Here are the details of Boise State's conference moves, from entry fees to buyouts to basketball games to blue uniforms

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State will move its football program to the Big East and most of its other athletic programs to the Western Athletic Conference beginning with the 2013-14 school year. Here are key provisions of both deals:

Entry/exit fees
Boise State will pay $2 million to join the Big East, payable over a five-year period with deductions from the school’s year-end revenue distribution, and $1 million to rejoin the WAC, payable over a three-year period. Boise State left the WAC in July after 10 years in the conference.
To exit the Mountain West, the Broncos will forfeit their 2012-13 revenue distribution — about $2.2 million. Boise State says it will not have to forfeit its bowl payout if it reaches a Bowl Championship Series game next year.

Big East buyout
The Big East buyout is $5 million, but the school negotiated a reduced buyout under certain situations. The buyout drops to $2.5 million if the conference doesn’t allocate at least 70 percent of the TV money in its new contract to the football-playing members; to $1 million if the Big East loses its automatic-qualifying status with the Bowl Championship Series; and to zero if the league doesn’t have “an acceptable Western travel partner” for the Broncos.
Once Boise State joins the conference, it will be required to give 27 months notice to depart.

Divisional alignment
The Big East has not established divisions, but Boise State President Bob Kustra expects a Western division of Boise State, San Diego State, SMU, Houston, Louisville and Cincinnati in 2013. That would put Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Connecticut, Central Florida and South Florida in the Eastern division. West Virginia also could be in the league that year but is trying to move to the Big 12 in 2012. “I don’t think West Virginia is going to be around,” Kustra said.
The schedule plan is for teams to play every team within their division and three teams in the other division for eight conference games. The two division winners will meet in a championship game, location TBA.

Syracuse and Pittsburgh leave for the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2014. Navy is widely expected to replace one of them. Kustra hopes the 12th team comes from the West — and he hasn’t given up on Air Force or BYU, which turned down opportunities to join.
“I’d be all for working with the commissioner on making the Western division a real Western division,” he said.

Non-conference games
The Big East will negotiate in good faith with Boise State to schedule home-and-home basketball agreements with member schools with a goal of four games per year — two in Boise and two in Big East arenas. The contract is not specific about the number of games or whether some of them will be women’s basketball games.
Boise State also agreed to try to schedule football games against WAC members, but there isn’t a contractual obligation.
“We are excited about the prospect of bringing some basketball teams in here that Boiseans don’t normally get to see,” Kustra said.

TV contract
The Big East’s football contract with ESPN expires after the 2013 season and pays $3.7 million per school per year. The conference begins an exclusive renegotiation period with ESPN in September. Kustra said experts have told him those rights will fetch a minimum of $6 million per school, with a ceiling of $10 million to $12 million.

Conference name
The Big East has no plans to change its name.
“If a conference called the Big Ten can have 12 schools, a conference called the Big East can have schools that are not necessarily in the East,” commissioner John Marinatto said.

Blue uniforms
The Big East did not require Boise State to give up its right to wear all-blue uniforms at home, unlike the Mountain West.

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Blue on Blue!

The uniform rule alone was reason enough to switch.

blue on blue

totally agree!!!

And furthermore...

the new uniforms will not only be blue, but made from actual turf; including the helmets and shoes.



good article,0,2808946.column?page=1

conspiracy theory

Yea, I tend to believe this.

thanks broncos81

there is more than just a few stray millions behind all of this

sounds good!!!

And welcome back blue uniforms. :=)>

I'm happy that the Big East doesn't have silly uniform rules

but because of the MWC's Blue on Blue ban, we were forced into wearing something different, and if you ask me, that kind of made things interesting because nobody knew what they'd be wearing from game to game, and we saw some odd combinations, but all in all I think the ban brought about a refreshing change.

My preference is the Orange on Orange. I thought the contrasting orange unis against the Blue Turf looked amazing both last year against Fresno and again this year against TCU.

Good & Bad

Some good, some not so good in this deal.

The Good.......the BB one expected this - very good. The reduced buyout - pretty good. The Division - as well as can be expected until more western schools are on board - I wish they had also gone after Nevada. Blue unis & no special rules around noise makers - all good (not mentioned, buy I doubt they have this rule).

The Bad - should be a buyout reduction clause if they lose more schools in the next 5 years. Also, should be a guaranteed TV revenue dollar minimum, or, a reduced buyout if TV money is lower than some amount. The other bad - what happens to the WAC if they lose Utah St & San Jose St to the MWC & La Tech to C-USA? They could end up folding & the non-Football sports would be left high-and-dry. Also, should be spelled out that the conf championship game is to be alternated between east & west venues.

Artificial Noise Makers in the Big East

"no special rules around noise makers - all good (not mentioned, buy I doubt they have this rule)."

Actually they do have a rule about them -

Moving Up

If Western Division had been in play this year, SMU would have been lowest ranked team at #57 - definitely a step up in competition. Others would have been Houston #19, Cincinnati #27, Louisville #38, San Diego St. #52. Three members of Mountain West were ranked #108, #111, #114. Can't wait for 2013 - GO BRONCOS!!!!!

The NEW Big East could look like.....

East = UConn, Cin, Rutgers, Louisville, USF, UCF, Navy

West = BSU, SDSU, Houston, SMU, Air Force, Nevada, BYU

14 Schools in all sports. In football, play 6 in division, 2 or 3 cross division. In BB, play 2 games in Division (home & away) plus 1 game cross division (alternating location each year). Non-football schools play in East Division. A similar arrangement could be done in olympic sports.

Kustra - you need to push for a true Western Division like this!


BYU was playing games and left....

and Air Force aint going....

what is missing is Idaho....

Bob Kustra!

Are you for real?When you leave this community-for another job-hopefully and I mean hopefully-you will learn-what the word Vetting means.

I'm convinced... are the guy that works the late night shift at the Jackson's on Main. You know, the one that counts change with his mouth open.



I have news for the cowbell fanclub

The instrumental version of Grazing In The Grass has four to the beat cowbell.



Everybody wants to hue the knurled

how about

cow bells?

Great job Kustra!!!

This was a good move and the negotiation of exiting was excellent based on the Big East having to deliver to their promises (unlike the MT. West)and I am truly excited about the prospect of Big East basketball being played in Boise.

That would be great...

however, this was a "football" only (which pretty much sums up the view of Boise State) move. So, you can look forward to WAC basketball in Boise.

Did you read the article, or just the headline?

Hoops arrangements to be made; 2 home, 2 away!
Hard to say if those will be mens or womens games, or if
the teams coming will be SMU & UCF, but its a start.


Are there any jobs in Boise so that I can come back home? I'm homesick and would like to come home. I would happily be a janitor at Bronco Stadium and would live in the furnice cellar and be very happy.


Sorry we gave the janitor job to an applicant who can actually spell "furnace" correctly.

That really wasn't

called for voice..............

Blue on Blue

The Mt. West ban on blue on blue was because of SDSU coach Long, Karma baby,Karma because now he has to play us on the Blue on Blue every two years. LOL LOL

Bronco Girl & Horse limited by MWC?

It appeared that Chelsi & Willy were not allowed to lead out the team when playing Mountain West opponents. My wife and I noted this at the Wyoming and New Mexico games. When we were at Nevada (WAC) earlier in the year they ran out ahead of the team as usual. Most of those two MWC games they were not even in the stadium, but instead appeared to be restricted to the north end zone tailgating area.

I also miss the Bronco Girl & horse circling the track after BSU scores. In the last year or two this has been limited to the student side. However, that was better than nothing.

Will these traditions return next year or do we have to wait for the Big East?

The Horse

I wondered about the horse, I just thought it was another BSU AD thing, like the cannon, no noise louder than a small human exhaust sound.(sorry, word I used was banned), I sure hope our new AD understands what "game day traditions" mean, remember when the cannon could be heard all the way to the
south end zone.