State Board approves Boise State's plans for $22 million football complex, 3,300 more bleacher seats

By Chadd Cripe
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The State Board of Education quickly and unanimously approved two major projects for the Boise State football program Thursday.

The board gave the school permission to build a $22 million football complex in the north end zone of Bronco Stadium and add 3,300 bleacher seats for the 2012 season.

Also, the State Board unanimously approved the contract for new Athletic Director Mark Coyle. The five-year deal includes a $325,000 per year salary, a $75,000 one-time bonus, a $700,000 buyout for the first three years, a $125,000 bonus if he completes the contract and performance incentives that can max out at $120,000 in a given year.

The football complex has been in the works for at least a year. Boise State’s commitment to build it was part of the pitch to keep coach Chris Petersen from exploring the Stanford job after last season. The 69,000-square-foot complex will include coaches’ offices, meeting rooms, locker room, equipment room, training room, weight room, players lounge and recruiting lounge. Here is a site with conceptual photos of the complex and a way for fans to donate.

Boise State has raised $7 million for the complex and has $5.5 million more in potential pledges. The school plans to take a financing plan to the board in February and break ground in the spring.

The bleacher project will increase stadium capacity to 36,800 and allow for crowds in excess of 37,000. It’s a $3.1 million expense that has been added to the Dona Larsen Park project, which costs $6 million and was funded entirely with donations.

The bleachers in Bronco Stadium — about 5,200 seats in the two end zones and the northwest corner — will be moved to Dona Larsen Park, the high school football and track and field complex.

Those seats will be replaced with about 8,500 seats in the same locations. The bleachers likely will be built up in the south end zone so that they connect to the concourse on one or both sides and allow fans to enter there instead of at field level. The seats in the northwest corner likely will be rounded to form part of the eventual lower bowl expansion on the north end. The design is still in progress.

The athletic department will pay for the project with an internal loan from the university. Seat revenue will pay for the loan in 3 ½ years if they’re sold out, and Vice President for Finance and Administration Stacy Pearson told the board that shouldn’t be a problem.

“They’re the lower-cost seats and we have always filled those up, so I feel pretty confident with that estimate,” she said.

Interim Athletic Director Curt Apsey said one benefit of the new seats will be the ability to offer more family plans. Those sell out quickly.

“We need some seats in the stadium that are a little more affordable,” he said. “We need to be careful in terms of adding seats. Some people come in and add (10,000-15,000) seats and they sit empty for five years. We don’t want to do that. We want to gradually get there and continue to be sold out.”

Boise State sold out its first four games this season. Students didn’t use all their tickets for the last two games and not all of them were sold.

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I like it


Sounds like good investments!

Except when the program goes

Except when the program goes down the drain starting next year. Then everyone will be mad they are expanding. Petersen will be thinking about bailing while big programs want him. First losing season and he's done

Good ole' Lampshade

We can always count on your negative comments.

Get real

They've had five losing seasons since 1946, and they sure as heck won't have any with Pete in charge. They may have a few down years where three or four losses occur, but that's about as bad as it'll get.

Also, the Broncos averaged 30,525 fans in the 9-4 2004 season - more than the 30,423 average in the 13-0 2006 season. In 2007, with a 10-3 record, the attendance dropped to 30,338. Despite many claims to the different, Bronco fans attending the games are NOT fair-weather fans. They won't bail on Pete for one losing season, and he won't bail on them.

2004 Season...

I'm guessing it was just a typo, but the Broncos were not 9-4 in 2004. They finished the regular season undefeated and lost a thriller to Louisville in the Liberty Bowl. You probably meant 2005.


...merry sunshine! Geez, dude, go suck on a lemon, it'll improve your mood, I'm sure.

Then they double as 'bleaker seats'. Money accounted for.

Run Chem class out there and they are 'beaker seats'.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Good investments? ! ? !

3,300 seats at $22 million works out to be $6,666.66 per seat. Sounds like the devil's work to me.

The seats are 3.1 million

reread the article.

It was a joke,

you humorless fool.

a joke?

what was the punchline?

Right cross


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

3.1 million for a seat?

Do they have curtains to double as portapotties?


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

some of you are rediculous

seriously...reread the article for the cost of bleachers and lack of interest...get real...interest will only continue to increase.

That's what they said about real estate.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Another 3,300 empty seats

Another 3,300 empty seats each week, and that is when it is a winning program.

What happens when they begin losing a few games? I hear Rutgers travels well. They should bring a huge draw to Boise.

When it is all said and done, there will likely not be any AQ-only conferences and BSU will wish they were back in the WAC where there are actual geographical rivals.


actual geographical rivals, ya, USU and Nevada, Fresno was 700miles and Hawaii to far to swim.
Seem like we are better off.

Reading comprehension...

... is clearly not your strong suit. To quote the article:

Seat revenue will pay for the loan in 3 ½ years if they’re sold out, and Vice President for Finance and Administration Stacy Pearson told the board that shouldn’t be a problem. “They’re the lower-cost seats and we have always filled those up, so I feel pretty confident with that estimate,” she said. Interim Athletic Director Curt Apsey said one benefit of the new seats will be the ability to offer more family plans. Those sell out quickly.

As for this move being a mistake, I can think of at least 5 million reasons (per year) that it is not.

"if they’re sold out"

BSU has not been able to consistently sell out their current capacity stadium with a top ranked team. What makes you think that they will sell 3300 more tickets when they begin having a few losses?

You know that the Big East conference fans are not going to travel to Boise to fill these seats. Who is going to sit in them?

Seriously? Do you actually read any real reports

BSU has averaged over 100% attendance on ticket sales.

The only issue is the student tickets, around the holidays, because the school hold 5000 tickets for students back from the public until 48 hours before game time. These are the only tickets which are sometimes NOT used in several years.

BSU has averaged over 100% attendance. Not thinking there is any problem at all.

Idiotic pathetic jealous to have around.

I am not going to dig out

I am not going to dig out all of the statistics, but I believe that BSU recently "averaged" around 100% attendence for the year because they oversell the stated occupency of the stadium for certain games. In actuality, there were several games that did not sell out. Games like Oregon sold more than 100% skewing the numbers.

Sorry Joc, no skewing allowed

Capacity: 33,600

Tulsa - 34,019
Nevada - 34,098
AFA - 34,196
TCU - 34,146
Wyoming - 33,773
NM - 33,878

In actuality, there _weren't_ several games that did not sell out

not sure where Mark Johnson got his info, but accordng to this

article by Mark Johnson, posted to on August 17, 2010 at 5:28 PM

Mark Johnson states that "Boise State had two sellout crowds in its seven home games last year"

I know that you're data is for this current season, but I know that I've been to quite a few games over the past several seasons that were called sellouts, that clearly weren't, but then again, sell outs are based on ticket sales and not game attendance, so go figure.

Well, we had only 6 home games last year

OSU - 34137
Toledo - 33833
LT - 30026
HI - 34060
FSU - 33454
USU - 32101

Looks like 3 out of 6 with a 4th less than 150 from a sell-out

6 home games

Compare that to Michigan who played 8 home games this year. It would be nice if we could get another home game, but if BSU wants to play the "big boys" they have to go on the road. I wonder what the pay out is on the chik-fil-a opening game in the Georgia Dome vs a home game's gate receipts. If you had 30000 seats at an average of $40 per ticket(just a figure off the top of my head, I have know idea what the average of ticket prices are) that is 1.2mil per game in gate receipts. Anyway, it would be nice to be afforded the luxury of 7 or 8 home games a season.


They actually did an article on home revenue, if I remember correctly it was around $1.9M.

Thanks B43

Like I said, it would be nice to pick up another home game a year.

funk & windex

i recall the article as well, i thought the net was $1 mil.

Here we go again with stadium stats...



Everybody wants to hue the knurled

I think Johnson was referring to 2009

I might be wrong but didn't we always have 7 home games in the seasons that we had to travel to Hawaii?

Kinda helps to have TV you can WATCH, they're on radio too!


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Really Jocdoc...

YOU obviously dont go to games! I AM a Season Ticket Holder...and all of the games were sold out this year..I went to every one! The Exception would be some empty seats at the WY game...and NM game. Alot of people left at halftime during the NM game because they are not what I call true Bronco Fans..pardon me!
Yes we were winning big AND it was cold, but a true fan sticks it out! I'm from don't see people leaving a Steelers game like that! Believe gets alot colder and windier there with the stadium on the water!!

So stick it Jocdoc...and go pick on the Vanduhls! LOL


If there were two games that

If there were two games that didn't sell out, then it could not be that "all the games sold out this year"

And for what it is worth, I am given tickets each year so I also attend some of the games.

I didn't go to any of the games....

and probably won't. I refuse to pay prices like those for any game. I wouldn't pay the price if the Seahawks came to town, but that's a different point. Anyway, so I wasn't there. I do remember, however, that there were a few games through the year that the news reported that "there were still tickets available to the game" just a day or two prior to the game. So, it would seem that even if they do sell out, it isn't always an easy task, so it would seem it would be even more difficult with more seats to sell. Of course, there is always the "corporate" out where they can sell them to corporations and count the games as sell outs even if people to necessarily show up to fill those seats.


What you remember seeing were the unused "student" tickets. Those go on sale on the Thursday before the game.

If those tickets were available earlier, they would sell earlier.

Keep trying though.

What's the stupid point? Segregated seats, unequal

to your butt?

Seats is seats.


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Are you broke?


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Chadd, will the eventual lower bowl expansion in the NEZ include

field excavation?

I know it's a premature question to toss at you right now, by do you know if that's part of the conceptual plan for the NEZ??


Lowering the field

The answer to that question has changed so many times that I don't even ask anymore. Best answer I've heard is it will depend on whether the cost of digging it out will be covered by the number of seats they gain.

Thanks Chadd, that's the same thing I've heard

I was just wondering if anything had changed recently

The problem is that Boise

The problem is that Boise State will never be a big time football program. They play what? 1 good opponent a season and expect the country to think they deserve a shot at the NC?? Aint going to happen and you know it. Erickson is going to come at you guns a blazing and win by 12.

From where?

If that's true, he'll be shooting out the rear window as he heads out of town. Can't wait until the 23rd to watch you squirm. That is, if you don't change your login. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

They are already

a big time football program. So, your lameA$$ remark goes perfectly with your LameName.

Hey lame, care to guess which of these

these "big-time" teams has been in the most final BCS top-25 since 2003? (first year they went past 15)

Boise State
Ohio State
Virginia Tech

They might want to update that website..

Talks about moving into the MWC.

Fan Club

JocDoc, lamesched, and weisberg. Charter members of the Craig James fan club.

ugly - help me out again

The main article sez, en parte: " . . .
Boise State will pay for the project with an internal loan from the university . . ."

Is Boise State the university the internal money is coming/being loaned from?

and if so,

are they internally loaning money from themselves to themselves?

and if so,

what part of their annual Legislative Appropriation are the monies coming from to make the internal loan?

and if so,

what part of their annual Legislative Appropriation are the monies going to record and doc@ment the internal loan and the service schedule and progress?

Something is not right with the article. Again, a state entity/agency cannot make a loan or engage in any part of any loan if that entity is funded through monies apropriated by the Idaho Legislature.

For example: The Idaho Fish and Game Department has an office in Jerome. The Jerome office is a state entity/agency and cannot make internal money loans to any entity or individual, nor can the Jerome office, unilaterally, engage in receving an internal loan from another entity and/or agency, state or private.

I am thinking the author of this article is all wet and he meant Bronco Athletics Association is getting a loan from somewhere. It is prolly hard for him to differentiate between BAA and BSU - as they all sound the same.

Ugly, what say you about Boise State getting am internal loan from the university?

If BSU has enough public Idaho Legislative Appropriated funds/monies in reserve to be making loans from itself to itself - then - they really are running a money surplus for budgetary considdrations and prolly should be chopped back on their annual appropriations when JFAC meets in a month or so, so they use up their surplus reserve first before new money is appropriated by the legislature.

This post is meant, not to disparage the Broncos or BSU, but out of concern as an Idaho Tax Payer, that my tax dollar is being put to legitimate use effectively and honestly.

BAA Member #63799


It's from the university's central reserves to the athletic department.

I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that's the same pot the athletic department pays into every year to prevent a default with its loan payments on Bronco Stadium or Stueckle. So they're probably actually borrowing from athletic department money.

ugly - Chadd talks about Central Reserves

I have completed a cursory review of the Idaho Code and the Idaho Administrative Procedures Act, as they both apply to Bose sate university (notice the state and the university are not capitalized per Idaho Law which establised 'Bsu' - an historical aside - small 's' and small 'u'):

I was not able to find anything authorizing a 'Central Reserve' for any state agency/department/activity per standard and normal State of Idaho Administration Department and JFAC recognized budgeting guidance.

In fact, surplus monies must be declared by state entities/agencies/activities, to be surplus and a report announcing the surplus and the amount of the surplus transmitted to JFAC NLT 31 JAN of each year. this i to aid JFAC in appropriaing State of Idaho money to all departments based on doc@mented need and not just because somebody said they needed it. It has to be proven to JFAC that a need for the money exists, in the first place.

If Bsu has a Central Reserve of at least $22M, then quite frankly they need $22M less in Idaho Taxpayaers' money per the 2012 Idaho Legislative Appropriation.

This 'Central Reserve' concept at Bsu is certainly creative.

I am going to go to Boise next week for some pre-legislative session stuff, and will have lunch while I am in town, with a semi-retired Idaho Supreme friend of mine and run this 'Central Resserve' concept up the flagpole and past him. He has been the administrator of several State of Idaho publicly funded activities and knows about declaring surplus monies and such.

If Bsu has so much money in a 'Central Reserve' then maybe they need to lower the student's tuition and fees and 'spread the wealth'.

Also, if Bsu has so much of a large amount in a 'Central Reserve' then they should not have a problem hiring more professors to improve the quality of academics at Bsu. We keep hearing how it is the Bronco Football Team that is saving the bacon of Bsu academics and bringing in critical revenue to allow for much needed growth of Bsu's academics.

But, it is looking like Bsu is flush with money. enuff anyways to have a huge 'Central Reserve and make $22M dollar loans from to their own athletics department.

Bsu could even slash ticket prices, as well and give free parking.

BAA Member$63799

PS - I knew there had to have been a reserve of some type, in play somewhere. Just wasn't sure. Thanx to Chadd for clearing that up for me.