Boise State football finishes No. 8 in AP, No. 6 in Coaches' Poll; Shea McClellin gets Senior Bowl invite

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team finished at No. 8 in The Associated Press Top 25 and No. 6 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll — the highest final rankings the Broncos have received with a loss. This marks the third straight season in which the Broncos have finished in the Top 10.

The difference between the polls was that USC (ineligible for the Coaches’ Poll) was No. 6 and Stanford was No. 7 in AP. The top five were the same in both: Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Arkansas.

The Broncos went 12-1 in 2011, beating Arizona State in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas.

Michigan State finished 11th and 10th. The Spartans and Broncos will collide in the season opener in 2012. The Broncos also play Southern Miss (20, 19) and BYU (26, 25) next season.

TCU finished at No. 14/13 and Georgia at No. 19/20.

Here’s how the Broncos have finished in The Associated Press Top 25 and USA Today Coaches’ Poll since 2002, their first year in the polls:

2002 15 12
2003 16 15
2004 12 13
2005 NR NR
2006 5 6
2007 NR NR
2008 11 13
2009 4 4
2010 9 7
2011 8 6


Boise State defensive end Shea McClellin has accepted an invitation to play in the Senior Bowl on Jan. 28 in Mobile, Ala., he said Monday.

McClellin joins four previous Boise State invitees to this year’s game — quarterback Kellen Moore, tailback Doug Martin, defensive tackle Billy Winn and safety George Iloka. The previous high for the Broncos was two invitees and only five Broncos have ever played in the game.

McClellin had been invited to the East-West Shrine Game but didn’t commit because he was holding out for the Senior Bowl invite. The Senior Bowl is the most prestigious all-star game, with both teams led by NFL coaching staffs and hundreds of NFL personnel watching the practices.

Boise State players will compete on the North team. The Minnesota Vikings staff, led by Leslie Frazier, will coach the North. The Washington Redskins staff, led by Mike Shanahan, will coach the South.

Players arrive in Mobile on Sunday, Jan. 22, and begin practices on Monday, Jan. 23.


Boise State wide receiver Matt Miller was named a first-team Freshman All-American on Monday by the Football Writers Association of America.

Miller, a redshirt freshman from Helena, Mont., tied for the team lead with 62 catches. He was second with 679 receiving yards and nine receiving touchdowns. All three numbers were school freshman records.

Miller caught touchdown passes against Georgia, TCU and Arizona State, three of the biggest games of the year. He made at least four catches in all but two games, with highs of nine catches (TCU), 78 yards (Fresno State) and two touchdowns (UNLV).

He previously was named a second-team Freshman All-American by Yahoo! Sports.


Here’s the final AP poll:

The Top 25 teams in The Associated Press college football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, final records, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote, and previous ranking:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (55) 12-1 1,495 2
2. LSU (1) 13-1 1,425 1
3. Oklahoma St. (4) 12-1 1,399 3
4. Oregon 12-2 1,250 6
5. Arkansas 11-2 1,198 7
6. Southern Cal 10-2 1,181 5
7. Stanford 11-2 1,167 4
8. Boise St. 12-1 1,127 8
9. South Carolina 11-2 1,013 10
10. Wisconsin 11-3 905 9
11. Michigan St. 11-3 873 12
12. Michigan 11-2 839 13
13. Baylor 10-3 780 15
14. TCU 11-2 653 16
15. Kansas St. 10-3 621 11
16. Oklahoma 10-3 572 19
17. West Virginia 10-3 547 23
18. Houston 13-1 518 20
19. Georgia 10-4 439 18
20. Southern Miss. 12-2 411 22
21. Virginia Tech 11-3 329 17
22. Clemson 10-4 188 14
23. Florida St. 9-4 154 25
24. Nebraska 9-4 143 21
25. Cincinnati 10-3 103 NR
Others receiving votes: BYU 51, Auburn 40, N. Illinois 33, Missouri 23, Texas 15, Rutgers 3, N. Dakota St. 2, Penn St. 2, Virginia 1.


Here’s the final USA Today poll:

The USA Today Top 25 football coaches poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, final records, total points based on 25 points for first place through one point for 25th, and previous ranking:
Record Pts Pvs
1. Alabama (59) 12-1 1,475 2
2. LSU 13-1 1,404 1
3. Oklahoma State 12-1 1,367 3
4. Oregon 12-2 1,290 5
5. Arkansas 11-2 1,188 7
6. Boise State 12-1 1,162 6
7. Stanford 11-2 1,106 4
8. South Carolina 11-2 1,084 9
9. Michigan 11-2 925 12
10. Michigan State 11-3 912 13
11. Wisconsin 11-3 911 8
12. Baylor 10-3 775 16
13. TCU 11-2 710 15
14. Houston 13-1 673 17
15. Oklahoma 10-3 610 19
16. Kansas State 10-3 602 10
17. Virginia Tech 11-3 574 11
18. West Virginia 10-3 554 22
19. Southern Mississippi 12-2 429 21
20. Georgia 10-4 345 18
21. Cincinnati 10-3 248 24
22. Clemson 10-4 237 14
23. Florida State 9-4 205 25
24. Nebraska 9-4 144 20
25. Brigham Young 10-3 79 NR
Others receiving votes: Northern Illinois 36; Missouri 33; Texas 29; Auburn 28; Rutgers 11; Penn State 10; Texas A&M 5; Virginia 4; Temple 2; Washington 2; Arkansas State 1; Florida 1; Louisiana-Lafayette 1; Mississippi State 1; Notre Dame 1; Ohio 1.


Here’s my final AP ballot. I would have considered going with LSU at No. 1 if the Tigers lost a close game, but Alabama’s domination made the Tide an easy choice. The last five spots were a mess, as they have been much of the year.

1 Alabama
3 Oklahoma State
4 Boise State
5 Oregon
6 Arkansas
7 Stanford
9 South Carolina
10 Wisconsin
11 Michigan State
12 Michigan
13 Kansas State
14 Baylor
15 TCU
16 Georgia
17 Oklahoma
18 Nebraska
19 Southern Miss
20 Houston
21 West Virginia
22 Clemson
23 Virginia Tech
24 BYU
25 Northern Illinois

Dropped out: Notre Dame, Georgia Tech
Also considered: Cincinnati, Florida State, Auburn

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Congrads on the



I think K-State dropped much lower than they should've. Heck, LSU's performance against Alabama shoulda dropped them to at least # 10.


2012 is a new year, thus we need to stay focused on 2012 and 2013....we all new NC would be joke, and they proved it....Glad 'Searching Bigfoot' was on same time, thus spent time watching that instead....

VNDL upped his BAA, and if we donate one more time that will give 3 starts for the New Year !!!!

I have estimated that 60,000 Bronco fans can help financially, if they want to....With 3 for 2012, then we have only 59,997 to go....

Must act now before too late....


LSU below #10? LSU already BEAT Alabama (and Oregon) this year and was UD before this game. What are you smoking??? You are an overzealous BSU fan or what? LSU being below 10 would make a mockery of the whole system and I would probably stop watching college football alltogether in that scenario.

Matt Miller is the

Matt Miller is the quintessential Bronco. Very deserving of any and all accolades that he receives. He had a tremendous year for a freshman - heck , he had a good year for a senior.

Agree 100%

Can't think of a better leader moving forward


Let's allow actions to speak louder than words next year before we start thinking to far ahead.

Here's the final BCS ranking

for BSU since 2002

2011 - 7
2010 - 10
2009 - 6
2008 - 9
2007 - 24
2006 - 8
2005 - NA
2004 - 9
2003 - 17
2002 - NA*

(* The BCS standings only did the top 15, BSU was very likely in the top 25)
These are the only other team to finish in the BCS top-25 8 of the last 9 years

Ohio State
Virginia Tech

BSU has been in every "USA/Coaches" top-25 poll since 9-21-2008
(The only other team to do this is Alabama)

₪ We don't deserve it.

We don't play anybody; we play in a weak conference; we don't play enough teams from BCS conferences; we don't have any 4- or 5-stars; our stadium is too small; we have a blue field; Craig James and Mark May said so.



You forgot "body of work".......

Vote for James (twice)

₪ That's 25 bonus points

for you. How could I forget?

So, no chance that Stanford might fall behind BSU in the finals?

The Senior Bowl is going to have 5 very cool helmets in it. Wonder what "the record" is? Hope they go with the blue ones.

Interesting question...

I see BSU at 5 in the coaches and 6 in the AP.

If Bama gets blowin out tonight, maybe we they drop behind us.

The really interesting watch will be Houston, they should be 11-12, but probably won't.

₪ Where's Nate

Potter, East-West game?

If Chadd had something on Nate, I've forgotten.

He has

it's kinda weird. Nate is invited to the Combine but not to any all-star game...yet.


I don't care about what May proclaims. I think the Broncs were placed where they should...however, LSU shoulda dropped like a rock after their performance tonight.

₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ Are we taking up needlepoint? ;-p


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

I don't see the loser dropping,

they both pass the "eye test." And man that "body of work." Hurry up Pease and get on that wagon!

Great news for Shea

If one of you reads this, I vote you each wear a different style helmet.

Just my 2 cents.


No way, you all want them wearing the same helmet and one thats hard to miss. Better PR for the Broncos and potential recruits.

₪ Agree somewhat

White or blue would do ... as long as the helmets have the huge Bronco logo on the one side.

If not that, the unmistakable metallic blue with the (smaller) logo on both sides.

Horsehead retro helment

The new horehead helmet should be the only one from now on, it's up to date for a national level, and the Boise State lettering on the jersey will show the name of the team if some dufus can't figure out who we are...;

Let Kellen 'start' the Senior Bowl

and then if the north wins, that gives him 51 wins as a starter. just an idea, but I'm going to write to Leslie Frazier of the Vikings and put the idea in his head, others should do the same.

I like!


₪ Kellen did not start

against Fresno State on 11/28/2008. It was Bush Hamdan ... senior day.

Not that it matters all that much; it's really a technicality. Bush threw a pick-six, then Kellen came in to go the rest of the way.

Rumor has it

that Moore was listed as the starting punter...... ;)

₪ When you score 61

there isn't a whole bunch of punting on your side ... in fact, zero.

But, you are right ... Kellen started something.

25 additional bonus points.


in...I'll write a letter. thanks for the idea.

₪ Better than that

New Mexico, Duke, Kansas, Indiana, Tulane, Old Miss, Florida Atlantic, and many others couldn't have done worse on offense than LSU in that first half.

No scheme and no imagination to go along.

And that's a team that some will crown, regardless? One first down and 43 yards in the first half? Couldn't even cross midfield. Don't care if they wind up winning 10-9 ... it's a sham. Play like that in the second half, they should drop to #11.

Six quarters of play and zero touchdowns? Atta way SEC. Sets cfb back 60 years with that crap.

No wonder other programs come after BSU OCs.

I like a defensive battle

but this is pretty lame

₪ It's worse than lame

LSU has 2 first downs, 66 total yards, and still hasn't crossed the 50 after three quarters.

Why not give Lee a look at QB? Jefferson is a mess.

₪ Brent Mush:

"This is one of the great defensive performances of all time."

translated: "This is one of the most inept offensive performances of all time."


SIF and Razor AGREE!

₪ Bowl Mania final

razor - 516
windex - 463
JL - 413
tfunk - 371 (think it was 1c)

Oh, my! A touchdown by Alabama ... finally!

LSU should drop like a rock, but they probably won't. Five first downs and 92 total yards ... to go along with 0 points ... we're #1!

[Edit: Quite surprised that 516 finished in the 98.7 percentile, rank of 7033. The Clemson game was a killer.]


SIF and Razor agree AGAIN!

Final BCS Standings

Just read the Statesman this morning, Boy what a Homer Chad Chripe is.I love the Broncos and they got shafted in the BCS but putting then at # 4 in the final standings is a streach. But since we will be dreaming for a few years to get back to a chance at a BCS game I will keep the thought of a great 2011 season.....

It's not a stretch if you watched the bowl games...

Most of the BCS matchups featured teams that didn't have any defense at all. Look at the scores below. How would these teams do against an opponent with solid defense & an offense that burns clock? I have no doubt BSU would roll any team below.

Okst 41
Stan 38

Ore 45
Wis 38

The NC game sucked eggs

What a bad bad bad game that was, a replay of their season meeting, what a sham the SEC put on. LSU #1 all season just because people thought they were, what a joke to play on us all. And on top of it, they gave the MVP to the QB while the kicker made all the points (besides the lone rushing TD) He was the one deserving of the MVP. The SEC sucks big time.

North Texas wasn't able to score a TD against Bama either!

I just don't get it. How is it that the #1 team in the country isn't able to score a single TD against Bama in 2 games? Kent State did it and they only had ONE crack at Bama! Then, two weeks after the first LSU/Bama FGfest, Georgia Southern rolled into Tuscaloosa and somehow managed to find the endzone 3x, so if Kent State and Ga Southern can score TD's against that tough Bama D, then why wasn't the #1 team in the country able to do it? Oh yeah...they're overrated!

Fun to be a BRONCO

With all my angst over the entire college football/ BCS / mess, I forget this Boise State program is flat amazing. What a fun ride to be a member of Bronco Nation right now...I still remember my Skip Hall days. It is hard to say where the program is headed but life in the top ten certainly opens a few doors and I say strike while the iron is HOT. Go Bronco's

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

Pleasantly surprised...

I'll admit I haven't looked closely at the make-up of the other teams in comparison, but I thought that we would drop out of the top 10, or even the top 15 considering the number of seniors leaving. I'm pleasantly surprised.

BSU Seniors?

What do they have to do with the final poll this year? This is a ranking of teams as of the end of the year, seniors included.

As far as next year goes, most of the way too early preseason top 25 lists have BSU either ranked in the 20s or unranked, which is a reflection of the heavy turnover the team will experience.


I have not seen a single poll that has Boise State unranked, you have a link?

Brett McMurphy

College football writer for CBS Sports. That much and google should lead you there - I saw it on twitter on my phone so I don't have a link handy.

I found it

IMO, BSU will open at 17-18 next year.

₪ Even SEC homer Schlabach

has BSU at #20 on ESPN.

Saw a couple of others (cannot recall which) that had BSU at #7 and ≈ #13.

[Edit: Athlon has BSU at #20. does not have BSU in its top 20. (UofM site) has BSU at #23.

San Jose Mercury News has BSU at #22.

There probably are many more out there by now.]

Most pre season polls have BSU unranked?

Sure they do. Whatever you say ida. Geezus dude, give it a rest.

You threw that out and expect us to use Google to lead us there? Wow dude.


Please. I didn't say that - I said the ones I'd seen had them in the 20s to unranked. That's not the same thing as "most have them unranked." I made my comment on the basis of three preseason polls I saw in my twitter feed over the course of today - the ESPN story that had them at 20, one by Wilner (San Jose) who had them at 22 or 23 and the McMurphy poll that had them unranked.

You are way too sensitive.

No matter where we start

I don't see us getting higher than 7-8 even if we go undefeated. MSU and BYU will be a boost but our conference schedule is looking pretty sad (the computers won't give us a lot of love)

Losing TCU

Definitely hurts the confernece SOS. But that will be rectified within a year anyway.

No dude I just dont like whiney Duck fans

You're the one looking to knock the BRONCOs every other thread and get your feelings hurt every time a fan says anything you don't deem accurate. You try to pizz on the team I love at every turn and try to pass it off as being objective. Sorry dude, these guys may think you're alright, but I see right through you. Years have passed and you're still a bitter crybaby.