Will Boise State QB Kellen Moore make the College Football Hall of Fame?

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

LAS VEGAS — While reporting the story on Kellen Moore that ran in today’s paper — read it here – I tried to determine Moore’s chances of becoming the first FBS College Football Hall of Famer from Boise State.

Reading the criteria and researching how the decisions are made, it looks like Moore could face an uphill battle to get in.

Talking to some key national media members about him, they consider his induction a no-brainer.

“If Kellen Moore doesn’t qualify, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong. It means they need new criteria,” SI.com’s Andy Staples wrote to me on Twitter.

“They shouldn’t have a College Football Hall of Fame if Kellen Moore is not in it,” said Joe Tessitore, an ESPN play-by-play announcer who has called many Broncos games.

“Absolutely, he’s a college football Hall of Famer,” ESPN’s Chris Fowler said.

“If he doesn’t eventually get in, there is even more wrong with the induction process of that hall than I’d thought,” Bruce Feldman of CBSSports.com said.

The catch for Moore is that the hall of fame is based more on single-season success than career success. The first requirement to be eligible for induction is to earn first-team All-America status from one of the five NCAA-recognized teams. Out of 20 opportunities, Moore was honored just once — on the 2010 Football Writers Association of America team, when the organization was concerned that Auburn quarterback Cam Newton would be ruled ineligible.

As Tessitore said, Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III was better this year and Newton was better last year, but neither had a career like Moore’s.

“He’s probably the most consistent college football player in terms of success over his four-year period,” Tessitore said.

After the All-America requirement, here are the other key criteria for the hall of fame:

"1. A player becomes eligible for consideration by the (National Football Foundation's) Honors Court ten years after his last year of intercollegiate football played.

"2. While each nominee's football achievements in college are of prime consideration, his post-football record as a citizen is also weighed. He must have proven himself worthy as a citizen, carrying the ideals of football forward into his relations with his community. Consideration may also be given for academic honors and whether or not the candidate earned a college degree.
As I noted in today’s paper, Moore is one of 12 players to finish in the top 10 of Heisman Trophy voting for three straight years."

Of the other 11 players, six are in the hall of fame and three are not yet eligible because they’re playing in the NFL. Former Ohio State quarterback Art Schlichter is not eligible because he didn’t make the right All-America teams.

That leaves BYU quarterback Ty Detmer, who has been out of college football for 20 years. He won the Heisman and finished third and would seem like a lock — yet he didn’t even make the 75-man ballot for the hall this year.

The trump card for Moore is the FBS wins record, which might still be standing when he becomes eligible for the hall.


Here are some extra quotes about Moore that didn’t make my story:

— Arizona State coach Dennis Erickson: “He has such a tremendous feel for the field. He steps up and knows where everybody’s at. He’ll go here, here, here and all of a sudden it’s seven points. It’s just something that you’re blessed with and he’s blessed with it. He’s got the intangible that’s special.”

— Center Cory Yriarte: “No matter what happens, he’s calm under pressure. He’s just our leader out there, and I wouldn’t want anyone else.”

— Feldman: “He'll go down as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of college football. People can say he doesn't have prototype size, but he produced with a staggering level of efficiency. The guy was deadly accurate and smart, and clutch. He won a lot of big games too. It is quite a legacy he's leaving behind.”

— Wide receiver Tyler Shoemaker: “He may not be the biggest, strongest or fastest but he’s definitely the smartest out there and he knows how to get it done.”

— Wyoming coach Dave Christensen: “I’ve said before he may be one of the best quarterbacks to ever play college football. He was a magician with the ball. He’s as good as any quarterback I’ve ever seen in college football or coached against.”

— Fowler: “The country has grown to appreciate him. He’s not some cute little undersized gritty guy. He’s got major skills. I think he’s got a burning desire to show he can do it at the next level.”

— More Fowler: “He’s easier to appreciate when you see him in person. I try to tell people you can watch tape, you can see games on TV, but you can really appreciate his skill, his touch, his timing, his movement in the pocket, when you see him in person. That’s why I’ll always remember the chances I’ve had to watch him from field level and really see what he’s about.”

— Backup quarterback Joe Southwick: “It doesn’t just happen on Saturdays. It’s the other six days of the week. He’s definitely left that quality with the quarterbacks. Now it’s our turn to go out there and prepare and do the same thing.”


ESPN draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay said on ESPN on Thursday that Moore likely will fall to the late rounds of the draft, or possibly even get signed as a free agent.

They expressed concern about his size and durability.

Kiper said he’d be a first-round pick if he were 6-foot-2 instead of (maybe) 6-foot.

I think that question is an obvious


Moore will be in the cfb Hall of Fame....

It will be awhile before his records are broken....


As long as "Crap" James and Mark May don't have a vote in it!

You have that right!

Those two suck.


Are you silly-for the sake of being silly?

YES!!!!!!!!! WE IS


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Half wrong

Didn't see the TCU game last night did ya? Mark May couldn't say enough about Kellen. Shocked me.

As for James, even Texas doesn't deserve something like it.


but its bowl time and Mark May is trying to sound smart like he's buddy buddy with the guy and the program. I just like how BSU just keeps coming on even with the likes of May and others.

You're probably right.

But it was good to hear one of the biggest detractors saying something positive.


Mark May & Herbie got exactly what they wanted - to talk BSU down enough that we wouldn't make it to a BCS game. Once they accomplished that, they suddenly began singing the praises of Kellen Moore and Boise State, blah-blah-blah. I don't listen to anything any of the "experts" have to say - I just watch our team and enjoy our games and the heck with everyone else. I won't be watching ANY of the BCS bowl games this year and I hope lots of other people do the same. It would be great if attendance and tv ratings are the lowest they have ever been - that would at least send a message, doubtful anyone that counts would care but it would feel good anyway.

if he doesn't make it

at first, they will enshrine him after he goes to Canton.

It's two questions

Does he deserve to be in the Hall? Absolutely. A great QB, a great player, a great leader, a great teammate and a great young man.

Will he get in? Probably not, the reason being is he is from BSU and not USC or Alabama etc. The whole system is so corrupt I just don't have any faith he will get fair consideration. I hope I am totally wrong. To keep Kellen out would be a terrible injustice IMO.

All American Kellen Moore(That is all that matters)

Kellen Moore a great college quarterback-(plain and simple)Some bloggers- get a little carried away with awards?

Kellen.s prospects

If the Colts don't take Kellen in the first round they will forever regret it.

Of course!

He deserves to get in. No question about it. This is coming from a Vandal too. He has had an outstanding career.


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Ugly took the plunge and donated....

I am not a big Bronco fan, but this is the team to support for cfb fans....they do represent Idaho....

I did the $75 to BAA and $200 to Stadium Expansion....

If you like Boise football, then pick up phone and call BAA at 208-426-3556....

It hurts alittle at first, then later your happy !!!!

The question...

...should not even be asked!!!


Let's get Kellen on the cover of NCAA Football 13!

Send an email to EA sports at:

Magic 8 Ball said:



Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

College Smollege...think NFL HOF!

I think Kellen is thinking more about the NFL HOF, and I would not bet against that.

Tebow says "they" said he would never play QB at the major college level. He says "they" said he'd never have a shot at the Heisman or a national championship. He said "they" said he'd never play pro QB.

Of course this is all BS, as he was one of the highest rated QBs coming out of high school and was expected to do very well and he did. He ended up as being arguably the best thrower ever to come out of the SEC and it is no surprise to many that he is a starting NFL QB.

So, Tebow is taking a little detour from reality to sell whatever he's selling. But, Kellen Moore....he's the one "they" really did say those things about and he has proven them wrong at every opportunity.

Even though he was offered only three scholarships, he ended up the "winningest" college QB of all time and is 6-0 (I think) against AQ teams. He is a QB savant and when he is drafted in the third round, whichever team (Seattle would be perfect) takes him will be drafting the next Joe Montana. Just tell him he can't do it. You'll be joining a large club of doubters proven wrong.

Ω seevee, nice post

The comparison to Joe Montana seems appropriate. Montana was drafted in the third round and his arm strength wasn't rated the highest.

It's the smarts that separates the great ones. Kellen certainly has that.

It would be great to see the Seahawks draft him. What they have at QB now isn't going to work.

i hope the pats draft km

perfect fit backing up tom brady for a few years.

I agree

perfect choice...

BTW, did you see Payton Manning was at the Maaco bowl......hmmmmmmm

did not see that

interesting to say the least.

Ω Scoreboard: loving this

Go Mizzou ... stomping N Carolina 31-10 at half. UNC looks no more organized than ASU.

If this holds, the standings going into tomorrow will be:

windex - 109
razor - 106
tfunk - 103
JL - yet to report anything other than "getting crushed"

windex has 28 points on the line tomorrow
razor went even more conservative with 21
tfunk is trying to make an end run with 44

Go Louisville!

ps - Moved the scoreboard here to get away from the uhhh, errr, you know ...

Go NC St.!

You guys are toast! :)

Ω Not so fast ...

... my ever-so-lucid friend. Check out the possibilities below.

How would a tie at 127 look? That would be cool.

Guess who posted this just before getting kicked off the blogs? It's edited only to remove the name of the offender, the specific date which the offensive offender posted, and the offensive word. Of course, this was not the only post that led to his ouster.

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All contest entries must be submitted prior to group laughter.

Happy Holidays Everybody - open message to any reader

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We Broncos are counting on you Vandals to step up! We know you are leaders and now is the time to lead!

Send that e-mail to Mr. Spear now! And then post it here so we all know that you have done your part for Bronco expansion!

Thank you Vandals!

Being as you posted the same

Being as you posted the same exact post as your above post, the other day on the other board; here is my exact response to you, as it appeared on the other board the other day:

B43S42U - apparently the agreement ugly & I had with you
Submitted by aqfunk on Mon, 12/26/2011 - 12:39am.
is not in effect anymore, by your choice/action?
The agreement was that we would not discuss exansion of Bronco Stadium and/or the importance of joining the BAA with you anymore because you stated that it was nobodys' business who joined the BAA, contributed money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium, or gave money to whatever cause they chose to. In fact, here is your germane post on the matter:
Submitted by B43S42U on Sat, 12/24/2011 - 10:53am.
I'm going to answer this one time.
When I donate and the amounts I donate to BSU, Idaho, College of Idaho, or any charitable entity..
Now, I hope that is clear enough for you.
I believe everyone that has the means, should support whatever they believe in. How much they give and to whom is no ones business but their own. I believe anyone who "thinks" they have a right to know what other people give, has a screw loose.
I think anyone who posts the same thing up to 15-20 times a day on a local sports board, has issues, no matter what the cause.
That is ALL I have to say on the matter. If you wish to continue on calling me out like some internet stalker, I will not be responding.
Now that you have 'opened the door' and abbrogated our agreement, here are several questions for you, to consider answering, as these questions have been asked repeatedly of you and you have failed at every turn, to provide answers. As always, you, of course, are under no durress or threat of any kind, to answer and/or not answer them. It is up to you if you provide your answers or not - strictly voluntary on your part to do so or not do so:
1. Are you a current member of the BAA, and if so;
2. What is your BAA Membership Number,
3. Have you contributed even ONE Dollar toward the BAA expasnion of Bronco Stadiuim project, and if so, how much?
4. How many shares of Bronco Stock do you own, and if any,
5. What are their Stock Certificate Numbers?
Your Title Box for your message was to the effect of "Calling all Vandals supporters of Bronco expansion!". My first observation is that getting the status of 'supporter' requires membership in the BAA to begin with, per NCAA Rules & Regulations for Supporters/Contributors. Ugly, SIF and I are Vandals, yes - so we are the Vandals you are calling on - but, we are also members of the BAA, which makes us 'supporters of Bronco Stadium expansion to begin with (your message would only be adressed to those Vandals who are 'ALREADY' members of the BAA, by virtue of them having the NCAA mandated and specific 'supporter' category. Possibly, you were thinking of adressing your message to Common Bronco Fans and Vandals, who ARE NOT currently members of the BAA? I know I am splitting hairs a bit, but that is how the NCAA sees it and has articulated it in their Rules and Regulations. We have been over this, ad nauseum, in past discussions. I thought you undrstood the nuances of the NCAA Rules and Regulations at applied to People who contribute money to the BAA and in support of BSU Athletics.
In addition, the Bronco Stock Program was discontinued a long time ago. ugly and I are proud ownrs of multiple shares of it, as well as having recently donated real money ($200.00 for me) toward expansion of Bronco Stadium.
Your message is somewhat confusing. Are you encouraging Vandals to join the BAA and contribute money toward the expansion of Bronco Stadium project? or are you wanting Vandals to advocate, to the Idaho Athletics Director, Rob Spear, the Vandals playing the Broncos in a football game in Boise?
I am totally in agreement that Idahoan Vandals should join the BAA and contribute money toward the expansion of Bronco Stadaium, because as a proud Idahoan Vandal, I can see where support of the Bsu Bronco Football Team is paramount to supporting the only legitimate cfb team that is Idaho based, that has a pragmatic shot at winning a BCS FBS Natty. Idaho cannot even come close to doing it anymore and we both know it.
I am not in agreement that Idaho should ever play Bsu again in football, in Boise, Moscow, Pullman, or anywhere else. The days a Idaho beng able to compete with Bsu in football are long gone. It is absolutely a waste of precious money for Idaho to continue chasing the dream of one day beating Bsu in football. As you well know, I am an advocate of either Idaho going back to the Big Sky and going down in league levels or discontinuing the cfb program at Idaho, in its entirety, and refocusing on the acacdemic mission of Idaho as a Land Grant university.
It appears as though the movement of Vandal alumni who favor going back to the Big Sky or discontinuing football at Idaho is rapidly growing, after Idaho had such a terrible and dismall 2011 season. The question is being asked in many Vandal quarters around the state of Idaho, as to how much more money will it take to continue Vandal football into the future and WHO is going to pay for it, as the older Vandals with money, pass away. The younger genration of Vandals are not into football like my generation was. They are more of the Frisbee Golf and hackeysack followers than football. I believe this is evidenced by the constant struggle for their attendance at home games. The Broncos and Vandals are both, somewhat similar, in this regard.
I would not want Bsu to ever play Idaho again in football, as what would it be like if Idaho DID beat Bsu and ruin Bsu's Natty chances. I know that is almost impossible, but it is a planning consideration. At this time Idahoan Vandals such as ugly, SIF, and myself are stepping forward as Idahoan Vandals and supporting the Bronco Footbal Team because we recognize that Idaho does not stand the proverbial 'Snowball's Chance' at a Natty, but Bsu does. Both teams are playing in separate conferences now and Idahoans can be fans of two different conferences and have a second level of cfb to follow. That would be totally ruined if Idaho was to ever play Bsu again - as one team will be a victor and one the vanquished.
And what if Idaho was to beat Bsu and ruin Bsu's chances at an undefeated season record - which, as you know, is required for a shot at a Natty title game for a Non-AQ Team? All heck would break lose in Idaho and there would be Vandal/Bronco warfare like we have never seen it. At this time the pot is cooling down a little bit from past perceived slights and transgressions of both sides. Let's let it keep cooling down. No sense cranking the heat back up again.
Also, lets look at this totally objectively, and without bias. Playing Idaho does not do Bsu's SOS any favors and only harms Bsu's SOS.
In addition, Idaho is in the process of withdrawing cooperative intitiatives between both schools, due to President Kustra's uncouth and noncivil comments about Vandals, several years ago. I know you don't see it, but the wound has not healed among Vandals. In fact it has festeered and only grown more septic, with time. I really do not think most Vandals would want to see the Vandals play the Broncos in football, ever again.
I believe the Broncos want to play the Vandals much more than Vandals want to ever play the Broncos again in football. The Fantasy of a Renewed Rivalry appears to be more of a Bronco dominated thought and ideation than a Vandal one.
Thank you for your encouragement for Vandals to join the BAA and contribute money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium.
Possibly you could do the same for Common Bronco Fans and consider joining the BAA and contributing money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium, yourself.
Go 2012 Broncos.
BAA Member #63799

Read more here: http://voices.idahostatesman.com/2011/12/23/bmurphy/report_juniorcollege_tight_end_signs_with_boise_state?page=2#storylink=cpy

I guess you need to reread the response to you as you think we need to reread your original post.

I think it is great to post important posts as many times as we can - so everybody can have everybody to reread them. That is why I will repost the two links I have been posting. Thanx for reminding me:

1. For joiining the BAA, and,

2. For contributing money to the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadiuim.

Thanx for poviding me another opportunity to be able to post these 2 links as they are of critical importance.

BAA Member#63799

PS - FYI - I saved the life of a squirrel today. I swerved and got out of his way when he crossed the street. What did you to do be a good human today? This is not a 'demand' for information - it is just a friendly request for you to voluntarily inform these boards what you have done, if anything, today, to be a good human being.

"B" Guy - Link # 1

I am back with the 2 links.

I will make two separate posts and split them up so readers will only have to copy one line to get the message in its entirety.

Making two links on the same page might be a little confusing and havng two links in a browser at the same time, does not work very good.

Here is the link for joining the BAA:


BAA Member #63799

"B" Guy - here is Link # 2

Here is the second link which provides information about how to make a contribution to the BAA expansion of Bronco Stadium project:


BAA Member #63799

PS - If for some reason you have not been able to get these links to work, please let me know and I have a couple dozen other links that kinda go to the same place (a little process of elimination is needed though; I am afraid, as some of them are broken links and I can't remember which ones).

aqfunk, do you support Bronco expansion?

Have you sent your e-mail yet?

if not, why not?

Do you want to be the reason coach Pete leaves?

By this time tomorrow hundreds of Vandals will have shown their support for the Bronco's by sending e-mails to the Idaho AD.

Step up! this is your chance to be a leader!

Yeah VNDL ....you get a blogger that basically

says, 'leave me alone and what I have donated is None of Your Business' to the cheers of his buddies....

then, when we honor his request and leave him alone and do not post bloggers; he then starts to egg it on himself....

Is he trying to use 'entrapment'?


Have I ask you to donate money? have I demanded you tell me how much money you've donated? Have I demanded you show me what organizations you belong to?

I have done none of the above, have I?

I am asking Vandals who support Bronco expansion to send a simple e-mail

You did, other Vandals have, more Vandals will......

Thank you again for your support of Bronco expansion.

ugly - entrapment can be invonvenient and messy

The only time he uses 'entrapment' is when he gets his underwear on backwards.

Ω The forecast is variable

If Purdue and NC State win:
windex - 137
razor - 116
tfunk - 147
JL - ?

If Purdue loses and NC State wins:
windex - 119
razor - 106
tfunk - 123
JL - ?

If Purdue wins and NC State loses:
windex - 127
razor - 127
tfunk - 127
JL - ?

If Purdue and NC State loses:
windex - 109
razor - 117
tfunk - 103
JL - ?

Go Western Michigan and Louisville!

Eat my dust!


Ω That would be preferable ...

... to what a couple of 'em are eating right now. Actually, that's their normal diet.