The Kellen Moore Award - Touchdown Club of Columbus names honor after Boise State QB; Nate Potter named Academic All-American

By Chadd Cripe
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The Touchdown Club of Columbus (Ohio) has named its quarterback award after Boise State senior Kellen Moore.

The Touchdown Club announced Thursday that Moore has won its quarterback award for the second straight year. Past winners include Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart and Jason White. Full list here..

Leinart, of USC, and Ken Dorsey of Miami are the only other players to win the award twice.

The honor will be called the Kellen Moore Award beginning in 2012. It goes to the top overall quarterback in college football — the club also has a Sammy Baugh Award, which goes to the top passer based on statistics (Houston’s Case Keenum won this year).

The quarterback award started in 1991.

Winners of all Touchdown Club awards receive the same 12-pound trophy. Moore, who is expected to attend the Feb. 11 banquet in Columbus, will get his fourth — he was named a player to watch after the 2008 season and given the Award of Distinction after the 2009 season.

Touchdown Club president and co-chairman Curt Boster says he told Moore at the 2009 banquet that he might name the quarterback award after him someday. He reminded Moore of that earlier this year, telling him he would do it if Moore broke the Football Bowl Subdivision wins record, held by McCoy (45) of Texas.

Moore is 49-3 going into the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas.

“He’s probably going to win 50 games,” Boster said. “That’s pretty fascinating. And if he could kick, 52. … I think he thought I was joking.”

Boster has admired the Broncos program for years. He also has honored former Boise State stars Jared Zabransky, Ian Johnson and Jeremy Avery.

He watched Moore play in person this season at Toledo.

“I’m a football guy and it’s the most amazing thing — I can’t imagine how a guy can check down five receivers in a matter of 2 seconds,” Boster said. “Watching him in person is just amazing.”

The Touchdown Club of Columbus was founded in 1956.


Boise State senior left tackle Nate Potter of Timberline High was honored twice Thursday — as a first-team Capital One Academic All-American and first-team All-American.

He is the first Bronco named to the Academic All-America first team since Sam Miller in 1978.

Potter, a three-time all-conference first-teamer, graduated with a degree in history in May with a 3.7 GPA. He was a second-team Academic All-American last year.

Potter is the leader of an offensive line that is tied for first nationally in sacks allowed at 0.67 per game. He has started 34 straight games.

Potter also is one of 10 finalists for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award.

Here is the Academic All-America team.


Moore was a finalist for the Maxwell Award, which goes to the College Player of the Year. That award went to Andrew Luck on Thursday night.


Here is an interview ESPN’s Andrea Adelson conducted with Moore in advance of the awards show. She asked Moore about coach Chris Petersen’s criticism of the BCS.

“There’s probably a lot of people who feel very similar to him, to different degrees,” Moore said. “… The situation we’re in right now, it’s so much political and you’ve got to state you care and I don’t think we really care to do that.”

As for the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas against Arizona State, Moore said, “ASU was a team that was as hot as anybody early in the year.”


Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease and wide receiver Tyler Shoemaker were supposed to attend a press conference in Las Vegas today, along with Arizona State representatives. The event was canceled because of mechanical problems with the Boise State group’s flight.

“We want to apologize for not being able to attend the press conference,” Interim Athletic Director Curt Apsey said in a release. “We experienced flight difficulties that would not allow us to arrive on time today. We did our best to find other mechanisms of travel with no success, and we regret not being there to support the bowl, its sponsors and the media.”


Just a head’s up — because of scheduling conflicts, Boise State players aren’t available to talk to the media until the end of next week, which is finals week.

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That's some must-see TV.

"The Kellen Moore award"... That has has a ring to it.

Go Kellen

FINALLY,,Im happy for you.. I still feel that you are Heisman in my book...I do wish you well and one more WIN in the Las Vegas Bowl...

Wow! What an honor!

Very nice to see him recognized in this way.

More Common Sense?

Outstanding............and thanks Kellen. Looking forward to you taking over for Coach Pete someday many years down the road.


Take that , Lee Corso! He's always put Kellen down because he "doesn't run the ball enough". I guess the Touchdown Club doesn't judge QB's in the same way!

Kellen Moore runs like a duck...but I don't care!

He's the greatest quarterback we've ever had and the winningest QB in history! Years from now, when they are looking at his amazing stats, I would bet that people aren't going to comment that he didn't run the ball enough.

corso is a moron

km doesn't run the ball enough. corso is dumb enough that he would have coached km to run more often.

Ha! Good point!



Corso must LOVE Tim T, even though John Elway thinks Tim runs the ball too much, and wants him to be more of a pocket passer-

Note to John Elway- there's another Bronco team that one, ready and waiting!!

You da man, Kellen!

We are proud of you! I hope Kellen gets drafted by a good NFL team (not one that's a complete disaster like the Colts), then gets to play along the way and become the next Drew Brees. I think he can do it.

I'm looking forward... Kellen taking the 49ers to the Super Bowl in a few years. Just intuition...seems like a good fit.


Move over Alex Smith!! :)

Congrats Kellen

We're all extremely proud of you.

Better than the Heisman !

This is way better than the Heisman Trophy (favor of the week club) This is a forever award with your name on it. That is an honor. And from looking at the past winners, seems they don't play the favor of the week with this one. Kellen, This must mean more to you than the Heisman could. Way to Go.


Kellen I'm loking forward to the bowl game and to the senior bowl. We will be watching you on Sundays.

GO Broncos


It's still not as significant as the Craig James or Mark May awards. Wait, what? You mean there aren't any of those? Apparently the powers-that-be weren't impressed with THEIR body of work.

Although, I'm sure Craig James.....

would say the if he played against the competition that Moore has faced he would have an award, an athletic complex, and a town named after him.

I do rile you BSU fans but

I do rile you BSU fans but congrats for Kellen...very deserving. From what I've seen and read, he seems to be a great role model.

as if

we care what you think



That hurts...

That hurts...

wow. You can't even say anything nice around here

without getting ripped on. I appreciated your comment, especially considering your usual disgust for Boise State.

This Is...

Liking without the like button.


Don't need no stinking Heisman, when you have an award named after you!!!

A great honor for the All American!

Fans-give it-up.Boise State ia Boise State-in the Northwest-not the hotbed of College football.

What a crew----

Way to go Kellen and way to go to the crew around him = just another great job and award.

What is Potter's GPA?

A story about a student-athlete that is an ACADEMIC All-American should include the Student's GPA, don't ya think?


Boise State didn't provide it, but the Capital One site says 3.7... I added it

The Touchdown Club Kellen Moore Award

What an honor for Kellen Moore. In a year that the ESPN contract was lost because of the Mountain West affiliation (hence no promoting Kellen Moore on ESPN - competed with their games this year) and a year that the BCS successfully kept Boise State out of the BCS bowl series once again, and a year that many of the other awards snubbed probably the best quarterback in NCAA history, there is payback. Each and every year going forward, all the naysayers will get to remember the year that they dishonored and disrespected a truly great football player. Congratulations to Kellen Moore. And to Heisman and the others, shame on you!

The Kellen Moore Award

An award that reeks with CLASS.
The heisman reeks with scam (newton bush)
My comments not meant to cast any aspersions
on those going to New York this year.

Off Topic The infamous four letters! Rocky Long San Diego St.

Might be moving to greener pastures as a head coach-who knows what will happen- to the Big East-or Far East.

kellens award

congratulations MR. MOORE......An amiable award for a very deserving young man and the best QB in the country.....Good Luck in all your endeavors..........

nice to see Chris Ault receive the Lifetime Achievement Award

The Kellen Moore Award. I like the sound of that

BSU should retire his number.

All I can say is

Ditto to all of the kudos above!! Been a great ride for the fans and looking forward to the future, as well. Congratulations to Kellen, Nate, and the rest of the BSU squad. Class act, class men. All the best.


I still can't figure out how Kellen wasn't even considered as one of the top 5 for this years Heisman . . . but then again, there is no better Honor than to have an award named after you! (Heisman is already named after someone) Nobody more deserving than Kellen Moore. So privileged to be a part of Bronco Nation and so lucky to have seen Kellen progress from day one. He will no doubt be successful in what ever he chooses to do in the future. Congrats to Kellen and to all of this years Broncos, for entertaining us throughout 2011 Football season. You have made Bronco Nation so very proud! This team will be hard to match.

ESPN Awards

Watched the ESPN/Home Depot awards last night. When the Maxwell award came up, they showed their love for Luck, by saying he has won 31 games while at Stanford and just this season alone has 3,100 passing yards and 35 TD's. Then they showed Kellen, never saying anything about his record breaking 49 college game wins, showed 3,500 passing yards with 41 TD's, and yet Luck still wins it. All I can say is SHAM and SCAMS.

So, why....

is it that BSU fans keep trashing ESPN and it's analysts, yet keep pointing out that getting into a conference where they can be on ESPN is important? The BCS bowls "disrespect" BSU by not inviting them and there are calls for boycotts, yet ESPN supposedly continually "disrespects" BSU and yet everyone wants to get back on ESPN? I'm confused.

If we need to explain it to you TMD

its time to go hang your head in the corner in shame. Again.

I have a question for you...Why is every single post you make sound like a cat screeching?

Because you're confused, Ill explain it simply. funky and dex will be more eloquent. ESPN, like every business, promotes those that make money for it. When the Broncos were not on ESPN for conference play, ESPN had no reason to promote the Broncos.

"Everyone" wants to get back on ESPN because ESPN is a necassary evil. If you have to ask why, theres little help for you.

It could be...

our cats in the background. Though, I am surprised to find out you can hear it through my posts. I wasn't aware there was audio involved. I'll try to keep them outside if it bothers you. Thanks for the explanation. Very insightful. Okay, I will now go hang my head in the corner again for a little timeout. First, I'll put the cats out. Thanks again.


isn't BSU big and powerful enough to survive without ESPN? After all there have been quite a few comments over the past several months regarding how BSU should dictate to the other conferences the terms they would agree to and make the conferences to do what BSU needs or BSU should have nothing to do with them. Which leads me to believe that BSU has enough power to force bigger conferences to do what BSU wants. So, with that much power, why should BSU worry about ESPN? And yes, I know it is all about the money. It is always about the money. I get that. I'm just trying to make a point that it's kind of hypocritical. Although, I am also aware that people in general are hypocritical creatures, so it would stand to reason that institutions run by people would be also. Sorry, I think I hear our cats screeching again. I forgot I let them back in. Time to go put them out again.

Survive or Thrive?

I'm sure they could survive just fine, there are a lot of teams who survive in obscurity. Tell me how many teams are playing in BCS bowls this year who aren't in ESPN's back pocket? How many are there in the top 20?

because TMD

The perception is that ESPN can make or break you. If you get the love from ESPN because you are one of their teams playing on their network, they talk you up, give you press, show your highlights, etc. If you are not then you get swept under the rug. ESPN has the money, they have everyone's attention, and if you are getting some of that, you love ESPN, if you're not you hate them. This year Boise State wasn't on ESPN and I believe they suffered for it.

Case and point, last nights award show. When they talked about Kellen's stats, they had 3-4 categories where he is ranked 2nd in the nation(not sure what they are off the top of my head but I think touchdowns, completion percentage and TD/interception ratio and he's 4th in passing efficiency) and they choose to mention the stat of yards/per game in which he is ranked 12th.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories, and I'm not saying ESPN purposfully down played Kellen's stats to make one of their boys like Andrew Luck look better, I'm just saying when it comes to college football and ESPN, it's good to have their publicity on your side. Kind of a "if you can't beat them, join them" sort of thing.

TMD- Here's the deal on the BSU love-hate thing with ESPN

ESPN has a 'business/corporate' side and an 'info-entertainment' side, and the business side of ESPN is what BSU fans like. It's the 'info-entertainment' aspect that BSU are unhappy about.

If you still don't get it, I'm sorry because that's as basic as I could break it down for you