Nate Potter an All-American (again); Utah State coach fulfills tattoo promise; Va. Tech's Sugar Bowl sales lag

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State senior left tackle Nate Potter made another All-America team Monday. He is on the Yahoo! Sports first team.

Potter is the only Bronco on the team, which includes first, second and third teams.


Arizona State coach Dennis Erickson and his players met the media Saturday for the first time since the Sun Devils learned they would play Boise State in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas. Some highlights from various media accounts:

— Linebacker Vontaze Burfict, a projected NFL first-round draft pick, will travel with the team but needs to earn his playing time. He was benched in the regular-season finale against Cal after receiving a personal foul. The Arizona Republic reported that Burfict refused to go back into that game but Erickson refuted that report.

“If he practices hard, then he’ll play,” Erickson said.

Burfict did not make the All-Pac-12 team, even as an honorable-mention pick.

“He just didn’t play like he did the year before,” Erickson said.

— There is some question of how the Sun Devils will approach this game after losing their final four regular-season games. Erickson was fired and the search for a replacement continues. Players said they’re hungry for a win and enthusiastic.

"I don't know that you'll know until we play," Erickson said. "I can tell you a little bit as practice goes on but it's not the easiest situation for everybody involved, mainly our players."


Utah State coach Gary Andersen got the Utah State logo tattooed on the back of one shoulder Sunday — following through on a pledge he made to his team before the season. He said he would get the tattoo if they reached a bowl game.

"I have to keep my promise to the kids," Andersen told The Salt Lake Tribune. "It’s a little weird having a tattoo, but this is well worth it. I love it."

The Aggies will play Ohio in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on Saturday at Bronco Stadium. The teams arrive Tuesday.

Andersen also could have a new contract before that game kicks off.

Here is the full story from The Salt Lake Tribune.


Boise State recruit Armand Nance of Houston will play in a state title game this week. Here is a story on him.


Higher Ed Watch again this year ranked the final BCS Top 25 by academic performance. Boise State ranks No. 2, behind only Penn State.

Here is the full report.


Virginia Tech is now selling "proxy" tickets to the Sugar Bowl because its fans have purchased just 9,337 of the school's 17,500 tickets. The Hokies have struggled to sell tickets to BCS games several times in recent years and still got the nod over Boise State and Kansas State.

Here is the release.


Reports indicate Colorado State is hiring Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain, a former Fresno State offensive coordinator. McElwain also was under consideration at Fresno State.

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UI's Cowan also an All-American

But I guess you don't remember there is a team in Moscow Chadd.

Quit whining

Chadd's a beat writer for the Broncos. Hence the name "Bronco Beat". Sometimes hes kind enough to throw ya'll a bone. If you want Vandal coverage and its lacking, complain to Prater and/or Murph. Or complain to Nick J as he is the one who covers Idaho.

I think its about time the Vandals who want Vandal news and info be given their own "Vandal Beat Page". Ill email Murph and ask how he can make it happen.

EDIT: Cowan's a third team punter. P-u-N-t-E-r. GeEeEeEzUs.... Cant see why Chadd initially forgot to report it....

Cowan 1st Team

Since we're throwing out a lot of links today. Bobby Cowan, is in fact, on the same first team as Potter.

Use that highly touted Vandal education

and see that Mr. Cripe used Yahoo! at the top of this page, not the fwaa. Yes, they were both on the first team there. THEY WERE NOT ON YAHOO!

Like I said, I have no problem with teams that go 3-9, 2-10 or whatever. However, it seems laughable to demand equal justice on a "Bronco Blog" about the 112 place team out of 120 in all the land. Think about it.

Why isnt there a Vandal blog place on the Statesman? It seems like it would be more popular than the Bronco Beat.

A Vandal blog wont help Vandals that

read about Bronco football....its back to the Bronco Beat again....


I am not specifically talking about all the great Vandal donors that support the Bronco program. Im talking about Vandals who love the Vandals and want only Vandal news. Its unfair to them that they dont have a page, and its unfair to Cripe to get hammered about it.

My goodness.

I also would like to see some reporting about the Vandals. The Statesman is quite quick to report any bad news. BSU only has one lineman. L-i_N-e-M-a-N on the list. Let's not split hairs about the position. There are a couple of punters making pretty darn good money in the NFL right now.

You vandies sure whine a lot

Does the NFL pay left tackles better or punters? Is it even close? Its a freaking punter.

I also want the Statesman to create their own Vandal page. It'll keep you whiners with records of 3-9 (guessing) crying on your own pages...

Yup, the Statesman has a conspiracy to report any bad news about the Vandals. And quick. You probably also believe Santa Claus is going to bring you a Top 10 recruiting class.


I debated whether to put that in there....but since this is a Boise State blog, and Idaho is not in Boise State's conference and doesn't play against Boise State, I didn't think it fit.


Utah State

is not in the same conference as BSU either, but you had a story about their coach getting a tattoo. Just sayin'

Utah State

Fair enough...but Utah State is playing in Boise this week.


This guy is crazy...


Do you really think someone is going to type in that entire link? One error and it dont go through....


Copy and paste... but I see someone already beat me to it. ;)

I've seen that one before

The dude's a nut case. Someone wrote "Two things are going to happen in the MAACO bowl, Moore will throw for 4 TD's and Burfict will have at least one personal foul

BSU4342....I must hand it to you for


You actually typed all of that in....


Take your cursor, roll it over the link (so it's hi-lighted). Press ctr - C (this will copy the hi-lighted area). Open another tab on your browser, click your cursor inside the address bar. Press ctr - V.


BSU4342....Now you tell I been doing

it the long way all along....I was wondering why you guys were so patient in typing a lengthy I know....

Guess I been in the dirt and 'hot' sun for too many years....

Burfict Story

It's an interesting read - made the rounds on Pac 12 blogs over the summer, but you guys may not have seen it.

For whatever reason he's not been as productive this year, but I think he's still going to be a first round pick just off potential if nothing else. Physically he's perfectly suited for his position, and if he can learn to clean up some of the stupid things he does he could be a really great player.

That being said, his team is in a swoon and will probably get rolled by BSU. Losing 4 straight and 5 out of 6 (with the win being CU) isn't generally a recipe for success going into a bowl game.

Thanks for that


I hope he gets to play


Vontaze Burfict is the Mike Tyson of linebackers. Very physical, intimidating...and... dirty. All you have to do is frustrate him in the ring and he starts defeating himself. If he plays, he'll get yanked or thrown out because of biting someone's ear off.

He is an animal unlike the

He is an animal unlike the Boise State players have seen. One thing for sure...he is going to make Moore hurt as well as the Broncs running backs.

Yup, can't wait

to introduce their bad boy to the muscle-hamster.

Muscle-hamster?? Wow!

Muscle-hamster?? Wow!


Skip down to #7

Wow what a surprise V Tech cant sell its tickets...

Well, it looks like Sugar Bowl officials knew exactly what they were doing.

thanks landon

i sent the link to i hope the place is half empty for the game.

Not defending VT selection but----

VT fans like BSU fans are not buying tickets from the "school" according to many fans. BSU fans have done the same in the past as VT fans have done last few years. if I remember right for VT game in DC BSU had 7500 tickets and returned about 700, yet it was estimated that 12000 fans were at the game. Also in 2009 season Fiesta bowl (or 2010 bowl date) BSU had 19000 tickets and about 800 went unsold. Some estimates were as high as 44000 BSU fans at the game. I was at the Fiesta bowl and there was way more than 18200 BSU fans.
Guess we better not knock others without looking at ourselfs first.


BSU fans purchased their allotment as well (they were about 500 short of their 19,000 in 2010). Michigan has already purchased their allotment.

When the school is promoting "proxy" tickets almost 3 weeks before the game, something aint right......


I like how you try your hardest, both on this blog and ESPN's to stay objective. Kudos to you.

There's a big difference between turning in 700-800 unsold tickets and still having 8000-10000 unsold tickets a few weeks before kickoff. There was rumors that Virginia Tech fans wouldnt travel to the Sugar Bowl and buy up hotel rooms (the reason Sugar Bowl officials gave for choosing VTech over Kansas St. and the Broncos). Now if Virginia Tech brings 25000 fans and they get their tickets through other means, than I will give my sincerest apologies.

I thought, being the Sugar Bowl, diabetics could not partake.

It looks like we have equal knowledge on it now and how splenda is that?

As how par that is for tameness sucra easily lose and that's not saccarhine.

I may be grainy and leave a bitter aftertaste but I'm canned too.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

I've noticed all the BSU

I've noticed all the BSU fans always have something to say about the Vandals whenever something doesn't go their way. Has it ever occurred to you that the Vandals (or myself) don't give a **** about the Bronco fans? Why do you have to always come back with a ridiculous comment about their academic program? It's too funny!! But keep it up...very entertaining!!

Lame....Your right!!!!

If Vandals are immaterial to the Broncos; they why do the Broncos mention Vandals when they are upset?

We Vandals do care....

I have opened it up Dr Phil style to let them vent; but no respondants....

Right now the only thing important in BroncoLand is to get facilities and Stadium upgraded for BCS play....that is phase will be along time before phase-II, so forget phase-II....

The Vandals actually built Boise State after the Episcopals founded it....Thus, Bronco football is one of the out-comes of our schools (Vandals) achievements....Notice I have achievements plural....

Vandals have been donating to phase-I....VNDL has also used some creative 3D techniques to get donors to respond....many Vandals $100+....and some Broncs in the $25+ category....

The University of Idaho is a great College; we all know that....However in my days it was ran good; mostly by, it is getting alittle too 'green'....

Whatever you say lame...

You dont give a *&%$ but here you are on a Bronco Blog make as much sense as your fellow alum ugly. ZERO.


The part where ugly, as a Vandal, has joined the BAA and contributed several hundred dollars to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project, while many Common Bronco Fans have not, makes ZERO sense to you?

What would make sense to you? To have No Vandals or anybody ever connected with a Vandal or a friend of a Vandal, ever contribute even one penny to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project and not join the BAA so your 'team' dream can remain 'pure' and consist of a Bronco Nation only composed by Common Bronco Fans who do not give a penny to BSU , the BAA, or the expansion of Bronco Stadium Project. Gerbils tried it and it didn't work with the Sausage Stuffers, either

Just curious, as you stated position appears myopic and stilted.

I will give you great credit in your ability to be consistent with your Extreme Hatred of All Things Vandal.

I don't undrstand your Extreme Vandal Hatred. It is shameful for supposedly an educated man such as yourself, to be so prejudiced against a group/class of people, based on their backgrounds and heritage.

You should report yourself and turn yourself into the Equal Opportunity Office at Moscow, at the earliest possible date, for some pennance.

Go with the Lord, Joe Vandal.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA MEmber #63799

JLandon - a Challenge for you

Why not put your talents to work for the Bsu Bronco Football Team and get your Grandpa Radar/Hogcaller to join the BAA and contribute a couple of hundred dollars to the expansion of Bronco Stadium Project?

It will be easy enough to monitor if he did it or not per this site:

I will bet that you cannot get even one Common Bronco Fan to join the BAA and contribute any money to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project. Not even one.

You, TBK, and windex don't count as all three of you are solid Brobnco Fans and have already joined the BAA and contributed money to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project, and you three are on the Good Guy/Excellent Bronco Fan List. I am talking about somebody new like the 'B guy' or the radar/hogcaller octagenarian man.

This is a chalenge for you.

Do you accept this challenge or do you believe you do not have enough influence to get even ONE Common Bronco Fan to support the Bronco Football Team, join the BAA and contyribute money to the expansion of Bronco Stadiuim project?

I think your influence is about a mile wide and about half an inch deep.

It is a fair challenge, and down deep - you know it.

What say you.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

You have me pegged vndl...

Im very much an underachiever in life. I disappoint my family and friends with continued mediocrity.

Wheres TMD? Ill go hide my head in shame with him.

Why not at least try

to get ONE of your Common Bronco Fan Friends to:

A. Join the BAA, and;

B. Contribute even ONE Dollar to the expansion of Bronco Stadium project.

I can't believe you don't even try to support Coach Pete's dream of an expansion of Bronco Stadium. Yes, you personally and graciously (without any kicking or screaming along the way) gave some money to the project; but you are not even willing to support the project with any type of 'referent influence' on your part.

Maybe you do not have any 'referent influence' with your Common Bronco Fan Friends, hmmmm?

So you, in esssence only gave money to the BAA and the Bronco Stadium expansion project just for a tax writeoff? Kind of selfish, isn't it. Thinking only of yourself and not the needs of the BAA and the Bronco Fotball Team, at a time when Coach Pete has made it clear (JAN '11) he is not coming back unless the expansion of Bronco Stadium project becomes a reality.

You do realize, don't you, that if Coach Pete ever leaves as Head Coach of the Broncos, that it will be all your fault and the responsibility for the loss to Bronco Nation, the City of Boise, and the Idaho Dairy Association and Milk Products Producers, will rest squarely on your shoulders.

Are you willing to be the Publicly Known Goat if Coach Pete ever leaves us, God (Joe Vandal) forbid?

You can end all speculation of your lack of willingness to support Coach Pete's and the BAA's goals and objectives by getting at least ONE Common Bronco Fan to join the BAA and contribute at least ONE dollar to th expansion of Bronco Stadium project. It is not that hard to do, if you truly support the Bronco Football Program.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Member #63799

PS - Aren't you greatly ashamed that many Vandals have demonstrated a broader willingness to support Coach Pete, the BAA, and the expansion of Bronco Stadium project than many Common Bronco Fans on these boards? I know they are your close friends, so I fugure you could convince them to help support the team they supposedly are fans of. Maybe you can get 'rapor' to join the BAA and contribute at least ONE Dollar to the expansion project.

I have little influence on anyone

Sadly, Im not much of a leader, but a follower. I am selfish, however, and do enjoy tax write-offs.

Second, Im not ashamed at all of the wonderful Vandal Boosters who donate money to the Broncos and their efforts to win the whole thing. Honestly, I think its great. Theres no such thing as "dirty money". Money is money.

And last, I dont know if I can shoulder the responsibility of Coach Pete leaving. I would blame that lady down in New Orleans, Maria L. I also believe she's liable for the Broncos playing in Vegas next week.

Off topic, but pretty cool

Got a tour of this site, it's a great addition.


Its not opening for me...

EDIT: Got it...


The site? or the cam?

Try to toggle "mode"

Or the "time lapse"

I was teasn ugs...

Its pretty cool. Wonder what the actual cost would be...

We could monitor things like potato fields....of specific growers...


they say


use the copy and paste....found that out the other day....

Yes ugs...

Hence the post I made...