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I've gotten a couple of calls today from readers concerned because older stories are listed in the Most Read section of A couple of people have asked if we are putting out old news on the homepage - which they don't like.

Stories in the Most Read aren't selected by us. They get placed in that list by an automatic process based on the number of page views for the story. Because our locally written stories are archived on our site for a year (and sometimes longer), someone searching our site can find the stories and then link back to them.

In today's example, a story written about Justin Wilcox in 2006 was linked to by the Seattle Times. And a 2007 story about Larry Craig was linked to by several smaller sources.

Thanks for the questions.

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives Editor


"Sometimes longer"
Darlene, What would the criterion be for leaving stories archived longer than a year?

Archive stories

Stories are kept longer that 1 year if they are part of a special package (like the Larry Craig stories), if they are of high interest (like some Boise State football stories). Other examples include our special project on the Seven Wonders of Idaho ( and our photo gallery from President Bush's visit to Idaho in 2005. (There are many examples like this).
If a story unfolds over time, we are likely to keep it up longer than a year. The Robert Manwill stories (from disappearance through the trials) are examples of that.
Hope that helps.

actually, not a lot

Nobody, including ME, tends to recognize that they ARE frontline accounts from the Battle of Hastings and start commenting.

*I removed many of them with dashes but after some point realized a couple were due.

For the most part thought the drunk guy was just meat 2X, no use for that.

Your query system needs some refinements.

Since you do charge to see archival material (subscription) perhaps an editor should be messaged and allowed to decide the relevance instead of jolting the populace at 3 am.

That's all some of the stories are good for anyway. Got a drunk driver/wife beater/drug dealer/child abuser?

Welcome to the Coliseum.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Next time, hire a gibbon?

Maybe you should have a guided tour for the NEW

I'm not going to fill in a chicken webform for guys said it was so much better and here is why it's really not so much.

Header-not very useful to those with vision troubles. Gunmetal over dark blue takes time to scan and find where to click.

Page summary-White space, side to side and where do you gauge where to find the story you are really looking for? It's not always so obvious.

People have complained about POPUPS, so many Syria's Assad might have sent them.

Are you telling us that McClatchy is killing the paper? I'm beginning to think it can't be anybody that actually works on N. Curtis in particular.

And based on the current state of things NOBODY WILL PAY TO READ THIS ONLINE.

If some of you long to work in Portland of go home to Montana, that's fine, but please go now and stop tormenting the souls who care to log in here each day.

It's not 1968 any longer.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.