Junior-college tight end signs with Boise State

By Brian Murphy

Connor Peters goal was to attend Boise State and play football for the Broncos. So when Boise State called to offer him a scholarship Wednesday, it didn't take long for Peters to accept.

"They offered me and I couldn't say no to that. It's a great place to be," said Peters, a freshman at Laney College in Oakland, Calif.

Peters signed his National Letter of Intent on Thursday. Peters, a high school teammate of Boise State linebacker Blake Renaud, will have four seasons to play three for the Broncos. He said the Broncos envision him as a blocking tight end, capable of setting the edge on the line of scrimmage.

"It's one of my favorite things to do," the 6-foot-4, 245-pound Peters said about blocking. "That's what brought me to Boise's attention."

The San Jose Mercury News first reported Peters' decision.

Peters said he had offers from San Diego State, Fresno State, Memphis and Colorado State. He said Utah had begun talking with him late in the process. Peters said Renaud's recommendation played a big role in his decision to chose Boise State.

Boise State has not announced Peters' signing officially.

The Broncos signed a small class last year and will sign a big one this year with 21 seniors departing the program. Chris Petersen has talked about finding a way to balance the classes and signing junior-college players is one way to do that.

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas links

• Kellen Moore and Co. get win No. 50, writes Chadd Cripe of the Idaho Statesman.

• Average-sized Moore leaves Boise State as biggest winner in FBS history,
writes CBSSports.com's Bryan Fischer.

• Flawed system kept Moore from ultimate goal, writes Ed Graney in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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Looks like a great



Ω No kidding

I really liked the clip where he shoved the LB about 17 yards downfield and right out of bounds.

That was pretty cool


De La Salle

Outstanding high school program, similar discipline characteristics and mentality as Boise State, and remember Joe Alliotti, Boise State's Div. 1AA national champion, I think. He is an assistant coach at De La Salle.

de la salle

allioti is on the staff and he did qb boise state to a victory in 1980 camillia bowl vs eastern kentucky. 12-19-80 hughes stadium, sacramento ca.

De La Salle ...

I believe Joe is Dean of Students at DLS as well as an assistant football coach.

Year in, year out DLS is the BEST high school program in the State of California ... sure, there are years LB Poly or one of its Pac-5 cohorts has a better year ... but over the past 20 years none has been better overall than DLS.

Renaud is gonna step in for Hout next year and not miss a beat. If we start getting kids out of DLS every year it will be a very valuable pipeline for the Broncos ...

That is cool

to know.....

I liked his 3 feet high and rising drop...it was dope!


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

One of SI's pictures of the year


(remove the -)

New Forbes list is out

the top ten schools listed with their estimated value.

1. Texas ($129 million)
2. Notre Dame ($112 million)
3. Penn State ($100 million)
4. LSU ($96 million)
5. Michigan ($94 million)
6. Alabama ($93 million)
7. Georgia ($90 million)
8. Arkansas ($89 million)
9. Auburn ($88 million)
10. Oklahoma ($87 million)

B43S42U - according to our records - we don't know your position

According to our understanding and interpretation of your prior postings, you are not a doc@umented and board identified Bronco Supporter. If you are not a Bronco supporter, please join the Bronco Athletic Association and contribute at least ONE Dollar for Coach Pete's expansion of Bronco Stadium project:



Your contribution of money will go along way toward helping pay the Bsu coaches, providing scholarships for the Bronco football players, and renovating and expanding Bronco Stadium.

If our records are not accurate, and you are currently a Bronco Supporter, please let us know and we will update our records to reflect your being a Bronco Supporter.

Thank you in advance.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member 63799

PS - Possibly you will consider joining us Bronco Supporters, as we support an Idaho based college football team that has a real and legitimate chance of bringing a Natty Trophy back to Idaho for all Idahoans to share and be proud of. It is only $75.00 per year for BAA membership and you can contribute as little as One Dollar for the Expansion of Bronco Stadium), if that is all you want to or can, give.



I'm going to answer this one time.

When I donate and the amounts I donate to BSU, Idaho, College of Idaho, or any charitable entity..


Now, I hope that is clear enough for you.

I believe everyone that has the means, should support whatever they believe in. How much they give and to whom is no ones business but their own. I believe anyone who "thinks" they have a right to know what other people give, has a screw loose.

I think anyone who posts the same thing up to 15-20 times a day on a local sports board, has issues, no matter what the cause.

That is ALL I have to say on the matter. If you wish to continue on calling me out like some internet stalker, I will not be responding.

well said

enough is enough


I agree in that we should leave bloggers out of the Stadium issues and discuss that amongst yourself, Ugly, and any other blogger that wants to join in....

Obviously, some do not....

You and I both know that this is a big issue coming for the future of Bronco Football....Are they big Time BCS, or do they just want to talk about it?

The Broncos generated about $16M in gross revenues....Salaries and adminstration take about 35% of those revenues....

To generate revenues to bring Broncos into BCS action is going to take about $30M or more per year....to do this, they will need more seats with higher ticket prices. Also, they will need an excellent tv contract and continued sales of the Boise Brand....

Stadium Expansion is a very big part of that....

I see that funding of phase I is private donations, Central Reserves, and a loan....

Do you think that Central Reserves and a loan was part of Plan-A, or is that going to Plan-B because they have alot less donations that what they thought they would have at this time?

Did you notice Idaho is going to play LSU? Does anyone think Idaho is doing this because they think they can win? No, it is because of money....Idaho will make more money getting clobbered by LSU than having a home game in Moscow....The same with Boise State....they will make more money traveling to Georgia or Michigan State, than playing at home....

I'm surprised Washington made the home and home deal....But then I read Washington isnt paying too much for Boise State to come to town....Washington will make about $4M that day, while Boise is well under $700,000....

People say there is no revenue sharing....there is....If you want Texas or Notre Dame in town, then you had better have about $2M to offer....if not, that is why they schedule others that have higher gate receipts....

So Boiseans must decide? are they satisfied with New Mexico and Wyoming and a big deal with BYU? or would they like to see some real home and home action....Boise can do it, it just takes more seats....

ugly, you are such a troll


this link, if you follow and read it, will double your knowledge of cfb

Ω "Both" of them are trolls!

Trolls, yes. Bronco fans, no. It's all disingenuous trash. Phonies.


"My turn", "your turn", "my turn". What a joke.

Like to see them take their trash over to OBNUG or BroncoCountry and see how long they would last.

Unfortunately the Statesman blogs are largely unmoderated. So, the caterwauling continues.

FranktheTank said it well: "BSU might be better off without your support and innovative fundraising tactics."


I said along time ago that I am not an avid Bronco fan....I said I admired them and I admired Coach Pete....I want the Broncos to succeed in BCS and Stadium Expansion so that it benefits all cfb fans in Idaho....

Yes, I would like to go to a Broncos v Irish football game....

There is nothing wrong with VNDL posting the websites for donations....

Here is the BAA # 426-3556

The problem with you razor is that you harbor too much anger and take blogging too serious....

Ugly has not been that wrong....yes, I was wrong on the 9-3 and I paid the pipers, except for one whom hasnt responded yet....

razor, go for a good walk and take deep breath and enjoy what you have. Ugly is not that bad....

ugly - razor is very afraid of people who advocate

joining the bAA and/or contributing moeny to the BAA for expansion of Bronco Stadium or providing scholarships for players on the Bronco Football Team.

He is rabid in his insistence that people should not do these things. and he calls those that want to support Bsu and the BAA - 'trolls'. That's right, he derides anybody who joins the BAA or gives money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium and calls them 'trolls'.


He claims to be a Better Bronco than people who join the BAA and contribute money to the BAA.

I find his position to be illogical and incongruous.

Well, I guess it is his position and right to share and contribute his position (however illogical it may) to the readers of these boards to consider and mull over.

Possibly he will achieve his goal and cost the BAA many thousands of dollars in dues and contributions that would have inured had it not been for razor's negative marketing of the Bronco Brand.

I am stilll scratching my head how he is such a Great Bronco because he does not 'support' the Broncos and advocates that others do not support the Broncos and gets real 'worked up' and angry when he finds out that other people on these boards have said they are going to join the BAA and contribute money for the Bronco Football Team, too.

Do you have any guesses why he is taking this tack?

I am at a loss to understand it.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member#63799

PS - As a tolerant person, I welcome his comments and input, as that is what a blog is for - to discuss topics and find out what other posters are thinking about a wide variety of things. While I might not understand and/or share his logic, I welcome the opportunity for him to come on these boards and express his illogical positions; because I am tolerant as you are, too.

VNDL....I'm with you


I had no idea that Stadium Expansion would get so many Bronco Fans upset....they are showing this in fundly, where funds are growing at a snails pace....

I thought Bronco Fans would love this topic....cripe even had two excellent articles on this very issue recently....

I'm tired of talking to Bronco fans and explaining to them that more seats with more fans will generate more revenue....and this revenue will occur because Stadium Expansion occurred because of donations, and not thru loans....thus, an instant revenue generator....

Good for Boise, and good for Boise State....and good for Idaho because if Coach Pete wants to expand the Boise Brand, then he must get many fans to purchase and donate....

What is wrong with that vision?

To a 3D thinker, nothing! to myoptic vision, everything!

The BBM Leadership Team(s) has requested to leave them out of the donation and Stadium stuff....I will abide by their request....

So BBMers, and others that hate the Stadium issues, please do not respond when the subject comes up....your info and response has been irrelevant anyway....stay with fantasy football....

to those that care about Coach Pete's dream and visions and the goals of joining the BAA, then please add your input....

Just because CFB is done a few months doesn't call for crap.

If you guys can't quit bragging about whose club you are in and which is the best BLAH BLAH, Post to Dana Olund's threads.

I'm tired of the self-destruction like it's the end of a period.

Are you professional arguers? Was murder attempted at the holiday meal?

Knock it off because it isn't my job to do it for you.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.


Thanks for link....I'll read....

but that does not have anything to do with gate revenues....

Have a good Christmas....

and, the Broncos are excellent....

b81....I read the article and

it sounds like cfb schools m,aking business decisions to me....if some school does not want to pay the Broncos an extra $200,000 then what are you going to do about it....

How come the Broncos didnt take the 2:1 with Nebraska?

To me, this article was nothing less of a troller 'spin' doctoring for the Broncos....

It sounds as though the Broncos do get offers, but they turn them down because of home-home or monies offered....

Wyoming did it....Wyoming took the offer and will play two home games in Nebraska and one at Laramie....The Broncos could have taken the same deal, but turned it down....

Thanks for improving my cfb knowledge....


Dude, why do you immediately dismiss a well written article as "spin" but you live and die on whatever nonsense aqfunk writes?

It makes no sense......


First, both you and VNDL have excellent posts....I read them all, and I read all bloggers including FO, weisburg, lameshced, and others....

VNDL posts good stuff....I know the difference between real, humor, and sarcasm....VNDL practices those, and I do too....

Laughter is the Best Medicine....

On article, it was well written and I agree with the author....Boise State is going to command more monies cause they are good....and they should....

but, you dont turn down Nebraska, even if it is a 2:1....

I did not know Wyoming made $2M more than BSU and has a Stadium of 40,000....BSU4342, have you been to Laramie? How many houses do you see from Rock Springs to Laramie in that infamous drive of 300 miles? It is desalite....

How can Wyoming have 40,000 seats in an area of population that Boise devours in just a few miles....congrads to Curt Gowdy!

If Boise turns down BCS offers, then that is Boise's fault....no excuses....

Idaho will play LSU....


shaking my head.......


Yes the stadium in Laramie may be closer to 35,000....but what else did I say that would cause you to shake your head?....

Elaborate in a debatable way, and not argumentative....just curious....


Just one reason why I am shaking my head

"To me, this article was nothing less of a troller 'spin' doctoring for the Broncos...."


"On article, it was well written and I agree with the author...."

For the record, you are talking about the exact same article.


You did not answer....

Yes, I can agree that the article is well written and also done by an author looking at the Broncos side....That is fine....I agree with the author in that the Broncos could and or should command the $200,000....

ok, now where the article fails on its title 'Why BCS Teams Wont Play Boise State'....failed....

He never really answered why, other than he said if Teams play Boise they may lose and hurt their chances at a BCS Bowl....

That is hogwash....

VT loss, and made it to the Orange Bowl....

Does not the author know that 9 of the BCS Bowl games are fixed....ie, the PAC-12 winner goes to the Rose Bowl, and usually the Big 10 winner....

So you can lose to Boise and win your conference in an AQ conference and still make it to one of the big BCS Bowls....so the author failed there....

So Boise State had the offer to play Nebraska at their home 2:1 advantage and $200,000 under what they (Boise) wanted and the author concludes that Nebraska is afraid to play Boise State?

So Wyoming takes the offer instead and will make money on the deal....

Now that is spin....

Nebraska does not have to cater to Boise....they fill an 80,000? stadium with a large alumni base to support it....it is Boise that has something to prove....

So why did Boise State turn down Nebraska even though it seemed unfair that Nebraska got two home games to Boise's one?




Come on dude, first you dismiss the article as "spin" and then you say it's "well written" and that you "agree", with what, the spin?


Nebraska and BSU were in talks for a one-and-done for 2011. the Nebraska AD ended those talks because he said their schedule was already "tough" enough. Boise State then offered a home-and-home for later dates, and the Nebraska AD turned this down. Nebraska then offered a 2-for-1 with NO additional money, BSU did not even respond to this offer. What happened shortly after this, BSU signed a one-and-done with Ole' Miss (for $900K). Not long after that, BSU signed a 2-for-1 deal with Michigan State plus $1.2M. Now, the Ole' Miss game was moved to the 2014 Chick bowl (with a boost in payout to $1.4M) so that BSU could play in the 2011 Chick bowl against Georgia (and $1.2M). While all this was going on, Nebraska signed Chattanooga for the 2011 date for $650K.

OK, so you should be set on the Nebraska "non" offer.

(They is a little story about some alumni being just a pi$$ed at Dr. Tom over not getting BSU after the record ratings of the VT game, but I'll save that for another time)

As for your money thing between Wyoming and Boise. I find it a bit hypocritical that would find Boise State at fault for trying maximize their marketability and get max profit from these games. yet post here over and over and over again about how BSU does a terrible job of raising funds.

And for the record, Wyoming averages about 20,000 fans per home game, so ya, $700K sounds good to them.

You would know all this, if you would only try research things "before" you posted about things you know little about

BSU4342....what you stated is


but you didnt respond to mine....I never said Wyoming averaged 35,000 fans, I said their stadium is that size....but I know most of their games are over 20,000....you need to look at their stats....

BSU4342....before you downgrade Nebraska and upgrade Boise State, do an economic analysis between the two college football teams....Economically, Nebraska is there, and Boise is trying to get there....Nebraska does not need Boise, at all....they will make millions with or with out them....Boise not taking the offer was abit arrogant in my opinion....

Boise has only been a true BCS buster for about 6 years now....so they need to take advantage of good offers....they call the shots, not Boise....


Wyoming attendance average since 2008 when the did the deal with Nebraska = 20,170 (according to the NCAA)

Arrogant? Nebraska Football had a net "profit" in 2010 of $58,000,000 (according to Forbes). What is your "opinion" of a school with a $58,000,000 profit saying they nixed a game because of $200K?

Do you even know why they were in talks for a game in the first place?

BSU4342....That is precisely my

point....Nebraska makes mega bucks; Boise is slowly getting their....Nebraska does not need Boise to make money....Boise should have taken the deal....

So the author is wrong, its about money....not fear....


First, you obviously have no clue why they were discussing a game in the first place. Here's a hint, search the 2009 BCS congressional hearings.

Second, so its "about money". So you see nothing in the least a little weak that a football program with a $58,000,000 profit uses the excuse that $200,000 was just not something they could do?

And if it's about money, how is BSU getting $1.2M from Michigan State?

BSU4342....Look at your very own

answers....your answers and questions are answering themselves....

Why is Boise State offered $1.2M form MSU? Very simple, BSU is growing as a powerhouse and BCS teams are beginning to up the ante....

MSU will have the gate receipts and tv contracts to justy paying BSU $1.2M....

Now let me ask you question....if MSU came to Boise, will Boise pay MSU $1.2M? Why or why not?


You are making less and less sense....

First you post

"BSU4342....That is precisely my point....Nebraska makes mega bucks; Boise is slowly getting their....Nebraska does not need Boise to make money....Boise should have taken the deal...."

Then you post

Why is Boise State offered $1.2M form MSU? Very simple, BSU is growing as a powerhouse and BCS teams are beginning to up the ante...."

I can't stay with you if you keep saying one thing and then 5 minutes later saying something else......


agrees....you must follow too....

It is a timeline....Nebraska offered Boise State $700,000 then (past)....there is now way they would do that now because each year Boise is proving themselves....Georgia added to that proof....

Thus, Nebraska offered that then....but if that deal was done today, trust me the offer would be around $1.2M also....

However, it would still be a 2:1....

Boise State cannot pay any team in Boise $1.2M....

BSU4342, that is the Stadium answer, no big team will continue in Boise because Boise cannot pay that team over $2M as many of them are accustomed too....so Boise needs more gate revenues to compete....

if not, then get use to the $700,000 offers on 2:1 schedules....

ugly - careful to not break our agreement with the 'B' Guy

I noticed you came dangerously close to getting involved with Bronco Stadium expansion discussion when you mentioned 'the Stadium answer'. That would imply an expansion of Bronco Stadium to increase gate revenues to compete, as you have so skillfully and artfully pointed out to the 'B' Guy.

So just be careful to not cross into territory that we have agreed to not discuss with this fella, as we have seen how angry he gets when he is proven wrong or does not get his way or posters do not discuss things with him that he wants them to discuss with him or posters discuss things with him that he does not want to discuss (and Bronco Stadium expansion and BAA Membership is on the NEVER DISCUSS With Tthe 'B' Guy List).

Merry Christmas.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799


Thanks for showing....Yes I came dangerously close....

I will be more careful on the 'S' word in future....

Mucho Gracias....

ugly - not a problem at all

I just didn't want you to be a victim of one of his foul mood moments where he lashes out whenever anybody on these boards advocates or encourages any posters/readers to join the Bronco Athletics Association, contribute money to the BAA for expansion of Bronco Stadium, or contribute money to the BAA's Athletic Scholarship endowement Fund.

I just didn't want to see you villified for projecting a positive note for encouraging readers/posters to support the Bronco Football Team by joining the BAA:


or, contributing money to the BAA for the expansion of Bronco Stadium:


I know, I know - even posting these above links makes him angry, but because we are not discussing this stuff with him, specifically, per our agreement with him, and this is a free country and all, I can post these lilnks if I want to, so many other people will find out about it and can join the BAA and support the Bsu Broncos Football Team if they want to, because it is not any of his business if people join the BAA and contribute money to the BAA or not.

I do - so I did.

If he does not like it, too bad. He can just put it in his stove pipe and smoke it (or however the saying goes - something like that I think), cuz we are not having this discussion with him, as we won't ever have this discussion with him again in the future, even if he wants us to. Except of course, if he opens up the discussion first, in one of his demeaning and spiteful posts Bronco/Vandal Hate filled posts to us, then the agreement has been abbrogated and we are free to engage in the discussion, at will - as I understand our agreement with him to be.

Yes, I know it is bizarre. This whole thing seems so silly, where a supposed Bronco Fan like him gets so upset when his fellow Broncos and Vandals and other humans, join the BAA and contribute money to the BAA for Bronco Stadium and athletics scholarship endowement fund projects. He thinks like razor and alignes himself with razor on this matter, and it just does not make any sense that they are purposefully and with intent, driving potential BAA Members and Donors and Bronco Suppoters away from the ranks of BAA Members. Maybe JLandon knows the reason for this and the logic behind their irrational desire to hurt the BAA financially. We should ask him sometime, as he seems to know how Common Bronco Fans think. We sure did learn alot from him when he has informed us several times about how many - not all - but quite a lot, of Common Bronco Fans are profligate and economically disadvantaged, and all.

But that is what they are doing. I know we will never be able to figure it all out - but then again nobody has really figured out why female Black Widow spiders killl their boyfriends and husbands. One old theory is that it was for the females to eat the boys and have strength and nourishement for raising their babies. But, that theory has been debunked and the new theory is; because it is fun, entertaining, and a way to get a new boyfriend and send the message to him to be quiet and don't discuss things the female doesn't want to discuss or he gets to be an appetizer.

I don't know if it is true or not, just something I read/heard on the internet one time.

Merry Christmas.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799


The timeline between Nebraska non-offer and Michigan State deal was a couple of months...not years.

You are not paying attention. NO TEAM IS BEING PAID $2M to go play, NONE.

Oregon has played in Boise (they got $300K)
Washington will be playing in Boise (They will be paid $350)
CAL played in Nevada (They got $250K)
Nebraska played in Wyoming (for nothing)
Miami will play in Toledo (for $350K)

The list goes on and on.

NOW, please list all the teams that are getting or have got $2,000,000 for a game

Please don't change the subject, just answer the question.

BSU4342....Good question....

I need time to answer....

Ω No problem

Little pal will come to the rescue with 18-20 paragraphs shortly.

[Edit: I see that potato pal has answered for himself. Good to learn now that "9 of the BCS Bowl games are fixed". Geez, 9 BCS games! What a revelation. With 18 slots, as ugly has so adeptly noted, BSU should have no trouble landing one in the future. Sheer brilliance, as usual.]

razor....sorry a

freudian slip....

You know I meant 9 teams....

You can count them, but sorry for Freud; we all do them....

Ω Wrong, yet again!!

Geez, do you ever get anything right? Rhetorical question meant only for the dweebs who should ... ah, eff it!

How can you have only 9 teams "designated"? What's that, 4 1/2 bowls? How about a nice round number ... like 10?

And no, smartarse #2, we do not all do them!

razor....the reason Ugly said 9 was cause

I left the 10th team for the supposed non-AQ invite....that was the wild-card....

so I said usually 9 teams are fixed in the 5 BCS Bowl games....and you know, the winner of the Pac-12 goes to....etc....

and, yes we do....freudian slips happen to all of us....including you....

razor - Do you give candy out for Top Performers?

Does that mean ugly does not get a 'Silver & Gold' Star by his name in your Grading Book, or does he get a Blue and Orange Triangle?

I have heard that those two are for being Real Good and Smart but if you get a Black Cross it means you are not very smart and failing your class of life and not listening to you and absorbing all of your knowledge to your satisfaction.

Is this true?

If so,

What does ugly get for a grade.

Just curious about your grading style, as I am considering spending more time with you and taking your class.

Merry Christmas.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

razor - speaking of problems

Apparently, you believe it to be a 'problem' with reading the 18-20 paragraph posts of mine. m Just stop reading them you Silly Willy, lolol.

It appears as though you read every word, because you seem very informed of my posts' contents, train of thought, and nuances; and what I have written in them.

I guesss you are not a Very Good Problem Solver, because if reading them is a Large Problem for you, the Soulition at your disposal is to stop reading them (an application of the Reasonable Man Test). It is really that simple. If you don't read them, you will not find them to be a problem to you.

Remember - you are always 'at choice' in life and responsible for your own serenity. If reading my posts makes you so angry and upsets you so much - just - simply stop reading them.

Nobody is holding a gun to your head and/or forcing you against your will to read them. You read them 'at your own will' or as you may view it - 'peril'.

That is basicaly how I have determined you are a Lousy Problem Solver, when you cannot even solve one of the more complex problems facing you, daily, on these blogs.

Another way to look at it is that you have said that I write the same thing over and over and over. That is interesting, because if you know that, then why keep reading my posts over and over and over. Just read one of them (which you have already done) and figure out what I will more than likely (per your set of fixed beliefs and expectation) write in the next post you have not read yet.

This kinda makes you look even more like a Very Bad Problem Solver, when you keep experiencing the same problem over and over and over, and do nothing to solve it.

Remember: If you always do what you've always done - you will always get what you always got.

Merry Christmas.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

ugly - great post - I will follow your advice and not

discuss the stuff we discuss with those that don't want to discuss it. I will keep all the stuff we discuss between just us Vandals and Broncos that want a discussion about those things, only (not to discuss anything with the 'B' Guy ever, never, ever).

Okay, so in the future I will ask bloggers (except the 'B' Guys cuz I already know his position) if they want to discuss something (as topics come up) and if they want to discuss it I will discuss it with thm and if they do not want to discuss it with me I won't discuss it with them.

I think I understand that is what you are trying to say and that you are giving me permission to discuss it with you, at this time. Am I right, is it okay to discuss this stuff?

I know the 'B' Guy does not want to discuss anything more with me so I will automaticaly leave him out of finding out if he wants to discuss anything with me in the future or not; because he has said he does not. So I will not take the time to ask him, as I know where he stands on the issue of discussing things with me and you (I think SIF is part of 'us' as well - and I kknow a few Broncos that would think it okay to discuss stuff with 'us' also.

As long as the Broncos keep winning and going undefeated, or one loss per season and being in the Top Ten or Top Fifteen, the Common Bronco fans will continue to buy Bronco Gear at COSTCO, Wall Mart, Freddies, and other places. But Heaven Help the BAA and Bsu AD's office if the Broncos ever peak out and falter and lose their dominant edge. If that happens, we will see Bronco Nation become Bronco Trust Territory, real fast.

I have taken heat from many because I have been stating for 3 years now, that the Broncos can NEVER afford to lose EVEN ONE game per season, if the collective dreams of a BCS Bowl are to materialize. I have been correct. The simple fact is that the Broncos have to have an undefeated season, as long as they are a Non-AQ team, to even have a sniff at a BCS Bowl. I have been right on this, all along.

Here is another thing I am, and will be proven over time, to be right on:

The Broncos will have to maintain a perrenial Top Ten or Top Fifteen showing to retain the Common Bronco Fan's interest (and I don't say 'support', because that term 'support' is for those that join the BAA and contribute money to 'support' the Bronco Football Team) of the collective Common Bronco Fans in Bronco Nation:


if they don't, we will see Bronco Nation collapsing down in size (downsizing) to a much smaller configuration of maybe 100,000 or so (basically Treasure Valley folks - which will not be enough to fill 35,000 or even up to 50,000 Home Game seats which is what is planned for the target growth number for Bronco Stadium (as I understand it to be).

I am guessing that President Kustra, Mark Coyle, and Coach Pete are having some real serious discussions about gettting ahold of the Big Dog Donors and asking them to pony up a lot more milions of dollars, cuz it is getting real apparent that the Common Bronco Fans, for whatever reason (poor economy, poor household budgeting, poor jobs due to lack of a meaningful degree/education, and/or many other reasons/excuses, whatever), just do not have the money or motivation to join the BAA and contribute even ONE Dollar to the BAA.

As for the other bloggers - I will create a list of those I have asked if they want to discuss stuff or not, and ask them the very simple question of "Hey, do you want to discuss stuff with ugly and me and SIF and . . . ". If they opt for the Non-Discussion Choice then I won't discuss anything with them, but if they opt for the Discussion Choice, then I guess we can discuss stuff (any topic I am guessing, because they would not have categorically eliminated specific topics not to discuss - as that issue would require an entirely different set of questions to ascertain the level of discussion they would want to have).

With me so far?

As for the future of Bronco Football - I think it will always be around - as Bsu an the BAA will never run out of Big Dog Money Donors. There will always be the Big Time Bronco Donors like the Yankes and Cavens who will just write out checks for a few million dollars anytime the Bsu needs it. Besides Bsu has an academic Endowenment Fund they can dip into and transfer some millions of dollars to the BAA Athletic Endowement Fund, when times are lean.

Really, if you stop and think about it, maybe this entire Call For Action by Coach Pete, President Kustra, and now the new BSU AD - Mark Coyle for members of Bronco Nation to join the BAA and contribute more money for the improvement of Bronco Stadium is realyl overblown. Maybe the real Bronco Fans don't neeed to really donate any money and the Big Dog Bronco Donors will always pick up the tab and keep the Bronco Football Team up and running?

The Central Reserve is an interesting entity, as I have been in discussions recently with a few full time staffers with the Legislative Fiscal Office (JFACs budget money crunchers) and the State Department of Administration and none of them have ever heard of a Central Reserve. Their guess is that it is created by taking unspent appropriated funds in the form of unused salary and pay for professors and other academic staff/faculty nad putting it into a holding fund and are transferring this money into the BSU AD's office. While it is possibly not illegal to do so and nonviolative of any provisions of the State of Idaho Code and/or the Idaho Administrative Rules an Regulations (IDAPA) as applying toward State entities - it shows that Bsu is not as willing to beef-up and increase their academic program and offerings and are using monies intended for improving academics, not for the improvement of academics, but for the improvement of the athletics. I don't know if that is what is happening, but, it sure looks like that is what is happening as a laymen and ordinary private (and NOT a Public Figure) Idaho Citizen standing back and looking at it from afar. The only way to know for sure all about it would be to have the State of Idaho perform an audit of Bsu and all the State of Idaho Legislature's appropriated funds for the Idaho SBOE and ultimately Bsu. Of course the Idaho State Controller's Office never tells specifically when an audit will occur and on what state agencie's accounts, as the State of Idaho Controller is an elected State Officer and an audit could, in essence, be considered a 'politically motivated witch hunt/fishing expedition'. As long as the Bronco Football Team keeps winning and is a Top Ten/Fifteen Team, I don't think we will see a real meaningful audit of Bsu, because there are just too many members of Bronco Nation that are also, Idaho Voters - what with Bsu being supposedly 'Idaho's Team' and all.

I don't think any elected official in the State of Idaho would risk political suicide by going counter to what President Kustra or Coach Pete have mapped out for Bsu in the future (maybe Latah and Nez Perce Counties, though).

You asked: " . . . Do you think that Central Reserves and a loan was part of Plan-A, or is that going to Plan-B because they have alot less donations that what they thought they would have at this time?"

My answer would be they are going to Plan B because they have learned from fundraising efforts, to date (as evidenced statistically by the negative reactions of Common Bronco Fans on these boards and on he BAA Fundly site, and the combined paltry money donations that have materialized thus far from a Fan Base/Bronco Nation of suppposedly estimated to be half a million CFB fans in Idaho, nationwide, and worldwide; that the BAA and Bsu cannot count on Common Bronco Fans to help provide, thru donations, the funds necessary to pay Coach Pete and his coaches what they need for salary and pay, expand Bronco Stadium, and continue to fund the BAA Athletic Scholarship Endowement Fund: And ultimately have to turn to ask the Big Dog Corporate Donors (Yankes, Cavens, Microns, Big Judds, Busters, and etc.) to give the BAA more and more millions of dollars, just to keep the doors open and field a Bronco Team ten years from now.

Yes, there is revenue sharing. You have been correct about your position all along, with the 'B' Guy being waaaay out into left field about it.

Every time some myopic Common Bronco runs off a potential Bronco supporter who happens to be a Vandal or conected to the University of Idaho in some way, it is like the that Common Bronco Fan is pulling a .45 Colt pistol out of a holster and shooting the BAA and Bsu in the foot. The Common Bronco Fans gets all puffed up with great pride in his/her ability to lay the wood to a Vandull or a Vandork, but Bsu, the BAA, and ultimately the Bronco Football Team suffers the long term consequences.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VNDL....as usual another

excellent post....

Yes, lets keep the wishes of some of our fellow blogger brothers and not include their blogger names in donations or Stadium issues, unless it is a response from one of their posts....

and I agree with your second premise as stated....'and if they don't we will see Bronco Nation collapsing down in size....'

VNDL, I agree....

With deaf ears of Bronco Fans to the importance of donations and becoming a BAA Member, I think in the near future we will see the repercussions of those decisions....

I am puzzled by Central Reserve....

Hey, this is actually a step up....this is a call for only 3D thinkers....we will find true thinkers out there that can have an honest discourse of expanding the Bronco Brand....

I'm ready!