Hy Kloc: Happy holidays! I'm running for Legislature.

Some candidates love to have a crowd when they make their campaign announcements. There’s Gov. Butch Otter; on Wednesday (only 29 months before the 2014 GOP primary), he told an audience of about 200 that he plans to seek a third term.

Then there’s Hy Kloc.

On the second page of the Kloc family holiday letter — tucked past a mention of the passing of a beloved family dog, and a recap of his first few months on the Greater Boise Auditorium District board — Kloc signals his plans to run for the Legislature.

A Democrat, Kloc plans to seek a House seat in Ada County’s redrawn legislative District 16. Three House incumbents already live in the district — Boise Republican Max Black, Boise Democrat Grant Burgoyne and Garden City Democrat Elfreda Higgins — but Higgins has announced her plans to retire at the end of her term.

Enter Kloc, however subtly. His wife Joan serves as the Democrats’ district chairwoman, and Kloc says neither of them wants to see their party lose this legislative seat.

Kloc was elected in May to a six-year seat on what has been a contentious GBAD board. There are some encouraging signs — last week, the board voted unanimously to authorize a strategic plan that could lead to an expansion of Boise’s convention center. Kloc is hoping the board has gotten past a turbulent start. “(But) I haven’t taken off my seatbelt,” he said in an interview Thursday.

If elected to the Legislature, Kloc said he would hope to continue on the GBAD board — but said he would want to check on the legality of serving in both jobs.

There is nothing in state code that would prohibit Kloc from keeping both posts, said Kriss Bivens Cloyd, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Lawrence Wasden.

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I know he [Hy] was the goalie for the Johnstown Jets.

1973 I think.

Sorry, my bad. He named his dog Che after a Argentine Marxist.

Poor mutt.

Kloc family letter???

Nice to know KP is included in family holiday letters from democratic chairwomen. That says alot about old Kev.

Oh come on

You have no idea how Kevin got this, secondly, are you saying he can't have friends who are Democrats? I guess if he got something from a Republican that would be OK?