Source: Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease to leave, with Florida and Alabama as possible destinations

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

It looks like the Boise State football program will lose its offensive coordinator for the second straight season.

Brent Pease has decided to leave the Broncos and will choose between offers to become the offensive coordinator at Florida and Alabama, a source told the Idaho Statesman. Florida is considered the favorite.

The Gainesville Sun reports that Pease is in Gainesville, Fla., to meet with the Gators and plans to meet with Alabama coach Nick Saban on Tuesday.

Quarterback recruit Nick Patti, who is from Orlando, Fla., said Friday he plans to join the Broncos next week regardless of the coordinator situation. He contacted Petersen and was told Pease had not finalized his departure but is considering his options, he said.

"A lot of the reason I'm going there is for coach Petersen, a lot more than the offensive coordinator," Patti said. "No doubt, I'll be there next Saturday."

Petersen is traveling and unavailable for comment.

Pease was the Broncos' wide receivers coach from 2006 to 2010. He took a job as the Indiana offensive coordinator after last season, then returned to Boise State days later when offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin left to take a coordinator job at Texas.

Pease and three other Boise State offensive assistants visited Alabama last spring as part of their annual professional development. Saban was the Houston Oilers' defensive backs coach when Pease was a quarterback there. Defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski also made that trip.

Pease helped develop wide receivers Jeremy Childs, Austin Pettis, Titus Young and Tyler Shoemaker into record-setting players.

In 2011, he orchestrated an offense that ranked sixth in scoring (44.2 points per game), ninth in total offense (481.3 yards per game), first in sacks allowed (eight) and fourth in pass efficiency (171.57).

Pease has served as offensive coordinator at Montana, Northern Arizona, Baylor and Kentucky.

Wide receivers coach Robert Prince, who once was the designated heir apparent to Chris Petersen as the Broncos' coordinator, is considered the leading candidate to replace Pease. Prince rejoined the staff last year.

Prince was the wide receivers coach at Boise State from 2001 to 2003, while Petersen was the coordinator. He left for a job in the NFL, where he spent six years as an offensive assistant with three teams. He was the wide receivers coach at Colorado in 2010, under former Boise State coach Dan Hawkins.

Earlier Friday, reported that Pease is the top candidate for the coordinator jobs at Alabama and Florida.

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Just some thoughts - nothing conclusive, just preliminary stuff.

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I used to think that maybe JLandon and windex and TBK and RMSandford were part of this stuff too, but I think they have realized how many thousands of dollars the Worm Boys have cost the BAA and BSU in the form of lost memberships and decreased cash donations coming to a halt from many people reading the Worm Boys stuff on these boards, about how it is 'nonsense' to join the BAA and contribute money to the BAA and all the other Vandal/Bronco Hate crappola they put out.

Once again you post positive stuff about joining the Bronco Athletic Association and how imporatn it is to give the BAA money for expansion of Bronco Stadium and you get flagged by the Worm Boys. Go figure.

Maybe JLandon is not a Worm Boy. We know that razor and the 'B' Guy are.

Maybe it is only Two Worm Boys.

It if is only 2 then we can rename them the DirtBag Duo.

Just a thought.

Go 2012 Broncs.

BAA Member #63799

PS - I am still thinking B81 is a Worm Boy, maybe too. He is a Turn Coat Traitor Vandal and wishes only for the death of the Vandals, as we know them. I think he was not accepted into Graduate School (MBA) at Idaho so he settled for BSU's MBA program, and has been bitter ever since. It is kinda understandable when you really process it, as Idaho is so very selective about who they accept for the Vandal MBA program - you really have to have it together to get into that program. He is just upset that Idaho has such high standards, I am left wondering about, and not being sure about an anwer.

Yes VNDL....the censor filter must have been

off and one of my posts slipped thru, thus a flagging?

People are sensitive these days over many things....I think the economy is part of it....and the BCS system and lack of playoffs for cfb is other parts....

Bronco gear was being worn all-over eastern Idaho from Pocy thru IF in Nov and Dec, and now you hardly see any at all....The Vandal bumper stickers are starting to show again....

Not sure if DBD is flagging, or just some lonely blogger with nothing else to do....Oh well, life is good....and people should support the Broncos whenever they can....this is a one-time shot at the NC, I believe....but it does take monies....

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Nice read on Wilcox

Thanks, Coach Pease!

Wishing him the very best success...until we play.
Then, it's beat down time. Followed by coach regret.
(I kid, I kid...kinda, but not really)