EPA tool shows Idaho's top greenhouse gas emitters pale next to coal plants

The U.S. Environmental Protection agency released a great tool last week for search greenhouse gas sources nationwide.

The greenhouse gas tool site shows that the larger emitter in Idaho is Rathdrum Power, a 275 megawatt natural gas power plant near Post Falls. It emits 535,474 metric tons of carbon dioxide, nearly twice the next polluter in the state, Amalgamated Sugar in Paul at 306,200 tons.

The Nampa sugar plant emits 252,648.

These may sound really high but let’s compare with other sources.

The Jim Bridger coal-fired power plant that is partially owned by Idaho Power emits a whopping 14,880,563 tons. The North Valmy plant, also partially owned by Idaho Power, in Nevada emits 2,773,321 tons.

With most experts expecting legislation eventually to put a price on carbon to reduce greenhouse gases that are contributing to rapid climate change, you can see why coal plants can't get capital to expand.

So use the carbon dioxide for photosythesis!

We have a market failure about this carbon dioxide. The answer isn't less coal power; it's more cogeneration from the use of the carbon dioxide.