Otter taps Boise State's Petersen for advice on excelling with limited resources

By Brian Murphy

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter and his staff visited with Boise State football coach Chris Petersen during the summer, Otter said during Monday's "State of the State" speech.

"We asked the Coach how he’s been able to keep upgrading the Broncos’ success on the field. We asked how he’s been able to build a national reputation for excellence with what’s considered limited resources by today’s college football standards," Otter said late in his speech.

"What I took away from his answer was this: FOCUS. Focus on the challenges at hand. Focus on leveraging your strengths. Focus on improving every day. Focus on what you can control. And focus on helping individual players understand how they can help achieve team goals while reaching their own academic and athletic potential. That’s a pretty good formula for success. It’s a high standard, but one which I know everyone here today is committed to achieving for the people we serve."

Otter and his staff took a retreat on June 2, 2011 for "Coach Pete Motivational Speech," according to Otter's calendar. The event was scheduled from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Petersen is 73-6 in six seasons as the Broncos' head coach.

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Petersen's rule #1..

Show up to work. Well, let's hope Otter will listen to the rest.

Too funny

Otter just basically admitted what I knew all along - he's clueless.

Not as much as you!

Give it a break!

Learning is never clueless!

There is nothing clueless in learning from others. Pete is one of the best, yet he studies what other coaches do.

Moreover, the fact that Otter, at 69, is still flexible enough to think of doing this is fabulous.

Special Teams

Maybe spend more time coaching the kickers and less face time with the Governor.

Petersen is going to be

to BSU what Joe Paterno was to Penn if the assistants can keep the little boys out of the athletic dept. showers...................

Coach Pete

has built a national reputation for excellence by his integrity, honesty and insistance of these same qualities from his staff and team members. Something that Butch and some of his team members seems to have a real problem obtaining. Ex-tax commissioner Chigbrow comes to mind along with "limo," Crane, just to name a few.

Petersen is 73-6 in six seasons--- Otter is 0 - 7300 in 5 years

Petersen has character, integrity, and hope for the future. Otter is the complete opposite. While Petersen cares for the individuals on his team; Otter cares only for his corporate buddies and does nothing for average working people in Idaho. No wonder we suffer because of no jobs, worst education system in the country, and health care that no one can afford, huh?

Higher pay

The first rule is to pay the top dog, 99% of the budget


Were you born this stupid, or have you had to work at it?

The best advice he could get

The best advice he could get is to go away,,

Limited Resources?

Since when has Boise State football had limited resources?

You are kidding



The article actually sez, en pare: " . . . with what’s considered limited resources by today’s college football standards".

The key is to compare BSU's football resources with today's football standards, and we can see that the BSU Broncos are woefully lacking compared to most other Top Tier Fotball Programs (Texas, Alabama, LSU, Oregon, tOSU, Notre Dame, and etc.). The fans of those schools' football teams really get behind supporting their teams and joining their boosters' clubs and donating a lot of money for the growth of their team.

There is a minority of fans of the BSU Broncos that are holding the Broncos back by most of them not joining the Bronco Athletic Association and contributing money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium project. Some of them even frequent these boards. Not all, but a few do.

Yes, I can readily see where, with the poor quality of some of the fans the BSU Broncos have, that Coach Pete has done a remarkable job getting by with the limited resources that a dedicated few Real Bronco Fans (composed of Vandals and Broncos - and led by Vadnals on this board) have contributed to the BAA.

Coach Pete has asked all fans of the BSU Broncos to conribute money to fund an expansion of Bronco Stadium, which will include new offices for coaches, a film/DVD Viewing room, new football player lockers and a shower room, and a new players lounge with new couches and soft chairs, TVs and lounge type stuff, for the players to relax in.

Coach Pete has said it really hurts BSU's chances to get top quality recruits on the road, in other states, when they know how poor the current BSU locker rom and players lounge is. Even President Kustra has said how bad the Broncos locker room and shower facilities are and how they need to be upgraded.

In addition, BSU needs more seats in Bronco Stadium to sell tickets to and increase the revenue stream. The lack of a larger number of seats in Bronco Stadium is really hurting the Broncos and is way under the resources of other Top Quality Football Programs. The BSU Broncos need to make more money so they can have more resources and buy things other Top Tier schools have and pay the BSU Assistant Coaches more money.

Why would a top qualiaty football player recruit want to go to a school that has bad couches and poor TV's in the players lounge and doesn't have nice offices for his coaches. That is one of the first things to look at for a player - how nice the facilities are - if they are not Top Of The Line - then look at another school. Coach Pete is fighting an uphill battle on this one.

This is what is meant by BSU operating on limited resources, because it is amazing what BSU's Coach Pete has done with the limited resources and poor couches and old office funiture that currently exists.

We should all do our part and contribute money to the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium Project to be able to help Coach Pete reqruit a better quality of player than he has in the past.

Here is a link to join the BAA and contribute money to Coach Pete's project:

If you have not done so yet for 2012-2013, please consider joining the Bronco Athletic Association.

Please join the BAA at the highest level you can afford. Here is some information about the membership levels and how to join:

In addition, the BAA needs your help in getting enough money to make the planned expansion of Bronco Stadium and the Coaches Complex, a reality. This is Coach Pete's Dream and President Kustra has said it is extremely important to support also.

Here is how you can donate and help out, all online:

Please join me and many other Idahoan Vandals and Idahoan Broncos in providing as much support as you can

If you truley want to support the Broncos and make sure they have adequate resources cmpared to other Top Tier College Football Programs, please consider joining the BAA and helping to lend a hand to the success of the Bronco Football Team and Coach Pete.

Thanx in advance for joining the BAA.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA AMembership #63799


I'm IN...YOU ARE inspirational. Even though I'm a Vandal at heart I'm so commited to helping Boise State's football program reach NATIONAL STATUS AND MAINTAIN that status! I'M WAITING for my BAA #!

Gosh...I feel like I've been begging the BAA to take my money...BUT they ARE NOT in a hurry to take it.

What a Quinky DINK!

I thought they would want my $ KNOW!

OH WELL! I'll keep begging for them to take my money!


I live in AZ and have never lived in Idaho or gone to school in Idaho, but I am in! I joined the BAA last year and have contributed three times to the expansion project. My question is, where do you find the membership number you post? I have no idea what my member number is.

I have never gone to a game in Boise but travel to see them play away game-four games this past year. Hope to see them in Boise this next year.


azfan - BAA Membership Number

In the lower left side of the font of your BAA membership card is your name and directly under it is your BAA Bronco Number.

If you don't have a card, just call 208-426-3556 and they will tell you what your member number is or ask them per e-mail:

It is great to see Bronco Supporters such as yourself, standing up proudly and announcing your support as encouragement for others to follow your lead and join th BAA and contribute money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium.

You are a rarity on these boards, it seems.

I sure hope we learn there are others such as yourself, who are proud and not ashamed to be Bronco Supportrs.

Go 2012 Broncoa.

BAA Member #63799

Thanks, I don't know where

Thanks, I don't know where my card is so I will give them a call.

Would be nice to have a

Would be nice to have a governor that other people came to for advise on such things. How long has Otter been a politician?

That is the funniest thing

That is the funniest thing I've heard! Way to go to feel great about your government asking a football coach what to do!! haha! That is soooo funny! Im thinking you will be on CNN very soon now. Way to turn it up a notch!! haha!! And we all thought that BSU playing tonight would be ridiculous!! Shows us all what a backwards hillbilly state Idaho has become...

Pete doesn't know!

Some guys in druid robes make an incantation and POW-money lands in buckets.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Great deal ....

Good for Chris "better get Maaco Bowl" Petersen! Congrats!

Putting Aside Arrogance

What I find really funny is the people om here bashing Otter for gaining inspiration from a highly successful individual in Coach Pete. Should he be like all other politicians, namely the guy in the White House, and sit up on his perch thinking he is smarter than anyone else and therefore would not prosper from outside influence? Every good leader knows that you cannot act alone, and that you always have something to learn from others success. Apparently we have become so narcissistic that we have forgotten what our Mothers taught us; you have two ears and only one mouth. So I would say to Otter, in spite of all the ignorance and hate that I see on this board, that he did the right thing in taking his staff to visit with Coach Pete. Let's not forget that other politicians have used legendary sports figures as a paradigm by which they carried themselves daily.

I wish dems would seek advice from


dems outspent Bush....

Seek help ASAP !!!!


Otter humbling himself enough to seek advice from a real expert? Will wonders never cease?

Or is he just portraying himself as such to impress constituents? Perhaps he can skim off a little BSU popularity?

Seriously scratching my head on this one.