Heretic beers proving to be a big hit in Idaho

If any of you Boise beer nuts find yourselves really loving those 22 ounce bottles of Heretic Brewing Co. beers that started showing up on Boise store shelves late last year, you are not alone.

In fact, it might even be hard to find a bottle of the Evil Twin Red Ale or Evil Cousin Imperial IPA over the next few weeks as the Heretic beers have proven to be a very popular addition to the Boise market.

“I knew the first order would go quick, but we sent out a whole palet in three days,” said Greg Barnes of Idaho Wine Merchants, which is distributing Heretic beers in southwest Idaho. “Our second order, which we thought would last a few weeks, was gone in five days.

“So many (beer lovers) had heard about them before they got here, we knew they would be popular but I guess we were caught by surprise how much,” Barnes said. Boise beer geeks “really seek out special beers and know the market.”

People at Boise’s best beer stores, like Brewforia, the Boise Co-Op, and Brewer’s Haven, have all reported brisk sales of all Heretic brews, especially the Evil Cousin Imperial IPA, a hop monster with an incredibly pungent (in a good way) aroma and balanced flavor.

Many craft been enthusiasts, and especially homebrewers, are familiar with NorCal-based Heretic Brewing Co., which was started by Jamil Zainasheff in 2010.

If such a thing exists, Zainasheff is a homebrewing celebrity. He is a frequent contributor on radio shows and podcasts from the Brewing Network — a website dedicated to homebrewing news and the technical aspects of brewing beer.

Zainasheff has also fulfilled many a homebrewer’s dream of being able to open up his own commercial brewery and sell his libations for a living.

I have to say, the beers are just excellent, especially the Evil Twin Red Ale, which really defines what can be an ambiguous style, with a strong velvety smooth malt character that avoids the burnt roastiness more aligned with a good stout that pops up in some red ales.

One more really cool thing about Heretic is that they distribute beers in California and Idaho. That’s it. No where else. Take that Oregon! In your face, Colorado! For once, Idaho gets ahead. I love it. Drink a Heretic with the knowledge that you can drink something here they can’t get in Portland. Petty, I know. But fun, right?

You can expect to pay around $7 a bottle (or more) for double deuce of Heretic, but the results are spectacular.

But I could get two 12 packs of Diet A&W at Rite Aid...


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Thanks David.

We can thank David Roberts at Brewforia for making it possible for Heretic to be in Boise. He took the initiative and reached out to Jamil when he heard that they were looking to expand their distribution. The fact that our website was established was the thing that sealed the deal but it never would have happened if not for David.