Boise State leaves two redshirt players home; Broncos counting on Jamar Taylor; Arizona State loses two starters

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

LAS VEGAS — The Boise State football team traveled to the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas without four players.

True freshman kicker Jake Van Ginkel and true freshman running back Jay Ajayi, both of whom are redshirting, did not "deserve" to make the trip, coach Chris Petersen said.

Two other players couldn't make the trip because of NCAA rules. Defensive lineman Beau Martin and offensive lineman Rory Connop were not eligible to play this year under transfer rules, so they couldn't travel to the bowl, Petersen said.

Petersen said the Broncos are counting on junior starting cornerback Jamar Taylor to play in the game. Sophomore cornerback Ebo Makinde has been running but his status is shakier.

Sophomore tight end Gabe Linehan has an arm injury and is questionable for the game.

Also, Petersen said offensive coordinator Brent Pease has had discussions with Houston about its head coaching position. And the Broncos will wear their traditional all-blue home uniforms as the home team.


Arizona State sophomore defensive end Junior Onyeali, a projected starter, has been suspended for the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas. The Arizona Republic reported that coach Dennis Erickson and Onyeali had a heated exchange at practice Monday.

The 2010 Pac-10 Defensive Freshman of the Year missed four games with a knee injury and only made 11 tackles this season.

Arizona State also will be without starting wide receiver, kickoff returner and punt returner Jamal Miles, who couldn't make the trip for personal reasons, Erickson said.

Miles is the Sun Devils' second-leading receiver, second-leading rusher and he has scored three touchdows as a kick returner.

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Why doesn't that

surprise me......

Craig James

On a brighter note............Craig James is gone from ESPN. :)))

Go to the ESPN blog on this and you can see....

how "popular" James is nationally. A complete waste of human skin.


Because he doesn't rate Cupcake State where you think he should? Yeesh man, get a life.

Yeah, but...

... he's leaving to run for the Senate. "Senator Craig James". THAT oughta keep ya awake nights.

( "Things that make ya go 'Bu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu' ")

I think James' "body of work" has found a profession....

for which it is ideally suited.

tet, I'm thinkin'

he's a Larry Craig wannabe, and has been practicing for quite sometime....Sunny...

Spano for Senate instead!

A must listen!

What a rant!

Kicker? We don't need no stinkin kicker!

oh wait a minute...yeah we do! ;-(

TBK - re: VanGinkel

Didn't make the trip because he didn't 'deserve' to go? I can't say as I ever heard that one before from a Head Coach. Usually they say the player needs to work on his 'atttude' or something like that.

What does one need to do to be deserving? He must have frosted Coach Pete somehow. I have heard of 'icing a kicker', but Coach Pete put him in the Deep Freeze. And probably rightly so.

Sounds like there is an attitude problem with the red shirt kicker of some type and Coach Pete is sending him a message to straighten out his attitude problem. Maybe missing practices or not really working very hard during practices?

Could be one of a hundred things, I guess.

I am guessing (and it is just a guess) that he is pizzed cuz he was recruited as a Hot Shot Kicker and didn't get to play this year so he is 'packing it in' and sloughing off during practices.

I am thinking he will look for another school during the Spring and won't be a Bronco come next Fall. Maybe Coach Pete wil help him in his 'school search'.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Actually, I agree with the 'B' Guy that the kicker didn't lose the Nevada (Brotzman) or TCU (Godale) games and it was a Total Team Effort, or lack thereof, that lost those games - including the coaches and Head Coach as Deer Caught In The Headlights.

TBK - just a thought

If his real name is John O. Ajayi and he as born in 1993 - I think I might know why he is not 'deserving'.

I hope I am wrong and his real name is not that one.

If it is, we might not see him next Fall, either.

Do you know what his real name is?


Do tell!

The suspense is killing me! Is it a recruiting thing?


What makes you think that someone that needs to ask what a kids "real" name is, has any clue as to the reason said kid was left home?

It doesn't have to do with what his "real" name is

but that he said he might know the reason. Whether I believe what he says or not is another matter, but it would be worth hearing what he THINKS is the reason, considering anything else we come up with could be just as much a reason lol.

You're new here

I'll let you find out on your own.......

Ω How kind

of you.

I've been here a while

I just haven't commented. I don't care how credible the information is. Unless it is from Cripe, it's purely for the enjoyment of the speculation.

kcjoplin - you got any idea

I only post stuff I can back up with statistics and/or verifiable and credible facts.

I am wondering if the last namae 'Ajayi' is common to Boise and if there are many people with that last name that are also, 18-19 years old (born in 1993), living in Ada County.

How many of those do you reckon have the first name of Jonathan and the middle initial of O.?

I don't know if what I am thinking to be a theory, is really a concrete fact yet; so I am not going to post my thoughts until I know for sure, beyond a reasonable doubt what the actual facts are and that my thought(s) are valid and my theory can be verified by any reader of these boards.

There are some posters to these boards that go off half-co@ked. I am not one of those.


Good to know

To my knowledge it is not a common name around here, but that is just conjecture. I know Jay Ajayi is from Texas and I believe he is of Nigerian descent, but again, that is unsubstantiated. I'm not entirely sure Jay was born in 1993, but again, I don't have evidence otherwise. I try and take anything I hear with a grain of salt unless I hear it from a credible person by mouth. The internet is a crazy place...

I tried to

warn you........

he is the son of...........


Whatever. Patty Duke once played identical cousins on TV.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.

kcjoplin - if my theory is correct

it is NOT a recruiting thing.


kcjoplin - it is more like a numbers thingy

Case: CR-MD-2011-0016526 I.C 18-2403(1) {M} Theft
Jail: 90 days
Suspended Jail: 85 days

Lots and lots of numbers - and even a few alphabet thingies thrown in, too.

But I am not 100% sure of the name stuff, as I am sure there are many last names of 'Ajayi', born in 1993, living in Ada County.

So until I am sure, it is just a theory that has not been proven (nor disproven by the 'B' Guy or his Posse Mates for that matter). They (the Pussee Possee) always, without fail, take the contra-position in arguements with Vandals, so I am guessing they will be pro-theft apologists, regardomg this matter before it is over. It is really kinda easy to run 'em over cliffs and all.




I dunno funky

I think VNDL nailed this one, although I don't agree with him posting that information on the blog

Then he will enjoy

his typical ripping of a college kid, and if it isn't... then he will enjoy his typical ripping of a college kid.

Either way......

Ω Aren't you glad ...

... we did what we did? Best move ever.

Too bad trash day isn't until Friday.

BBM #24

If you have not done so yet;

If you have not done so yet; please join the Bronco Athletic Association and contribute at least ONE Dollar for Coach Pete's expansion of Bronco Stadium project:

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member 63799

PS - Just out of curiosity, what was it you did that was your best move ever? Let me guess - it was joining the BAA and contributing real money for Coach Pete's expansion of Bronco Stadium projecct?

Not defending vndl, but if the kidwas a duck instead of a bronco

this whole blog would be dogging on him, Chip Kelly, and Oregon

I'm sure Coach Pete will handle the situation, and odds are, if what vndl is reporting is true, we've probably seen the last of Ajayi

wow kid,

Now you've been sucked in.....


how so?

You are speculating,

not about a football game, or whether a kicker is to blame for a game, but whether a kid is a criminal...... Don't you see that this is what he wants? All he wants is for you do say "well if he is" and he's a happy camper. The harm isn't if it's true, the harm is if it isn't...... (remember, he had the dutch kids in the country illegally at one point)..............

Has you tried to track the info he's given.....just a thought.

Read below

and tell me you cannot see what he is up to..........

You are smarter than this......

Ih yeah, Blame the Vandals

Before long you will be telling everbody that ugly and I set this all up to discredit Broncos because we are not really BAA Members and notrealy Bronco supporters.

Oh yeah, TBK shuld be able to see how I set this all up to just be mean to some little college kids who play football.

It is all that Big Bad VNDL's and ugly's fault.

You are so predictable.

Do you realize how assinine you sound in your above post?


BTW kid

You have any idea how many men are on the "sex offender" list nationally with the last name "Olander". Now, I not saying anyone on this board has that name (because I have no clue "how" many do) but what are the chances one of the names on that list could possibly belong to someone on this board? It's probably slim and I cross my fingers that no one on this board is on the sex offender list. But still, I hate to speculate, boys? girls? how sick would that be?

Well it's probably nothing, I mean who knows how many first names someone has......

Nope, I wouldn't know

Me neither

But I'm just speculating, you know, like the Dutch kids.........

that didn't take long


"B" Guy there you go again - supporting and endorseingcriminals

I have always included disclaimers in all my posts about legal cases involving Bronco Players or Vandal Players.

Yes, Please track my information, yes by all means.

I am not speculating that Jay Ajayi, BSU Bronco Fotball Player on a Full Ride Scholarship, is a criminal or not. I have merely brought to light a coincidence that nother person, with the same legal name, born in the same year, living inAda County is a confessed criminal to the charges of Petit Theft.

It is a fact.

I am not speculating that Jay Ajayi, BSU Foortaball players is the samer person I have been very clear about this division of thought in my prior posts, this thread.

Possaibly you have not read them, or are unable to comprehend them, for whatever reason.

You alwayseem to be an apologist for Bronco football players who are convicted of crimes and alwasy condemn vandals for their same actions.

I am guessing you are now trying to spin this situation to make it appear as though the person who confessed to Petit Theft is really the victim and has absolutely no connection with BSU.

I hope the guilty party/criminal has no connection with BSU, also.


No I'm not

give it a day or two and you'll see

'B' Guy - Do you condone Theft, too?

Nope - not ripping anybody. Just trying to understand what the truth is.

I know you will always sweep any dirt connected to Bronco Football Players under the carpets in an attempt to present a fuzzy picture to readers on these boards.

I have seen you do it so many times.

I just do not undrstand why President Kustra and Coach Pete cannot be more open and honest with the very people who support them. They are like you, always trying to sweep dirt under the carpets. Always 'no comment' or making fun of anybody who might know the Truth.

I do not know if this is Jay Ajayi, the BSU Fotball Player on a Full Ride Scholarship or not. All I know, it is a person about 18-19 years old (born in 1993) with the same first and last legal names, living in Ada County:


State of Idaho vs. Jonathan O Ajayi
Case: CR-MD-2011-0016526 Magistrate Judge: Thomas Watkins Amount due: $350.75 Closed pending clerk action
Charges: Violation Date Charge Citation Disposition
10/09/2011 I18-2403(1) {M} Theft-Petit
Officer: Kindelberger, Jason, BO 1510415 Finding: Guilty - Withheld
Disposition date: 12/13/2011
Fines/fees: $389.50
Jail: 90 days
Suspended Jail: 85 days

Register of actions: Date
10/14/2011 New Case Filed - Misdemeanor
10/17/2011 Prosecutor assigned Boise City Prosecutor- Generic
10/21/2011 Judge Change: Administrative
10/21/2011 Hearing Scheduled (Sentencing 12/13/2011 10:00 AM)
10/21/2011 A Plea is entered for charge: - GT (I18-2403(1) {M} Theft-Petit)
10/21/2011 Notice of Hearing
12/13/2011 Hearing result for Sentencing scheduled on 12/13/2011 10:00 AM: Court Accepts Guilty Plea
12/13/2011 Withheld Judgment Entered (I18-2403(1) {M} Theft-Petit)
12/13/2011 Sentenced to Jail or Detention (I18-2403(1) {M} Theft-Petit) Confinement terms: Jail: 90 days. Suspended jail: 85 days.
12/13/2011 Probation Ordered (I18-2403(1) {M} Theft-Petit) Probation term: 1 year 0 months 0 days. (Misdemeanor Unsupervised)
12/13/2011 STATUS CHANGED: closed pending clerk action
12/13/2011 Sentenced To Pay Fine 387.50 charge: I18-2403(1) {M} Theft-Petit
12/13/2011 Other Sentencing Option Ordered: Theft Cla$ses
12/13/2011 Written Plea Of Guilty


Disclaimer - I do not claim that this case is that of any Bronco Football Player, past, present, or future.

I sincerely hope this is not a Boise State University Football Player on a Full Ride Scholarship, as I have contributed money to the BAA Athletics Scholarships Endowenemtn Fund, and I do not want my contributed money being used to fund any person(s) involved with any criminal activity, while, at any time, being on said scholarship. So with a little luch, this case is not about any BSU Bronco Football Player.

Let's keep our fingers crossed, that it is not him.

BAA Member #63799

TBK - did you expect to learn the truth

from President Kustra or Coach Pete? When, How, to what extent?

If this Bronco Football player is in fact the same person as the person who admittedguilt to the crime of Petit Theft, nothing will prolly happen to him, anyway. He will keep hs schollie, get a Free Ride for College Education, funded by donations and contributions to the BAA's Athletics Scholarship Endowenent Fund.

Why is it that a little 'sunshine' and focus on the truth, seems to make you guys go all white and look like you are gonna throw up and stuff?

I never said anything that was untrue or posted any information that is not available to the public on a pubic web site.

Actually, the web site is:

This is a web site, open to the pblic, and paid for by State of Idaho public funds. Anybody is more than welcome to use it.

I have never accused the Bronco Football Player as being the same person who pled guilty to Petit Theft. It could very well be an entirely different person for all I know.


but it is public record

but it is public record if true.

Brick - here is the public record web site

The only thing I don't know is if this is the same person that is a Bronco Fotball player or not?

Same first name, middle initial, last name, Birth Year, and currently living in Ada County.

Maybe a coincidence, I dunno.

All I know is that Coach Pete and President Kustra seem to have no intention of ever informing the Bronco Fans and donors/supporters, if it is true.

I certainly do not want the money I have contributed to the BAA's Bronco Athletic Schoalarship Endowement fund, going to a confessed criminal (petit theft) who spent 5 days in the Ada County Jail, as a 'scholarship', if in fact it is the same person. I jsut do not know that part - if it is just a wild co8incidence that both people would have the same names, birth dates, and living locations.

Just watch some of the Bronco Criminal Apologists come out of the woodworks and blame the Vandals for creating and inventing the situation, to begin with. It is kinda funny when one thinks about it - the amount of Power Credit they give to Vandals to accomplish schemes so dasstardly to be incomprehensible.

I think there are just some crimes that call out for the removal of an athletic scholarship, but some people on these boards believe the Ends Justify the Means and as long as not too many Bronco Fans are aware of actual crminal activity - no harm no foul to the Bronco Footbal Team - in essence, what Bronco Fans don't know won't hurt them.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Membership #63799

PS - I think we all know that neither Murphy or Cripe got the cajones big enough to ever ask President Kustra or Coach Pete if it is the same person or not. So basically, we will never know and the 'B' Guy will get to hide yet another one under the rugs and blame Vandals for having created the mess in the beginning.

do you mean...

hanging won-tons?

Republican-Texas-Craig James... Who'da thought?


I've been in Vegas the past

I've been in Vegas the past week. Been a lot of talk about Vontaze Burfict and the boys. They want this win for Erickson and Boise will see some of the hardest hits you can imagine. The talk going around is Moore will not leave the field under his own power He and moore are going to get real cozy. And Martin at 5'9" 208 against Vontaze at 6'1" 253 lbs project 1st round...who will win that battle? Do the math. ASU's qb at 6'8" will decimate your secondary. Good luck Donks!

As usaul, you are


Actually feel kind of bad for Vontaze