Source: Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease to leave, with Florida and Alabama as possible destinations

By Chadd Cripe
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It looks like the Boise State football program will lose its offensive coordinator for the second straight season.

Brent Pease has decided to leave the Broncos and will choose between offers to become the offensive coordinator at Florida and Alabama, a source told the Idaho Statesman. Florida is considered the favorite.

The Gainesville Sun reports that Pease is in Gainesville, Fla., to meet with the Gators and plans to meet with Alabama coach Nick Saban on Tuesday.

Quarterback recruit Nick Patti, who is from Orlando, Fla., said Friday he plans to join the Broncos next week regardless of the coordinator situation. He contacted Petersen and was told Pease had not finalized his departure but is considering his options, he said.

"A lot of the reason I'm going there is for coach Petersen, a lot more than the offensive coordinator," Patti said. "No doubt, I'll be there next Saturday."

Petersen is traveling and unavailable for comment.

Pease was the Broncos' wide receivers coach from 2006 to 2010. He took a job as the Indiana offensive coordinator after last season, then returned to Boise State days later when offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin left to take a coordinator job at Texas.

Pease and three other Boise State offensive assistants visited Alabama last spring as part of their annual professional development. Saban was the Houston Oilers' defensive backs coach when Pease was a quarterback there. Defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski also made that trip.

Pease helped develop wide receivers Jeremy Childs, Austin Pettis, Titus Young and Tyler Shoemaker into record-setting players.

In 2011, he orchestrated an offense that ranked sixth in scoring (44.2 points per game), ninth in total offense (481.3 yards per game), first in sacks allowed (eight) and fourth in pass efficiency (171.57).

Pease has served as offensive coordinator at Montana, Northern Arizona, Baylor and Kentucky.

Wide receivers coach Robert Prince, who once was the designated heir apparent to Chris Petersen as the Broncos' coordinator, is considered the leading candidate to replace Pease. Prince rejoined the staff last year.

Prince was the wide receivers coach at Boise State from 2001 to 2003, while Petersen was the coordinator. He left for a job in the NFL, where he spent six years as an offensive assistant with three teams. He was the wide receivers coach at Colorado in 2010, under former Boise State coach Dan Hawkins.

Earlier Friday, reported that Pease is the top candidate for the coordinator jobs at Alabama and Florida.

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Best of Luck!

I hope that this works out well for Brent. I can't blame him for making the move to either school - he's going to end up being a head coach someplace and he's making the right moves. I have to say that I kind of liked seeing BSU-like plays from the Longhorns. "Trickeration" isn't a dirty word anymore.

And congratulations to Robert Prince!


Apparently, it (trickeration) was kinda like a dirty word at BSU in 2011.

Sure didn't see as much of it this year as a couple of years ago.

I sm looking forward to some new and exciting OC stuff. I like Pease, but I will not be sad when he leaves and we get a new agressive and hungry OC.

Pease got real conservative and boring with his play selections. Nothing like plays the Broncos became famous for with their 'trickeration' during the undefeated seasons.

The First Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma had some serious 'trickeration'. It was that 'trickeration' that makes that game one of the Top Ten college football games, ever played.

Was great to watch.

Anyway, good luck to Pease, a Mountain Home, Idaho boy and born in Joe Vandal's Tribal Camp (Moscow, Idaho), to a fine set of Vandal Parents, I might add.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

Addition by Subtraction

Congrats Coach Pease, another BSU assistant striking gold thanks to the tutelage of Coach Pete. I look forward to Coach Prince running things though!

The change will be good

Pease was a good OC but as the season wore on he became predictable.

I guess the defensive

coordinators from other schools didn't pick up on his predictablility...

Good grief

I like the man, but, seriously, he should make up his mind.


Out, back in, then out..Jeez Guy let yer knickers dry at least two seasons in a job... but then the kind of money those southern confederates are going to throw at him makes that philosophy a bit difficult.. He will be back though.. the minute his kid's math teacher comes a courtin' after school hours, and I am not meaning extra tutoring... He will run, not walk, right out of the south...

My whole memory of my experience in the Gainsville is Confederate flags in the rear window of semi tractors parked next to single wide trailers, an argument with a local that Jesus was a "white boy" , and bikini clad, dentally challenged chicks hitchhiking out of St. Petersburg heading to Orlando,with no bags.. The trip is about 300 miles from what i remember.

OK image is becoming clearer as to how the NCAA FB has become the house of whores.

they let you write whores?

I got slammed for D@mned... dammit!

What an utterly ignorant

What an utterly ignorant comment! How long ago were you in Florida? There aren't confederate flags everywhere and assure you there are MANY more trailers in Idaho than Florida! And the distance from Orlando to St. Petersburg is 100 miles so you obviously don't know anything about the state. Do you not think people will verify what you say when you post on it a public venue like this? I know the educational institutions are inferior in Idaho but I didn't realize they were that bad!





But like a yo yo

He will come back to haunt us... If he does come back, leave the smelling gator skinned boots and matching vest in the dead heat of summer.

Nothing but regrets

After he leaves. Hey Brent, have fun down there in the backwoods.

Not sure if you can get much

Not sure if you can get much more "backwoods" than Idaho... Not saying that is a bad thing, just saying that Idaho is pretty much backwood type of country....


is WAY different than the deep south. It may be backwoods in its own way, but it's about 180 degrees different than the southeast. I travel down to that part of the country regularly and lets just say I consider myself very lucky to have been born and raised in the pacific northwest.

As far as Pease goes, he never seemed very tied to BSU. This is probably a good move for him from a career standpoint.


True that...Coach Pete shoulda cut the ties when he drifted off to Indiana last year.


you can take the kid out of the south, but you can't take the confederate flag out of the window.

And I live in Atlanta (deep

And I live in Atlanta (deep south) and I assure you that Atlanta is generations ahead of anything in Idaho! The population of metropolitan Atlanta is 5.5 million which is three times larger than your entire state! Also there are 11 Fortune 500 headquartered in Atlanta. The entire state of Idaho has only one. So keep showing your ignorance by making stupid comments about the south.


And how about little Sylvania, Georgia (deep south) that still has a cemetery for the "white folks" and one for the "black folks"... Yeah, generations ahead!


have obviously never spent any time in Alabama....and had BBQ at the local gas station....not so much as "backwoods" as it is "backwards"....Gainesville is ok if you don't walk to close to the water areas where an alligator can take you out if your not careful.


Been to a BBQ following a Midwestern State football game in Wichita Falls, TX and it was pretty cool.

Yet another ignorant comment

Yet another ignorant comment from someone that knows nothing about the south. BBQ is not sold at gas stations and alligators aren't taking people out in Florida. Go back to farming your potatoes and stay out of the south!

Somewhere TBK is throwing a party...

Hopefully he keeps it safe!

I think TBK has been holding out on us......

First Bly, now Pease.....

I think he has more pull down there than he is letting on.

Throw'n a Pease don't let the door hit ya on your way out party

here's 3 little words that Bama fans are gonna get to know really well ... THREE AND OUT

and if he goes to Florda...

here's 3 little words that Gator fans are gonna get to know really well ... THREE AND OUT

Ω Straight ...

... Tabasco, huh?

You forgot

THREE AND missed field goal.......



Ask other ex-coaches about greener pastures!

Wilcox and Harsin,

seem to be doing OK for themselves.....

Houston Nutt...

...Dan Hawkins, etc.

Hawkins I'll buy

But Nutt left here 14 years ago and has been an SEC head coach all 14 years.....


I don't know how he does it but NUTT is one of the highest paid coaches in college football today!!??!!

Not no more

He resigned at the end of this season.

Nutt had a terrible record

Nutt had a terrible record at Ole Miss and he would have been fired in he had not resigned. He was no where close to being one of the highest paid coaches in football nor should he have been. Lastly, he was only at Ole Miss three years....not 14. He was at Arkansas 9 years.


If you will read my post a little more carefully I never said he had a good record. Also I never said he coached at Ole' Miss for 14 years.

I was just about to post the

I was just about to post the same comment. According to nt1819's earlier comment about educational inst. in Idaho being inferior, I guess they aren't any better in Atlanta or perhaps they just don't teach reading comprehension.

No secret

It's no secret that Brent wants to be a head coach. That job isn't going to be available here for a long time.

Ω Signing Day yak fest

Ω Signing Day yak fest

For those who would like to meet other avid Bronco fans and talk football and sports in general, there is a get-together planned for around noon on February 1 near the BSU campus. This is Signing Day and there will be plenty to discuss. Among the topics will be the spring game, which many of us are planning to attend.

There will be at least one special guest and there has been discussion about another.

As is always the case, nobody will standing at the front door with a hat out in one hand nor a questionnaire in the other. This is for football fans, with no strings attached.

If interested, email me at and be sure to use your screen name. This is a temp email address that will allow me to get back with you while verifying that no trolls get through.

Is this like meeting at The Ram?

Or is this gonna be more serious and respectable? I'd rather be unserious and less-respectable.

Itll be like the time you came before...

...but better.


Sweet. Good excuse to eat, drink, and shoot the...breeze.

What if somebody wants to join the BAA?

At the last meeting I attended in OCT, at the Ram, I had some little BAA donation slips that I got from the BAA for donations to the BAA's expansion of Bronco Stadium project. Matt Broders of the BAA gave me a stack of them when I stopped and talked with him at the BAA Offices an contributed a couple hundred to the BAA, prior to the luncheon. I know he has more if you want to stop by and get some from him for your meeting. I passsed these out and we discussed the importance of contributing money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium project and for joining the BAA. This was so people could donate and join the BAA if they chose to. The idea was to make the BAA's donation slips available if anybody wanted to help the BSU Broncos and Coach Pete.

Are you gonna have those at the meeting, too?

You might want to have some in case there are any Bronco Fans that want to contribute to the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium project - making it easy for the Bronco Fan - to fill it out and you deliver back to Matt Broders - kind of as a public service type of thing helping your Fellow Broncos.

If any Bronco Fans wanted to contribute and filled out the slips at the meeting, you could then take them back to the BAA Offices, after the meeting, and give them to Matt Broders. I am sure, the BAA would apppreciate any efforts on your part to support the BAA and the Bronco Football Team.

Also, the BAA has applications for BAA Membership, that you could have there, in case anybody wanted to join the BAA - they would then have the application to join.

Maybe you would want to have these applications handy in case anybody wanted to support the BAA. I always have a few of them and the BAA Bronco expansion of Bronco Stadium donation slips in my rigs and briefcase, wherever I go. I have had real good results in getting Bronco Fans to join the BAA and send the donation slips into the BAA Offices. When I strike up a conversation with people about college football and they tell me they are Bronco Fans I always show them my BAA Membership card and they get a chuckle out of a Vandal belonging to the BAA and supporting the Bronco Football Team. I explain to them that I am an Idahoan Vandal and wish the Broncos nothing but success and want them to bring a FBS National Trophy back to Idaho. then I ask them if they are BAA Members too or have contributed to the BAA's Bronco stadium project. If they say 'no' - and most do - I give them an application form to join the BAA and contribute money to help the Bronco football Team.

I have had great success in getting Bronco Fans to join the BAA. Yes - yes - yes - maybe I am putting a 'guilt trip' on them, but they are my friends and neighbors and they don't want to be outdone by a 'Vandal' when it comes to expressing 'Bronco Support'.

I amsure you have a myriad of Bronco Fan friends that you could motivate to join the BAA if you tried.

If you want, just let me know how many you need for your meeting and I will call Matt and he will get them ready for you to pick up before your meeting.

Just a thought.

Go 2012 Broncos.

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Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

is the florida job really a

is the florida job really a upgrade?good luck to him,did not like his call playing anyway.Go Broncos

Did you seriously

just ask that question?

That's funny...



how crybaby Saban does not want to give BSU any BCS credit but he is always in line to snag a BSU coach.

Saban is always is in line

Saban is always is in line to snag a BSU coach??? And how many times has he tried to get one of the BSU coaches? And how juvenile can you be by calling Saban a cry baby? He is by far the best coach in college football today as evidenced by his three NC's at two different SEC schools. He knows the SEC and he knows how tough the schedule is every weekend as compared to BSU's schedule of playing one decent team a year and then whining every all season that they should be in the NCG.