Idaho Democrats: Otter 'late to the game' on health care

Idaho Democrats say they are on Gov. Butch Otter's side in creating a state health insurance exchange — but that doesn't mean the Democrats aren't ripping Otter over health care.

A recent Otter guest opinion on health care, published in Sunday's Statesman, indulges in "inventive recollections," and suggests Otter was planning to address the issue before Congress passed President Obama's health care legislation.

“It is great to hear the governor finally express concern about affordable health care but he is showing up late to the game,” Democratic Party executive director Shelley Landry said in a news release today.

Sniping between the parties aside, Otter might need votes from the Democratic minority if he wants to get a health insurance exchange through the Legislature. Some Republicans are rallying against the exchange — designed to help small businesses and individuals shop for insurance — because the exchange would be funded through grants from the feds’ health care law.

Speaking of sniping, an aside: The Democrats' release refers to the governor as "Clement Leroy Otter," not his preferred "C.L." or "Butch."

Here's the full release from the Democrats:

Idaho didn't tackle meaningful health care legislation before the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, even though Gov. Clement Leroy Otter now claims otherwise in a recent "Reader's View" piece published in the Idaho Statesman.

“It is great to hear the governor finally express concern about affordable health care but he is showing up late to the game,” said Shelley Landry, executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party. “It is ridiculous that he claims the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act halted plans already in place to improve Idaho’s healthcare. We are unaware of any concrete plans to improve health care by the Governor’s office prior to the passage of the Healthcare Act. Please, Governor, show us the bill you were trying to introduce.”

Despite railing against efforts to improve our nation's health care system, Otter now refers to a health insurance exchange as an “idea of a one-stop clearinghouse for the best, most up-to-date and concise information available about options for insuring themselves and their families against the potentially catastrophic costs of health care.” Since the governor can't make that policy sound like a bad idea, perhaps he's looking for ways to make it sound like his idea?

Under the new federal health care law, Idaho has to create an exchange that will be as good or better than what is already provided by the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act.

Mrs. Landry said, “Regardless of his inventive recollections, we are hopeful that the governor is successful in the passage of the exchange. Doing something that will help all Idahoans is part of his job.”

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This line tells you all you need to know about Republicans...

"Some Republicans are rallying against the exchange — designed to help small businesses and individuals shop for insurance — because the exchange would be funded through grants from the feds’ health care law."

They are so concerned about making Obama fail, or at least not admitting that something he championed may be a good idea, that they don't want to govern for the greater good of Idaho residents. If you are not rich, why the heck would you vote Republican?

"Always hopeful and discontent, he knows changes aren't permanent; but change is." Neil Peart


"concerned about making Obama fail"

Don't you think he has already failed?

Why be Republican if you're not rich?
How about the HOPE of becoming rich?

Some people have the audicity to hope someday they will become rich if they don't get taxed to death first.

Not exactly...I'm a Democrat because the Repubs failed me.

My family income is in the top 5% nationally, not sure about Idaho, maybe top 3 or 4% cosidering what the average and median is. Do I pay more in taxes than I want? Sure...wish everything was free, but it's not. Do I wish the gov't had different bet, wish my money would stop going into foreign black holes in the name of the 'war on terror' and instead would benefit us at home.

Your sterotype is especially strong considering you probably rail about the debt too. The main difference between an R and a D these days, is the R's want to spend and cut taxes, but the D's want to spend and tax. I think the latter is a far more responsible and sustainable position; the question is the balance.

I use to be a Republican, but felt chased out because I didn't pledge to the party like they want. The Dems had Blue-dog Dems, but still acknowleged them as members of their own party. The Repubs have RINO because if you don't agree to the whole party line, including the BS about controlling your own morality, you don't belong. So I declared myself an independent, but then after a couple of college degrees, I realized why the Repubs do what they do and will never go back.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

An Idaho Republican legislator said it best

Rep. Vito Barbieri, Republican state representative from Kootenai County said it best: “If I wanted a reasonable Republican, I’d vote for a Democrat” (as reported by the Idaho Statesman).

All reasonable Republicans should follow his advice. The Idaho Republican Party is rapidly moving away from traditional conservatives as it embraces ideological extremists eager to cleanse their party of all that disagree with them. The Idaho Democratic Party (which is NOT the same as the National Democratic Party) can actually do a better job of representing reasonable conservative principles here in Idaho.

Don't let the Republicans define an Idaho Democrat. Give good local Idaho Democratic candidates a chance to show you how well they can represent your best interests. The Republicans will still control state government after the November elections, but adding more good local Democrats to the legislature will give you a chance to judge them based on their performance, not on the fear-based rhetoric from the Republicans.

Yes, major failing

Don't I think it's all one man's fault, so fixing our problems is as simple as voting for Newt Romney or Mitt Gingrich?

Um, no.

I think our political system is failing. And a big part of the problem is the parochial, ideological obsessions of the members of the Republican Party who run the government in this state, and their fellow travelers in the federal government who've set a simple goal for themselves, of electing a Republican--any Republican, they don't really care which one, and they're willing to consider some real doozies--president in 2012.

The one they gave us in 2000 and 2004 was a complete disaster, so if the Republicans achieve the "success" they're so keen on, one would have to be quite ignorant to expect a better result.

more revisionist history

As far back as I can remember, the only thing Republicans in this state have done about health insurance is accept contributions from Blue Cross and Blue Shield and defend their right to refuse coverage to anyone who might have had a pimple in their youth and failed to report it when they enrolled. Governor Clem can claim otherwise, but that's just more revisionist horse biscuits from the party that is happy to watch you die when your cancer treatment is denied by your worthless insurer.

The only Health Care I care about is

Nuclear Medicine....

Sounds like WWIII on the bunker and store oly....