Boise State men's basketball freshman guard expected to miss season with broken foot

By Brian Murphy

Boise State freshman guard Igor Hadziomerovic broke his foot in practice this week and is expected to miss the rest of the season, Boise State officials said Saturday. He is eligible for a redshirt season.

Hadziomerovic, a 6-foot-4 205-pounder from Australia, was averaging 7.0 points and 2.2 assists per game in 21.5 minutes per game for the Broncos (8-2). Boise State lost to Denver 79-62 on Saturday at Denver.

Freshman Joe Hanstad made his season debut against Denver. The plan was to redshirt Hanstad, a 6-foot-4, 193-pound guard from North Dakota.

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I knew it

I knew it you have to teach these dummies not to dribble the ball on their feet

How petty can you get.

What a loser life you must have that you have to make fun of a college kid being injured.

It must suck to be you

what do you expect Funky

This is the same clown bashing on the football players who earned their degrees this week. Some people are so miserable they have to belittle others' accomplishments and they delight in others' afflictions.

Joe Hanstad For Governor - 2012

...only time will tell, for sure, but the genetics will win out in the end, I think. So, anybody with a Dickinson High School (Home of the Midgets), Dickinson, ND diploma knows that Joe Hanstad gives new meaning to those of us transplants from Stark County. Go Joe! Go Broncos_______!

My family line on my late father's side came from there, you!

It's not worse than the library you earned a GED in you know...anyway.


Websites: Everytime you get it the way you're comfortable with somebody gives a monkey a rock, bottle and a dollar.


Undefeated at home (against bad teams) - winless on the road - do I see a pattern developing?

Sure ....

Cupcake State scheduling - a tradition like no other at Cupcake State in football and basketball