McGee remains, a sign of comity in the 2012 Idaho Legislature?

Wednesday's vote by the Senate Republican Caucus to retain Majority Caucus Chairman John McGee of Caldwell despite his infamous DUI suggests to me that the Legislature may not be in a fighting mood.

The idea of a relatively quick and easy session was the minority viewpoint at annual pundits forum at Wednesday's City Club of Boise. My colleagues, Betsy Russell of the Spokane Spokesman-Review and John Miller of the The Associated Press predicted a contentious session.

I can't precisely put my finger on it, but the mood seems more peaceful. Gov. Butch Otter offered lawmakers a checklist to tick off for a smooth and quick adjournment. Though there will be dicey issues -- health insurance exchanges tops the list -- I think lawmakers want to get home and win their May 15 primary contests. For Republicans, the matter is particularly delicate, as the party is conducting its first closed primary.

I offered this anecdote at City Club:

About an hour into the GOP Caucus meeting on deciding McGee's fate, the senator's wife rolled by pushing a stroller accompanied by the couple's two children, ages 2 1/2 and 1 1/2. McGee's office is adjacent to the caucus room and Hanna McGee was arriving to meet her husband for lunch.

My read of this twist on Norman Rockwell: John McGee would not have let his young family stroll into the lions' den had there been a real prospect of spilled blood.

To me, that's a signal for a level of collegiality that may surprise even the most seasoned observers.

In otherwords

McGee knew going into the caucus that his butt was saved. He was going to come out contrite but with status quo in place. Now, let's see him keep to his word for he will be scrutinized throughout the session.

"My read of this twist on

"My read of this twist on Norman Rockwell: John McGee would not have let his young family stroll into the lions' den had there been a real prospect of spilled blood."
What a crock Popkey. McGee will do and say anything to retain his power. He doesn't care if his wife and kids get hurt in the process, he only cares about "Me-Me McGee."
Why do you keep apologizing for this creep?


More like extending the middle finger at the citizens of Idaho.

It's good to be kings.

I think they misspelled it,,

I think they misspelled it,, the correct spelling is Comedy...

I had to look it up.

Legal definition of comity:

Courtesy; respect; a disposition to perform some official act out of goodwill and tradition rather than obligation or law. The acceptance or Adoption of decisions or laws by a court of another jurisdiction, either foreign or domestic, based on public policy rather than legal mandate.

The Rs are irritating me and I am a R.

The Rs are embarrasing

I've been an R all my life. This just tickles my gag reflex.
Don't say crap when you have a mouth full.
Wear the brand of a coward McGee.

100 %


Thanks to Mateo-Webster, Now I know : )


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

"lion's den"

actually, it's "lions' den," which I only know because some of my writer geek friends were ranting about it today.

Thanks Sharon

I always have issues with apostrophes.


Daniel is flying tonight on a plane!


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Isn't 'turkeys' den more accurate? GOP caucus ya know.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


Some of the D's need a new soap box. Move on. Make it a productive session.

Bionic Soapbox


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

How Ironic

You call yourself "Honor" when apparently you have none. Keep checking that box that sez "R" and don't bother thinking at all.

Reply to Honor's post "Enough"

Really? That's all you get from this shameful status quo situation? That it's the Democrats' fault and they need to move on and get a new soap box? You don't see anything wrong with our Republican lead Senate letting John McGee's disgraceful conduct slide?


Compared to everything in recent politics...
What's the big deal?

A president had sex with a White House employee and was reelected.

Governor Blagojevich (Democrat) was sentenced for bribery
Senators & Representatives taking money.
Homosexuals and closet homosexuals.
Million dollar negative campaigns.
Being stupid by not knowing important issues.
Not paying taxes.
Local councils wasting tax money on things like 'issue awareness'.
Misuse of tax money.
Not paying local improvement tax levies.

Politicians are just a reflection of our society.
Just read the news and see the Ada County arrest reports.

What's the big deal? Everyone's doing it!

I hope you were just being

I hope you were just being facetious and haven't really lost your own sense of right and wrong.


Only partly. But the fact is things become relative.
In some cultures bribing an official is perfectly normal and can be considered 'right'.

EVERY ONE us of knows not to drink and drive. duh!
Seen the arrest tally lately?

We progressively get to the point of what the culture as a whole thinks it is okay. And that point changes. Our governor did a famous DUI and was then ELECTED. It has nothing to do with being R or D. Too many people are stupid or just don't care.

Wow, I missed these headlines. When was Blogo in Idaho?

OHHHHH, I get it. Everyone else is talking about the Idaho GOP but you wanted to turn this into something else...
Silly pimpo...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

This is Always the Repubs Excuse

Whenever one of their own gets busted, "but everybody does it! Republican or Democrat their all the same, so I'll just keep voting repubs because there's no difference between the two. Right granpa?"
I'm not stupid and I do care. Too bad you've given up Pimp2.

vote them all out

If this is who they see as their leader, then they shouldn't be in office.

I see the Libs have their panties in a wad again....

now go back to the children's table where you belong.

Wrong tet.

If you see nothing wrong with this you're in more of a minority than the Ds in Idaho have ever been. Easy going moderate conservatives, like me, are going to draw a line. This is way beyond reproach, it's kinda like slapping your parent and won't work for the status quo.

Hey, Mateo

Good for you on both posts. When it comes to ethics, non of us should care about our political inclination so much as our ethical resolve.


Totally agree, ethics are everything. To me it's beyond McGee now but on the backs of the Senators who voted yea. Not real excited about this whole thing.

I've told you all along, go to Kmart, get the unwaddable ones.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Hay,, knock it off,,, he has

Hay,, knock it off,,, he has his (R),, what's wrong with you people,,,ROFLMAO

To all the blind party hacks

I have been a registered voting republican since Reagan and was involved as a child before that with my parents helping to get Nixon reelected. I am ashamed of the state republican party their actions and their behavior. While I will continue to vote on the national level for deserving republicans I can't in good conscious continue to vote for them on the local level when party leadership allows people like McGee and Phil Hart to stay in the rolls they currently have.

dui? stolen vehicles?

special deals for special people. another errant repubican rewarded.



Special treatment for a criminal

McGee worked the system again, but the Republicans will be the big losers. Anyone that stood behind him should be thrown out starting with the King of the GOB's....Otter. We need to clean up this cesspool we call our government.

At last,

McGee has found the promised land. Now John, go forth and introduce new laws that will reduce all grand theft crimes down to a DUI misdemeanor.

McGee should be ashamed of himself

for bringing his wife and children to the Capitol to play these games. How obscene it is to attempt to gather sympathy for yourself by using your family in this way. This doesn't show respect or penance - it's narcissistic and repulsive.

A better idea - voters in his district can throw him out, ASAP. Even if his Republican co-Senators didn't.

Once again the people that

Once again the people that are elected to represent Idaho citizens vote to represent their own interests. And the winner is John McGee...oh, the real story is much better than the one he told.

The Leg's Committment to Ethics Reform Lasted a Whopping 5 Days.

On 1/6/2012, Popkey wrote: "Meeting with reporters at the Capitol on Thursday, Gov. Butch Otter and legislative leaders took pains to show they’re engaged, doing the public’s work and open to ethics reforms that until now got no traction."

The commitment to ethics reform lasted a whopping 5 days.

Now, back to corruption as usual.

Think just how lonely you'd be without it.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

No Shame

Idaho Republicans have no shame. Not only do they openly condone criminal behaviour, they reward it. Corruption is too mild a word for the current state of affairs.

Father please forgive Idaho

Father please forgive Idaho Republicans, for they know not what they do,,,,,

Statesman continues to lose credibility

I have to start out with a couple of disclaimers. I do not live in Canyon Country or Senate District 10. I do not know John McGee. I have met him a couple of times socially for a brief minute or two. And, most importantly, I consider myself to be politcally moderate. I don't get wrapped up in the "R" and "D" stuff. Most importantly, I consider myself a fair and independent thinker, and view a lot of this political stuff as sport--the same way some people look at NASCAR or the NFL.

For starters, John McGee did not receive any preferential treatment from law enforcement, the courts, or any other part of the criminal justice system. I'm not sure that Mr. Popkey has ever implied that, but many others have on these boards. Just a short time back, the Statesman reported on a man in Ada County who was about to see the inside of a prison cell in Idaho for the first time after his sixth--yes his SIXTH--DUI offense. This from a person of little means who was represented by public defenders. Considering that McGee has no other criminal record, had the means to hire his own attorney, had the means to immediatley make restitution payments , has a job, has a stable marriage and family, and is a low risk to re-offend all would play into any judge's decision. I guess he could have been charged with felony theft, but I view that as a mitigating condition of his drunkeness at the time--not of a person with a criminal mind and background. Mr. McGee plead guilty on the DUI, paid his fines, did his community service, etc. He and his family have been publicly humiliated way beyond what most first-time offenders would experience. And, his political career has sustained damage that will likely take another decade or more of public service to recover from. My point is, move on guys. It's over. Justice has been served.

No special treatment?

Then please explain how John Q. Public could commit a felony, spend a few hours in jail, get before a judge, have an out of state prosecutor to drop everything to take the case to court, get a court trial and sentenced all within 3 weeks. Where have you been? A simple traffic citation usually takes two months or more just to get a court date. This man just had a serious DUI with a felony and the case is settled before he even sobers up.

Stop apologizing for the state of your government and the special treatment they extract from a system that is supposed to have equal treatment for all.

McGee should resign in shame as he drags our so called representatives through the cesspool he thrives in.

Comity Central

So, let me get this straight; the GOP Caucus decides McGee will keep his post, and this indicates a peaceful legislature? What about the tax-evading tree thief from up north. The only reason there will be "comity" is because of weak ethics enforcement and one party rule. There should, but won't be, the opposite of comity.

Stateman crediibility (cont'd)

In the past couple of weeks, Mr. Popkey apparently thinks he is now entitled to see people's medical records. He inquired about Governor Otter's alledgedly seeing an oncologist, and now he thinks he should get to see Mr. McGee's, too. There are these things called HIPAA privacy laws, and they exist for a reason. There are reasons why there are serious fines associated with violating these laws. Just because someone holds a public office does not make their medical records fair game for reporters. Those issues and matters are private, and should remain so. For Popkey to even make such a demand is downright incredulous. To imply that someone is hiding something or being less than truthful because they won't show them to you is irresponsible. Dan, you're not a doctor. And, you are not privy to anyone's (and I do meen ANYONE'S) medical records given your position as a political reporter. I've lost a lot of respect for you in the past couple of weeks for putting that garbage in your columns. It crosses a line of dignity and decency to even go there. Give it up. It's inappropriate and brings your work down to tabloid fishwrap caliber.

People often lament why we don't get better people in public office. Think about it, Dan. Here's a guy who gets $16,000/yr. plus per diem (The per diem issue actually bothers me to some degree.) to do a part-time job with significant time and responsibility commitments. That's not that much money. I'll make $16K this month as a self-employed small business owner. If I took that job, the negative impact to my business would be almost triple the pay. And, for what? So Dan Popkey can chase me around asking for my medical records? Making mention of my wife and small children in a column that takes shots at their intentions and sincerity? Dude, it's a PART TIME JOB!! Besides this job, he is a husband, father, and works at a hospital. Sure he has a leadership position, but at the end of the day he is one of 35 votes. John McGee is still a young man with great potential. He did something really, really stupid 7 months ago. It does not represent a pattern in his behavior--rather an anomaly. (Phil Hart's behavior is a pattern.) He never claimed to be a perfect human being when he ran for office. You have extracted your pound of flesh. You've humiliated the guy over the "promised land" and "Jackpot" stuff. Obviously, his behavior seems outside of ordinary for someone with a .15 BAC. But, he doesn't owe you a full and detailed explanation complete with medical records. Public servants still have private lives. They are not perfect people. Move on, man. Pick another target. Oh, and don't be surprised when he's re-elected in a landslide. People like an underdog. And, you've made him the underdog--the victim--with your relentelss (and often times baseless) attacks. Most people are willing to forgive and move on. It was one night in the guy's life. He embarrassed himself, his parents, his family, the hospital he works for, and the Idaho Senate. It's up to him to rebuild his credibility. I'm going to take a wait and see approach. But, I'm done attacking him. Forgive him, Dan. Trust me, it feels pretty good. And then try giving him the benefit of the doubt. If he gets out of line again, then hammer him again. But at his point, you're just embarrassing yourself.

Medical defense requires medical proof

McGee brought up his alleged head injury as a defense of his behavior during his drunken mis-adventure. Are we supposed to take him at his word that an MD examined him, and made a diagnosis of a concussion, which was used to explain his bizarre behavior? He is in a position of heightened scrutiny, and the public has a right to know if he was lying. There is nothing wrong in Popkey asking for verification in this use of a medical defense. The fact that this is still in question is McGee's fault, not Popkey's. A signed note from the MD would clear it up. Ask the Kennedy's about the statute of limitations on questioning drunken behavior. McGee is dam lucky he jammed up that rig or he might have killed someone.

Yes, you are supposed to

Yes, you are supposed to take him at his word unless you, Popkey, or someone else can PROVE that he is not telling the truth. And, no, not you nor anyone else has the right to see medical records. And, no doctor worth his weight in sand is going to get drug into this mess by providing a "signed note". You're kidding, right? Have you ever heard of a doctor giving a "signed note" so someone else can give it to the media? Give it up already. If you despise people who hold office so much, then you should put your name on the ballot in this year's election.