MAACO Bowl rating drops 37 percent from last year; 3.1 million viewers watched Boise State beat Arizona State

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

A little more than 3 million viewers watched Boise State beat Arizona State 56-24 in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas last week, according to ratings information released by ESPN.

The game drew a 2.4 rating, which translates to 2.357 million households and 3.137 million viewers.

The audience was down significantly from the 2010 MAACO Bowl, in which Boise State beat Utah 26-3. That game drew a 3.78 rating.

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That does not surprise me, I

have been predicting this....

This trend will continue because cfb is losing money, especially 28 of the 35 bowl games....

did you see the 5,000 people in Hawaii?

Remember days when ratings were between 8 and 16?


I'm not trying to pick on you, but two things....

One, CFB is making money hand over foot

Two, The MAACO has never-ever-ever come close to an "8 and 16" rating.

B43S42U - your nose is growing, of course you wre picking on him

Just be honest with yourself and others, lolol

Everybody knows you were trying to pick a fight with ugly. You seem to thrive on chaos and ill will toward others, lolol. I am not saying that it is a bad thing for you to do - just that it is not hard to see. Just be honest about it and be accountable for it. Just own it and move on.

You are gonna pick on every poster that doesn't automatically subscribe to your 'opinions' and 'beliefs'. We all know that. What's new? lolol The sun comes up in the East and you are a Blog Board Bully. Nothing wrong with it at all, just facts and things that will happen with 100% predictability.

It does not matter what anybody sez, you are gonna find fault with them and their opinions and pick on them.



According to your little buddy it seems I may have hurt your feelings. Now you have assured me that my correcting you on things was perfectly OK with you. But, your little buddy seems pretty concerned that have been a little rough on you. If, by chance, he is correct, I apologize.

Here's info for you:

Las Vegas ratings

2010 - 3.78
2009 - 2.58
2008 - 2.50
2007 - 2.47
2006 - 1.97

BSU4342....with total politeness and no

offense and all typed words at the opinions of ugly as not to offend anyone, especially since you have delved that you have Attorney's as friends....

I wasnt talking just MAACO....Look at the history of the Fiesta Bowl ratings....

Look at the history of ratings of Humanitarian....

MAACO and many others have not had good ratings in years....Like I said, reruns of Gilligans Island has those kinds of ratings....advertizers may spend their monies better with Gilligan....


The Fiesta ratings


2011 Connecticut-Oklahoma 6.15 67,232
2010 Boise State-TCU 8.23 73,227
2009 Texas-Ohio State 10.40 72,047
2008 W. Virginia-Oklahoma 7.70 70,016
2007 Boise St.-Oklahoma 8.40 73,719


Notice the #8+ is shown in your data 3 times, confirming Ugly....also, go back in time about 18 years and you will see Fiesta over 12 often....



1991 - Fiesta Bowl 6.0
1992 - 7.0
1993 - 7.9
1994 - 7.9
1995 - 6.0


BSU4342....might need to go alittle further


I'm probably thinking of the 1980s or 1971+s....

Sorry ugly

all the same on the 80's and 70's

(the one exception is the 1987 Fiesta bowl, I believe that one broke all kinds of TV ratings records at the time)


the "Boise" bowl

As you can see, the ratings have actually been up the pa$$ed 3 years......

2010 - 2.13
2009 - 2.39
2008 - 2.40
2007 - 0.77
2006 - 1.63
2005 - 2.33
2004 - 1.70
2003 - 1.80

Yeah BSU4342....but also notice

that all ratings all low....remember they alway say that the ratings are accurate with a 3% margin of error....thus, your data could be all the same....

Ω +3% or -3%, let's do some math

Year - rate, +3%, -3%
2010 - 2.13, 2.1939, 2.0661
2009 - 2.39, 2.4617, 2.3183
2008 - 2.4, 2.472, 2.328
2007 - 0.77, 0.7931, 0.7469
2006 - 1.63, 1.6789, 1.5811
2005 - 2.33, 2.3999, 2.2601
2004 - 1.7, 1.751, 1.649
2003 - 1.8, 1.854, 1.746

Nope, with a 3% error margin, the data cannot be all the same. It's 3% of the rating number, not 3 percentage points!


Yes you correct....ratings low nonetheless....

When ratings are this low even a sampling bias by Nielsen could be done by two ways....(1) sample distrubtion of surveys went to more cfb fans in 2008 than 2007, and (2) bad calculation based on population growth from 2003 to say 2009....

the USA population growth from 2003 to 2010 was about 13 million people....thus the ratings BSU4342 provided is about a 1 million difference, or even less....thus we have 13 million more viewer to watch cfb by 2010 than 2003....

So what if Neilson just happened to mail 500,000 more mailers to cfb fans and not properly popluation increase rate those figures....

Now if ratings were say in 2003 about 5.1 and then to now in 2011 at 12.3, then sure ratings have increased....

Following me? but look at 2007, you have an anomally....thus as any good scientist would do, you would call 2007 skewed data and toss it out as an outlier, much like global warming weather stations that show earth cooling; toss data out as an outlier....

You really got to look at the numbers to decifer it properly....

Ω Forget all that

I'm working on a couple of different proofs that show division by zero is indeed possible.

Both are based on Statesman blog posts that matter and don't matter (anti-matter if you will).

After I've passed these by M.I.T., NASA, and Cal Poly Haight-Ashbury, I will thublish a pesis.

Couple of things

What "anomally" in 2007

And are you actually saying that 13 million children that range from new-born to 7 years of age have skewed the TV ratings of bowl games in 2010?

Well, this

string is certainly boring.


if boring, then add something....

do you try to add, or just sit and complain?

It was all those old Ninendos and PS 2's

Welcome to World 1-1


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Ω Yep, it's down the tubes for cfb.

"College football's $1.1 billion profit

By Chris Isidore, senior writer, December 29, 2010

NEW YORK ( -- The richest college football programs got richer in 2010, pocketing more than $1 billion in profits for the first time.

The profit for the 68 teams that play in the six major conferences was up 11% from the prior school year, according to a CNNMoney analysis of figures filed by each school with the Department of Education.

In the school year that ended in 2010, the vast majority of the schools in one of these deep-pocketed conferences posted a profit. Four of them broke even and only one -- Wake Forest -- reported a loss.

On average, each team earned $15.8 million last year, or well over $1 million per game.

They posted that jump in combined profit even though revenue rose by only 6% to $2.2 billion. That means the schools had a combined profit margin of 49%, enough to make any pro team owner green with envy."

"Bowl-eligible schools in the smaller conferences weren't nearly as profitable. Fifty-three schools split profits of $26 million. Eight lost money."

Not shocking

Not a shocker, last season had two programs with winning records and a regional rivalry. This year with a 6-6 team and a lame duck coach and the complete disgust with the BCS system it is no surprise nobody watched. It didn't help having Boise State play all of their conference games away from ESPN.

Wasn't there an NFL game on

Wasn't there an NFL game on at the same time?

most football fans would

most football fans would watch a close NFL game over a blowout college football game.

ugly - you are on target and correct - as usual

Yes, you have been predicting this.

I believe it is a result of several factors:

1. A weak economy and many more poor, profligate, and economically disadvantaged cfb fans (basically the JLandon Poor/Uunemployed/Uneducated Bronco Fan Theory, except extended fa#ther out on a national level for cfb fans of all teams), than in previous years. I am afraid I am becoming convinced that there are Common Bronco Fans who really cannot join the BAA or give money for the Expansion of Bronco Stadium, because they simply do not have it to give. I think JLandon is correct. They are broke and can barely afford food and smokes and beer and transformers for their kids It seems like they want to, but just do not have it to give. Maybe we Vandals who have done well in life, need to sponsor a Common Bronco Fan and their Family for a year, and help them out. I serve food at the Twin and Jerome soup kitchens - I guess I could go open up one in Boise near the Bsu campus and help some Common Bronco Fans out. Also, I have some old clothes that don't fit anymore or have paint and grease all over them. They are still good, though and are wearable. I will gather them up and go to the Bsu SUB and give them away to the students, as I know what it was like to be a college student once upon a time and know from personal experience how tight money is when the Trust Fund check was a few days late.

2. A feeling of frustration among members of Bronco Nation, that BSU had been to the MAACO bowl before and BSU was ranked in the Top Ten and having to play a 6-6 team (AQ conference or not - still 6-6). I read on blogs and heard from people in real life how disgusted they were with the BCS and post season bowl crap, that they just were not going to watch it this year (a form of a boycott I guess). It appears as though many of them did indeed carry out their threat to not watch the MAACO Bowl and/or other bowls this post season. It will be inetesting to see how many actually watch the LSU/Alabama Title Game.

I don't think the slowdown and reduction in viewership for the MAACO Bowl is driven by any disatisfaction with the BSU Broncos having disappointed their stalwart fans with their lackl#ster efffort against TCU. I dunno, maybe many Bronco Fans just got tired of watching the Broncos get screwed over year after year after year by the BCS and have had enough and are just slowly slipping away from watching cfb. I know there are quite a few Vandals that are slipping away from watching the Vandals, as the Vandals seem to get worse, never better. So Vandal Fans give up after a while and go with an Idaho State based proven winner (BSU Broncos) to cheer for and have represent our Great State.

I can see where in a year or so (if Idaho continues to slide backwards and dissapoint, where BSU Broncos will really be Idaho's Team and not just the City of Boise's Team - which they currently only are.

Again, as always, kudos for your prediction(s).

Go 2012 Beoncos.

BAA Member #63799 usual an excellent

post, with pure 3D analysis....

I am one of those boycott dudes too....I realized when watching a part of the TCU game, why am I watching this game? It has no meaning, and whoever wins is just another who cares! the only ones that care are the current students, few fans, and alumni....whoever wins?, thats it!

again, the bowl games are being played with stadiums 20-50% occupied....Boise did do better as Sam Boyd looked nearly full....also, ratings of all bowl games are not what they use to be, regardless of stats provided by you know who....

On a side note, have you noticed that fundly has not gained one dime in 4 days since the 'you-know-who-guy' took over the fund raising efforts?


I watched the game but I didn't exactly have the date circled on my calendar. I don't know that there was a "boycott" per se, just the simple fact that nobody, including the Sun Devils, thought this would be a close or even competitive game. You want more than 3 million people to watch a game, they need to have a reason. Plenty of people were rooting for Boise State to win but didn't watch the game because it isn't good TV.

This will probably be the first year I don't watch the Sugar Bowl, not because I'm boycotting it out of principle but because I couldn't care less who wins. Expect their viewership to hit an all-time low as well.

The reason there were even 3 million viewers is known

as Channel Surfing error....

The game was on channel 24, and you had Gomer Pyle on Channel 25 and Petticoat Junction on Channel 22....You obviuosly will have 3 million viewers when they switch from 22 enroute to 25....

What about PBS pledge time?


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

You know you're killing it in life when...

"Maybe we Vandals who have done well in life, need to sponsor a Common Bronco Fan and their Family for a year, and help them out. I serve food at the Twin and Jerome soup kitchens."

Jerome? You have to to be kidding me?! Nothing against Jerome, a fine town, but all you're doing is serving soup... not exactly Mother Teresa...Geezus...Yup, you've sure made it alright.

JLandon - it is obvious you have never given of yourself

to others less fortunate than yourself, because Soup Kitchens do serve more than just soup, you Silly Willy. They serve meals. Boise has them, too. They are usually extensions of the Catholic Faith and run by priests, nuns, and monks.

But then again, lololol, how would a person like you know that stuff.

At least you know now that Soup Kitchens serve more than just soup.


no vndl

I just don't broadcast my giving like a mental midget. Giving and talking about it means you whitewash the giving. You would think someone as "seasoned" as you would understand that life principle.

Well said JL


Ω This should be good ...

... for another 18-20 oft-repeated paragraphs of sludge.

After that bit of Don Rickles' rejects, we can look forward to another "great post 3Dster" from the math/econ one-man support group. As is the pattern.

Not in MY field!


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

JL....Ugly reads many times where

Caven, Williams, Larsen, Noble, and Alberstons have donated $Millions to the Bronco Football stuff....please give them a buzz and call them 'Mental Midgets'....

maybe they will go to Idaho?


I didnt know I was speaking you to until then I realized....

That you are vndl. So many things have given it away, not just recently but for a long time. I can blow this up at any time, but this is amusing.

But you and troll face vndl will scream to high heaven you aren't the same person. And when you do, that kind of makes you a little itch, doesnt it? I mean, buddying up with the most hated little hobbit on these threads. Look at your above post. You defended him just minutes after he was put in his place. I talked with some Vandal buddies in my home this week who detest the both of you. Isnt that rich? Broncos AND Vandals wont claim you. But carry on. Love to see you "both" riled up.

JL....think what you want....

If you have Vandal friends that detest, then have them blog....any idiot can detest, but few can discuss or debate....

I didnt defend VNDL, I apposing your position on calling him (VNDL) out for saying he donates and then never call out the 'Big Boys' that you read about all the time in the papers....

Are you a hypocrit? Call Caven, Williams, and the others the same thing cause they always seem to have press announce their contributions....

Seems like you and the other guy have alot of Vandal Buddies....

You were the one that posted 'Mental Midget'....what do you mean by that term?

ugly - I believe

as I interpreted it, his use of the term 'mental midget' was a derogatory slang term of people with learning disabilities and those who have brain damage from either birth or through trauma.

His intent was to make fun of and have a laugh from the misfortune of others. We are learning alot about our once held image of a clean cut Rock Hudson type poster. I am thinking he is a person with a split personality.

I certainly would never make fun of others with brain damage or the handicaped.

Either way, it is the type of comment that rational readers detest.

Possibly he was trying to tell you he thinks you are somehow handicapped and have had TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and not as smart mentally as he is because you have some type of handicap. I dunno why he said it. I just know the outcry that will possibly come of it.

I know the Vandal Dad of a Vandal Airborne Ranger who suffered TBI from getting wounded in Afghanistan, doing his part to make sure people like JLandon have the freedoms to say what they want on blogs.

Possibly, I could print out JLandon's comments and give them to this wounded soldier's Dad (the soldier is at home on a couch and will be there forever, it looks like) and find out if he thinks it is funny for him to have used the term 'mental midget' on a public forum, which is read, I am sure by wounded combat vets, both Broncos and Vandals.

I know from my own experience with combat wounds, suffered at the hands of the enemy, during a time when I was younger, defending the right of Americans to have Freedom of Speech, that it hurts waaay down deep to have people make fun of wounded veterans. Maybe that is not what JLandon meant to do, as he is not a soldier but he really needs to be more responsible about what he posts on a public forum and realize it might hurt the feelings of some of Americas Wounded Finest, to realize there are civilians still referring to some people in our society as 'mental midgets'.


PS - I am a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans (bad knees and shoulder from parachute jumps and some shrapnel along the way during my 22 year career) and I have contacts at the Boise VA Hospital. I could set up a day where JLandon could volunteer at the Boise VA Hospital to push wheel chairs and assist wounded vets of Iraq, Afghanistad, Vietnam, Korea, and WWII in and out of cars and be in the lobby to help pour a cup of coffee for a double amputee or two with only metal hooks for hands. Maybe if JJLandon did some real community service volunteer work, he would not sneer so much at others who do that volunteer work out of compassion for those less fortunate than themselves.

PS - Just set your watch. I bet it will only be a few minutes until some of these people come back with derisive posts about wounded combat vets that are Vandals and how they are Vandulls or Vandorks or DAVs and deserve to get wounded. It's coming. I know for a FACT JACK of several combat wounded Vandals who read these posts daily, but do not comment. If I was JLandon I would come back with a sincere apology for having used the term 'mental midget' in his posting on a public forum. I am starting to think he might not be that bright, though.

Heckuva a good post...

Now you're getting it.

The definition has little to do with our fine combat vets...pretty poor spin, again, by you.

A person with a fragile mindset and lacking the ability to deal with tough situations. Feeble.

A person who is narrow-minded or has limited knowledge or insight to anything outside his or her immediate life.
Basically someone who lacks education or higher thought.

A person of extremely low I.Q.. Prone to being clueless in all aspects of life.

If you believe that I have a nice 1 owner IED you can play with


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.


Thanks for your service to our very great, yet thankless Country, the United States of America....

I have one cousin who fought in Triangle for one year and is back....My other cousin in UAE and no combat, thus he is on third duty and third marriage....

At Baptist Church I go to, we have several Iraqi, Afghan, and Nam vets....a 28 year old Iraqi vet committed suicide last week....

Ugly never served, but both my grandpas and my dad did....My grandpas were in WWII and both dead now, one handled it well at the time and the other died an alcoholic and was very reserved....

My uncle that was a Nam vet told me to never trust the Govt....he hated Nixon and Johnson....

So VNDL, Thanks !!!!

To the others....our time will come....

JLandon & ugly - I am only myself - here we go again

I am not the user named 'ugly'. He is his own real person.

I am not the user named 'weisberg'. He is his own real person.

You say you can 'blow this up at any time". I am interpreting that to mean you are threatening to supposedly have some verifiable 100% proof that I am 'ugly' and 'weisberg'.

You know my BAA Membreship # of 63799.

Ugly has one too. He could post it to these boards.

I am wililng to meet with you at the BAA Offices at Bronco Stadium any time you want - maybe ugly is, too; and we will pull out our BAA membership cards and you can verify with the BAA people if we are the same person or not, or ask any questions about our BAA membership and contributions too. I can't speak for ugly, but I wuld give them my permission for them to tell you what's on file.

Then - we can go to the Statesman's office in Boise and I will give them permission to look into my registration file and give you the information they have on file for my computer's ISP and the name(s) they have associated with that account. I have only ever registered with 3 names:

1, VNDL, which I used for a year or so and is innactive now.
2, aqfunk, which I currently use.
3. JoeVNDL, which I have never used, but am holding in reserve to be the only one with that name, kinda like how people reserve web names.

Again, I am not ugly weisberg or anybody other than the 3 I have mentioned.

Go ahead, you have my permission to 'blow it up' and present any information and/or proof you have to the contrary of what I am saying.

Just do it and quit yakking about it - or you look like a fool to make a serious threat and not be able to carry it out.

Anybody can look at my ISP or computer's hard drive at any time. My life is an open book.

Just let me know when we can meet up at the BAA Offices.

Who knows, maybe ugly can come to Boise that day and all 3 of us (or bring along your possee if you want, fine by me).

If you have a computer guru you want to have look at my computer and CPU hard drive in Boise, just let me know and I will bring that along, too.

I am hiding nothing.

I am not 'ugly' or weisberg. You are barking up the wrong tree and looking like a fool by doing it.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....Dont Bother....

all I can say is that I hope these guys are not part of Homeland Security....

Lord, help our Land, if so....

There have only been a few bloggers that have freely given an extreme amount of information on these boards....Ugly has done so so many times that several bloggers have commented that they knew me....I have given my past and info freely, so that nothing is hidden....

Those others havent blogged anything....everytime JL attacks, razor is right there JL & razor? one?

What happened to hoarsecaller? wiz2?

Where are they?

I have never called anyone a liar or a Mental Midget, or anything....thus, they can meet with themselves....

I want to know more about them....I have never met any of them....


Yup, razor and I are the same person. You've nailed it. Where did you go to school again?

Now, let me think of a way to describe someone whos a "mental midget"....


Dont look in mirror, cause Mental Midget is in focus....

What? Dont like to be called a double blogger?

Its an honor

to be called razor....

I thought you were done being an itch??? Ya, didnt think so.

Ω Wow, that's pretty cool.

Can you believe it?

timestamp: 10:22:35

Wow, that's pretty cool.

Can you believe it?

timestamp: 10:22:35

Say it aint so?


Ω It's only ...

... so-so.


timestamp: 10:35:20