Montana offensive coordinator to be next Boise State quarterbacks coach; Choate officially joins Washington State staff

By Brian Murphy

Montana offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith will be the next quarterbacks coach at Boise State, Montana head coach Robin Pflugrad said Friday.

"He's taking a job at Boise State University as quarterbacks coach. It is not a coordinator position," Pflugrad told Fritz Neighbor of The Missoulian.

"Jonathan Smith did a tremendous job. He became a better coordinator as the season progressed. I think he really improved and I think that’s a sign of a good coach, if you can improve a little bit every game, just like a player. And he was really fun to work with because he would take input very, very well. We’re going to miss him."

Boise State has not announced Smith's hiring. Coach Chris Petersen was not available for comment.

Montana ranked No. 21 in the Football Championship Subdivision in total offense, averaging 420.36 yards per game and 16th in the nation in scoring offense at 33.86 points per game.

Smith, who also coached quarterbacks at Montana, replaces offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Brent Pease, who left Boise State for Florida. Robert Prince is the new offensive coordinator and will still coach wide receivers.

Smith was a four-year starter at quarterback for Oregon State. He ended his career No. 3 in Pac-10 history in passing yards and total offense. He was originally a walk-on.

Smith has been the offensive coordinator at Montana for the last two seasons. Smith coached quarterbacks at Idaho for six seasons (2004-2009) under three head coaches (Robb Akey, Dennis Erickson and Nick Holt). Smith was a graduate assistant at Oregon State in 2002 and 2003.

Smith earned a B.S. degree in liberal studies at OSU in 2001. He is married to the former Candice Huddle and has two children, according to his Montana bio.

Choate officially joins Washington State staff

Washington State coach Mike Leach announced his coaching staff Friday evening and, as reported earlier in the week by the Idaho Statesman, Boise State special teams coach Jeff Choate is on it. Choate will be the linebackers coach with the Cougars.

Petersen released a statement on Choate's departure Friday evening.

“We wish Jeff and his family the best of luck in his new position. He
has played an integral role in the success of this program over the
last six seasons, coaching on both sides of the ball and working with
our special teams units," Petersen said.

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Now we are going back to the

Big Sky?

Don't knock him...

The Griz had a great season and were ranked number 5 in the FCS. Plus, he's got playoff experience!

many great coaches

come from humble beginnings.

And Peterson came from


And Justin Wilcox and Bryan

And Justin Wilcox and Bryan Harsin were 29 year old nobodies when Peterson hired them to be Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator. They didn't do too bad.

He played

in the PAC-10, and his resume as an OC for the past two years was with one of the top FCS teams where they finished 5th this year. That makes the Griz better than a lot of FBS teams, plus he's young and willing to learn as a member of a top notch FBS staff. Looks like an up-and-comer with lots of energy. Welcome to Boise!!

Only time

will tell, But i think it might be a good choice now that Pease is gone. We need to go forward because this is going to be a reloading year for us

Spread Option

This guy had Montana running Oregon's offense better than Oregon ran it.


Montana got to the semi-finals of this year's FCS. I think this will work out well.

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For those who would like to meet other avid Bronco fans and talk football and sports in general, there is a get-together planned for around noon on February 1 near the BSU campus. This is Signing Day and there will be plenty to discuss. Among the topics will be the spring game, which many of us are planning to attend, and the coaching changes that have occurred.

There will be at least one special guest and there has been discussion about another.

As is always the case, nobody will standing at the front door with a hat out in one hand nor a questionnaire in the other. This is for football fans, with no strings attached.

If interested, email me at and be sure to use your screen name. This is a temp email address that will allow me to get back with you while verifying that no trolls get through.

razor....youll have to find another

Special Guest....

Ugly cant make it....

Sorry dude, maybe next meeting?

Man what a bummer - I am not going now

ugly - if you can't make it - I am not going. Simple as that.

When you and I meet up at Blackfoot in a month or so, I am gonna bring a Special Guest.

You will be able to recognize her, cuz she will have a hat in her hand.

But whatever you do - do not pull the string.

Also, I have taken the liberty to contact the Lady Ex-Con Roller-Rangers - a professional women's roller hockey team from Inkom. I have given them the pics of the Worm Boys. It seems like Brunhilda Betchacan'tdoitagain really thinks that the Worm Boy Rock Hudson lookalike guy is her cup of tea. She and her 'Gals' are gonna go to Boise to be part of the YakFest being planned by the HSCers - as they like football and want to discuss it with others that like college football, too.

It turns out Brunhilda's brother, Robbie Bobby, is a Big Hitter with the BAA and has given Beauceaup Bucks for the expansion of Bronco Stadium per the BAA Fundly site. He is reported to have given $1.00 fifty times in November, as a result of our Vandal Leadership. Robbie Bobby, is gonna go with the 'Gals' to the YakFest, too.

The HSCers at the YakFest won't be able to miss Robbie Bobbie, as he was the catcher on a Marine Force Rcon Mortar Team for awhile, and is missing a few 'pieces parts'.

I can't wait to talk to you on the phone and tell you about all the cool stuff that is being planned regarding any future football games between the Vandals and the Broncos, if those games ever happen again or not, which I can't discuss on this forum, but will tell you on the phone, on the condition that you don't tell anybody else, EVER. The Vandals will love it, but the HSCers will want to throw up, I think; as it sure isn't gonna happen like they were thinking, if it ever happens in the future or not, at all, maybe, could be, I dunno. It will be up to Rob to announce it - not me on this forum.

BAA Member #63799

It Makes Sense

hiring a gusty 5'11" former PAC-10 QB to coach your 5'11" QB prodigy. Their games have a lot in common plus Smith is from L.A. and will probably help recruit that area. Good hire IMO.

Coach Pete

Should know this kid pretty well, he was the QB coach at Idaho for 6 years.

The rumor mill had him going to PITT (as QB coach) about 3 weeks ago, but his did not want to move east.

There is something very odd

about this statement from the Montana head coach....

"Jonathan Smith did a tremendous job. He became a better coordinator as the season progressed. I think he really improved and I think that’s a sign of a good coach, if you can improve a little bit every game, just like a player. And he was really fun to work with because he would take input very, very well. We’re going to miss him."

Something tells me these two didn't get a along........

I hear it too

something's a little off.

That, or maybe. . .

He isn't pleased with him leaving.

Exactly, may be bitter

about his leaving. I thought it was a little bit sour grapes too, Also, may be a nice steal by Coach Pete.

From the Griz blog

They were not great pals. There was a rumor that the head coach kept stepping on his play-calling.

Interesting tidbit

We hire Montana's OC as a QB coach and Washington State hires the Montana DC as their DC.......

§ A quarterback

to coach the new quarterback.

"Jonathan started 38 career games for Oregon State at quarterback and produced a 24-14 (.632) record as a starter. Smith completed his four-year career with the Beavers in possession of seven school records. Jonathan established a single-game OSU record by passing for 469 yards vs. Washington in 1998. Smith’s 459 yards in total offense vs. the Huskies is still the second best one-game mark in OSU history ..."

"He was OSU’s starting quarterback in 2000 when the Beavers recorded the best season in school history at 11-1. OSU shared the 2000 Pac-10 championship, defeated Notre Dame 41-9 to win the Fiesta Bowl and ranked fourth on the final AP poll."

Good hire ----

OC from a good offensive team like Montana this year. Looks like new Qb's and Wr's will be learning a new fun offense between Prince and him. Good luck to our new coaches.
Git er done

Crossbreeding is Good

Crossbreeding strengthens.......BSU offense + Oregon offense + running qb's = More fun and maybe even more success!!!



Dirk lands with the Falcons

I trust in Pete.

Look where all the young coaches he has taken in have gone...upward. Smith will be the same kind of guy, and Prince will be an improvement. We'll miss the d-backs coach, Choate not so much.