Tea Party Boise seeks conservative values in presidential field, sees chance to 'squelch the liberal agenda'

Nancy Armstrong summarizes the views of candidates on issues and offers her thumbnail take on their qualities and prospects in the December Tea Party Boise Newsletter.

Idaho's first GOP presidential caucus is March 6, with more delegates at stake than in Iowa or New Hampshire. Idaho is projected to have 32 delegates, Iowa 28 and New Hampshire 23.

Armstrong begins with an essay, "Searching for Conservative Values," saying voters "more than ever before are taking their time to look through the veils of theatrical posturing to know the candidate."

"Three years have passed since the voices of Tea Partiers resonated across the country initiating the 'stop spending, stop trampling the Constitution' dialog. These individual voice gave Conservatives a foothold in Congress and though they are outnumbered in the Senate, opportunity to squelch the liberal agenda lies ahead.

"A great president, is a leader who brings a nation together. Once who honors the oath to 'support and defend the Constitution of the U.S. ---'. A promise that supersedes personal arrogance."

Here is Armstrong on the seven GOP contenders (punctuation is in the original, excepting ellipses I've added):

Michele Bachmann: "Michele Bachman is a true conservative...Her ideals and fundamental principles are necessary attributes in promoting the healing of America. The question may be; is she ready to lead as president? She may be using this election as a platform for the future."

Mitt Romney: "...I believe that he leans towards moderate...When asked by (Bill) O'Reilly, 12/19, if he (Romney) thinks Obama is a Socialist, Romney couldn't 'call it as it is' but rather circumvented the question by saying, Obama is for'----- big government and is a Liberal Democrat'. It poses the question, 'Will Romney represent Conservative values when the heat's on?'"

Newt Gingrich: "Gingrich is moderate. His 'new' Contract with America seems to be more 'impassioned' that his previous contract...It may be that Gingrich has instilled renewed trust in voters or is he speaking with political tongue---?"

Ron Paul: "He is a Libertarian, a Conservative, consistent in his ideals regardless of political gain. I would like to see him clarify his foreign policy position. Is he an isolationist? Does he stand for a strong military for defense?"

Rick Perry: "A Christian and defender of the Second Amendment. Conservative. The conservative principles that have guided him as a governor are the same principles that will guide him as president...Not a polished debater of politician. Many Texas jobs are government jobs using Stimulus money."

Rick Santorum: "Dedicated to his Conservative ideas. He is passionate and hard working. Perhaps he is under-resourced as his message gets lost in the political campaign arena. He is a young candidate and may be in the presidential race with an eye on the future."

John Huntsman: "Conservatives applaud Huntsman's five-year record as Utah governor, however, he is moderate to liberal in other views he supports...I have found it difficult to get to 'know' the man. Though he is smart and has proven capable leadership, I believe that he may have waited too long to connect with voters."

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We need to do something from 2012 and


This over-spending admin is putting all of us in uncontrolled debt....

Glad the Tea Party is staying focused on the debt issues....

If we dont control debt and illegal immigration, then future not so bright....

You have a short memory.

You have a short memory. The Bush adminstration and the Republican dominated Congress spent our nation into a huge hole. And, it was the Bush administration that first proposed bailing out the banks and auto industry. You might not like Obama, but you can't blame him for our nation's current financial issues. Those were coming down the pike over the last 8 years while the previous administration did nothing, besides throw billions at Iraq and Afghanistan. We will not get a return on those "investments".

Your memory even shorter....

Yes Bush admin overspent in tunes of $400 billion....

In 2008-2010, when Dems had 100% they increased that to well over $1 trillion+....

Dont you remember the Lame Duck where Dems handed out the largest bailouts and increased spending in US history? Probably not, cause you just another Dem Spin-Doctor....

Yes, Bush overspent and that was not good....but we have now found a much bigger spender....no need to argue, just look at the data from both sides....dont be just a demmy....


I'm not here to argue or defend Obama's spending, but the bailout comment doesn't really help your argument. There is evidence to show that taxpayers will likely break even or even come out ahead on the bailout loans the government provided. Even with the enormous amount of money given to Fannie and Freddie, the profits made by the bailout loans are expected to exceed the debt incurred. The feds did choose to help banks and investors before everyday Americans, but it's hard to quantify how bad things could have been without a government bailout. I'm not jumping in for political reasons, but the bailout isn't like throwing money down a black hole.

What does "Dems had 100%"

What does "Dems had 100%" mean? And can you expand on "increased to well over $1 trillion+"? You really don't make any sense when you type in those wide generalizations.

Perhaps I can clarify..

The Democrats won the US House of Representives in 2006. The Democrats won the US Senate and the Presidency in 2008.
2004 deficit=400B
2005 deficit=300B
2006 deficit=200B
2007 deficit=200B
2008 deficit=500B
2009 deficit=1.4T
2010 deficit=1.3T
2011 deficit=1.3T projected

I think Ugly was refering the 400B deficit Bush rung up in '06 and '07 compared to the 3.2T deficit Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress rang up in '08, '09, 10.


Thanks Slipstream....but dems dont

deal with facts....they hate facts....no one said Bush did great, just saying today's president is spending far more than Bush....

We need some real changes quickly, or those will be made for us thru a fiscal meltdown....


Of the fact that Repubs won back the House in 2010. So are they to blame for these numbers as well?

Oh, and also you're ignoring the $ that Georgie spent on the war- money that was essentially off the books, budget-wise. Throw that into the hopper, and his spending balloons right up there with BO's.

yes, the current congress is

yes, the current congress is still continuing the trend, instead of sticking to their guns and cutting spending, not just cutting the rate of increase in spending.

Of course, Obama still hasn't proposed a budget, and the Democrats still haven't allowed a vote on a budget, instead favoring short term modified extensions.

Fibbing won't get you a date, Jason.

Yacking away won't solve it either.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

To Jason, Obama did propose a 2012 budget, in spring of 2011.

In May of 2011 the 3.7 Trillion dollar proposal was voted down by the Democrat US Senate 97-0.


but you seem to forget the HOPE IV initiative under President Clinton. It put Fannie and Freddy on a "percentage" approval plan for sub-prime loans. That started the implosion.

It was securitization, not Fanny and Freddie that caused most

of the damage.

You really have to love the way the right wing tries to protect the large banks in this country.

Yes, President Clinton, in a very bipartisan bill, sought to expand lending into poorer portions of our society. That raised foreclosure risks, and everyone knew it at the time.

Then, the big banks took the higher risk loans, buried them in packages so that no one knew they were there, sold them, gambled against them, put trillions of dollars in credit default swaps out against any losses on the loans, any losses on the credit default swaps, and so on, and when the trillions were endangered, got trillions back from Goldman Sachs alums like treasury secretary Paulson -- with no strings attached. The OCC and the FDIC told banks to stop lending, tightened the lending standards while families and businesses were hurting, and the economy collapsed.

Now, the argument is that the small, almost tiny relative to the economic damage caused by the banks, piece of the lending that was for sub-prime mortgages was the problem -- ignoring the trillions given to their cronies because it simply would not be right to let a billionaire friend of theirs go bankrupt.

Oh, come on. Even the ice cream man had a favorite flavor.

I love threads like these because they have more cliches than country music and face it...

You all did yourself in from stupidity, no matter how it started.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

yes he did, and the Tea

yes he did, and the Tea Party was against that as well.

Old mantra

Squelch the liberal agenda? What EXACTLY is the 'liberal agenda?'

I had an old Wards Mantra tube radio once?

But I had no mantra to place it on!


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.



Are you doing the 420 or being sarcastic?


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.


Different election, same failed GOP candidates.

Bachmann - Idiot.

Romney - if you don't like his position, give him 5 minutes he'll change it.

Gingrich - one of the most corrupt politians in the last 50 years.

Paul. Santorum, Huntsman - weak candidates

Perry - See Bachmann

And I would suggest that if the Boise Tea Party doesn't like the so-called liberal agenda, they need to start at home. Idaho is a federal welfare state and Otter globs on to all that he can. So work on cleaning up your own house.


well said. Reagan would not even be considered by this batch of wing nuts.

Last 50?

What do you mean "most corrupt politians in the last 50 years"? Harding was President 90 years ago.

Gingrich and Obama might be neck and neck

But Gingrich has decades of experience on an unqualified Obama

Fast and the furious
National Labor Relations Board - Boeing Scandal
Obamacare waivers to Dem donors

Oddly enough, Ron Paul's

Oddly enough, Ron Paul's foreign policy beliefs are almost identical to what Democrats said they wanted when George Bush was president. Why then, did that entire party take a drastic about face and start marching to the "intervention wars whenever we need to" mantra?

Take your meds, kids.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

The "Tea Party" is

The "Tea Party" is struggling to keep its relevance. Too many have now seen what idiots their candidates are, and how dangerous they are.

No, , ,

after trying to hold the country hostage over the two month extension for payroll taxes and unemployment benefits, the tea party is DONE.

ask anyone on a fixed SS

ask anyone on a fixed SS income if they like the idea of you stealing from their social security trust fund.

The payroll tax reduction robbed Social Security of what precious little money it has left. Not only is the trust fund paying out more than it takes in via the payroll taxes (employer side and employee side - totaling 7.650%).

Anyone in favor of the Payroll Tax Holiday is therefor also in favor of speeding up the bankruptcy of Social Security.

And keeping the Holiday, but closing loopholes elsewhere to make up for the tax revenue lost, STILL robs Social Security by shifting the income that would go to the Social Security Trust fund into the general treasury, where it will be spent elsewhere, contrary to the whole reason we have a Social Security Trust fund in the first place.

Dear Struggling,

FICA is NOT the same thing as what you allude to.

Go ask Melissa.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Searching For Conservative Values

Armstrong's essay title seems to sum up where the Tea Party currently finds itself. I doubt that they stray far from their big three values: Greed is Good over the Common Good, The Next Quarter over the Next Generation, and Justice for Some rather than Justice For All.

The Tea Party

would rather see Americans struggle and go hungry than work with Obama.

would rather see Americans

would rather see Americans free from harassment at airports but government employees, able to speak their mind about their atheist beliefs with out retribution, be free to succeed or to fail....

You are right. That sounds terrible. We should stop all that freedom stuff and go back to questioning suspected communists in front of congressional inquisitions.

What's the matter Danny?

Have you run out of your own Socialist Ideas? Are you starting to see the wisdom in the Conservatism of the Tea Party, particularly in these times of the moral and financial bankrupting of the Nation under the "leadership" of the Barack Hussein Obama and his merry band of Obamunists? Perhaps it was Joe Biden's suicidal praise of the Taliban in Afghanistan that caught your eye? Or are you still a hard core Leftist who has just run out of ideas?

So Popkey caused all this? REPEAT AFTER ME: TAKE MEDS

Be good and we'll toss in another 1/2 a graham cracker


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Wars without taxes

It used to be that when America went to war we did the right thing and raised the money to pay for it. With the GOP's no-tax ideology, we have had two wars in the last ten years and not only did the GOP not raise taxes to pay for them, like responsible people would, they lowered them, especially for those who could afford to pay more. By some strange coincidence that no Republican could ever have predicted, deficits were created.

Keep in mind that Obama

Keep in mind that Obama embraced and even extended the Bush era military activism after talking office and only now has started to pretend like he wants to start limiting military intervention abroad.

Everyone's a socialist to the GOP

It's funny how the Right paints everyone who is not far right as "socialist," i.e., communists. Eisenhower and Nixon would be "socialists' by the criteria set by today's right-wing GOP. The richest billionaires in the world, Gates and Buffett, are "socialists." Moderates Republicans are "socialists." Independents are "socialists." Conservative Democrats are "socialists." Liberals are "socialists." The only declared socialist in Congress is Bernie Sanders from Vermont but he in no way advocates a planned economy owned and run by the government. He just wants to keep capitalism and take some of the rough edges off it. The concept "socialist" is devoid of any content when it is stretched so far as to include no one who actually believes in what they are being accused of.

And you infer the meanderings of Sen. Joseph McCarthy of course.

Well, I certainly do.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

Excellent comment IdahoBert

Excellent comment IdahoBert - Unlike many of the name-callers on this site, you actually sound like you know what "socialism" really is.

The 30 second Soundbyte designed for those who can handle

no more. Reduce the message down to a 30 second soundbyte and throw around the terms Socialists & Leftists - that is all that is needed to excite some fear driven people. Those people can't focus any longer than 30 seconds that is why is is so effective.

For Pete's Sake

can we please ignore these fools. Fear mongers and narrow minded bigots...that's my experience with the tea party. THEY ARE the reason congress has done basically nothing but fight for the last year. Surely we, as a voting public, are smarter than this.

Closed eye

This primary election, I'll go to the voting booth, put the ballot on the counter, close my eyes and make a stab, then make my X on the candidate closest to the stab mark. Hey! at least I vote

Except both the R and D

Except both the R and D parties are not using the Primary for their presidential contenders

Could you explain

how the caucus system is going to work? Does it supplant the Presidential primary system, or is it just a straw poll?

If it supplants the primary system, this could end up being *very* interesting as the Tea Party people have been taking over the precinct committeeman positions and I believe they're the ones who pick the caucus representatives.

I also suspect there'll be a lot of ticked-off people who go to the polls in May expecting to vote for a Presidential nominee and find out it's just a beauty contest.

Caucus system details

Thanks for the question, Sharon.

GOP caucuses will be similar to those held by Idaho Democrats for decades, with one significant difference:

Republicans will be required to be registered as Republican voters in order to participate, following the principle of the new closed-primary law that was adopted after the Idaho GOP won a federal court case.

Democrats — who also will hold their caucus on March 6 — simply require voters to sign a slip testifying they consider themselves Democrats. Republican caucus-goers must be registered to vote in GOP primaries under the new law.

Because 2012 will be the first-ever closed caucus, the GOP is making a special effort to plan and avoid confusion.

For example, the party is preparing to host what they believe will be the largest single caucus site in the U.S. -- Ada County's caucus at Boise State's Taco Bell Arena. Officials are mustering volunteers to register voters before the event.

If the nomination is in play — which is the Idaho GOP's goal — the crowd could easily reach 10,000.

I expect to have more details on the GOP caucus in the new year.

Dan Popkey

10,000, wow

I think that's how big the Democratic caucus was in 2008 (in the Qwest Arena) when Barack Obama was nominated, and it was supposed to be a record-setter and the Democrats were going to move to district caucuses after that, as is done in most states. I wonder why the Republicans are choosing a county caucus rather than a district one -- surely not just to break the record? With that many people, and with some of them not realizing that they have to be registered as Republicans (can they register on-site?), it's likely to be a cl*ster; I remember how crazed the Democratic one was.

And as I said, it's going to be a real mess at the primary when people expect to be able to vote for the Republican nominee for President and find out it's already over and done.

Thanks for the fuller explanation. I shall await with interest.

I don't believe they can...

At least I know that the opportunity I missed when I lost my apartment here in 1992 and had to temporarily live with my parents, that was to register and vote in the primaries was changed through some requirements such that I couldn't do it again (was it about residency requirements-I can't remember 19 years ago like that but I would not vote for Clinton, I remember and I had no chance with Bob Dole).


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

the district vs county

the district vs county decision was based on organizational units of the party. I have been involved / observing this process of changing from a primary system since the start. It may prove to be unwieldy, so no doubt some changes will be made after it is held so tweak the process.

By the time the Idaho

By the time the Idaho primary election date rolled around the primary choice was already made any way, so Idaho voter's decisions were largely ignored any way.

At least this change puts Idaho GOP voters on equal footing with smaller states on Super Tuesday.

I think they will be a tremendous flop

and there will be derision about the vote of the people not counting.

Once again Idaho's votes will be worthless.

Gee, THANKS guys.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.