Southeast Boise Democrats who lost squeakers say they'll run again

Former Rep. Branden Durst and Janie Ward-Engelking say they're after rematches with GOP Sen. Mitch Toryanski and GOP Rep. Julie Ellsworth this year,
who won narrow victories in November 2010.
Toryanski bested Durst by 103 votes, Ellsworth beat Ward-Engelking by 9 votes.

In a news release Tuesday, the two Democrats announced their intention to run. The two-week filing period begins Feb. 27.

Democrats currently hold 13 of 70 House seats and seven of 35 Senate seats.

The joint news release follows:


BOISE – District 18 deserves legislators that will listen and represent their best interests in the Statehouse and pass legislation that will help re-new prosperity in our community. Today former District 18 State Representative Branden Durst and 2nd time candidate Janie Ward-Engelking jointly announced their intentions to file 2012 candidacy paperwork for the State Legislature.

“The residents of District 18 deserve someone that will listen to them and will fight for our public schools and small businesses. The incumbents had an opportunity to stand up for their constituents, but instead they succumbed to party pressure,” Durst stated. Senator Mitch Toryanski was a critical vote in ensuring the passage of the Luna Laws, which seeks to trade teachers for laptops, mandates online courses, and will likely increase class sizes.

Janie Ward-Enelking said, “It is time to restore a representative government. I am excited to have the opportunity to listen to voters and push for legislation that reflects their priorities. A focus on job creation, education and responsible governance will help re-new prosperity in District 18.”

“The imbalance in our state has created an environment where ethical lapses are routinely ignored by the majority party. The incumbents have passively stood by and watched as our government has been soiled by tax cheats, defrauders of public resources, and questionable personal actions,” said Durst.

Durst will again be running for the state Senate and Ward-Engelking for House Seat A. The races in 2010 were decided by very small margins and will be critically important to the makeup of the 2013 legislature.

For more information about the Durst for state Senate campaign you can visit the website at or call Branden directly at 208-891-2255.

For more information about the Ward-Engelking for House Seat A campaign you can visit the website at or call Janie directly at 208-385-9564.



It would be nice

to have a represenative government for a change, but let's face it, the rules are set up to keep republican in's at a special advantage over any challenger from what-ever party they want to run from. They use investigators with access to police records to background anyone who registers to run in the state. The party used it's money base to provide each party hack with lots of material from social media, news articles, rumor and innuendo to provides ample ammunition so as to discourage all but the most dedicated to run. Plus with a lock on a majority of people with the money needed to run campaigns (big corporate and out of state contributors), that pretty much says we have a one sided legislature with no debate, ethics, morals or oversight.

The same can be said...

for a D-controlled state. And, whenever a third party rears its head, both Ds and Rs combine forces to squash it.

Did anybody else notice

That there is no mention of political parties or lobbyists in the constitution?

Did anybody notice

that you're being a stuck in the mud lollygagging kangaroo exploit agent?

Call for Jesus and report back.


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.

Or airplanes! Air Force is therefore unconstitutional!

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


Let's have a lot more diversity in our legislative body - more Dems, more Independents, more Libertarians! Wouldn't that be more representative of our society? We really need some fresh faces here.

Yes and we should start in

California, Oregon, and Washington....

Forget that. We'd rather live in a gulag.


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.

gulag? That is where we are

living at the moment....

Wakeup Americans....

District 18 folks might be selective this November,

basing their vote on the quality of the candidate rather than a party label. That's generally how 'swing districts' work.

Thus, I'd suggest that Ward-Engelking has a good shot, and Durst's odds are considerably longer, in view of his opponent Mr. Toryanski - who is a man of quality, despite a voting record that's questionable.

Toryanski a man of quality?

Toryanski a man of quality? A man who voted for one of the dumbest and most harmful education reform plans ever proposed? A man who uses his platform at the state legislature to bash teachers and public schools, which I heard him doing in person? I think not.

You mean

You mean one of the dumbest pieces of legislation that most of the state approved of??? that many teachers approve of? that will give pay raises to teachers? The same piece of legislation that will be approved by the people in a few weeks? Ya I think you need to go read the actual bills and referendums and know what you are talking about. I doubt the guy who is so supportive and cares so much about education is really going around stating that he hates teachers and education...if he did Im sure a more credible source then yourself would point it out.

They are doomed

as long as they make this about the party instead of the candidates.

So I think, cool! Websites!

Then I learn this about Durst:
404 (Page Not Found) Error

Google! Someday it will come out in daily pill dosage


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.

I would vote for them if

I would vote for them if they support Ethics Legislation. I've only voted for one national Dem in my entire life. I was flying a Gadsden flag before flying a Gadsden flag was cool.

Time for Ethics legislation. A few months ago, the head of the Democrat party asked for the resignation of the empty suit, political hack who is the Director of the Idaho Department of Labor. The “Director” disparaged the Idaho citizens he is charged with serving. Stated “out-of-control” specific to his department. A management term meaning he is unaware of what is happening at his department. He’s a Dem. Didn’t resign. Still on the government dole…reaping a great salary and benefits thanks to Idaho citizen taxpayers because our legislature refuses to pass ethics legislation.

Ok… My Party? I’m concerned about the mismanagement at the Idaho Tax Commission, the Department of Insurance, the coercion of our Redistricting Commission. Coercion of our Idaho Department of Education by the for-profit education companies like Apollo Group/University of Phoenix, K12 Corporation. Education “reform” that increases class sizes from 21 to 38 students. Denying access to we Republicans by creating a mind numbing four hour caucus voting process rather than a simple election. Scofflaw legislators from all areas of our Great State of Idaho.

Mr. Denney’s suggestion that we take “baby steps” regarding Ethics legislation is footloose with important principles of management.

My fellow Republicans, the Dems and Indies should work together to pressure the legislature to get this done. To pass effective Ethics Legislation. Why don’t we work together. Republicans, Dems, Indies. Start by using this forum to organize and to encourage legislators to “get to work.” And to stop embarrassing Idaho citizens.

I wonder if our Legislators run their businesses or serve their employer the same way they run our state and serve the citizens of the Great State of Idaho? Let’s work together to collect signatures to add an ethics initiative to the ballot in the next election.

Ethics legislation? No crappy rhetorics allowed. NEXT


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.

What platform should dems run on?

We will continue dollar downslide....
Make more foodstamps availible to all....
Start English as a 3rd language?....
Bomb Iran....
Bomb Syria....

Democrats have a great US record, dont they?

George H.W. BABY, I'm in KUWAIT, wish you were here!

I know. it's like TUMS, not working a BIT!


I'd like to thank Kevin Richert for persuading all the legislators to quit.