Mountain West to request exemption for BCS automatic-qualification status for next two seasons

The Mountain West will request an exemption from the Bowl Championship Series for the next two seasons. If accepted the exemption would give the Mountain West champion an automatic spot in the BCS after the 2012 and 2013 regular seasons. The Mountain West met performance thresholds to request the waiver.

The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee will vote on the exemption. The committee has 12 members, one president or chancellor from each of the 11 FBS conferences and Notre Dame's president. The Mountain West needs nine votes from the committee.

BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock said there is no timetable for a decision. "It's going to be a matter of getting the oversight committee together. I can't speculate on when that may be," he said.

The BCS granted a waiver to the Big East for the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons.

Boise State President Bob Kustra was a member of the committee, but he has been replaced by the Mountain West since the Broncos will be leaving the league for the Big East in 2013.

Idaho President Duane Nellis is the WAC representative on the Presidential Oversight Committee. The committee does not have a chairman. Penn State President Graham Spanier served in that role before being fired by the school and removed for the committee.

The Mountain West qualified for a waiver by:

1. Finishing among the top five FBS conferences in Average Ranking of Highest-Ranked Team; and

2. Finishing among the top seven FBS conferences in Average Conference Ranking; and

3. Having its Top 25 Performance Ranking be equal to or greater than 33.3 percent of the conference with the highest Top 25 Performance Ranking, the SEC.

BCS Presidential Oversight Committee

Scott Cowen - President, Tulane University
Judy Genshaft - President, University of South Florida
Rev. John Jenkins - President, University of Notre Dame
Max Nikias - President, University of Southern California
Duane Nellis - President, University of Idaho
Harvey Perlman - Chancellor, University of Nebraska
John G. Peters - President, Northern Illinois University
Bill Powers - President, University of Texas
Gary Ransdell - President, Western Kentucky University
David Schmidly - President, University of New Mexico
Charles W. Steger - President, Virginia Tech
Robert Witt - President, University of Alabama

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Now what?

What is Boise goes to Big East and they lose AQ....and MWC picks one up....

Maybe stick around Boise?

no AQ

would a conference with New Mexico, Colorado State, Fresno State, and UNLV be part of the BCS. BSU with unranked Nevada, AirForce, Wyoming as your top teams...i do not see it.

Don't Stay in MWC

Big East already has BCS AQ, the Mountain West would only get it for two years if the waiver is granted and with TCU and Boise State leaving the Mountain West I doubt the BCS will grant the waiver. This will lead to an 8-4 Wyoming team in the BCS in two years. The AQ will probably disappear in two years anyway, and if it doesn't then the Big East move was fantastic for Boise State. Regardless even if BSU doesn't win the Big East their bowl opportunities and revenue will increase dramatically!

It's a good move.

I'm looking forward to the increased competition and the prospect of a conf champ game.

Yes it is!

Me too, it is going to make for great competition! Looking forward to the improved conference schedule.

The Lack of Decent National TV Coverage

Cost BSU and several of it's outstanding players dearly this year. Next year will be little different.

True statement

We've had an exceptionally good team and the worst TV coverage in the country. I for one really liked watching the Broncos during the week and you can't beat ESPNs HD coverage.

It didn't cost BSU

If Boise State would have gone undefeated, they would've been in the Sugar Bowl. Lose one game and they, and any other non-AQ, are out. If it was due to the TV deal, how did Utah and TCU rack up four BCS games between them? TV had nothing to do with BSU's exclusion.

However, it might have hurt in the pursuit of individual awards, but Kellen wouldn't have won the Heisman regardless. RGIII had better numbers against perceived better competition, and the Hypesman will likely never go to a player from a non-AQ school.

AQ Status

The more that I think about it, the more I think that in a few years, there will be no more AQ status for any conference. The BCS bowls will go back to being regular old bowl games with regular conference tie-ins. The only "BCS bowl" will be the national championship game.

There'll probably be a four team, plus one playoff with the top four teams playing off for the national championship game.

Moving to the Big East will still be a good deal for BSU because the Big East should be able to negotiate a good television contract, given that they've got a solid east coast lineup as well as teams in all four time zones - that gives ESPN a pretty substantial menu of games to choose from.

As far as the exemption goes, I'd say that it's a 50/50 call. Given the Sugar Bowl's lapse of insanity this year, I kind of expect most any BCS decision will be made with the flip of a coin rather than any logical process.


The two teams that made this happen are leaving, BSU and TCU

No chance for the waiver

The MWC would not have qualified for the waiver without TCU and BSU. Since both are committed to leave the MWC, I'm sure the committee will not grant the waiver. And you know that Dr. Nellis will be a "no" vote, after the MWC raided the WAC.

No chance.

The MWC can only qualify for the exemption, they'll never qualify as a full BCS member under the current system. Also the current system will likely disappear before they get to enjoy the exemption. Maybe 1 season at most.

Boise State's move has nothing to do with the MWC getting a provisional AQ status. The Big East is an overall better conference, better academics, better overall football, and a much better TV contract.

There is no way Boise State goes back to the MWC unless the Big East dissolves, and that won't happen, if they lose teams they'll just cherry pick from the MWC and/or CUSA.

Still the best move, without question.


I agree moving the to Big Easy is the best move because its a conference that's better overall in football...but, that's as far as I can agree with you. I'm not convinced the Big Easy schools have better academics. It's kinda like the argument in Seattle where people argue about whether or not Washington has better academics than Seattle U or Seattle Pacific. The truth is that each school has different educational missions and to be honest you can't really measure because the differences in missions are so great.

As for the MWC exemption...I personally don't think you can count them out. Under the rules that have been created the door is open for them to make an argument. Therefore, I would not count them out until the final vote is tallied.

The only problem. . .

is that while the Mtn. West currently meets the criterea, they won't once BSU and TCU leave. True, BSU is in for another year so they may make the exception but without TCU, it's a toss up, and not a very good one at that. Personally, I'd love to see the Mtn. West to be granted an auto-berth, if for nothing else than to shove it in a certain university's (in Utah) arrogant face. On the other hand, I think he[[ would have a better chance of freezing over. But hey, more power to them if they get it. Regardless, BSU still made the right choice by going to the Big East. Better competition, AQ status (even if it does go away), way better TV contract and national recruiting platform. Let the Mtn. West and Conference USA marry, have 22 kids and have a "yours, mine and ours" living situation.

Rename the Heisman

It has become just another ESPN award. I don't denigrate the past winners except a few obvious ones. Let's just call it, "The Hypesman Trophy" and let it go at that. Besides being called "The Best player in the NCAA" is always just a few people's opinion.