybody that purports themselves to be a True Bronco Fans should also be a BAA Member and be able to provide a BAA Memberhsip Number.

And actually, about 3,000 fo that 5,000 BAA membershi number are University of IDaho Vandals (60% of te BAA membership of 1% of Bronco Nation are Idaho Vandals). If it wasn't for the financial support of the Idaho Vandals the BSU Broncos would be in deep doodoo financially.

and yet many Bronco Fans hate our guts. Sickening and pathetic.

What makes Bronco Nation different from other nations of Top Tier Teams is that the Broncos are baically whiners and complainers. Pretty much about everything. They get all upset if it is even mentioned about joining the BAA. They want the BAA to thrive and prospr, just - not on their dime. Using somebody else's mony to support the Broncos is great - just - don't expect many Bronco Fans to actually join the BAA and pay the $75.00 per year minimum memberships.

And the amazing thing, is how some posters on these boards, go to great lengths to try and motivate readers of these boards to NOT join the BAA or contribute any money as to do so is 'nonsense. It is totally bizarre that purported Bronco fans are advocating their fellow board readers to NOT join the BAA because they think it is 'nonsense'.

ugly - how many dozen of times have you read that type of posting on these boards? Many, many, many.

ugly - what are your thoughts on this issue. Would the BAA be able to exist if it wasn't for the 60% of Idaho Vandal membership that keeps BSU Broncos afloat with BAA memberships?

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member#63799

VNDL....No, the BAA could not

exist without the help from Vandals....Your 60% estimate is probably very close....

I know many Vandals that live in the Boise area and are Bronco Fans....They grew up in the Treasure Valley, went to College in Moscow, and then moved back to the Boise Valley for work after graduation....So they were Boiseans that went to Moscow and now back at Boise....They do donate to BAA....

The 'new' Bronco fans are kindof goofy....

They make fun of folks donating to Stadium and then have ideas of collecting monies from 'gumball' sales, as one blogger stated....I see the word 'inebriated' quite often in all Bronco blogs, thus they must be refering to the Vandulls ????

The Vandal hatred is only hurting their cause for Stadium Expansion and donations....I really do not think that Boise State Football is as profitable as many Boiseans think....The reason? My guess is the attitude of the CBF....

The old adage of 'its not wht you make, but its what you keep that matters' is true....the Broncos may gross $24M (which isnt much for top 15 BCS team)but how much of that $24M do they get to keep and invest in for future? For all we know, the Broncos may gross $24M, but it may take $25M for their total operational costs?

That is where the CBF fails....Coach Pete knows is called 'Cash Flow'....

Sweet Tweet

Just saw this come across.....

"Daryn Colledge announced a $150,000 donation to #BoiseState Athletic Department. Colledge is a former OL for Broncos. (Plays 4 #AZCardinals)"

That is excellent....maybe things

are starting to turn around....

All these Big Sky coaches begins to make one wonder if its not a budget thing....

Congrads to Colledge, he is definitely a 1%er....Now 99%ers, get in gear and lets max out fundlys $250,000 and make the 1%ers proud.... you think it possible that

Colledge has been reading our posts and has felt compeled to donate?

Are we responsble for this....this news came across after we took reins back on donations?

ugly - the donation was impressive

I am thinking Daryn reads these boards and felt compelled to donate, due to Vandal Leadership encouraging Bronco Fans to donate money to help Coach Pete and the Bronco Football Team.

Daryn, is a True One Per Center. He is really supporting the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium project with his $150K donation to the weight room.

It is too bad that of the 99% of Bronco Fans, there is a pathetic cohort of them on these boards who have stated, in writing, several times, that it is 'nonsense' to join the BAA and/or contribute any money for the BAA's Fundly site.

Here is an easy way for Bronco Fans to join the BAA.

We know that approximatley 60% of the BAA Membership are Idaho Vandals, and that fact has not been disputed nor challenged on thse boards by anyone knowledgeable about the BAA. I find it absolutely interesting that Bronco Nation is estimated to be half a million 500,000 Common Bronco Fans and yet only 5,000 Bronco Fans have joined the BAA - AND - of that 5,000 - 60% - 3,000 of them are Idaho Vandals.

In essence that means that only 2,000 of the 500,000 members of Bronco Nation are supposedly 'Broncos' and BAA Members. This equates to roughly only .04% of the enire population of Bronco Nation are members of the BAA.

Isn't that statistic, by and of itself, absolutely bizarre? It is no wonder that Bronco Nation is laughed at by long time fans of other Top Fifteen programs and Bronco Fans are viewed as only passing by bandwagon temorary supporters of the Bronco Football Team. Bronco Fans are not viewed seriously by other fans of Top Tier programs, because the Bronco Fans just pay lip service to supporting 'their' team.

Also, it is quite interesting that Bronco Fans on these boards have gone to such great lengths to discourage Bronco Fans from joining the BAA and saying that joining the BAA and/or contributing money to the BAA for the expansion of Bronco Stadium project is 'nonsense'.

I know it is hard to believe, but they have actually written that sentiment on these boards, in the recent past. It has been several weeks since they have voiced their opinion that it is 'nonsense', so maybe they are rreconsidering their intitial position and are now advocating that Bronco Fans join the BAA and/or contribute money to the BAA Fundly site?

ugly - what do you think? Are the HSCers and Worm Boys recanting their earier anti-BAA position and now encouraging Bronco Fans to join the BAA and/or contribute to the BAA Fundly site - because - the majority of the BAA Membership base rests in the hands of Idaho Vandals?

Also, did you notice there was a $250.00 contribution to the BAA Fundly site today - due - to the Vandal Leadership Emphasis. So the total for today is approximately $150,250.00 for both donations.

Since us Vandals have come back and taken over there has been over $150,250.00 donated by several sources for the betterment of Bronco Football - in just one day alone !!!! Is this a coincidence with our presence on these boards? I think not.

You are correct with your sage thinking that it was more likely than not, that Daryn has been reading our postings (by Idaho Vandals no less) encouraging members of Bronco Nation to join the BAA and donate money to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

Looking for a little more space?

Villa Montana is for sale..... for a cool $35M

2 Broncos, 1 Vandal

Make Rivals All 2-Star team.

Finally, something BSU is last in.......

Phil Steele's returning starters list is out and Boise State has come in dead last among all FBS schools. Here's the breakdown:

Offense: 3
Defense: 2
ST: 1
Total: 6

Here's how our 2012 schedule breaks out

OPP: O - D - ST - T

MSU: 4 - 8 - 2 - 14
MIA: 8*- 8 - 2 - 18
BYU: 8*- 7 - 2 - 17
SMS: 6 - 5 - 1 - 12

FSU: 8*- 7 - 1 - 16
WY : 6*- 7 - 1 - 14
SDS: 6 - 6 - 0 - 12
HAW: 6 - 4 - 2 - 12
CSU: 8 - 8 - 1 - 17
AFA: 3 - 3 - 1 - 7
NEV: 6*- 5 - 1 - 12
NLV: 8*- 6 - 1 - 15
NM : 8*- 6 - 1 - 15

(* = returning QB)

From the outside looking in, this looks really bad.... :)