Florida makes it official, names Boise State's Pease as offensive coordinator

By Brian Murphy

Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease has accepted the same position at Florida, the Gators announced Wednesday morning. The Statesman reported last week that Pease had decided to leave Boise State and was deciding between Florida, the favorite, and national champion Alabama.

“We wish Brent and his family all the best. Brent has been a valuable part of our program the past six seasons. He did an outstanding job coaching our wide receivers, and was a great asset to the program in his role as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator this past season," Boise State coach Chris Petersen said in a statement released by the school.

Boise State promoted Robert Prince to offensive coordinator Wednesday.

Pease is not the only Boise State assistant coach that is leaving the program. Boise State special teams coach Jeff Choate has accepted a job on Mike Leach's staff at Washington State, colleague Chadd Cripe is reporting.

Florida said Pease's contract was finalized Tuesday.

“They have obviously been able to win national championships and play with a high caliber of talent and still be a team that is very prolific in both the pass and the run," Pease said about Florida in a story posted on the Gators' athletic web site. “It’s always been kind of electric. It’s a national brand and I’m excited about that."

Pease and Florida head coach Will Muschamp have known each other since the early 2000s when both were recruiting the same player in Georgia, according to the Gators' story.

Pease and his wife spent the weekend in Gainesville. The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Pease had agreed to a five-year, $2.5 million contract with the Gators. He was slated to earn $306,891 in 2012 at Boise State.

Pease spent six seasons with the Broncos, the first five as wide receivers coach and the last as offensive coordinator. Pease accepted the Indiana offensive coordinator position after the 2010 season, but returned to Boise when then-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin left for Texas.

“Being back in the SEC, working with Will and knowing what his future plan is, knowing the type of personality he has were factors,” said Pease, who previously worked as an offensive coordinator at Kentucky. “He’s a lot of what I like. It’s an opportunity to coach great players. You get the best. With what I’ve done offensively, it kind of fits what his philosophy is. That’s the greatest thing.

“I know what he wants and can work within those parameters. And there are some good guys on staff there.”

Pease may not be bringing the familiar Boise State offense to the SEC, however. Muschamp told reporters in Florida that "Pease will learn the playbook so 1 guy has to adjust, not 40 players. Will be tweaks, but sticking with the playbook," according to Orlando Sentinel reporter Rachel George's Twitter feed.

"Coaches aren't changing philosophy or offensive system, so Pease will bring new ideas but fit within Muschamp's plan," George tweeted.

Muschamp said Pease was among his first targets for the Gators' job, which came open when Charlie Weis accepted the head-coaching position at Kansas.

“I’ve had him on my radar for a while,” Muschamp said in the story posted on the Gators' web site. “I think we have improved our football program. We’re on the same page philosophically with what we want to be, and that to me is what strikes you the most. He’s not a stat guy. He is a guy who wants to win football games.

“If you look at the last six or seven years at Boise … they won football games. He was really a strong force behind what they have been doing offensively."

Boise State went 73-6 with Pease on the staff and 12-1 with him as offensive coordinator. The Broncos averaged 44.2 points per game in 2011, fifth in the country.

“We had great players and a great philosophy led by the head coach,” Pease told the Florida web site. “I think offensively, the fact we’re multiple, put our kids in great situations to match up and execute and still be very balanced in what we do – run, pass, and keep a real up-tempo offense when we needed. When you tie that all in – yeah, we’ve had a very, very unusually great quarterback that has kind of led that charge along with other players — there were a lot of ingredients in all aspects of the game.”

Boise State will have its third offensive coordinator in three years, following the departures of Harsin (to Texas) and Pease (to Florida). Wide receivers coach Robert Prince is the most obvious in-house candidate to take the post. Prince was Colorado's passing game coordinator in 2010 and served as offensive coordinator at Portland State, in the Japanese X-League and at Fort Lewis (Colo.) College.

• The Gators posted more notes on Pease, mostly about his professional career.

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Do the right thing

Hire Kellen.


No seriously, when Kellen is finished with a, hopefully, successful pro career I would love to see him coaching at BSU!

I agree

Hi Kellen!! What a great thing that would be!!

Good bye...........

Good bye...........

And Good Luck

Brent did a great job for us and I'm sorry to see him go but I wish him well.

Jeff Choate

and Jeff Choate is going to Washington State


Good luck to Coach Pease

I'm kind of curious about the contract, though. I expected to see a bigger bump for him than 200K. Does anybody know what cost of living is like in the area of UF? I would assume it's higher. Either way, good luck to him, and GO BRONCOS.


Pease come pway wiff us in Fwowida Mr. Pease. Pease oh pease.


You stated, with regard to the cost of living in the area of UF? "I would assume it's higher."

No state taxes that alone with great year round weather is a better incentive over Bama or Boise, don't you think?

Go Broncos


I get that state taxes are a concern. I think about it every time I send my check in because Idaho didn't quite take enough from me. But that isn't the only element involved in cost of living. I was just asking the question because I frankly expected that number to be higher. That's all. But I do understand it might be worthwhile to trade dollars for not freezing one's arse off 4-5 months out of the year.

So besides taxes, is it more, less, or the same to live there? Anyone know? If it's not out of line to ask the question?

Never Mind

I got fired up, so I did some research of my own. Cost of Living (according to salary.com) is 7.5 percent higher in Gainesville. Not as much I thought, but hey, it is higher, so my assumption was accurate. Not enough higher, I think, for a person to turn their nose up at a 200K a year increase. Okay. Not to mention the weather, ahem...scenery, et al. But you do have to consider the bugs, right? I hear they're pretty intimidating down there.