Junior college defensive end chooses Boise State football team over Tennessee, Mississippi

By Chadd Cripe
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Junior college defensive end Demarcus Lawrence of Butler Community College in Kansas has committed to Boise State, will sign a letter of intent this week and will join the team in January, he said Monday.

Lawrence (6-foot-4, 240 pounds) has three years to play three seasons, he said. He spent two years at Butler — redshirting one season and playing this season.

He chose Boise State over Tennessee, South Florida, Kansas State and Mississippi.

“I felt more comfortable with Boise — the Boise coaches and their players,” Lawrence said. “And they had a major that I want to major in (kinesiology). Plus, they’re a winning program. I love to be a part of a winning program.”

Lawrence earned second-team All-America honors this year with 66 tackles, 27 tackles for loss and 10 sacks. He redshirted during his first year at Butler.

Lawrence could have returned for another season at junior college but was ready to move on. He is originally from Aiken, S.C., and needed to attend a junior college for academic reasons.

He visited Boise for the Wyoming game and committed Sunday.

“I was able to (leave) and I didn’t want to waste my year,” he said.

Lawrence fills a need for the Broncos, who lose all four starting linemen and their top three ends.

Junior college players can sign beginning Wednesday.

— QB Nick Patti, 5-11, 190, Dr. Phillips HS (Orlando, Fla.)
— WR/RB Shane Rhodes, 5-7, 160, Klein Collins HS (Spring, Texas)
— CB Chaz Anderson, 6-0, 175, Loyola HS (Los Angeles)
— TE Armand Nance, 6-1, 238, Dekaney HS (Houston)
— RB Devan Demas, 5-9, 170, Cypress Creek HS (Houston)
— OL Steven Baggett, 6-4, 250, Martin HS (Arlington, Texas)
— RB Jack Fields, 5-11, 200, Americas HS (El Paso, Texas)
— CB Donte Deayon, 5-9, 155, Summit HS (Fontana, Calif.)
— LB Ben Weaver, 6-1, 225, Klein HS (Spring, Texas)
— OL Travis Averill, 6-4, 280, Servite HS (Anaheim, Calif.)
— LB Andrew Pint, 6-2, 215, Valor Christian HS (Highlands Ranch, Colo.)
— N Chris Santini, 6-1, 216, Leland HS (San Jose, Calif.)
— S Chanceller James, 6-2, 190, Steele Canyon HS (San Diego)
— DE Elliot Hoyte (Tavistock, England)
— WR/S D.J. Dean, 6-1, 190, Eagle HS
— DE Demarcus Lawrence, 6-4, 240, Butler C.C. (Aiken, S.C.)

Grayshirt from 2011 class
— TE Hayden Plinke, 6-4, 230, Glencoe HS (Hillsboro, Ore.)


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3 to play 3.......

Ω Thank you, Chadd

It should be noted that esteemed board contributor B43S42U (BBM #43) first broke this news yesterday evening.

Of course, since he is little more than a common Bronco fan and somewhat dissolute, the core of the common Bronco fans have not yet called for a parade "in his homer".

BBM #24

A Big Pick Indeed....but

19 others are saying adios....

Good Luck Lawrence at Boise and also on your degree...

Still, no kicker?

What's up with that?

We have a kicker on

scholarship, he was a redshirt this year.

Red shirt?

Why are we red shirting when we haven't had a kicker worth their salt for two years or more?


The last one had the record for most points in school history. As for this year, as a true freshman, the coaches apparently didn't think he was better than the two we had out there (at this time)

Ω Most points by a kicker in FBS history

Kyle Brotzman, 439


Last year he cost the Broncos a BCS Bowl game and this year "Baddale" cost us another one, bottom line! I heard "klutzman" was coaching him!

No he didn't

and it didn't cost BSU this year. Your statement just reflects how ignorant you are......

Ummm...yeah he did

kickers are on the team for 3 reasons.

1) Kick the ball off

2) kick extra points

3) Kick FG's when the offense stalls

that's it! that's all they do. I'm tired of hearing about the Nevada loss and the TCU loss as being "team" losses because it's a giant load of BS. It's not like they were difficult kicks

ummm,...nope he didn't

Running backs - aren't suppose to fumble

Receivers - aren't suppose to drop the ball

Offensive linemen - aren't suppose to miss blocks

DB's - aren't suppose to get burned for 75 yard TD's

etc etc.........

give me a freak'n break!

I'm not even going to bother with a response to that crap

You may think it's crap

But if you ever played a team sport you would realize that one person does not lose a game. Doesn't mater the sport. If the star reliever gives up a home run in the 9th, he didn't lose the game. If the best scorer on the basketball team misses a 12 foot jumper at the buzzer, he didn't lose the game. Or if the all-time home-run king strikes out in the bottom of the 12th with the bases loaded, didn't lose the game. And just now, Smith missed a wide-open Crabtree in the end zone, if they lose by a TD, he didn't lose the game.

etc etc.

Ω No wonder Crabtree didn't catch it

A bit dark, doncha think?

Ed Hochuli would have this fixed in no time.

In most team sports

one person can't really lose a game.....but one person sure as he77 can win the game, and in football, that one person is typically the kicker.

There's no other position in any team sport quite like the kicker because kickers are often put in a position to win or lose the game...that's why those kicks are dubbed "game winning" kicks. If "HE" nails his kick, he wins the game for the "TEAM", but if "HE" misses his "game winning" kick, then "HE" loses the game for his "TEAM". It's as simple as that. If you've ever been a kicker, like I have, then you'd know what I'm talking about


I can make the same argument for Wright. Only I could say he couldn't really win the game, but he sure as he77 lose it.

You see, you are simply taking one or two plays from a game that has 60-80 plays and saying those 2 plays decide a game.

It's no more say that Drew Wright lost the TCU game than it is to say Goodale did (or coach Pete for that matter)


Everything leading up to that point has affected the outcome of the game. Had we not gotten burned on those long balls in the beginning of the game, we could have potentially been up by 2 touchdowns just trying to run out the clock. If Drew Wright hadn't fumbled, we would have been scoring another touchdown with a minute left, icing the game. To say one play wins or loses the game is ignorant. It is the entire 60 minutes played prior to that that have affected the outcome. If BSU had taken care of business on defense and put a few more points on the board on offense, we wouldn't have had to even worry about that.

ya'll are evidently clueless as to what the role of a kicker is.

you guys claim that it's ignorant for someone to say that one play cannot win nor lose the game. Right? Well, if that's the case then please tell me why those kinds of kicks are referred to as "game winning kicks"

Could it have something to do with that one single play being the difference between a win and a loss, hence the "game winning" terminiology? If you're answer isn't yes, you're a moron

I've heard at least three

talking heads report the game was lost on Wright's fumble.....

What does that prove?

what does that prove? Well, for starters it proves

that at least 3 people in the entire world echo your sentiment ;-)


my point. But somehow if some talking-head says "game winning" kick it's all the reason you need to blame one play......

Im pizzed at losing

Im pizzed a 5th year Senior coughed up the ball with 2 minutes to play. Im pizzed Mitch B. coughed one up earlier in the Red Zone. Im pizzed we are a Top 10 team, again, and cant find kicker worth a pizz. All of it, not a single play, hurt us. I will say tho, I find it pretty stupid that a kicker cant bust through the upps a FG between 20 and 40 yards...freaking twice with undefeated seasons and BCS bowl implications on the line.

Its one of life's greatest mysteries; how strong athletic guys move the ball up and down the field, or stop it, for 59 minutes with power and force and yet in the final seconds of a game, a dude who's 5'5 138, gets to decide the fate of it all...


I'm pizzed that after last year's letdown in reno

Coach Pete said that they searched the country for the best kickers they could find, yet he opened the season with two walk ons while opting to redshirt VanGinkel, who they recruited and brought in to kick, and if Pete wasn't just blowing smoke up Bronco Nation's arse by saying that VanGinkel wasn't any better than Goodale or Frisisna, then that says a lot about our kicking recruiting efforts and further explains why, for the second season in a row, we're not playing in a BCS bowl. If VanGinkel isn't good enough to take the job away from two walk ons, then why did they bring him in and give him a scholarship? Maybe Coach Pete neds to talk to the womens soccer coach and bring in a girl to kick for us!

you're a smart guy, so please don't play dumb

If Brotzman made his kicks in Reno last year, what would have happened?

If Goodale would have made his kick against TCU, what would have happened?

Yes, both answers are that BSU would have taken the lead with no time left on the clock, therefore sealing a BSU win, but they didn't make their game winning kicks, and as a result, BSU 'lost' those games and lost out on going to a BCS bowl.

Talking heads also use terminology like touchdown, turnover, sack, first down, second down, 3rd down, and 4th down, and they do so because they're definitive. A TD isn't an opinion. a sack isn't an opinion, a 1st,2nd,3rd or 4th down isn't an opinion, and a game winning FG isn't an opinion, it's a matter of fact. A game winning kick does one of two things, it wins the game, or it loses the game...there's no gray area or anything to debate.

The grey area

is the events that lead up to that point, which directly affected the need for it to happen. Maybe they get one more first down or don't fumble the ball. We understand that yes, the game now rides on this kick. But, the big picture is the game was lost when they failed to complete a pass on third and long or they kicked a field goal in the red zone rather than scoring a touchdown. The kick wasn't decided at the beginning of the game, none of the plays were. But, because of what transpired during the game, it lead to that point. It's called a game winning field goal, yes, because it would win the game at that point. But, there were plenty of other situations throughout the game that lead to it being necessary to kick it. In those two games, there were plenty of instances during the game that would have affected the outcome.

So, you are saying

If we would have given up one of the those three 75+ pa$$es for a TD at the end of the game, we would be sitting here blaming the DB instead of the kicker?

No, not necessarily.

I'm just saying there are a lot of factors that play into losing/winning a game. It isn't one specific play that cause us to lose the game. For all we know, we could have still ended up in the same position had our secondary played tough. But they didn't, and that played its part in having to settle for a field goal. Same with our d-line not getting as much pressure on the QB, Wright fumbling, our receivers dropping pa$$es, the plays the coaches called/didn't call, etc. But people like TBK can't see past the kick because it was the last play to happen. They disregard the shoddy play throughout the game; they focus on the result and not the process that lead to that result.

Also, unrelated, it is super irritating to have to modify words like pa$$es and circümstance because they contain profane words. Super dumb.

Ω This is not a real forum ...

... and I've been hoping for change for a long time now. Nothing ever happens ... probably because there is no compelling reason for change.

There is no private messaging
No likes, dislikes, or ability to block certain posters
Can't search or sort
Can't create threads
There are no alerts or auto notifications
No avatars
No groups
No grouping of topics
and plenty of other things ... among them very little moderation

It's just a blog in which threads inevitably go off topic, become infested with trolls, or are hijacked by those who have agendas.

Agendas like

Stadium Expansion?


There's really no point in carrying this further. You believe a game can and is determined by one or two plays, that's fine.

Maybe we can call that questionable PI a "semi-game-saver-play-for-the-game-saving-kick" JK

Yes, I believe that a single kick can determine a games outcome

and so does Nevada and TCU and the rest of the college football world, so yes, lets not carry this any further


make my brain cry...

your brain isn't crying

it's f-a-r-ting


probably doing both, but the f-a-r-ting is because of the pizza I had last night... How is f-a-r-t a bad word?

You've got to be joking?! Or you've got to be 2 years old?!

Or maybe both...a series of errors can be excused because they didn't happen at the end of the game?? Wow! Don't be surprised if your logic doesn't take you anywhere in life. Ping-pong, golf, bowling...are individual sports. Basketball, soccer, water polo and yes football are team sports meaning you work together as a unit to hopefully win or even falter as a unit and lose. I recommend not wasting your time with team sports if you don't understand this concept.

Hypothetical - So, if you and a friend (I know it's a stretch, but stick with me) are planning to catch a plane. Your friend comes to pick you up, but you're not ready. An hour tic's away, it's getting down to the wire, but you're finally ready. When you get to the airport you run to catch the plane. When you get to the ticket counter your friend realizes he left the tickets in the car and you're now going to miss the plane. So, do you tackle your friend in disgust that he blew it?

10th game of the 2006 Fiesta season vs San Jose State

BSU played horribly and had to come from behind to tie San Jose St, yes, you read that right, San Jose Freaking State!

Going into the 4th, we were down 12-13. San Jose extendend their lead to 20-12. We eventually get a TD and make the score 20-18 and attempt to tie the game on a 2pt conversion with 5 minutes left in the game, which we converted. 20-20 tie game.

SLS gets the ball and moves it 21 yards in 6 plays before punting it back to us on 4th and 3. Tadman retuns the punt 43 yards to the SJS 37, with 2:36 left to play - 7 plays later we're inside the SJS 20 yard line when we call a time out with 4 seconds left to play. Anthony Montgomery goes out to kick a 37 yard "game winning" field goal, which he makes and BSU goes on to win it's next two games and makes into their first BCS appearance in school history!

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?

Well, it shows that a team's pathetic play can be overcome and erased by a kicker whose able to nail a "game winning" kick.

I agree, but...

How much do you think it has to do with BSU losing scholarships due to lack of institutional control? Maybe they feel they need to pick up players who can help throughout the game. Especially since they are losing so much with this senior class. They need to reload and get more depth as they go into the Big East.


Why are so many fatalistic in regard to 2012? BSU is going to be just fine.


Center Cory Yriarte made a very similar comment today when I asked him about 2012...His comments will be in my Sunday story, looking ahead to 2012.

Looking forward to that




2012 Broncos better than 2011 version

I have been saying for some time that the 2012 Broncos will be a better (waaay more balanced) team than the 2011 version. Here is why:

A. A more mobile QB. Kellen was good in the pocket and very accurate but he didn't engender a potential running threat from his position. I could live with a less accurate QB and one who is more mobile and more of a 'playmaker'. This is not to take anything away from Kellen - as he has the CFB record for most wins over a 4 year career. Nick Patti will be the starter next year as a True Freshman.

B. More mature Devensive Secondary with the injection of a couple of 'beasts' who were recruited a couple of years ago in high schol and were being redshirted for teh 2011 season. It might turn out that the 2011 Scout Team had as much talent as the 2011 Broncos.

C. More great D-Linesmen redhshirting and now a great JUCO asset.

D. Good to great returning Wide Receivers who got tons of game experience in 2011.

E. An O-Line that while not starters, got lots of gam experience along with a couple more Redhirt 'Beastsies'.

F. The VanGinkel kid will realy come thru in clutches as a kicker. He is gonna rewrite the Bronco Record Book during his 4 years.

G. 'Bacon' is gonna be awesome and really shine.

I am excited for the 31 Aug 11 game with Michigan State to start the 2012 season. I am looking at the MAACO Bowl as just a practice scrimmage, as I did the last games of the regular 2011 season after the TCU game and I hope Coach Pete is looking at it the same way and will get many returning players some good game time experience.

The future looks bright for the 2012 Broncos.

I predict they will go undefeated, win the MWC, but get screwed out of an opportunity to play for the FBS Natty (per annual BCS crap).

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

VanGinkel should transfer

to a school that values it's kicking game.

DE Recruit

Three things are happening with the recruits. Reload, Reload and Reload. A lot of work stands before BSU for next fall. When coaches are ready to say "Fire For effect."

Think you're right aqfunk

Been waiting for the "shirts" to come out myself.

Welcome Demarcus,

glad that you chose Boise State, and we're looking forward to your contributions to the team. You will add to what is shaping up as an awsome defense. Those 10 sacks look especially good along with the 27 tackles for loss. Keep em' coming next season!


Chadd, Did't you leave out one of our recruits?-the one from Canada

Rory Connop

is technically part of last years recruiting class as a late addition, not the 2011 recruiting class. He is already on campus.


Rory is already on the team and he is a walk-on, not a scholarship recruit. There was a little confusion early in the year because his team in Canada announced that he was coming here on scholarship in September and Boise State had not added him to the roster yet.