Source: Boise State defensive backs coach Marcel Yates to take job at Texas A&M

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State defensive backs coach Marcel Yates has decided to leave the Broncos to take a job at Texas A&M, a source told the Idaho Statesman on Wednesday night.

Yates’ specific title is unclear, but he is expected to coach the defensive backs.

Yates has been on the Broncos’ staff for nine years, three as the cornerbacks coach (2003-05) and six as the defensive backs coach (2006-11). He added defensive pass game coordinator to his title in 2011.

He has produced four NFL Draft picks in the past five years and likely will have one more this year. Plus, safety Jeron Johnson made the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent.

Just as importantly, Yates has been the Broncos’ primary recruiter in Los Angeles, one of the program’s key sources of talent. He is from Los Angeles and he played defensive back for the Broncos (1996-99).

Yates has been chased by larger programs before, but has been with the Broncos longer than any current full-time coach except Petersen. His departure leaves just two original Petersen staffers — defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski and tight ends coach Scott Huff.

Yates is the third coach to take a job this week, joining offensive coordinator Brent Pease (Florida) and special teams coach Jeff Choate (Washington State). All three were key parts of the Broncos’ recent Texas recruiting pipeline.


This one smarts a little.....


That is what should replace the door to Pete's office with all our coaches walking in to wish him farewell. Charge a nickel for everyone that walks in and we would have the stadium expansion covered.

Everyone wants success

Whether it's the coaches, the players, or the University.

How many coaches are left at

How many coaches are left at BSU?


Pete Kwiatkowski
Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Line

Robert Prince
Offensive Coordinator / Wide Receivers

Keith Bhonapha
Running Backs / Recruiting Coordinator

Bob Gregory

Scott Huff
Tight Ends / Fullbacks

Chris Strausser
Offensive Line / Run Game Coordinator

Andrew Browning
Graduate Assistant Coach

Louie Rodriguez
Graduate Assistant Coach

Good signs of a successful program and coach

Coach Yates departure means Coach Pete's great influence over all of his coaches is going to continue across the country. I wish him the best of luck and great success for many years to come at Texas A&M.

§ Sure hope

this (change in coaches) doesn't lead to any defections from the incoming class. We will know in short order. At the very least, we are going to have much to discuss on 2/1. On that note:

** Signing Day yak fest **

For those who would like to meet other avid Bronco fans and talk football and sports in general, there is a get-together planned for around noon on February 1 near the BSU campus. This is Signing Day and there will be plenty to discuss. Among the topics will be the spring game, which many of us are planning to attend, and the coaching changes that have occurred.

There will be at least one special guest and there has been discussion about another.

As is always the case, nobody will standing at the front door with a hat out in one hand nor a questionnaire in the other. This is for football fans, with no strings attached.

If interested, email me at and be sure to use your screen name. This is a temp email address that will allow me to get back with you while verifying that no trolls get through.

At least we all know where the Ground Hogs will


What area of Ann Morrison is meeting to Occupy?

The geese have already Occupied Ann Morrison.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

It's not unheard of to have

a "Linebacker/Defensive Backs" coach. Give Gregory a good bump in pay and let him run with it....

Just a thought.

Oh man...

this one breaks my heart. I LOVE Marcel....God this is depressing....

Wow..BSU will certainly feel

Wow..BSU will certainly feel the loss of these critical recruiters.

BSU is going to be just fine - its Tabula Rosa Time

Wow - what a bunch of Doubting Thomases !!!!

BSU is going to be just fine.

Coach Pete is still with us and he will surround himself with top quality coaches and players.

Coach Pete has a reputation of taking players that nobody else, except BSU really wanted and developing them into great football players. We have seen this over and over and over. I believe he can do it with coaches, too.

There were those that thought losing Young and Pettis spelled the Death of the Bronco Domination.

Flash back a few yers before that and the loss of Ian and others would be the end of the Bronco Domination. And so on nd so on, yadda yadda yadda.

I believe we are going to be just fine.

Actually, I am thinking the Broncos will have an advantage because nobody will really know what to expect from the 2012 edition of the BSU Broncos when it comes to play calling and other areas of game planning, that have become somewhat predictable in the past year or so. the BSU Broncos are kinda a Tabula Rosa, when you think about it.

I believe we are going to do well and it would not surprise me if the 2012 Broncos were better than the 2010 or 2011 Broncos.

I believe te 2012 Broncos will go undefeated in 2012, if they can get past Michigan State; and I believe they will, handily.

I really like the new blood that will form the new and 'improved' coaching core. I am not really sure what that picture will look like when it is finished being painted by Coach Pete, but I have enough faith and confidence in Coach Pete to know he will put together another Top Tier Bronco Team we can all be proud of.

So for those of you out there that are wringing your hands and thinking only 'doom and gloom' and how weak the coaching staff curently is due to moves and upward mobility of coaches - just stop doing it and relax.

The BSU Broncos will be even better than before. You guys will see, in time.

Other coaches can recruit, too. Maybe even better than what we have gotten used to. Maybe some of the 'new' coaches comng in will be even better recruiters than the ones we are losing.

I think the future looks bright recruiting wise.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Were any of you guys really impressed with the defensive backs game this year. Honestly?

Good post VNDL

I agree 100%. BSU will be fine. Besides, can anyone name 3 coaches who have left BSU and had equal or greater success elsewhere? I can't, and that's not a knock on their abilities or anything, it's just thatthere seems to be something magical about the overall program here. As far as losing coach Pease, I think we would have had better offensive success if Kellen was calling plays in the huddle! He's a highly overatted OC and has had teh same criticisms from fans everywhere he's been. Coach Choake, maybe his replacement will put more effort into figuring out our kicking issues than figuring out who gets to carry the sledgehammer! As for Yates, I echo your sentiment, although we did have a lot of injuries, but then again, BSU naysayers point to lack of depth as the reason we couldn't do what we do, week in and week out, if we were in the SEC or Big 12, so maybe the injury excuse is a poor one.

Why is it

that other programs recruit coaches from BSU, instead of promoting from within like BSU does? Hardly a vote of confidence for their assistant coaches. That says a lot about Petersen, and the program he runs. He will replace the departing coaches and BSU won't skip a beat. Looking forward to next season, and all the new changes.


You're exactly right. The number of resumes sent by coaches seeking employment at Boise State is overwelming. Its every day and its constant. Why? Because if you believe in yourself as a young coach you want to be where you can succeed and springboard to more money and more challenges. Its been that way since 06. No doubt the loss of key coaches and their recruiting ac-u-men hurts a little but the strength of the program is its foundation. I have no doubt the new changes and new coaches will be positive.

The Statesman filters doesnt like the word ac-u-m-en. Geezus.


That's a Big Word !!

You been hanging around Vandals?


to me, it seems like BSU is like a one way street for coaches, meaning that despite our success, we're staring to see more and more of our coaches go on to bigger programs with the mindset that it's a better coaching gig for them and maybe it is considering we don't seem to be replacing those coaches with coaches from equally successful programs. I'm just curious as to why this is. Is BSU viewed as nothing more than a stepping stone within the ncaa coaching ranks or what? what's your take?


I'm not sure that BSU is much different any other school. I have read story after story of coaches switching schools all other the country, many of them top-25 schools .


I get that, but point being, we don't seem to be pulling in any FBS coaches from around the country.

Well, the two recent hires

Gregory came from CAL and Prince came from the NFL. Strausser also came back from Colorado, not sure he counts though.

who who and who?

I'm talking about guys who have made names for themselves. Gregory Prince Strausser sounds like a character off of Glee

Don't know "Glee"

I am curious though, how many defensive back coaches do you know that have "made" a name for themselves?

I'm not in the biz

but if I were and was making over $2M a year, I'm sure I could give ya a pretty good list

So you wouldn't know

if BSU hired a coach who had made a name for himself or not.....

Which was kinda my point in the first place.

Not true. If I cared enough to spend an hour or two researching

I could come up with a pretty nice list of DB coaches to replace Yates, as could you or anyone else.


Go back and read your posts

"we don't seem to be pulling in any FBS coaches from around the country."

Answer: The last three hires were from California, the NFL, and Colorado.

"I'm talking about guys who have made names for themselves"

Answer: You didn't know any coaches that had "made" names for themselves

If you researched just a few minutes you could see that both Prince and Gregory made a pretty good "name" for themselves prior to BSU.

I'll admit that "any" is quite a broad umbrella

and you're taking "any" quite literal, but in the context of our conversation, I would think that you would have figured out that I'm talking about guys from top programs who were picked from the tree and not guys who were already lying on the ground or about to fall off the tree.

To sum up my point, name one actively employed coach who we've "lured" from a highly successful program. Can you? Is there any? At what point will BSU become a two way street?

After all, BSU is one of the most successful programs over the past decade and our coaches are well known and sought after, but to me, it seems that because we're so succssful, we should be able to steal some of the top coordinators and co-coordinators and assistants from around the country, as opposed to picking up guys standing on the corner, and I mean no disrespect to Gregory or Prince for saying that, I'm just trying too illu strate a point

Have you noticed

that all of a sudden a "Plus-One" is now being called a 4 game "Playoff".

Gotta love that BCS spin Machine (seriously)


I see on the ESPN crawl that NCAA President Mark Emmert supports a 4 team Division 1A playoff model but would oppose any model with more teams. He and his predecessors have allowed the equivalent of "Bowl Directors Gone Wild" for the past several decades, while beating down student athletes who get the most modest of benefits. They have abdicated their authority over the postseason and now they think they have any say? Unreal.

Yes, Emmert came off

sounding like someone who "wanted" to be important.....


nicely disguised indeed

§ How's it going to work?

Add the Cotton as a 5th BCS game (you know Jerry Jones has an interest in that) and then rotate the semis between the 5?

Or, forget the Cotton and rotate between the current 4?

What happens to the interest (i.e., ratings) level in the non-semi BCS games? Does it plummet to that of the current non-BCS bowls? Do the payouts for those non-semi BCS games stay the same (par with the BCS semis)? Argument: non-semi BCS games could take on the same perceived "worthiness" level as the Potato, Armed Forces, Poinsettia, Insight, etc. bowls.

Is another week added after the semis to give a 2-week break before the NC game (like the NFL does)? Or, do they go with 1 week? With 1 week it seems that travel arrangements for teams/entourage/fans would be pretty daunting ... in addition to team prep.

That what Private Benjamin's hubby said last.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.


I know that Coach Petersen has worked hard to ensure that his assistant coaches are well paid. Although this was unsuccessful at keeping assistants in Boise perhaps it will be successful at recruiting good replacments. It is weird to here so many coaches move laterally. Very few promotions.

Good catch

for San Diego State

A second good catch

For San Diego State

After this recent hubub of activity,

we could see lots of appications from assistant coaches who see the Boise State program as simply a stepping stone on the coaching ladder. Hope not, and that's another reason for Coach Pete to promote from within when possible--like Robert Prince. Not to worry, Coach Pete knows a lot of quality guys out there that he can now offer highly competitive salaries to.

Palm's final computer ranking

Look who's #1

OK St got screwed this year

nice to see Palm give em the respect they deserve

CBS All Bowl team

Check out the O-Line picks....

§ Cleanest uniform award

goes to the BSU offensive line. Kellen's uni, that is. Part of it was Kellen knowing when to unload the ball and the bigger part was the line giving him the protection needed.

They did far more than that, of course, as Doug Martin and the other RBs would surely attest.

Nice recognition.

ugly - Vandal Leadership Does It again & again & again

ugly: here is the latest from Fundly and the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium project;

As you can readily see, since the Vandals on this board have reexerted their leadership toward Fundly, we see an increase of $140.00 in the past several days the Vandals have reemerged.

Also, of note (a sad note, however, still a note) the Worm Boys were in charge of Fundly for almost three weeks, while we Vandals disengaged and allowed them (the Wrom Boys) to demonstrate their combined leadrship - but to no avail - the Wrom Boys just can't lead people, as demnstrated by the fact that in three weeks (about 23 days) there was only a $15.00 growth to Fundly. The Vandals get Back In Town and On The Job and Take Over Again, and within a little over 24 hours - $140.00 gets donated/growth/collected.

As you always have said, all along, with consistency, and pretty much all the time - ugly - the Broncos need the Vandals much more than the Vandals need the Broncos.

Hopefully we will see a continued grown of Fundly for the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium Project, as it is most important to support Coach Pete and the BSU Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....I agree the Vandals are back in

town, and time to take the reins back over....

Probably should have done it sooner since it may hurt fundly, but sometimes we must set an example....that example was set....

I saw another correlation....since we let the HSC take over, many coaches have left Boise for other cfb programs....could it be possible they were following the donations and panicked and left for 'greener' pastures?

Thanks for coming back on board and leading the troops (Vandals) again....

It sounds like the HSC has a meeting the day before Ground Hogs day....They have censored two bloggers, so you may want to post fundly stuff to them directly just in case thier software not working that never know when their filter is on or off, so I dont want them to miss and feel left out....

VNDL, keep up the good work....

ugly - maybe the Worm Boys drove off the BSU coaches?

I never thought about that correlation.

We leave the Worm Boys in charge and not only does Fundly get no donations due to a lack of leadership from the HSC, but also, many of the BSU coaches split the sheets, as well.

You might be right.

I think it is good the Worm Boys have a meeting for their HSC. I wish all of the Worm Boys could get the 'cloaking' 'hiding' software and then they all use it.

Then none of them will ever know what others are saying on these blogs.

Just think of the time they could save for themselves, by only reading postings from posters they have screened and preapproved and read their posts prior to reading them so they will know what they contain, before they are cobntained.

Now that we Vandals are back in charge, we will see some real growth and dynamic change. The days of the stale air and moldy environment of the HSC Era are OVER.

We will need to start advertising and pumping membership for the BAA more than we have been, now that we know we are not being harrassed and followed anymore by the Worm Boys - we are basically free to say what we want now in an effort to get Vandals and Broncos to join the BAA and to contribute money to the BAA Fundly expansion of Bronco Stadium project.

Now that we are back in charge and leading the way (basically, Marching To Pretoria), I really think we will see a few more dollars contributd to Fundly, just this afternoon, as proof positive that the Broncos Need Vandals much more (if any) than Vandals need Broncos and that Vandals are the Naural Leaders of Broncos, due to innateness and birth reightedness.

I have a long drive ahead of me going back to Magic Valley, as I have been in Moscow most of this week.

When I get back I will contact you and let you know the direction the Vandals are going to be taking per playingt he Bronco football team in the future, if any games, now or possibly sometime in the future, maybe, could be - I dunno for sure and can't really talk about what I do know and learned this week - if all the criteriion are met. The direction is not at all in keeping wth what the Worm Boys and the HSC want, however. Vandals will be ecstatic, however.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....Safe Travels....

Yes, I was looking and using my analytical mind and statistics and found the correlation....It may be a coincidence though, but doubt it....the same three week period that so-and-so took over, coaches left....

I am glad you are ready to take over again so we can build this fundly donations to higher levels, thus saving Coach Pete from other coaches leaving as well....

I would be interested in what you found in Moscowville....If it is good for the Vandals, then absolutely great!

The ESPN "All Bowl Team"

2 Broncs

§ We'll see about that!

"The Broncos have had a great run – coming within some missed field goals of even bigger success – but they will be losing a lot in 2012. Quarterback Kellen Moore – who was 50-3 as a starter in his career – will be gone, along with running back Doug Martin and the entire front seven on defense. There won’t be a fifth straight season with at least 12 wins for the Broncos, even if coach Chris Petersen has yet to be pried away by a more-prominent program. With a move to the Big East looming in 2013, the Broncos should be happy with a winning record next fall."

The naysayers never seem to learn.

Ugly - here is what we are up against - defeatist thinking

ugly: go back and read posts to this hread and it has defeatist thinkers, that believe the BSU Broncos are somehow in danger of not having a Dominant Season in 2012.

Here is a recent one from one of the HSCers - an original Worm Boy - who is supposedly a 'good' Bronco Supporter (even though not a penny given to the BAA or BSU, by him, for assistance with the Bronco Football team - but another story for another time, so is not officially considered to be part of this post - just an aside note):

"Sure hope this (change in coaches) doesn't lead to any defections from the incoming class. :

Read more here:

This is not Positive Thinking. This is basically throwing some Negative Force into the Universe and not thinking like a Winner. It is allowing Negativistic Thoughts to become part of the Great Picture.

I would look at it as: "this change in coaches will improve our current level of recruited players, or "Thank God (Joe Vandal) the Broncos will have better coaches next year than they did this year", or "Without Vandals on these boards, like VNDL - ugly - SIF - many others; leading the way for Vandals and Broncos to motivate them to join the BAA and contribute money to the BAA Fundly project, the Broncos would not have as good of a chance as going undefeated in 2012, as I am sure they will because the Vandals on these boards really want to see it happen and will 'Will' it to happen - So Help Us Joe Vandal.

So you can see, ugly, how some of the Worm Boys are not really postitive Thinkers and cerainly not True Believers, deep in their souls, that the BSU Broncos will have an undefeated 2012 Season.

Yeah VNDL....I agree....Cant have a

bad attitude and rip on the BCS at same time....The qb is a senior and gone, so the new Broncos are coming to town (Boise)....Must get behind Coach Pete, the New Coaches, and the New Broncos....

Im glad the HSC has used censors cause they havent said much anyway....

The old saying, 'Money talks and BS Walks' true....

Coaches are leaving cause of monies and greener pastures....they are going to cfb programs where they have 80,000 boosters, not just 5,000....dudes, join the BAA and become a Bronco (426-3556)....

One blogger (HSC) stated he did not care if funds even came from gumball throw a few quarters and maybe the Broncos get a penny? what kind of attitude is that? You are right, negativity is prevailing....and if monies are mentioned, it gets even more negative....

Does an athlete train for the Bronze Medal? No! He/She goes for the Gold!

The Broncos have the Gold Medal at Hand....Now if only more Broncos will support their Team....