Linebacker who originally signed with Hawaii decides to join Boise State football team; Shea McClellin gets combine invite

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team has added a linebacker to its 2012 recruiting class — a last-minute addition who was supposed to play for Hawaii.

Tyler Gray (6-foot-3, 225 pounds), who signed with Hawaii in February but grayshirted during the fall semester, was scheduled to fly to Hawaii on Friday, his speed coach, John Spells, said. Boise State contacted Gray on Wednesday and — in part because Hawaii changed coaching staffs — Gray took the Broncos’ scholarship offer.

“Tyler was a minute from being a Warrior,” Spells said.

Gray earned All-CIF and all-state honors as a linebacker in 2010, according to KSBY, the California TV station that first reported Gray’s commitment. He made 143 tackles and five sacks and rushed for nearly 1,600 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Gray is one of at least six recruits expected to join the Broncos this month. Junior-college transfers Demarcus Lawrence (defensive end) and Connor Peters (tight end) already have signed letters of intent. Quarterback Nick Patti plans to graduate from high school early and tight end Hayden Plinke grayshirted from the Broncos’ 2011 class. The sixth is defensive end Elliot Hoyte, who is from England.

Here’s the Broncos’ 2012 class so far:

Oral commitments (17):
— QB Nick Patti, 5-11, 190, Dr. Phillips HS (Orlando, Fla.)
— WR/RB Shane Rhodes, 5-7, 160, Klein Collins HS (Spring, Texas)
— CB Chaz Anderson, 6-0, 175, Loyola HS (Los Angeles)
— TE Armand Nance, 6-1, 238, Dekaney HS (Houston)
— RB Devan Demas, 5-9, 170, Cypress Creek HS (Houston)
— OL Steven Baggett, 6-4, 250, Martin HS (Arlington, Texas)
— RB Jack Fields, 5-11, 200, Americas HS (El Paso, Texas)
— CB Donte Deayon, 5-9, 155, Summit HS (Fontana, Calif.)
— LB Ben Weaver, 6-1, 225, Klein HS (Spring, Texas)
— OL Travis Averill, 6-4, 280, Servite HS (Anaheim, Calif.)
— LB Andrew Pint, 6-2, 215, Valor Christian HS (Highlands Ranch, Colo.)
— N Chris Santini, 6-1, 216, Leland HS (San Jose, Calif.)
— S Chanceller James, 6-2, 190, Steele Canyon HS (San Diego)
— DE Elliot Hoyte (Tavistock, England)
— WR/S D.J. Dean, 6-1, 190, Eagle HS
— P/K Sean Wale, 6-2, 180, La Habra HS (Whittier, Calif.)
— LB Tyler Gray, 6-3, 225, Templeton (Calif.) HS

Signed letters of intent (2)
— DE Demarcus Lawrence, 6-4, 240, Butler CC (Aiken, S.C.)
— TE Connor Peters, 6-4, 245, Laney College (Antioch, Calif.)

Grayshirt from 2011 class (1)
— TE Hayden Plinke, 6-4, 230, Glencoe HS (Hillsboro, Ore.)


Boise State defensive end Shea McClellin (Marsing High) has received invitations from the NFL Scouting Combine and the East-West Shrine Game, he said. McClellin hasn’t accepted the Shrine invite yet because he’s still hopeful of receiving a Senior Bowl invite.

McClellin is the fourth confirmed combine invitee, joining quarterback Kellen Moore, safety George Iloka and offensive tackle Nate Potter.


I caught up with wide receiver Titus Young today for a story that will appear in Saturday’s paper. The Detroit Lions rookie has had a strong season and will make his playoff debut Saturday night.

“My role is actually expanding each week, every week I’m getting that confidence with (quarterback) Matthew Stafford,” Young said. “I feel like my role is big on this offense. I’ve been given a lot of opportunities the last couple weeks to make plays for my team. I’ve always prided myself on doing that.”

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Ω Great news

Thanks for the update, Chadd.

Go after it, Shea.

Cant wait for Hoyte

The kid has ability but is really raw. I wonder when he makes an impact.

You could join if you wanted to. That's right you already do.

Please join the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA).

Please join the BAA at the highest level you can afford. Here is some information about the membership levels and how to join:

Read more here:

He's a beast

Here's the video of Gray.

I would not want to be in front of him when he picks up steam.

Good find Alpha

Im glad hes playing LB for us and not RB...tho he can rumble.

Good news

all around, appreciate the timely updates. Looks like Coach Pete and his staff are working hard during this contact period from Jan 4 to Jan 7. One more two week period toward the end of the month, but the best prospects may be gone by then.

I wonder if Stadium will be big

enough for all the fans?

May have to increase ticket price?

a new kicker?

espn & are showing a new kicker from SoCal - Sean Wale. Tells us more Chad, thanks.

He did Dave yesterday.

Just go to BRONCO BEAT main page you'll see it.


Are there any white boys in this group?

wowow - that sounds dangerously close to 'racism'

You might want to go back and change it, or explain what you meant by it.

Better hurry or razor or one of his Board Thought Patrol People will bust you.

Tht is really 'over the top', even for one of them HSCers. I don't think B81 or windex would say something like that, but maybe JLandon or the 'B' Guys would, cuz they seem to be like real slitherers.

but we know that blkshoe946 is not any of them, darn it.

I am surprised the HSC has not posted that it was a Vandal that made you post it. They usually do that type of low crud like stuff.

VNDL....Bad news on Fundraising....

You have trusted me to keep stats on Stadium....You have done so because you know that all Math I use is of the highest order and integrity and of differential equation proportions....

I am un-biased....

When you started blogging fundly stuff, the amount was around $3800....then your amazing skills had increased that to $14,635 in just 51 days! First of most, I want to say thanks! Stadium was on the way!

Your short 51 day campaign averaged a $213.45 per day....that is most by far....

then came the other crew....I'll give them $50 credit thus we have been at $14,685 for over 17 days now....

thus, we went from $213.45 per day clear down to just $0.14 per day....yes, it is true, 14 cents per day!

I hope there are alot more bonds to cash?

This news

feels like BSU coaches are poachers. For some reason I thought the Broncos were above that. I'm kinda disappointed. Oh well!

Interesting take.....

Of course if the kid was really sold on Hawaii he would have turned down a scholarship offer from BSU....

Actions speak louder than words

The report said, "Boise State contacted Gray on Wednesday...". The article also said he had signed with Hawaii in February.

I also recall an article written 1 1/2 to 2 years ago on how Coach Pete has a strong dislike for programs who go after his recruits, particularly after he's done all of his homework.

Now if the report said this kid contacted Boise State I wouldn't have had the reaction that I did have.

Well he didn't actually sign

with Hawaii, he was a grey-shirt. Had Hawaii actually put him on scholarship he would still be at Hawaii.


Chadd's report says, "Tyler Gray (6-foot-3, 225 pounds), who signed with Hawaii in February". I understand the difference between greyshirt and redshirt...the fact is the article said he signed with Hawaii in Feb 2011. I also vividly recall how coach Pete voicing his displeasure of other schools poaching his recruits.

My bad

It would appear the kid did sign a letter of intent back in February. He was grey-shirting this year.

Here's a local write up


for the share on the article. I'm sure he's truly happy to be a Bronco and I'm happy for him...but at the same time my feelings are mixed.

Isn't it true

That the coaching staff that did the homework is no longer at the University? Doesn't seem like it is poaching in this case and not all like what Pete was talking about.

Ω That's the reason Gray gave ...

... for changing his mind. Lose your staff and anyone not "delivered" becomes a free agent.


is holden huff still part of the program? he is on the roster as freshman tight end, have not heard anything else. he & laughrea attended the same hs.


Yes. He redshirted last season. He should be a factor in the fall.

ugly - regarding bad news on fundraising

not only in Boise, but throughout Idaho and other states, as well. Just think how disgusted many Bronco Fans are with people who cal themselves Broncos saying that joining the BAA and contributing to the expansion of Bronco Stadiumis 'nonsense'. But these guys have said it is 'nonsense' over and over and over.

Just sit back and try to imagine how many thousands of dollars in potential BAA memberships and BAA donations have been lost due to the confusion caused, on purpose, and intentionally. by these people who say they are supposedly Bronco Fans, yet say it is 'nonsense' to join the BAA or help the Broncio Fotball Team with donations of money to the BAA?
Just think of the damage that 'B43S42U' has caused by articulating his belief, many timeson these boards, that joining the BAA is 'nonsense' and donating money to expand Bronco Stadiumis 'nonsense'. He does not deny having said/written it.

I learned today that it really gets to them if you call them a Good Friend at the end of a posting or blow into their ears. It also drives my two Pugs nuts when I blow into their ears when they are sleeping and tickle their tummies.

Tee Hee Hee.

I really think the BSU Foundation is loaded with tons and tons of assets and bonds and such that have matured and could be cashed out. Go back and dig out that audit of the BSU Foundation I posted a few days ago. It includes a very complete listing of all assets, bonds, securities, mutual funds, and etc. owned by the BSU Foundation. The BSU Foundation has tons of money - it is the Endowement that is behind the power curve as compared to real universities with real endowements (which is really what is holding BSU back from ever joining the PAC with elite schools with Endowements in the billions of dollars (Stanford, Oregon, and etc.) Broncos will get there someday, if they keep pumping Endowement Funds money intothe footbal (athletics) program and reduce money into needless non revenue generating programs such as academics and Marching Band instruments and cymbals.). It won't be long and the BSU Endowement isll double and then triple, due to the phenomenal growth and money being generated by the BAA's Footbal Team. the BSU/BAA Football Business is alive and well at BSU, these days.

The expansion of Bronco Stadium will happen. Someday you and I will be sitting in one of the maximum 50,000 seats at Bronco stadium and be looking around, knowing the 'build out' has been completed and there are no more Phases left to do and it is all done - and then we will go to the bathroom and find out the horse trough is still there.

We will know that we earned our seats in the stadium. Between you and SIF and I (3 Vandals) we have brought in about maybe $10,000 so far? That means we have each improved the Bronco Stadium expansion project by however many seats that $10,000 can buy. I do not know how much each seat will cost by the time Phase I is completed, as most of Phase I construction is for a capitol improvement that does not generate any reveue )coaches Offices and team locker rooms and such).

You are right, as usual - the tickets for football games need to go up doubled - and tripled.

BSU is being too timid when it comes to gouging Boiseans and BSU students for game receipts and Bronco gear.


VNDL....on double Bronco Tickets, not is parity....

Look at ticket prices for top 15 BCS Boise top 15, or not?

If not, the keep status quo....if so, then match ticket prices with the BCS Boys....

Are we BCS or not?

VNDL....A Hard Look at Economics !!!!

Todays scenario....Broncos have 34,000 fans at average $55/ticket thus $1.9M Gate Revenues....

Now lets raise tickets $


22,000 fans at $150/ticket = $3.30M
26,000 fans at $125/ticket = $3.25M
28,000 fans at $100/ticket = $2.80M
32,000 fans at $75/ticket = $2.40M
34,000 fans at $55/ticket = $1.90M (today)

Thus, if raise ticket price and 10,000 fans do not show--so what! still gate revenues have increased....with 22,000 fans at $150 over $1.4M more raised....

Now in future, lets say 50,000 Bronco Stadium has tickets lowered to $30 as CBF wants....then 50,000 fans x $30 = $1.50M

We are going backwards !!!!

Build Stadium and Raise Prices because we want BCS Parity as the other BCS Schools !!!!

ugly - gouging is not bad at all

it shows we have arrived as a Top 15 BCS School.

There is nothing wrong with gouging. It is just another name for setting a price point at a point where the demand for the tickets starts to drop off rapidly.

Gouging is good in business, especially sports business where you only have 6 home games a year and a captive market to begin with.

We all know and admit that BSU is a Football University and football Gate Receipt factory. This is all good stuff.
BSU and the BAA can finally take advantage of the success the Bronco Football Team has broung the City of Boise, Garden City, Ada County, and BSU.

BSU and the BAA need to make every penny they can off of the current success of the BAA Bronco Football Team. Who knows, maybe the success of the Bronco Football team will be permanent and one of those guranteed things you can always count on an undefeated season, or conference championship, or coming real close to getting into a bCS Bowl. I sure hope so. But if for some reason the Brnco Football Team's success if 'fleeting' and could be gone in a flash - BSU and the BAA need to cash in as fast as they can and with as much as they can get, before it is too late.

I say keep raising the ticket prices until you hit a point where you still can't sell about 5,000 of the seats for whatever raised price that is double or triple or whatever it turns out to be), then give those empty seat tickets away to charity and claim that contribution as a tax deduction for a BSU program that helps the homeless, parents without borders, and Teen Mothers Against Showers.

I am all for gouging if it is done with the best of intent.


VNDL and Ugly

Don't you think we should take donations to raise money to pay for a study to determine the elasticity of ticket prices? It would provide a much accurate projection as to the number of seats really needed and the study could pay for itself over time. Perhaps an elasticity study has already been completed? Who could we ask to find out. Just seems to me this would be an important component of a revenue projection.


Good point, and yes I have brought that up....seems like BSU Marketing cla$$ or some MBA crew could do analysis for college....

We dont need donations....what could happen is they just suddenly raise prices at second home game, as$uming they win MSU, to an average $90 and see what beginning and end of game we (vndl, ugly, sif, etc) could hand out questionaire and take observations....

I say do 'Shock and Awe' from get go....just raise to $125 and then live with it....Boise loves the Broncos and they will come back, even though at first they may boy-cott....not all will.... as my math shows at $125, you only need 15,200 fans to 'match' the normal gate revenues....


I had a feeling you'd already brought this subject to the attention of those who need to have this brought to their attention. I think it could be done by a combination of a marketing and MBA class. Why does it have to be BSU? Wouldn't the econ folks at UI jump at an opportunity to study this question? I could also see those people studying statistics jumping at the opportunity to study probabilities.

I would happily volunteer to hand out the survey instruments. I would also want to be a fly on the wall to watch the development of the instrument. That would be worth the price of admission.

You are correct that they should just go for the $125 million. I see very little downside risk and that investment would bring 10's of millions of dollars into the Treasure Valley, which is good for all of Idaho.

A few years ago the media questioned UCONN's men's basketball coach how he could justify his coaching salary. His reply was that he stated the 10's of millions of dollars the UCONN basketball program generates for the local economy. argument from me.

SIF - I will volunteer, Pro Bono, too

I know I said maybe use a little grant moeny to get Vandals on board.

But, hey, it is a project that would benefit all Idahoans - Vandals and Broncos.

I will offer to voulunteer my experience, also; and we could form a Volunteer Vandal Working Group.

I believe we can get some graduate assistants and/or graduate students at the University of Idaho to be part of our Volunteer Vandal Working Group.

If we start by putting the word out about getting a Volunteer Vandal Working Group formed, including graduate business, and econ, and stats folks, I think we could get it up and running.


PS - I am thinking maybe getting some graduate student Social Science/Social Work/Welfare folks involved too, to develop profiles of what a Common Bronco Fan would look like and what would be the limits on his/her ability to donate money to the BAA for the betterment of BSU Football and Idahoans as a whole.

SIF - you have been using your Vandal Mind I can see that

Yes, we need to have a study to detrmine the elasticity of ticket prices.

I am somewhat surprised at the way the Broncos go about planning their growth.

It all starts with a Demand.

Coach Pete says he wants expansion to Bronco stadium and 10,000 more seats or he is gonna go elsewhere. President Kustra, out of desperation to keep coach Pete happys, sez - sure we ill build you one and it will be done in 2013. Coach Pete said okay he will stick around, maybe get a few more bucks a year thrown in. Kustra says okay.

So now we got a fundraising drive going on and an artists rendition of what the Stadium will look completed.

However, no blue prints or schematics have even been developed at this junture.

No demographics have been collected, no feasibility study complteted, no elasticity study has been completed nor even thought about, until you envision it (which is probably some real basic stuff for you, I am guessing).

The BSU people are not experienced planners, they are politicians and gladhanders with communications degrees. They desperately need the help of Vandals.

But, financing is not a problem, as there is a ton of money in the BSU Foundation that can pay for the construction of a new 80,000 seat stadium if they really wanted to. So getting money or any form of profitability concern is of no value to these people as money is not a concern - it will get funded, so whether or not the seats get filled or even pay for themselves over the next 20 years is of no concern to the BSU people. It would be of basic and grave concern to hardcore business people and Vandals , but not the Bronco People, because they got the money making cash machine BSU Football Team bringing in huge revenue every year. And, good for BSU to have a team like that. They have worked hard to get one, and now they have arrived.

Maybe one of these people could help you find out if there has ever been any feasibility studies or elasticity studies or blue prints or schematics of any proposed expansion of Bronco stadium:

When I talked with Matt Broders a few weeks ago, blue prints of the expansion of Bronco Stadium - location of coaches offices - team locker room - players lounge - film room - and etc., have still not been developed, so maybe by now they have some done.

Possibly we Vandals with our special type of experience and doc#mented learertship abilities, could put together a Vandal Volunteer Working Group to assist the Broncos with some Pro Bono expertise and advice. I believe it would be a wonderful challenge and allow us to work toward a shared goal for the benefit of all Idahoans.

If you can get something like this up and running, count me in to be one of your assistants and group/team mates.

I have often had dreams of a long white hair and bearded Joe Vandal with a Golden helmet and a silver sword riding a wild bronco through the heavens while trumpeters announced his presence and Vandal Maidens danced nymph like around a green grass meadow and some other plump and not so nymph like Maneline Munchers clomped around shaking the earth with their very footsteps.

This could be our opportunity to assist the Broncos and get the Maneline Munchers to chill out and sit down.

I am all for it


If there are some Big Bucks Grant monies available, we Vandals could 'Vandal up' and charge a modest/fair/reasonable/ percentage of the gross grant for performing the professional work.

but either way, we would be available to help our New Good Friends.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

Well said, Gordon Gecko

The road to you know where is paved with your good intentions.

Let's remember that we are talking about BSU here -- not a century-old school whose graduates are the pillars of the community. BSU is just too young to have inherited season tickets, 15 year waiting lists, and the other hallmarks of the schools you want to compare us to.

What BSU has is a community that is involved with the school. The people travel to bowl games. They traveled to see Georgia. They traveled to see Virginia Tech.

Now, you propose to price the community out of it. That's just a bad idea.

Moreover, the amounts of money that you are discussing are way too small to make a difference. BSU didn't get invited to the Sugar Bowl this year because the organizers thought they could make more money with Virginia Tech. Having empty seats at the stadium, which you get with excessive prices and a community not involved, was one of the factors that the BSU naysayers pointed at as the season closed, and may well have led to the perception -- I think erroneous -- that BSU fans would not have filled their part of the Superdome and the New Orleans hotels and restaurants. Your proposal for gouging would only make that worse. The difference in bowl revenue was more than $10 million. Your own handpicked numbers show a gain in ticket revenues of less than $2 million from ridiculous pricing.

As to needing "to cash in as fast as they can and with as much as they can get, before it is too late", why? This isn't a business seeking to maximize quarterly revenues for Wall Street. Even if it were, BSU still is at the point of working to build its brand, where gaining goodwill matters.

A far smarter approach would be to tier ticket prices. Price the skybox prices high -- skybox high -- with prices for seats on the upper rows lower than prices on the lower rows. Maintain the community atmosphere by keeping a lot of the ticket costs down where wage-earners can afford them. Those are the people who buy the sweatshirts, fly the flags on their pickups and generally keep Bronco football attached to the community. You'll gain more in licensing revenue than you lose in ticket prices.

Gouging? That's just a good way to lose the support of the community.

calhoun....again its not is parity....

Look at ticket prices on stubhub and see what other fans are willing to pay and watch their BCS Team....

If Boise State is a top 15 BCS now and say in next 10 years also, they will also need those types of revenues....the ticket prices I provided were just examples....

The sky boxes are already around $100-$200 above average ticket prices....also, that is where the 1% donors sit and give $M each year....

I think Boises future failure in BCS will be the 'Real' cash flow....and not the phony ones of bonds and stuff....

Just Ugly's opinion....whats yours?

U-Haulin - Please join the BAA

Please join the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA).

Please join the BAA at the highest level you can afford. Here is some information about the membership levels and how to join:

VNDL....for Boise State and BCS parity BSU needs to

have a minimum $4M in gate receipts....

so, lets use simple math....

if fans willing and show for $4M gates:

5,000 fans = $800/ticket (29000 empty seats)
10,000 fans= $400/ticket (24000 empty seats)
20,000 fans= $200/ticket (14000 empty seats)
34,000 fans= $118/ticket (no empty seats)

I wonder if any of these Vandals

Will ever put their heads together to solve the financial problems of their "own" athletic department?

The problem is a simple one. 41% of the athletic budget is supported by Idaho students and State of Idaho tax payers. The current Idaho athletic budget is $14.66M, that means just over $6M is being paid for by students and tax payers.

Probably not.....


You missed a great article a few months ago on where Dr. Spears explained the challenges of funding the athletic department. The fact is that while its challenging it's doable. However, the gap between the have's and the have not's keeps getting wider. The fact of the matter is the have's need the have nots just as much to ensure they get their 6 wins to be bowl eligible. A lot of the BSC money flows back to the have nots in the "money games". It would be nice to no longer have to be one of the sisters of the poor but that's just the way it is.

Also, on a personal note...I sat through many games against Mankato St, Colorado Colleg of Mines and Sac St games where there might be 5,000 people in attendance. At least at the FBS level we get some good crowds when CSU or UNLV arrive in town. Also, the games are more challenging and entertaining. Why would Idaho want to go backwards?

B4 Part Deux

And, I am opposed to SIF's position somewhat.

You wonder if Vandals can get their heads together to fix the Vandals fiscal problems.

I am of the opinon that Vandal football should go back to the Big Sky or be eliminated in its entirety (Gonzaga model) with BBall replacing football as the athletic priority for Idaho. With Idaho spending its time and money primarily on academics with a downsizing of the current level of effort/priority to Vandal football. You know my postition, as you have read it many times on these boards and make fun of it at every turn you make.

We have BSU in our Great State to be our football univerisy.

We have Idaho in our Great State to be our academic university.

So basically, to answer your seminal question - no - Vandals cannot get their heads together to fix the Vandals fiscal problems.

However, we vandals will always be able to get our heads together to fix any and all problems that the Broncos may have.

Love and kisses,


BAA Member #63799

will I ever be allowed to encourage my fellow Broncos to join the BAA and contribute money to the BAA for expansion of Bronco stadium - without all the derisive comments that go along with the Bronco Hating by a group of Bronco Haters posing as Bronco Fans, that are just plain harrassing anybody that has attempts to encourage people to join the BAA?

I am so tired of hearing/reading that joining the BAA is 'nonsense' and contributing money to the BAA for expansion of Bronco Stadium is 'nonsense'. But that is what these people say/write on this board.

The more they harass me, the deeper I dig in and improve my trenches and battlemounts. They might be able to kill me, but they can't eat me. I got some blue and orange blood in my veins and I don't give up. their efforts to shut me up so I can't encourage Broncos to join the BAA, are not going to work. I am gonna get lots of Vandals and Broncos to join the BAA whether or not that group of whatevertheyaretypevarmints likes it or not.

I will just keep on keepin' on and providing information about how Broncos, Vandals, and all Idahoans can help suppport the Bronco Football Team and the BAA:

I know it will just be a matter of a few hours until some of these clowns come by and either flags this post or makes derisive child like comments about it - all with the expressed intent of tearing down the BAA's, President Kustra's, and Coach Pete's efforts to increase BAA Membership.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - If'n in the mornin', ya find me all shot to pieces and laid around in piles, you will know I did my best and didn't give up and got bushwhacked by those Bronco Haters during the night, and died with my comfortable Fluffy Blorange Bronco Slippers on. So if I get shot up bad, hurry on down and join the BAA real quick like, so my widow can get the $25.00 gift card for getting two or more people to join the BAA in the same day.

I will triple my efforts in the future - Please join the BAA

Please join the BAA

Please join the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA).

Please join the BAA at the highest level you can afford. Here is some information about the membership levels and how to join:

Just noticed that

Rivals had the kid as a 3-star coming out of high school.

Please join the BAA

Please join the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA).

Please join the BAA at the highest level you can afford. Here is some information about the membership levels and how to join:

Read more here:

Looks like the Village idiot

is at it again....

The more I get flagged the harder I work it

Please join the BAA.

You think BAA Membership is 'nonsense' - that is real sad

Please join the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA).

Please join the BAA at the highest level you can afford. Here is some information about the membership levels and how to join:

Considering you flag yourself

I'm sure you'll continue this little 8th grade stunt.....

not me

doing the flagging, but then again you already knew that.

You think BAA Membership is 'nonsense' - that is real sad

Please join the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA).

Please join the BAA at the highest level you can afford. Here is some information about the membership levels and how to join:

Another day of you following me around

and reading and responding to all of my posts.

I am retired and have nothing else to do today.

How about you? you retired too - or unemplyed?

Either way, just follow along and we will cover lots of ground today and you can flag away and really go on record or all to see and evaluate for themselves how big of an anti-BAA Membership type of person you really are.

Our first little excercise is a basic question for you to answer.

Question # 1: I believe it is very imortant for Vandals/Vandal/Bronco Hybrids/and Broncos to join the BAA:

A. True
B. False
C. No Opinion
D. No Response

Go ahead and answer this basic question and we can get on wlith other stuff as the day progresses. However, be advised that a No Response (D.) response will be viewed/treated/understood to be the same as a (B. - False) response.

I won't use my deceased screen name as it seemse to confuse you as to whether or not I am dead yet or not.

If you could pay attention and get right on with responding back to my posts, we could cover alot of questions today. Up to you I guess, as to how deep into your jPersonal Profile/Space you want to probe.