Boise State football coach Chris Petersen agrees to five-year, $12 million contract; State Board approves raise

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State football coach Chris Petersen has agreed to a five-year, $12 million contract, the school announced Wednesday. The announcement came on the heels of the State Board of Education's unanimous vote to approve Petersen's raise to $2 million this year.

The full contract will go to the State Board for approval at its Feb. 15-16 meeting.

The contract calls for a $2 million compensation package in 2012, $2.2 million in 2013, $2.4 million in 2014, $2.6 million in 2015 and $2.8 million in 2016.

Petersen was scheduled to make $1.625 million in 2012 under terms of his old contract.

The buyout in Petersen's new contract will be $750,000. His previous buyout was $650,000.

The contract also will include incentives. Those have not been released.

Statements provided by Boise State:

President Bob Kustra: “Chris Petersen’s success in sustaining excellence in football at Boise State has created a unique opportunity for the University to achieve national attention as a school equally dedicated to academic excellence. This has created opportunities for Boise State, its faculty, staff and students that deserves to be recognized and rewarded. Chris is a national role model for football coaches across the nation and it is my fondest hope that he will provide that leadership from Boise State for years to come.”

Petersen: “I feel honored and blessed that I will continue to lead this football team. I appreciate the support of the administration and Bronco Nation, and I’m excited about the continued growth of this program.”

Incoming Athletic Director Mark Coyle: "President Kustra, Curt Apsey (interim athletic director) and I have worked closely during this transitional period and agree that this new agreement reinforces Boise State's commitment to Coach Petersen. The academic and athletic successes of the program under Coach Petersen's leadership are recognized nationally and we are excited that he will continue to lead our football student-athletes."


Here's the background on the contract, from yesterday's blog post:

Petersen is scheduled to make $1.625 million in 2012 under his current contract, which was announced at the 2010 Fiesta Bowl and improved in February and October 2011.

Petersen’s name came up for several vacancies in college football this season. He has a five-year, rolling contract that provides a $100,000 raise each year.

The contract is extended by a year each time the Broncos win at least eight games.

Petersen is 73-6 in six seasons as the Broncos’ head coach. He made $1.525 million plus bonuses in 2011.

Petersen originally signed for $500,000 per year to replace Dan Hawkins in 2006. He has received new contracts in 2007, 2010 and 2012, and his current contract was upgraded slightly in 2011.

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So the guy from Northern

So the guy from Northern Idaho that voted against the Boise State movement to the Big East DID vote for the pay raise for Petersen. Good on ya!


We don't know that he did or not. There are 8 board members, so one did not vote.

If he did, great.....

He ...

... did

Well there's the

digital age for ya......


This shows Vandals do


Go Vandals!
Go Broncos!

Does anybody know

how this compares to what the other Big East schools (and soon to be members) pay their head coaches? Obviously this is big bucks compared to other MWC schools, but the measuring stick is different now. Or it will be in a year, anyway.

Pretty amazing to go from $500k to nearly $3M in just over 10 years. The buyout is still relatively low, though.


Would currently be 3rd in salary behind June Jones at SMU and the Rutgers coach.

Yeah I was hoping they'd

Yeah I was hoping they'd make the buyout equal to his salary.

Big East

Third behind Schiano (Rutgers) and Strong (Louisville), who make $2.3 million. There are conflicting numbers for June Jones. He was at $1.7 million in USA Today's report in 2011 but over $2 million in 2010. ... The other thing to keep in mind is it's new contract season, so who knows how things will change.

College coach salaries

@Pete - According to USA Today, as of last month he's not even in the top 10 and won't be until 2016, if no one else on the list gets a raise.

My $.02 - Considering his record is better than ANY other coach at ANY other large university, my opinion is that he's worth every penny, but since most of his pay doesn't come from public funds, it's mute for anyone to whine about it anyway.

"I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him." Galileo


you do not understand what a mute is, and what moot is, as completely do not understand the significance of Petersen having one of the best salaries in the new BE, we will give you a break

Maybe it was a lesson from Galileo...


Equally dedicated to academic excellence

Kustra says "as a school equally dedicated to academic excellence".

What academic programs do they have in the Top 50? US News and World Report Lists ZERO

They might be dedicated but they are failing on the academic side.


Have you driven by campus Bobby? Boise St. has come a long ways academically under the watch of Kustra. Results take time. You should know this Bob.


The stats says that Grad rates, retention rates are DOWN or flat during this president.

He needs to try harder.

Um actually

during the last 8 years retention and grad rates have improved......

try harder....

Look it up

Here is the link:

4 year grad rate was 7.5% in 2002 it is 5.7% in 2009.

You must be a BSU grad to think that is an improvement.

You must be an Vandal grad to only see what's on the surface...

If we're going to talk academics on a sports forum at least be intelligent about it Robert. I can make the numbers dance all day too. First off the rate compare is misleading given the explosion in student population over time period mentioned. Secondly don't pick time periods that fit your argument. We're in 2012 now so should at least have data through 2010. Please tell us the number of students who graduated every year from 2000 on.

Next up give us numbers for the other schools in Idaho & also let us know state funding per student at each university. I also want to understand transfer rates, age of students, degrees taken, etc. Have those TPS reports on my desk by Monday morning chief & make sure to return my red stapler.

I'm going hang at the bar & talk football now. Is that ok Vandals?

I am not a vandal

The data that I have is all from the link that I shared.It is the latest data available.

If you would look at US news and world report, you will see that with the Data that BSU provides they are not rated very high.

BSU does very well at Football, but the rest of the stuff on the campus (the real reason the college is there) the are very poor at.

Most schools would FIRE the president with a 5.7% graduation rate PERIOD.

As with all data...

You need to understand when it's better to compare rates or raw numbers. Given the significant change to the denominator of the ratio over this time period it makes sense to compare raw grad numbers. In addition, the reporting means very little if this isn't a true apples to apples compare & we can't normalize the data to make a true compare. For instance, you couldn't compare colleges with different funding levels per student as most students who are underfunded would supplement income by working more hours. Therefore, I would expect grad rates would be lower for the latter. Make sense?

My point is... Don't throw numbers around unless you have ability to dive into the details & explain the differences. Obvioulsy the SBOE believes Kustra is doing a good job otherwise they would have fired him long ago. That's good enough for me.

Can we talk football now?


building academics takes time. the new college of business & econ is a great addition to a college of business that is great. the rest will follow. football helps.

so Eagle Bob...

What is your solution to improve "the rest of the stuff on campus" that BSU is so poor at? What would be your plan? Are you of the opinion that investing in the athletic program is bad for the academic side of the university?

You should take a look at the top 25 public universities as ranked by your precious US News and World Reports. I think you will notice that a very high percentage of those schools have very prominent athletic programs and the head football coach at these schools like UCLA, Oh St., UofW, etc, is also the highest paid state employee. I do not believe this is an accident.

I feel that because of the success of the football program, it has opened the door for BSU to improve the overall quality of the institution. Good thongs are definitely happening around campus. It's too bad if you don't see it.

great post dex

agree completely. and i like the typo because i bet there are some good thongs happening around campus:) happy new year buddy.

B81 - did you play football in college?

I don't recall ever reading your name on any Vandal Football Roster. Possibly you did though, and I just missed it. You seem to know alot about college football. Did you gain your knowledge through personal experience or did you just read some books about it and magazines and such? Here are some questions you might answer to help us understand how you acquired your vast knowledge of colege football:

1. Did you play college football,
2. What position did you play,
3. What team did you play for,
4. What years did you play,
5. Were you a scholarship player,
6. What was your playing height and weight,
7. What is your most memborable experience when you played college football?

Looking forward to learning how vast your knowledge of college football is and how it was founded upon your personal experiences from playing.


JLandon - does this represent the quality of your thinking, too?

Ω DBeav
Submitted by razor on Wed, 01/04/2012 - 8:09pm.
You're old and not the least bit interesting.
Go back to Corvallis and sit in your own shít.
Read more here:

I see he is one of your mentors. I was just curious if you will one day copy his posting style.

I believe JL

has you on ignore.....

If you haven't noticed, you are rather annoying with your childish posts....


If he has less than ten losses in the next six seasons, he needs to be making ten mil a year.

Throwing the V baby

Unlike the vandals, Chris Petersen can throw the V for victory.

We Vandals threw the V along time ago and now

days we are giving back $$$ to our Boise Brethrens....

Welcome Back!

You can thank us later....

No Thank you!

More like threw up as you fell off your balcony in a drunken and inebriated state!


Shoot I'll coach the Geldings for half that, All I need is a fully charged cattle prod, a 2X4, and a good rawhide whip

Michigan kicker???

Was the Michigan kicker, who won the Sugar bowl, a one-time Boise State signee?

Mich kicker

No, he gave verbal to Mich but when Rod got fired he went to Miami.

State employee salaries

Good to see that a fifth tier state employee (he answers to the AD who answers to the president who answers to the SBOE who answers to the governor) can earn $2.4 million a year on a five year contract. Perhaps there is hope for the remaining state employees, most of whom haven't had a raise since July 2008 and could see their jobs eliminated at any time. It would be interesting to run calculations on his future PERSI benefits.

I've said this many times

If you want State employees to get bigger raises and better benefits you need to vote for candidates that want to raise your taxes......

When was the last time you voted for a tax increase?

Heres hoping-----

Nice to see coach Petersen get a raise. Hope we manage to keep giving our great asst coaches raises also.
Great bunch of coaches who do the job and dont get much glory.

ugly - you wanted the phone number for the Fundly BAA project

This is from the BAA's web page pertaining to Ways To Give:

"Capitol Projects
Currently, the Bronco Athletic Association is soliciting Bricks and Mortar monies for the Arguinchona Basketball Complex, the Dona Larsen Park/Track Complex (the former East Junior High site), and the next expansion of Bronco Stadium.

For years the Association has helped solicit funds for bricks and mortar projects such as the Taco Bell Arena, Bronco Stadium Expansion, Caven-Williams Sports Complex, the Stueckle Sky Center, and the renovation and purchase of the Bronco Football Complex.

For more information or to be contacted about gifting opportunities, contact Bob Madden (208-426-3557/, Matt Broders (208-426-1245/ or Michel Bourgeau (208-426-5440/"

I hope that helps you get the word out to as many Idahoans as you can about the importance of joining the BAA and contributing money for the expqnsion of Bronco Stadium.

It is really immportant for people who really like the Bronco Football Team to really support them with real money.

I know, there are a few people on these boards that wish the Broncos nothing but failure and get real pizzed when Idahoans join the BAA and contribute real money to the growth of the Broncos.

Those kind of people are so like - yesterday's half eaten peanut butter and soy sauce sandwich.

I hope it helps. If you need any more information about the importance for Idahoans to join the BAA please let me know, because I got tons of it and nothing really to post about, daily for the next 8 or 9 months or so until the next Bronco Game with Michigan State on 31 AUG '12 - that would be more important as posting about the importance of Idahoans joining the BAA.

I think with daily discussions over he next 8-9 months until the next Bronco Football Team game, we shoiuld be able to cover alot of good ground about a great many subjects pertaining to BSU Football and athletics that you and I are interested in.

Go 2012 Broncos.

Bronco Member #63799

VNDL....Muchos Gracias....

Peanut Butter with Soy Sauce? You need a better sandwich....

Thanks for the numbers. I need to also let them know the fundly website is not working has been stuck on $14,685 for two they may need to fix it and update it....with all Bronco Fans it has to be at least $18,000 by now?

I'll check....

Rob Spear's # (208) 885-0243

Make it happen you VANDAL leaders!!!


We are trying!

Thanks for the encouragement....

Um Ugly

You've already made it clear you are not a true Bronco supporter.

Nice try though

BSU4342....Not true, Never

said that....

I have always admitted that I am not a 'big' Bronco Fan....I'm not....

However, the Broncos are the State's Ticket for football; so I dont mind seeing them succeed....I admire the Team and Coaches.... but,

I'm still a Vandal....

Therefore, I dont mind supporting the Broncos financially....sure, I'm one of the 99%, but with everyone contributing our (99%) monies can go along ourselves, it is just pennies....

So ugly

You are saying you are one of your "common Bronco fans" who's willing to throw a few bucks in the pot, but not willing to really help expansion by backing a mere football game.......

Like I said, not a true Bronco supporter.....

BSU4342....I'll Explain as

VNDL and myself have so eloquently done from previous postings....

Let me summarize Bronco Fans in three ways: the CBF (99%), the rich Bronco Fan (1%), and the total fan....the total fan could be someone in Miami that likes Broncos, but likes Miami even more....

What is the CBF? That is a good be a CBF I believe that the Broncos must be your team....the CBF goes to some games, many go to more, but they support Boise with game tickets, gear, and possibly watching at sports bars or home tv....the CBF roots for Boise each week, and pays attention to them....the CBF has Boise State as their number one cfb team and they root for them....

Also, to be a CBF a person probably will live within about 300 miles from Boise....I estimated that number around 120,000....VNDL said more like 200,000; which I think he is must be close enough where someone will drive and watch a game if they have a ticket....

Thus, out of 200,000 CFB about 500 or so of them probably have donated to Stadium or have become a BAA member and support the Broncos with more than just gear or a ticket purchase....the other 199,500 have gone to a game and they watch and care about the Broncos, but have never gone any further with their monies....that is why the market field is wide-open and why they (CBF) are important....they are the 99%....and when they give, $millions can come in even though it may only be around $150 per CBF....

The 1% are there....they have joined the BAA and many have donated monies from $500 to well over $3M....This group will most likely not grow as they are aging and not many young ones stepping in....thus this group will stay the same and donate their usual $millions....

Then there are the total fans....Broncos probably have 2-3 million total fans....these fans like the Broncos, but if they win then great; and if they lose, oh well....These folks are all over the US and Idaho....Ugly is one of these....I like the Broncos, but if they lose, not a big deal....I just watch the game because they always play good football....I dont buy their gear....but donating to them is fine because they are BCS Football in Idaho....

Thus in the future, Vandals that are total fans will donate; but the biggest untapped market is the CBF....

How do you separate the CBF from his/her beloved Dollar?

Ω What defines a Bronco fan ...

... is someone who declares oneself to be so. It has nothing to do with tickets, gear, or where/if one watches or listens. It has nothing to do with where one lives, whether in the shadow of the campus or in Borneo. It has nothing to do with donations or membership in any organization.

Attempts to define otherwise by a couple of threadjackers mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

You and your little pal DO NOT make the definitions or the rules. NO DEFINITIONS AND NO RULES. You are nothing more than insignificant players ... numbers and amounts that you throw about mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The BAA doesn't even know who you and little pal are ... apart from a number and "thanks for your piddling contribution"; "We'll send you a reminder to re-up next year".

But, that's enough for you and your support service to become emboldened, take your inbred Bronco envy to a detestable level, and begin acting like big-time benefactors and procurers of the BAA. Pimps.

You ain't dung. And everyone else here knows it.


read the first post more carefully....print and take notes if necessary....

Your first paragraph would qualify the Total Bronco Fan....there are millions of those where maybe some buy and some do not....

I am not making any rules....It is called Market Analysis from how I observe it....others may disagree....if so, then explain if the grey matter capacity is their to do so....

I dont expect the BAA to know who I am....I'm not trying too....

Yes, I aint dung; but proudly as a Total Bronco Fan, I can say I have donated....

Ω Hello, ugly

You state: "there are millions of those where maybe some buy and some do not...." Which "millions" are those?

Least wishes on your "campaign".

You are correct about one thing: the rules and definitions you and little pal have attempted are unaccepted by all. Abject failure to conscript posters ... actually. need to read my


I already stated those as Total Bronco Fans hwere they represent probably around 3 million total and are from all over the USA....they are fans, but the Broncos are not their number one team....they will watch the Broncos, but if Notre Dame is playing they watch them instead if that is their favorite cfb team....

I didnt ask people to accept was an analysis....

if someone has something better, then blog it....

Ω Know what?

I'm very tired of reading anything you post.

Your whole "Bronco fans" shtick, who qualifies and who does not, all your dumb numbers and how they relate to the cosmos ... it's all fantasy. Nobody cares.

When was the last time you ever talked about football? Stadium and memberships are not talking football. How about personnel, schemes, depth charts, Xs and Os, and things like that. I cannot recall.

Did you watch Nick Patti play last night? If so, what is your thought about his play? How did he stack up against some of the other QBs in the Semper Fidelis game? Did you watch it? A real hard-core Bronco fan would have. Let me guess ... you didn't.

razor - a solution to your problem

would be to just stop reading posts from posters you don't want to read their posts, from.

Just add ugly to your cnesorship/ignore list and get on with life.

Nobody is holding you under any tyep of durress to read ugly's posts.

With best wishes for a speedy recovery from your 'condition'. Don't scratch or pick the scabs, cuz it just makes it ooze more.


PS - Actually I want to hear you talk about depth charts. What is gonna be the Dpeth Chart for the game agains Michigan State on 31` AUG '12. Oh, and you can't use not having gone thru Spring Ball as a copout. Apparently you think ugly could talk about depth charts so let's hear your analysis and spin on the depth chart for the Michigan State game.