He's No. 4: Idaho's Simpson makes LA Times 'Enemies of the Earth' list

Keeping company with some prominent national Republicans, Idaho 2nd Congressional District Rep. Mike Simpson made a dubious Top 10 list this week.

Simpson was ranked No. 4 by the Los Angeles Times’ editorial board, in a year-in-review list of Congress’ Top 10 “enemies of the earth.”

All 10 “enemies” are Republicans.

Wrote the Times’ editorial board: “Simpson has stepped to the front lines of his party's war on Mother Nature by adding dozens of anti-environment riders to must-pass budget legislation. Among other things, Simpson aims to let mountaintop coal-mining operations continue to pollute streams, prevent the EPA from regulating coal-ash disposal, and exempt pesticide sprayers from complying with the Clean Water Act.”

Simpson was beaten out — if that’s how you’d like to look at it — by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan.

Odd recognition for a guy who has earned plaudits from the likes of the Idaho Conservation League, and criticism from conservatives in his own party, for continuing his decade-long push for wilderness in Central Idaho’s Boulder-White Clouds roadless area.

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The L A times......

has made me a STRONGER supporter of Congressman Simpson!

Bye the bye KP, your son getting an internship over 100's of other policital science
majors plus law school students in this State doesn't pass the smell test!

Criticize me all you wish ...

... but, really, dragging my son into your post? How about staying on point?

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor


I have seen some serious doosh bags on these forums, but that takes the cake.

Truth is hard to come by


Dude, what were you thinking


Garbage in Gargage out.

Once again KR, you and your coworkers have to consciously make a decision about repeating this kind of junk. Try to resist and instead focus your efforts on topics that mean something. Your paid subscribers # might actually increase.


You know when you get those chain emails that are totally junk? Do you send those on too? You must!

Trot out the GOP apologists

"If he made the list, he must be doing something right"


Yeah KR,

what right do you have passing on news concerning Idaho politicians, just because you're a journalist and that's your profession and your obligation to keep abreast of such things. How dare you!

No journalist

KR is no journalist, simply a hit man for the left. How many actual "news" story's has Kevin actually written. Anyone, anyone? Mother Earth.... Hahahahahaha

And Kevin as long as your throwing poo, some will get stuck on your kids. If any republicans child had received such a position you would be screaming at your laptop.

You have got to be kidding

KR a hit man for the left?! Oh come on. I'm on the political left (and proud of it) and Mr. Richert is no hitman for the left. Maybe you are so far to the right that the middle looks left to you? And regardless of that, leave his or anyone's family out of it.

"Hitman" may be a bit strong......

liberal stooge is more descriptive.

KR is a "Made Man", not a hit man.

He is an "earner" for his capo l'obama. The left wing media has become a family institution. Really, like the NY/Philly mob in the '80's. Conducting business out on the street in daylight. Whacking a punk in the alley, hustling at the club, and paying the union out the back door.

This left wing media, has a western office in Boise. Creating left wing premise, commie/OWS easy press, and citing left wing/anti capitalist polls to push their pro Obama socialist adjenda. But America knows better, too bad.

Miami to Havana 228 miles. I've heard its a "soft" sail.

Kudos to Simpson

If the LA Times says something is bad, then it must be good. Simpson has my vote.

Thanks for doing your job

Dozens of groups put out lists -- from Chambers of Commerce to environmental groups to national security organizations -- rating members of Congress. I've seen the Idaho media report them all and would hope you continue to do so. Some of us want to be informed.

Congratulations, Mr. Simpson

........anytime any group, person or other entity in California does NOT like one of our elected officials...I don't even have to read it; I like and will vote for this office holder.

well stated, although...

That is why we have the leaders that we do in Idaho. They don't read it either, but if it is in their own self/special interests they will do whatever they want because they know people like you won't read it and blindly support and follow them. Try reading it some time, you might learn something and in the process make a rational decision based on facts. That is, if they say it is ok for you to believe in facts and create your own thought process accordingly.

Do better

He will just have to work harder, we should be #1 in everything, can you believe it the LA times is worst then the Statesman

Typical dumb comments.

Typical dumb comments. 'seeing as it's in California, they are 100% wrong', etc. You have kids? Give a rip about them or their kids? Sadly you don't.

Wear it like the badge of honor you think it is you goosestepping right wingers. It's truly a badge of ignorance but then you'll never figure that out so run with it.

Good lord the left and right, which make up about 20% of America tops, are going to take us all down with them. Screw the 99% BS, it's the 80% that need to start speaking up. Thankfully this is Idaho, where there aren't enough morons to make a difference in a negative sense for the country.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for the honest comment! There are so many Idaho-centric buffoons out there. They think that only we have the right answers and the heck (stupid editor) with anyone else. Idaho is a Podunk state and Boise is a Podunk city. Heck (stupid again), you ask anyone outside Idaho (and maybe the adjoining states) where Boise is and they’ll say, what’s a Boise? We are insignificant no matter how you slice it and dice it; and most people (outside Idaho) think we are half-assed backwards.

Go back to California.

What an absolutely arrogant post by you and eagleman.No one asked you to come here.Idea why don't you leave our "podunk' state.In other words get the H3ll out and go back to California.Idaho natives are so sick and tired of the congestion, crime,liberal stupidity and forcefull political agenda shoved down our throats by urban idiots from California.One thing Idaho has way to much of and that is libt ard transplants from California.Get out!

How odd...

....none of the riders apparently offered were proposed by Simpson:


I've actually been a fan of his push on the Boulder-White Clouds issue....because of that, I've routinely voted for him (despite my left-leaning).


Amen, and also the "Doosh bags" bringing in the personal issues. Give it a rest.


No political agenda there now is there, LA Times? LOL

KR the Leftist

Grave digger of the Idaho Statesman. About bankrupt and almost gone.

Yeah but

I dissagree with Simpson on almost everything but he voted against the Defense appropriation bill that allows indefinite military detention of American citizens so my hat's off to him for that.

It is very interesting that

It is very interesting that the conservatives in Idaho fail at every measure to protect Idaho greatest resource……our environment, wilderness, wildlife, fish, forests, water and air……

……republicans in Idaho love to use environment as reelection fatter and an avenue to secure their fake personal moral high ground & legacy in our states history as conservationist of the Idaho wilderness.

Rep. Simpson is on a personal crusade to destroy all protection of our environment.

Examples of Riders offered by Simpson to budget legislation, it is amazing what our elected official Simpson who represents our state is doing in congress, I don’t think Idahoans elected this man to desecrate our Idaho environment.

Forbid National Parks Service from enforcing boating regulations in a National Preserve in Alaska.

Block the Department of Interior from enforcing safeguards to protect streams from pollution from surface coal mining.

Prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from limiting pollution and the destruction of streams from mountaintop removal coal mining.

Block the EPA from strengthening oversight of coal ash disposal.
The EPA was acting in response to the massive release of toxic coal wastes in Tennessee in 2010.

Permanently block EPA from clarifying which streams and wetlands are protected by the Clean Water Act.this act threatens waters, which are sources of drinking water and help with flood control.

Permanently block the EPA from strengthening oversight of water used and discharged by power plants.

Permanently block the EPA from limiting pollution from runoff from logging roads.

Permanently exempt pesticide application from the Clean Water Act.

Prevent the EPA from limiting pollution from livestock production under the Clean Air Act.

Prevent the EPA from reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from manure management systems.

Prevent the EPA from limiting carbon pollution from power plants.

Permanently weaken regulation of air pollution from offshore oil and gas drilling activities.

Prevent the EPA from limiting kinds of pollution under the Clean Air Act and other statutes.

Permanently prohibit the courts from reviewing any delisting of gray wolves under the Endangered Species Act in Wyoming and in the upper Midwest.

Make it more difficult to challenge DOI land use decisions in the courts.

Make it more difficult for courts to require the Forest Service to update its land use plans.

Permanently limit the ability of citizens to challenge Forest Service land use decisions in the courts.

Eliminate nearly all protections for bighorn sheep in the western United States for five years.

Permanently prevent the DOI and the Forest Service from declaring lands near the Grand Canyon off limits for uranium mining.

Require the Forest Service to open all roads to off-road vehicle.

The congressional record is crystal clear, Simpson is not a good steward to the environment of Idaho and our nation.

LA Times

Who the h@ll cares what a bunch of lib Californians think.This used to be such a great state until it was fully infested with these California types.Get Californians out of Idaho and out of Idaho politics.

While we're at it....

get them out of the Statesman as well.