ESPN's Colin Cowherd rips Boise State coach Chris Petersen for his BCS complaints

By Chadd Cripe
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UPDATE: On Tuesday, ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd ripped Boise State coach Chris Petersen for criticizing the Bowl Championship Series.

Listen to Cowherd's comments here. He says Boise State has "nine garbage wins" and that Petersen should take a job in a bigger conference if he wants better access to the BCS. "If you choose small, you get small," Cowherd said.


Boise State football coach Chris Petersen said Monday it’s time to scrap the Bowl Championship Series system that left Nos. 6 Arkansas, 7 Boise State, 8 Kansas State and 9 South Carolina out of the elite bowls in favor of four teams ranked outside the Top 10.

“The whole thing needs to be changed, there’s no question about it,” he said. “… I think (change) is coming, I really do.”

The Broncos (11-1) were left out of a BCS game with a Top 10 ranking for the fourth time in eight years. This time, they were passed over for a Sugar Bowl matchup that features No. 11 Virginia Tech (11-2) and No. 13 Michigan (10-2). Virginia Tech lost by 28 points Saturday and hasn’t beaten anyone currently ranked.

“Everybody is just very tired of the BCS,” Petersen said. “I think that’s the bottom line. Everybody is frustrated. Everybody doesn’t really know what to do anymore. It doesn’t make sense to anybody. I don’t think anybody is happy anywhere.”

Petersen votes in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll and ranked Boise State No. 5, Michigan No. 15 (outside the top 14, which is what the Wolverines needed to be eligible) and TCU No. 18 (outside the top 16, which is what the Horned Frogs needed to get an automatic berth). Here is his ballot.

He admitted he voted in Boise State’s interest.

“I haven’t seen any of the voting,” he said. “I know how I voted and I know what I’m trying to do, which is make the best case for Boise State to get in there, so I probably shouldn’t be a voter.”

Besides, Petersen said, the standings don’t seem to matter for who gets selected. He pointed to the four Top 10 teams left out.

“Why are we even voting if they’re all left out of games like that?” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense. … I don’t know who it makes sense to. I haven’t heard anybody say, ‘This is pretty good.’ Everybody goes, ‘This is really bad.’ ”

Petersen’s suggestion: use a committee like the men’s basketball tournament to rank the teams, trim some of the bowls and implement a “plus-one” system that gives the top four teams a shot at the national title.

“That’s still subjective, but at least it’s closer,” he said.

In the past, Petersen has chosen not to slam the BCS for his team getting snubbed.

“It just seems like each year it’s getting further and further away from anybody understanding what’s going on,” he said.

Here is video of Petersen's press conference.


TCU coach Gary Patterson, who doesn't have a ballot, criticized Petersen for his vote:

“I’m more disturbed by Petersen voting us 18th when we beat him at home,” Patterson told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “And defensively we didn’t even play that well. You’re not supposed to show bias.”


Last year, and in years prior, Petersen chose not to attack the system.

“Good karma,” Petersen said when last year's MAACO Bowl matchup with Utah was announced. “You’ve just gotta keep believing. … The last few years, it has worked out well for the Broncos. That’s really the message that we’ve preached to our guys — we take care of what we can control and good things will happen.”


As for this year's MAACO Bowl Las Vegas matchup with Arizona State, Petersen said:

“We sure enjoyed our time down there last year in Las Vegas. I think our players, our fans, everybody had a real good time. It’s a well-run bowl, a good location, there’s a lot to do. Our players handled it well last time. … It’s a nice matchup.”


Junior linebacker/fullback Tommy Smith will miss the bowl game with a broken leg, Petersen said. He wasn’t sure if other injured players would return.

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"socialism..... is the happy

"socialism..... is the happy face of slavery" JS Mill

The BSC must be the unhappy face ....


I guess you did not get the memo that we do not live in a socialist society. This is a capitalist one so these organizations must be operationg under capitalist ideals. Which is true, these organizations are trying to hoard wealth like all winners do. Quit being a socialist.....quit trying to force the will of the majority on the minority (SEC) who is winning.

We live in a society of

We live in a society of legally regulated capitalism. The problem with the BCS is that it is a cartel and our system does not support cartels.

As for forcing the will of the majority on the minority, there is nothing wrong with that at all here!

If Boise state had beaten TCU...

BCS is a money making operation. They get more money if teams that people want to watch play each other. If boise had not lost to TCU they would get more interest from the football fans and thus would have been put in a better bowl. I like BSU and wish they were placed higher but BCS wants to make money. Boise State also wants to make more money by going to a new conference so you can not totally fault either the BCS or BSU for wanting to do this. But I am sure you will!


Welcome to the Regulated States of America, the land where we've been regulating ourselves into oblivion for decades.

this is

This is the absense of regulation..not because of regulation.


Blue guy in a Red state?

It is Socialism....

A prime example of Prima Donas stealing monies and rewarding their 'buddies', the under-achievers....

Socialism robs from Capitalism because Socialists only know how to steal money, but never create it....

America is living the failed experiment of Socialism....and the BCS is following it....


Michigan takes in four star players each year. Boise State gets a four star player once a year if lucky. This isnt socialism...those schools are actually better. This is capitalism no matter what sort of pipe dream you live in. YOU are actually the socialist trying to get your greedy 3 star hands into the big boy cookie jar. Facts are facts.....Boise can't even make a field goal to win the Mountain West championship or the WAC championship outright.


Your statement....'trying to get your greedy 3 star hands into the big boy cookie jar....' sums up the BCS and Socialism....

You see, there were 3 very good Capitalists this season--Boise State, TCU, and Houston....But because the apple cart (Big Banks ie BCS) was about to get busted again, they deliberatley voted (ie Big Banks, BCS--Socialism)the little guy out so that their 'buddies' earned the interest of thier so-called earnings....

Socialism at its finest....reward the under-achievers (ie VT and Clemson) and keep the achievers (ie Boise, Houston, TCU) away as not to settle the spoils....

You see now? That is why I buy some silver....I have had monies in bank in CDs for 5 years and not much collected in interest....hardly could see any growth, much like watching the growth of fundly....I was only investing for the rich socialists....

So let socialism has hurt tv ratings....and it will continue a downward trend....

BCS Colin was right

Everything Colin said was true face it this is the first year in a long time that BSU has cracked the top fifty in strength of schedule the last number of years it has been over seventy. How can you be a top ten team if you play a bottom feader schedule you got over playing a number 78 strength of schedule and getting in bcs bowl games. Of course your going to the big east and not the big 12 as the big 12 is a tougher conference I am still trying to fathom you flying over all of those other conferences to get to your games on the other side of the country what made the big least favorable umm you wouldnt have a shot at going 11-1 in the big 12 the big least is te only conference you have a shot at winning and SDSU is goingto the least as well . Crap if you played ASU ten times I bet you would only win half of the games, get over yourselves one big win a year is a joke. Coach Pete should leave oh wait maybe he shouldnt as look what happened to those that left before him they failed.

Mrs Potatohead

BSU didn't get a Big 12 or Big Ten invite, did they? So for now, they'll have to fly over the the schools in those conferences and play their games in the Big East. Who knows, maybe some of those schools will use your logic and call BSU and say, hey - since you're already flying over our stadium, would you guys be willing to land here and play us? Yeah... like that's going to happen.

Why is it that people like Colin, who have the national format that they do, why is it that they don't use their airtime to call out the BCS schools and say' hey...if you want to shut Boise up, and put them in their place, put them on your schedules and shred em to pieces. Seriously, wouldn't a couple of yearly beat downs from the likes of Bama or LSU render BSU irrelevant for the next several years and put them into a downward spiral and out of the national spotlight? If he wants to damage BSU's reputation, wouldn't that be a great way to do it? Heck yeah it would.

This has to be the...

C_rock of

i have ever witnessed!!!

The BCS makes WWF look

The BCS makes WWF look legitimate.


The BCS is actually a legitimate program as far as a way to rank teams. What is not legitimate is the actuall Bowls picking programs that will bring in the most money and status quo. The BCS should only be changed in one way.....the top ten schools get the best bowls.

BCS is Bad News!

It won't fix the problem. The BCS conference coaches who have votes will bump teams like Va Tech and Michigan to make that top 10 threshold and teams like Boise State after a loss will plummet to 20 or lower. Imagine a bunch of Craig James' homers voting, that is what you would get!


BSU was 2nd in the MWC. Maaco Bowl is for 1st in MWC. TCU actually got passed over for BSU for the same reasons that Michigan was picked over BSU--travel history, ratings history, etc. All of you whiners should realize that the same flawed system got BSU out of playing La Tech for their bowl game.

Instead of hating on the bowl invite received, maybe someone should ask why Kustra et al were so eager to join a conference where your reward for being the best in the conference is the Maaco Bowl against the 5th best team in a 12-team conference. (really 11-team with USC on suspension).

That's not correct.

Maaco Bowl gets first 'choice' in the MWC. They can pick whoever they want as long as the team is bowl eligible.

Just like...

The BCS can pick whoever they want within the criteria after the automatic bids are given out - hence they picked Michigan over BSU. There is no difference between what the Maaco Bowl and the BCS in this case are doing - that's the point.

Dear Challenged

The BCS isn't just a bunch of bowl games, it is a RANKING system which purports to rank teams by accomplishment. Why should we buy into the BCS Championship Game (teams ranked 1 and 2) if the rest of the rankings mean (in the immortal words of Jim Mora) "diddley pooh?"

Therefore bowl games that are BCS games have a higher standard to live up to with regards to meritocracy and achievement.

Cow"terd" should also disclose that his employer is a financial supporter of the BCS.

and maybe if you think back....

you'd remember that this is not the conference that BSU was so eager to join. Kustra agreed to join a conference that had Utah, BYU and TCU. TCU beat us fair and square. Their two losses burned them as did our 1 loss. Both teams were burned by a system that operates by different rules for different teams. TCU needed to finish in the Top 16, BSU needed to win their conference. WV did neither. Alabama, Michigan, VT and Stanford didn't win their conferences. Yet a team that loses their conference championship game by 28 and another that is ranked 23rd with three losses get into the BCS and teams ranked 6,7,8, & 9 go elsewhere.

excuse me...

BSU deserved it more than TCU who wasn't ranked most of the year...and only beat us by 1 point! Guess who is gonna fill up stands? BRONCO NATION!!!! Nobody outside of TX gives a crap about TCU...or Houston! Bowl committees want schools that are gonna draw their fans...and nationwide audiences on TV.

We should not have been beaten out of a BCS bowl by Va Tech...they just got creamed last weekend...and they get a BCS bowl? Nothing about the BCS is fair...except the number one team going to the National Championship game.

Obviously you aren't much of a BSU fan...

stop crying bsu bandwagon

stop crying bsu bandwagon fans. if anyone from the mountain west should go to the bcs it should be tcu. they beat bsu in boise. case closed. the mountain west tried everything to screw over tcu for leaving the mountain west. which to me was ironic considering bsu might leave the mountain west to go to the big east if they decide to go, haha. but they changed tcu's home game against bsu from ft worth to boise. that was bogus. then the refs gave that bogus pass interference call at the end of the game that benefited bsu on 4th down. and still tcu beat them. bsu needs to shut up. and in fact, baylor may have gotten screwed over even more than bsu and tcu. baylor beat tcu, which beat bsu. and they might have the heisman trophy winner. either way, bsu did not deserve a bcs bowl. and peterson is a chump for voting tcu at # 18. hahaha. im glad they beat bsu in boise. enjoy the slot machines bsu fans, cuz that is probably the best part of this bowl game for bsu fans.

They lost

to Baylor and SMU, and didn't have a single win comparable to Georgia. Case closed.

yeah, and that team beat you

yeah, and that team beat you at home. AND won the conference. bsu only has the georgia win. but since they lost to tcu, to me that is pointless. tcu won the conference and beat bsu at home. oh yeah, this is after the mountain west ironically changed the game from ft worth to boise because tcu was leaving for the big east. hahaha, now bsu is doing the same thing and the mountain west looks stupid for changing that game and bsu lost it at home anyways. haha, badass.

Yes. You're right. They did beat us.

By one point. Not two. Not three. Not a blowout.


We also ran up 35 points against them.

But they beat us. By one point. Same as in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Of course, in the following year we beat them in the Fiesta Bowl. By seven points. And in the Fort Worth Bowl, we beat them by three points. So we've beaten them by a total of ten points in two games, whereas they've beaten us by a total of two points in two games.

But it's true. They beat us.

BTW. Notice my posting. Not a missed period. Not a missed capital letter. Not a single example of rotten grammar.

Learn to write properly.

Well, I feel better

I was all down on the BCS, but now that you point it out, there sure are a lot of Bronco fans saying "phew, thank goodness we got matched up against a 6-6 Arizona State!!!"

WWE IS LEGITIMATE! Good gravy, whither cometh mad men!


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

chime in

i have read on some blogs that az state is ranked 56th but i cant confirm, can somebody verify. if this is true what a travesty for boise state, its players, and fans, being ranked 7th or 8th.

re chime in


thanks soderblom

so the number 7 boise state with kellen and co gets a chance at number 58 az state, that only makes sense. go broncos

look at the bright side

We'll get another good look at Southwick.



Everybody wants to hue the knurled


Many want to tell it like it is.

So you're telling me I'M THE BCS?

WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! Crank the sirens!


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

more like

more like a klaxon

bright side

i believe we have seen enough. hedrick seems to do more with his time. let him have some fun.

run it up

I'd rather see our seniors run the score sky high. Show 'em what our team can do!


“I know how I voted and I know what I’m trying to do, which is make the best case for Boise State to get in there, so I probably shouldn’t be a voter.” I appreciate Coach Pete's honesty and insight.

I also agree with, “The whole thing needs to be changed, there’s no question about it.”

JS Mill

1806...A senior official with the East India Tea Company, the folks' whose collusion with the British Monarchy resulted in the Boston Tea Party. If he had been a socialist, the British would likely be happier. Incidentally, he had absolutley no knowledge of, or interest in, the crony capitalist system known as the BCS.

What the blazes could he have been thinking, sir?


Everybody wants to hue the knurled

Probably a good time

to post this.....

great link funk

author is a genius

you should be

you should be given a job at the statesman for that one





tfunky once again puts every other poster to shame. Dex asked the great question, so props to him as well.

It's already a committee

"Petersen’s suggestion: use a committee..."

They say a camel is just a horse designed by a committee.

You skipped the playoff part

Pete only suggested the committee to get to a playoff, like basketball.

Way to go Coach Pete

Kudos to Coach Petersen for finally stepping up and slamming the BCS. Change is in the air, it has been floated for several months now and the BCS is going to dwindle in size and complexity. All of the conference realignment was a shift toward all of this happening. And when the BCS is revamped I would expect to see more conference shifting. The 16 team superconference model will come to fruition, hopefully Boise State gets in on it!

Coach Petersen!

I agree with you 100%