Source: Boise State special teams coach Jeff Choate takes job at Washington State; Crawford to play in Shrine Game

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State special teams and nickels coach Jeff Choate has accepted a job on the Washington State staff, a source told the Idaho Statesman on Wednesday. first reported the hiring Tuesday night. The website tracks the movements of football coaches.

Choate has been the Broncos’ special teams coach since coach Chris Petersen arrived in 2006. He has served as the running backs (2006-08), linebackers (2009) and nickels coach (2010-11). He has produced dominant special teams units, helped develop the Broncos’ physical style of play and been a key cog in the Texas recruiting pipeline.

Washington State has not announced the hirings by coach Mike Leach, so it’s unclear what position Choate will hold, but linebackers seems like a likely fit. The Cougars already have hired Eric Russell as special teams coach, according to reports. Russell, who was with Leach at Texas Tech, graduated from the same high school as Choate — St. Maries in North Idaho.

Choate was scheduled to make $235,450 at Boise State in 2012. This will be his first experience in a Bowl Championship Series conference. His previous college stops were at Montana Western, Utah State and Eastern Illinois. He also coached at Idaho high schools for eight years (1994-2001).

Choate is the second assistant to leave this year, joining offensive coordinator Brent Pease. Pease was named the Florida offensive coordinator Wednesday. Pease also was critical to the Broncos’ Texas recruiting efforts.

Combined, the Broncos have lost two offensive coordinators (Bryan Harsin and Pease), a defensive coordinator (Justin Wilcox) and a special teams coordinator in two years. Petersen is down to three original staff members — defensive coordinator/defensive line coach Pete Kwiatkowski, defensive backs coach Marcel Yates and tight ends coach Scott Huff. All three played for the Broncos.

Choate (Eastern Illinois) and Pease (Houston) showed interest in head coaching jobs last month. Choate received a formal interview.


Former Boise State quarterback Bush Hamdan posted on Facebook that he has been hired by Pease at Florida. His position was not immediately available.


Boise State defensive end Tyrone Crawford will play in the East-West Shrine Game on Jan. 21 in St. Petersburg, Fla. I still have not been able to reach him to ask whether he’s been invited to the NFL Scouting Combine, but I expect he has.

Here are the Shrine Game rosters.

Here’s an updated list of pre-draft invites:

Jan. 16: Casino Del Sol College All-Star Game, Tucson, Ariz. — Linebacker Aaron Tevis

Jan. 21: East-West Shrine Game, St. Petersburg, Fla. (2 p.m., NFL Network) — Wide receiver Tyler Shoemaker, defensive end Tyrone Crawford

Jan. 28: Senior Bowl, Mobile, Ala. (2 p.m., NFL Network) — Quarterback Kellen Moore, tailback Doug Martin, safety George Iloka, defensive tackle Billy Winn, defensive end Shea McClellin

Feb. 22-28: NFL Scouting Combine, Indianapolis — Moore, Martin, Iloka, Winn, McClellin and offensive tackle Nate Potter have been invited.


Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that former Boise State head coach Dirk Koetter interviewed Wednesday for the offensive coordinator job at Alabama. Alabama had expressed interest in Pease.

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Hey Chadd

Any way you have a list of ex-BSU players that are GA's around the country?

Nice job by Pease on the Hamdan hire

Good question...

I know of a few at Sac St. Would love to have Andy Avalos back in Boise to coach the linebacker corp.

Didn't know

I didn't know the ship was sinking, is that why all the rats are leaving?????

Yup its sinking alright...

Now swim away blkshoe and let the big boys discuss relevant isues.



Sinking ship? hardly

All in all it comes down to the fact that for whatever reason, BSU has only had 5 losing seasons in it's history, and when it's all said and done, Harsin, Wilcox, Pease, and Choate will all look back and know that they were part of BSU's success, although none can claim credit for the success. They were simply part of a winning program and used their time here as a stepping stone for their own coaching careers and I wish them well
in their future endeavors

Well said kid


When you have a successful program

you run the risk of losing the coaches that helped make the program a success. We need to get used to that, because this won't be the last time. And, gasp, the day will eventually come when Coach Pete is either lured away, or steps down. I, for one, am very thankful for what we have here, and sincerely wish those coaches that leave the best of luck in their new endeavors....Sunny...

On the one hand

it sucks to have to replace great coaches so often, and it makes you wonder if it will have an impact on future results (specifically next season). on the other hand, it says something that Peterson and the BSU program are producing such high caliber assistants that they are wanted by other big time programs in the "major" conferences.

Speaking of Rats...

why do we never hear of ANYONE, ANYWHERE trying to hire Coach Akey?

If i were Mark Coyle ...

I'd hire Akey to do Coach Pete's press conferences. I love that guy!

Good luck

to Coach Choate. Looking forward to seeing the new makeup of the coaching staff after the carousel stops. Any ideas who will step up as Special teams coach, or will they hire outside? Seems like Prince is assumed to be the OC now that Pease is gone.

It will get very interesting

in the next year or so, when Chip Kelly leaves the Oregon Ducks for a head coaching position in the NFL, and Oregon comes after Coach Pete. Don't know how that will play out, but I do know Kelly can be a successful NFL coach. After all, look at his previous experience in coaching thieves and other law breakers that refuse to conform to society....Sunny...


I laughed out loud but you're probably going to get some heat from over-sensitive Duck fans here soon.

A lot of us Bronco fans feel that if ever offered the Oregon job, Coach Pete probably wouldnt turn it down. Too much good there for him, too many close friends.


They are on probation :)

Stop it with that nonsense!

They could be hit with some probation but after following the Ohio St. mess pretty closely I doubt the NCAA does much to Oregon. Now, you and I (and most fans) question paying for outdated material after the fact to cover a few metaphorical bases, but I just cant see little more than a slap on the hand for the Duck program. It is possible the "gerbil ventriloquist" has been more than just a shady recruiter, but unless more violations are there that I dont see, a few missing scholies isnt something Coach Pete hasnt dealt with before.

Which could be one reason why

The Chipster would leave in the first place.

I wonder how some of these fans would welcome Coach Pete, especially the ones who say he only beats up on "cupcake" teams and couldn't win in a real conference. I bet a lot of them would be thrilled at the prospect of Coach Pete being their next HC.

Forget about a "real

Forget about a "real conference," he couldn't even win the WAC or Mountain West outright half of the time. That's a fact, and a legitimate point.


comes a calling for coach Pete every year. We'll deal with it then just as we have dealt with it now.

ugly - it has only gone up $11.00 in the past month

It went up $11.00 yesterday:

I am very excited to see some movement and another $11.00 going from BRONCO SUPPOTERS to the BAA for expansion of Bronco Stadium.

As we both know, this is just kinda a 'Token Act' by the BAA to make the Bronco fans think they are being part of the process, when sitting in the shadows are the Real Big Dogs with the millions of Dollars to make this project a reality.

Also, we should have no concern about the BAA getting enough money to expand Bronco Stadium, if the Fundly fndraising effort falls short; as BSU can always just take the money out of the BSU Academic Foundation and shift it jover to the Endowement Fund, who can then just 'donate' it to the BAA - as it was BAA money intitialy to begin with that went into the BSU Foundation, in the first place.

Smoke and Mirrors is what Good Accounting turns out to be, if done right.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

I'm good with it!

They can fund it with money from the gumball machine for all I care. Just build it & they will come in droves to watch one of the nation's elite programs. Funding for academics will rise with the success of football program. The campus will continue to expand as money pours in. BSU will lead the State in every athletic/academic category. I have goosebumps just thinking about it!

Please continue to donate to the only real football program in the Great State of Idaho.

Yeah $11 is slowly getting


but monies may already be least for facilities and 3300 seats....

ugly - oh yes

the money is already there. It is in BSU's Central Reserve (aka The Foundation and Academic Endowement Fund). We have read, most recently, in an independent 2010 audit of the BSU Foundation and Endowement Fund, how the Endowement Fund has donated much more money to the athletics programs (football) than the BSU academic programs, by a 3:1 ratio.

I am all for that, actually. Give the Bronco Football Team all the money in the BSU Foundation, if it will increase the chances of the Broncos winning a BCS Natty Trophy.

Idaho needs a Perrenial Top Tier College Football Team based out of the State of Idaho, much more than Idaho needs a college in the City of Boise. We gots lots of universities and colleges, as it is - what we don't have - is a BCS Natty Trophy within the borders of the State of Idaho.

Yes, BSU has a better football team than the Vandals. That is not really in question, nor has it ever been for my part, or for many other Vandals who post on these boards.

And I don't care to get into a debate about which school has the better academics.

I do not care if BSU has academics or not, good or bad - BUT HEY - talking about the Broncos bringing back a BCS Natty Trophy for the Greater Gloey of the State of Idaho - now I am totally down with that !!!

But then again I am an Idahoan first and a Vandal/Bronco second.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799


Since the HSC has been curious, while we quiet....

You stated, 'The Foundation has donated to athletics v academics of a 3:1 ratio'....

I dont deny that....but what I cannot find in audit is how the Foundation derived its the Foundation or Central Reserves a 'line-item' of where BSU has put monies away over time? For instance, lets say Broncos profit $5M a year? Does the Foundation set aside say $1M of that each year and let it build over time?

Also, could the Foundation be portions of monies that 'big' donors gave over time in the General Fund category and portions of those monies were put into Central Reserves?

My opinion is that the Foundation did not give the Broncos $15M to complete facilities and 3300 seats....they loaned or borrowed the monies to the BAA or AD, thus the Foundation will be paid back with interest since donations are not as much as they probably had hoped for....

Am I right or wrong? Close or not even close?


Go back and read the audit and you will notice that a little over $20M came to the foundation from the BSU AD - it is almost an exact match of what has been reported as the revenue generated from the Bronco football Team for that time frame (possibly a coincidence, I dunno).

Go back and find my post from a couple of weeks ago and I deal with it, to include page numbers of the reference where it can be found.

Basically, it appeared to me that the BSU AD takes the gross revenue and pa$ses it thru the Foundation and then a portion of it it goes over to the Endowement Fund, which then 'donates' the money to either BSU Academics and/or BSU Athletics.

It was solely my interpretation of how I read the audit. And my interpretation alone. Other people might read the audit and form a different conclusion.

But, I understand this blog to be a public forum where I can express my opinions and my understadning of things. Nobody has to accept anything I post as The Truth. All readers are always at choice, to not read my postings and/or disagree with them.

The interesting thing is that many people donate money to the BSU Fondation to be used specifrically for a given purpose (i.e., specific scholarships, academic programs, and etc.). The BSU Foundation is also encompa$seing of the Endowement Fund, which supposedly is for academic purposes and the BAA has the Bronco Athletics Scholarships Endowement Fund, specifically for athletics scholarships and athletics expenses.

I really do not know why the BSU Foundation could not return money to the BSU AD after the BSU AD has given it to the Foundation to begin with. I know it makes no sense for the BSU AD to give over $20M to the BSU Foundation, only to have the Endowement Fund 'donate' a little over $6M back to the BSU AD, but that is what I gathered from reading the audit. Again, anybody can read the audit and form their own opinions and conclusions. Nobody is forcing anybody to believe or not believe anything.

I do think, however, that some people have donated money to the BSU Foundation for what they think will be academic uses, only to have their money used for athletics purposes.

And, that is fine with me.

As I have said, as far as I am concerned the BSU Foundation can be emptied on BSU athletics purposes and as long as the Broncos bring a BCS Natty Trophy back to the State of Idaho - so what. It is BSU's money, earned by the Bronco Football Team. Let it go back to the Football Team to benefit them.

I do not know if you are right or wrong - as I am not sure there is a 'right' or a 'wrong'. It is up to the Foundation's Board of Directors to determine how they spend the Foundation's money. It is private monies and not public funds so let it be spent however the Foundation's Board of Directors wants it to be spent. None of my business.

My only seminal point was that the BSU Foundation does not hve an academic orientation, but an athletic orientation (as it is the Football revenues that bring in the Big Bucks and supposedly are funding the 'phenomenal growth' of BSU's academics programs according to President Kustra - and it appears he is correct, per a cursory reading of the audit).

And, there is nothing wrong with it at all.

All I am saying is let's be straight up about it, and call an ace an ace and a spade a spade. BSU is a Football School - and that is wonderful by me - as long as the Bronco Football Team brings an BCS Natty Trophy back to the State of Idaho.

I have absolutely no idea about the loan arrangement from BSU to the BSU AD, as I still do not understand how BSU can 'loan' money from itself to itself.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Is it possible it was a misprint/misstatement when the loan was reported "from BSU to the BSU AD" to really have been "from BSU to the BAA"? That would explain how BSU can loan the money, but the reporter has not clarified that point, yet.

VNDL....Good Post and dont worry

about the 'other' readers as they have censored, thus not reading two certain 'bloggers' posts....thus we can discuss the Truth to many newbies on the blogs, in total Peace and Silence....

The facts are that the $26M phase-I project is underway and will be completed....The 1% gave around $10.99M and the 99% Talkers gave around $.01M, thus leaving the Broncos with $15M of which came from Foundation donations and a loan....the loan is a 4-year note at around 3% interest....the loan amount is almost exactly revenues from 3300 seats at $50 tickets for 3.5 years....

Thus Stadium will get built thanks to the 1% again....I just want to express my thanks to those 1% for doing so again....and to let them keep working and donating so the rest of us, the 99%, can enjoy without much more than dropping a few quarters in gumball machines, as one blogger so eloquently stated....

and thanks to the few 99%ers who did we have seen, many were Vandals....

Yes, I think the last audit was a misprint? In 2008 audit, it stated loans to BAA which then gave to AD, if I remember reading correctly?

But the fact of the matter is that Boise State has its priorities focused in the right direction--Football....

That is all that matters in a World where US college graduates not finding work in a Country that has out-sourced everything....

yes - Now we can post the Truth and Nothing but the Truth

because they don't know what we are saying cuz they got their 'blinders' on.

Just gotta love it !!

You mention abouit the 4 year loan at around 3% interest and the loan amount being almost exactly revenues from 3,300 seats at $50.00 tickets for 3.5 years.

Yes, I concur, that is the vehicle for the payback and sercing of the loan - the revenue fro th new 3,300 seats @ $50.00 per ticket for 3.5 years.

But - the Good Lord (Joe Vandal) forbid such a thing from ever happening - but WHAT IF - the new 3,300 seats do not get filled and Bronco Stadium is not a sell out and there is a real small amount of revenue generated from the new pulus up and addition of 3,300 seats =- WHAT THEN????

You are so correct - priorities are right on track at BSU. BSU is rapidly becoming a Par Excellence Top Tier College Football Team. And is beginning to get a National reputation as a Football College/Factory.

I love it. That is why I contribute money to the BAA - for the Broncos to bring a BCS Natty Trophy back to the Great State of Idaho.

I find it absolutely of no importance for BSU to ever have academics, let alone even moderate to mediocre academics. It is just not important to the State of Idaho, as I see it. Of no utility joutside the confines of Ada County and a couple little hamlets n Canyon County - maybe.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

Ps - I just love their 'cloaking' device and self censorship of their own tghought processes. They are keeping quiet. I will honor that. As long as they keep a sock in their mouth, I will not post anything of a personalized nature toward any of them little #*$)-(!#&.

PPS - I promise - cross my heart.

PPPS - Does the BSU Foundation (Central Reserve) then just 'forgive' the loan like some of the Federal Student loans are doing these days if the BSU AD does not pay back the money he got from BSU?

Does BSU just 'write off' the loan off of the books as an Uncollectable Debt?

Is there any collateral to secure the loan in the eventuality the 3,300 seats don't generate enough revenue to service the loan? How much is a Fiesta Bowl Trophy worth - cuz BSU has a couple of those laying around - and maybe throw in Ian's and Kellen's old jersies on top of that?

Just an idea for some quick collateral.

VNDL....Ugly's opinion is that

if Broncos do not pay loan back in 4 years, they will just extend the loan until note paid off....

that is where donations like fundly will go....

since monies are now secured, any future donations to Stadium will help pay the note on the loan....

BSU memoralbilia? Dont know?

Coach Carousel

Seems to me you either win and lose your coaches or you lose and fire your coaches.

Boise must be doing something right because keeping a coach around here is harder than trying to use a mirror with Favio in the room.

Interesting read on the BCS

comparing apples to oranges

Thanks for the link. Great quote from Nate Silver, "Without high-quality out-of-conference games, every major conference is in essence an island unto itself.... It doesn’t matter how smart your computer rankings are, or how wizened the participants in your poll: there simply isn’t enough worthwhile data to work with."

To follow that up

Here's how the SEC non-conference schedule breaks down for 2012

52 Games

12 vs AQ schools (Clemson and Michigan only top 30 opponents)

24 vs non-AQ schools (combined 2011 record 107-186)

16 vs FCS schools

12 (+3 neutral site games) total road games, total of 3699* mile
(Boise State will travel 4028)

great work as usual

funk. thanks for the info.

Shedding some skin

Good Luck to these coaches headed for new challenges. Just like graduating Seniors sometimes these kind of changes bring opportunity. I am sure there is lots of coaching talent in the U.S. eying the jobs at Boise State, regardless of the is still a top ten program. I cannot wait to see the new hires...between Coach Pete, the new doubt we will see some fresh coaching ideas with all new recruiting territories.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

§ Fox bowl rankings

Just an fyi. The Potato did pretty well in the opinion of the Fox writers; the MAACO not so well (no fault of BSU's).

1 - Fiesta (Oklahoma St-Stanford), classic
2 - R&L Carriers New Orleans (LA-Lafayette-San Diego St), classic
3 - Rose (Oregon-Wisconsin), classic
4 - Valero Alamo (Baylor-Washington), classic
5 - Outback (Michigan St-Georgia), excellent
6 - Allstate Sugar (Michigan-VA Tech), excellent
7 - Famous Idaho Potato (Ohio-Utah St), excellent
8 - Sun (Utah- GA Tech), excellent
9 - Military (Toledo-Air Force), above average
10 - Little Caesars (Purdue-W Michigan), above average
11 - Armed Forces (BYU-Tulsa), above average
12 - San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia (TCU-LA Tech), good
13 - Champs Sports (Florida St-Notre Dame), good
14 - Belk (NC St-Louisville), good
15 - Music City (Miss St-Wake Forest), good
16 - Liberty (Cincinnati-Vanderbilt), good
17 - Kraft Fight Hunger (Illinois-UCLA), good
18 - Cotton (Arkansas-K State), good
19 - Meineke Car Care of Texas (Texas A&M-Northwestern), good
20 - Orange (W Virginia-Clemson), good
21 - Sheraton Hawaii (S Miss-Nevada), mediocre
22 - Insight (Oklahoma-Iowa), mediocre
23 - Gator (Florida-Ohio St), mediocre
24 - Holiday (Texas-Cal), mediocre
25 - Capital One (S Carolina-Nebraska), mediocre
26 - (NIU-Arkansas St), mediocre
27 - New Era Pinstripe (Rutgers-Iowa St), mediocre
28 - Chick-fil-A (Auburn-Virginia), mediocre
29 - Beef 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg (Marshall-FIU), mediocre
30 - BCS Championship (Alabama-LSU), dud
31 - AdvoCare V100 Independence (Missouri-UNC), dud
32 - MAACO Las Vegas (BSU-ASU), dud
33 - TicketCity (Houston-Penn St), dud
34 - Gildan New Mexico (Temple-Wyoming), dud
35 - BBVA Compass (SMU-Pitt), dud


Wonder if these rating will influence the decision to go with a plus one playoff format or shakeup the current bowl selection methodology.

§ Those ratings

were simply Fox's view on the quality of the games. Didn't have anything to do with team rankings, profitability, viewership, and the like.

However, the BCS should be alarmed that the NC game was widely panned while getting the lowest ratings ever for a BCS NC game.

Fox is reporting that the Dolphins have been in touch with Chip Kelly's agent.

funky razor dex casual others...

I have nothing against the Chipster and I have been hearing rumors about him and the NFL the last year or two. What I cant understand is why theres rumors. Kelly has a great offense scheme and top players. What would it benefit Chip Kelly to leave a premier program with loads of cash to go to the NFL? And what does it benefit an NFL team to hire a coach who has little experience and short term success (so far nothing personal Duck fans)?

EDIT: Just typing in GOOGLE revealed this right at the top;

Well one thing is certain,

an NFL team will have to break the bank to get him.

Scroll down to the bottom of that page...

razor's stadium is in shambles!

§ Sob

The upper right-hand side of the demolished half is where I used to sit as a kid.

I really like the picture of the ostrich, though.

Good questions...

Oregon is a great program but seems something is amiss. When top talent moves there's always a reason.

Just curious

What is your "top talent" comment refering to?

Good news for our kicking game!

hopefully, the new special teams coach will know what to look for in a kicker


I find it interesting that the SEC and Pac 12 are always dissing Boise State about our “weak” program yet they all seem to want our coaches.

Not so fast, my friend

Most people are critical of BSU's weak conference schedule, especially when it comes to rankings, bowl berths, etc. However, a person would have to be dense to not recognize that BSU has a very talented coaching staff. I suspect the best of them will continue to get poached, especially by teams with deeper pockets.

AQ program motto....

"If ya can't beat um, hirer um."

Who would of thought it?

Today the underclassmen that declare for the draft will be eligible to be invited to the NFL combine. But as of this morning there are 6 schools with 6 invitees (the most, so far for all schools). Those schools are:

Boise State
Notre Dame
Texas A & M

And for our little friend Bcluck. Boise State has more invitees than the entire state of Oregon

Oregon (3)
Oregon State (0)
Portland State (1)

From teams that BSU played this year

Arizona State (2)
Georgia (6)
Hawaii (1)
Nevada (3)
San Diego St. (3)
San Jose St. (1)
TCU (1)