Six scholarship recruits join Boise State football program on first day of spring semester

By Chadd Cripe
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Six scholarship recruits joined the Boise State football program Tuesday, including quarterback Nick Patti.

Tuesday was the first day of the spring semester at Boise State.

The newcomers include linebacker Tyler Gray (freshman; Templeton, Calif.), defensive lineman Elliot Hoyte (freshman; Tavistock, England), tight end Hayden Plinke (freshman; Hillsboro, Ore.), defensive end Demarcus Lawrence (redshirt sophomore; Aiken, S.C.), tight end Connor Peters (true sophomore; Antioch, Calif.) and Patti (freshman; Orlando, Fla.).

Plinke originally signed with Boise State last February and grayshirted. Gray originally signed with Hawaii and grayshirted, then changed his commitment to Boise State. Lawrence and Peters are junior college transfers. And Patti and Hoyte are new recruits. Patti graduated from high school a semester early. Hoyte has attended some community college.

Here’s an updated look at the 2012 recruiting class:

Joined program Jan. 17 (6):
— QB Nick Patti, 5-11, 195, fr., Dr. Phillips HS (Orlando, Fla.)
— DE Elliot Hoyte, 6-4, 275, fr., Tavistock, England
— LB Tyler Gray, 6-3, 215, fr., Templeton (Calif.) HS
— TE Hayden Plinke, 6-4, 230, fr., Glencoe HS (Hillsboro, Ore.)
— DE Demarcus Lawrence, 6-4, 248, so., Butler CC (Aiken, S.C.)
— TE Connor Peters, 6-4, 245, so., Laney College (Antioch, Calif.)

Oral commitments (14):
— WR/RB Shane Rhodes, 5-7, 160, Klein Collins HS (Spring, Texas)
— CB Chaz Anderson, 6-0, 175, Loyola HS (Los Angeles)
— TE Armand Nance, 6-1, 238, Dekaney HS (Houston)
— RB Devan Demas, 5-9, 170, Cypress Creek HS (Houston)
— OL Steven Baggett, 6-4, 250, Martin HS (Arlington, Texas)
— RB Jack Fields, 5-11, 200, Americas HS (El Paso, Texas)
— CB Donte Deayon, 5-9, 155, Summit HS (Fontana, Calif.)
— LB Ben Weaver, 6-1, 225, Klein HS (Spring, Texas)
— OL Travis Averill, 6-4, 280, Servite HS (Anaheim, Calif.)
— LB Andrew Pint, 6-2, 215, Valor Christian HS (Highlands Ranch, Colo.)
— N Chris Santini, 6-1, 216, Leland HS (San Jose, Calif.)
— S Chanceller James, 6-2, 190, Steele Canyon HS (San Diego)
— WR/S D.J. Dean, 6-1, 190, Eagle HS
— P/K Sean Wale, 6-2, 180, La Habra HS (Whittier, Calif.)

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It's great to see these players jumping in to school (and spring practice) early. They'll get a chance to adjust to college life, both academically and athletically. I'm looking forward to some new names filling the gaps left by the fantastic class of 2011.

Lots of coverage on Patti

Haven't seen the media so sure of a player carrying Boise State to the next level since Nick Lomax.

That really worked out well, didn't it?

What ever became of him?

He transferred

to Central Washington, where he was expected to compete for the starting job, but then decided to give up football.


hasn't gotten anywhere near the media exposure that he would have if he were taller. Now, Lomax was tall but I don't recall any huge buildup for him (other than the family name) before he fizzled out and transferred.

wouldn't it be funny

if Patti had a growth spurt and was 6'3'' by next year........I've seen it happen to recruits before

Interesting post Bonwell

"Haven't seen the media so sure of a player carrying Boise State to the next level since Nick Lomax."

It has been Patti this Patti that for quite sometime. It's almost like Jimmy Laughrea BSU's 6'2 RFr QB from Rocklin, Calif. and the scout offensive player of the year from last years redshirt squad does not even exist.

You are right the very same thing was going on with regard to Lomax, and why not? Certainly he would have been the Boise State QB had it not been for Kellen Moore, and that was why Nick left the team.

I have to admit I too was looking forward to watch Nick in action, because I knew first hand the genes he spawned from. I used to watch his father Neil at Portland State and if Nick was half as good it was going to be a very exciting period for the Broncos.

But for Nick it was "not so fast" Lomax - Kellen Moore is competing and he is the best thing since Cheerios.

Thanks Bonwell - the Lomax comparison is a tad De Ja Vu and was fun remembering


I think the "next level" you're referring to is the NFL. And I don't see any of BSU's incoming players doing that next year. Start maybe? Sure. But you might check where you're getting your info on the hype you're perceiving.

Two great

DE prospects, hopefully we can still grab a big tackle or two. With depth on both lines, and some luck with ACL's we should be fine for 2012. And for outright excitement, we get to see Patti work with Matt Miller for the next three years.

Intriguing class

However, I'm anxious to see Coach Pete fill out the coaching staff and see who is going to recruit where. We've had a nice Texas pipeline going, but our two primary Texas recruiters, Pease and Choate, have departed.


I think Gray will be a hidden gem in this class. We caught a lucky break with him.

Man, that's gonna be rough on Hoyte's family watching him play.....especially if the games are at night. The time difference between Boise and Tavistock, England is 9-10 hours.

I don't imagine they'll be able to attend many games.

BSU should be able to start a pipeline to Florida recruiting with Patti plus the fact that we will be in the same conference as UCF and USF.

Sinking ship...

Sinking ship...

which can, of course, mean only

one thing: we are riding high. lamesked has not been correct since 1962 when he correctly stated "that stinks" when sprayed by a skunk. he still stinks. keep at it stinky.

Anyone know where

this ranks as far as total number of "spring" shows over the years?

Seems like more than usual.

Sinking Ship...

This isn't a VanDull story, that's the other paper.

ugly - as one can see

you are correct as usual.


VNDL....It is no intelli from Ugly, just pure

statistics from three blogs (BCountry, obnug, and states)....

when Vandals are described, it is....


Those are the top three sayings from Bronco Fans as they describe their fellow Idahoans that have graduated from the University of Idaho....

ugly - We know the HSCers and Wrom Boys hate us

ugly - remember we are Vandals who have joined the Bronco Athletic Association and have contributed money for the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium Project (you, I, and SIF, and a big bunch of others).

The Hackey Sack Clubbers and the Worm Boys hate our guts because we are Vandals.

They do not realkly support the Broncos, and are only passing supporters of the BSU Broncos because, the 'Bronco Fan' smoke screen gives them a platform/vehicle to engage in their Extreme Vandal Hatred.

Basically - they hate Vandals more than they like the BSU Borncos.

The interresting statistic is that of the 5,000 BAA Members, about 60% of them (around 3,000) are Vandals. In essence there are more Vandals who are Real Supporters of the BSU Broncos than passerby Bronco fans.

Let's analyze the HSCers (not using names of course). We see there is only one out of about 8 who actually attended BSU and got his degree. This person has Extreme Vandal Hatred and it is probably because he has his undergradute work from Idaho and then went onto get his MBA from BSU. I am guessing he hates Idaho because Idaho didn't accept him into Grad School for whatever reason and so, he had to go to BSU to get accepted (just a guess on my part - he might hate them for a different reason, I dunno).

The other 7 are all non-graduates of BSU and with the exception of one of them, they are all born in states other than Idaho.

We Vandals who advocate Vandals and Broncos joining the BAA and donating money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium are on the right track and are doing our Good Lord's (Jeo Vandal) work.

Never let it be said that BSU does not need Vandals because, as you have told us so very very very many times on these boards:

Broncos Need Vandals Nore Than Vandals Need Broncos.

If there are any Vandals and/or Broncos and/or any fans of the BSU Bronco Football Team that want to make a difference and truley help suppport the Bronco Football Team, please join the Bronco Athletic Association and contribute a little money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium project.

To join the BAA and give Coach Pete money to expand Bronco Stadium, IS NOT NONSENSE, like the Worm Boys and HSCers would have you believe, and have told us in writing on these boards).

Here is how you can join the BAA (a minumum membership for a paltry $75.00:

Here is how you can contribute to the BAA Bronco Stadium Expansion project (please contribute anyything, even a dollar or so is appreciated):

Go 2012 Broncos

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....Your analysis is correct....

I believe the anti-Vandal stanzas so pronounced by the non-Vandal community in the Boise Valley comes down to just one reason--Leadership....

Vandals have been Leaders....

Look at any organization in Idaho that is trying to make positive changes anywhere from Milk to Potatoes, to engineering, Politics, education, or the economy--you will see Vandals on Board....It has always been that way....

Vandals are proud of their school, Broncos are proud of their football....

I'm sure that there are just as many Idaho graduates in Boise Valley as there are Boise State grads....and myself, I know of many of my own alumni that are doing quite well in Boise....and as we have heard, the CBF is barely getting food on table....thus cla$$ war-fare....

Look no further than today's America....who is the common American blaming today? The rich, of course....they are blaming the very innovators that built this country....

When we talk to a CBF, we must walk in their shoes....they have never lead at anything, thus their lives are unfulfilled leaving only sadness and jelousy behind....

ugly - yes

they use some very strong language to express their hatred of us Idaho Vandals. I have heard all of those pluss a bunch more. They say this type of ridiculous, hurtilng, venome filled stuff out of anger.

Where does all this anger stem from?

I will tell you, if you want to know about it.

Okay, I guess you want to know about it, so I will tell you.

Anger Stems From Fear.

Anger is Fear Based. Everytime.

Fear is based on their jealousy of what Idaho Vandals represeent and have that they don't represent and have - so they are jealous of the Idaho Vandals because the Vandals have something they want and they know, that darned it, they can never have it because they are just not 'good enough' and they know down deep in their inner beings that they 'never will' be.

Basically, they are Green With Envy of what Idaho Vandals represent and have.

Basically, the Vandal Haters cannot do an adequate job controlling people places and things in their environment, especially Idaho Vandals, so they lash out and express their Extremem Vandal Hatred.

Don't let it get you down. You will always be called bad names by some of the Broncos - not all - but some. Usually those that are Real Broncos, were born in Idaho, and have actually graduated from BSU do not hate Idaho Vandals, as they probably have many friends who they went to high school with that are Vandals and/or neighbtos.

The ones we got to look out for are the so-called Bronco fans that moved to Idaho from another state or live in another state and who have never attended BSU or graduated from BSU. They are the small minded ones.

The HSCer from Cali who was an undergraduate Vandal and hates Idaho because he attended Grad School at BSU baffles me. I do not understand the basis for his Extreme Vandal Hatred. All I can figure out is he is a weak follower type person and just goes along with whtever he thinks is the Path of Least Resistence. But, either way, he is not an impressive personnage.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAAA Member #63799

VNDL....Your analysis is spot on....

envy does create a hatred type environment....

Do you remember two HSC blogged that they had over a dozen Vandal friends, whom some were Attorneys, that were all BAA members? and that they never brought their card, nor bragged about it?

Whose bragging? There is a big difference between bragging and encouraging....we have always encouraged Bronco Fans to join BAA and donate to the Stadium....

Is that bragging?

Patti showed up

for Spring Semester.

He is getting an early jump on learning the Bronco game.

His desire to learn and excell is very impressive for an 18 year old.

The young man is a winner.

And who knows, maybe he has as high of a football IQ as Kellen. Remember, really none of us knew that Kelln was as much of a football guru that he turned jout to be when he first got to BSU. Patti could be the same and maybe even better, who knows.

I am a fan of Kellen and believe he will do very well in the NFL - but - I would love to see Patti break Kellen's records. If Patti breaks Kellen's records then that means the Broncos are winning a tremendous amount of games.

Yes, by all means, retire Kellen's number - but at the same time never hope that Kellen's records never get beaten.

I really believe we are gonna be amazed by Patti's performance over the next 4 years (and, I do not see him redshirting in 2012 as we will really really need him next Fall).

Maybe Southwick and the other two are very good, but I don't see them in the same light as I do Patti.

In fact, I am predicting that of the three (Southwick, etl al.) at least one of them will announce by the end of Spring Camp that he is gonna transfer to another school - if it even takes that long to happen.


VNDL....We must be polite and remember....

that most Bronc fans are trying to get food on table....a talk this early on Patti may upset the 'apple-cart'....talking about Patti may 'appear' to be bragging abit, and may result in an anonomous flagging....

Sincerity in all posts must be approached !!!!

You have stated, with possible Bronco shame, that you hope #11s records should be broken! Why not just say that you hope that Patti is 3000% better than the Kamiah Kid that so shamefully started the beautiful record?

You see, if Patti is 3000% better than Kamiah, this brings much comfort and positive to CBF....but to compare and dare Patti to #11 is anathema !!!!

If you continue, the 99% will stop donating to fundly (Ugly's opinion only)....

ugly - I have heard many Bronco Fans

state that they hope Kellen's records never get broken and he ramians the top QB in Bronco history.

This seems like typical myopic thinking that some (not all) Bronco fans do, to me.

I want Patti to be more successful than Kellen - not because I don't like and respect Kellen, but because I want the BSU Broncos to go undefeated and bring a BCS Natty Trophy back to Idaho. To get to that point Patti has to be spot on and tremendous like Kellen was.

Alot of people just don't get it.

These are the same people that think the Broncos can lose a game once in a while when they are in an AQ conference. As we both know - nothing could be f@rther from ther truth. The Broncos HAVE TO GO UNDEFEATED in any given season to have a shot at getting into a BCS Natty Game.

I have been pondering what you have said about raising prices of seats at Bronco Stadium.

You are absolutely correct.

The key is not to spend millions of dollars on increasing the seating capacity of Bronco Stadium, on a population base that is localized in nature and gets sell outs of Bronco stadium most (but not all) of the time. And, if the Broncos don't stay on top, Bronco Nation will fold fast and there will be a ton of empty fairly new seats at the Bronco games. I believe the Broncos will always be on top, but if for some reason they aren't, it is all over for BSU as a Football University or much of anything. The identity of BSU is solely that of a Regional Destination Football University and it is proudly marketed as a local - City of Boise and Eastern Ada County Team by the BSU Foundation and the BAA's Boise and Ada County Board of Directors.

It is so sad to see the BSU Broncos marketed primarily by Boise and Ada County BAA Directors, who do not have a Statewide (Idaho) focus or base of interest/marketing. The Broncos could be Idaho's Team, if the BAA Board of Directors took their blinders off and realized there is more to the Broncos than just representing the City of Boise and Ada County.

Increasing the price of seats - doubling or tripling the current prices - would have more of a long range positive impact on the Gross Game Revenue than increasing seating space while charging the same amount for tickets as is currently the price point. It took me a while to really get it - but now I got it.

The Kamniah Kid currently lives in Lewiston and sells insurance. He is quite happy and is not involved in football except to attend Vandal games in the Kibbie.

If I wanted a 'wingman' to protect my 'six', I would go with the Kamiah Kid over Kellen. The Kamiah Kid could mix it up with any linebacker and sometimes would run over them just to let them know he was that type of a QB. I never saw the Kamiah Kid slide to avoid being tackled or go out of bounds rather than getting hit.

Was a different time and a different type of football.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....On records, you are correct....

records were meant to be broken....they are goals to strive runners always want to break the World Record, and that is what they train for....

The HSC and CBF probably have never read books like "The Pursuit of Excellence'....

Yes, the Bronco vision is abit off....building a bigger stadium with more debt and same ticket prices is not going to bring in more revenues and more top BCS teams....all we need to do is do the math....What good is 55,000 fans at $55/tickets thus $3M gross you spend $100M more on stadium to bring in a whopping $1M in revenues....pure debt....

Now if they stop Stadium expansion after this phase to 37,000 seats and double the tickets to $110 then gross revenues are $4M per game....thus a 37,000 stadium with higher ticket prices will generate more revenue and less debt, than the full expansion plans of 50,000+....

Kamiah kid would play better today cause more protection of qbs than in his days....not too many ruffing pa$$ers in those days....they just did it....

Good read on Pease

down at Florida

§ Bonwell mentions Patti

I wonder if anyone else saw or knows what he did in that all star game? How many plays, yards on the ground, passing stats, that kind of thing.

tfunk cannot answer ... he watched.

Ya but

it was a choppy hacked feed :)

§ Didn't you mean

a happy hayseed?

Betting nobody knows those answers. Wonder why?

One more question: What was the difference between the two halves? Bonus points for the correct answer ... only real football fans would remember.


He threw a touchdown pass and the East squad lost to the West squad 17-14.