Listen to Boise State's Chris Petersen criticize the BCS system; See how coaches voted

By Brian Murphy

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen had his sharpest words yet for the Bowl Championship Series on Monday, one day after the Broncos were left out of the series' five lucrative bowl system. Listen to Petersen here.

• TCU's Gary Patterson is not happy with Petersen voting the Horned Frogs No. 18. Patterson, in my opinion, has every right to be angry.


Boise State football coach Chris Petersen voted his Broncos No. 5 in his final regular-season USA Today Coaches' Poll ballot. Boise State finished sixth in the coaches' poll.

Click here to see how every coach voted.

Two coaches voted the Broncos higher at No. 4 — Fresno State's Pat Hill and San Diego State's Rocky Long. Boise State beat Fresno State and San Diego State this season.

Louisiana-Monroe's Todd Berry voted Boise State No. 13, its lowest ranking. Five coaches voted Boise State No. 11, including three from the SEC — Alabama's Nick Saban, South Carolina's Steve Spurrier and Vanderbilt's James Franklin.

Here is the breakdown on Boise State votes:

No. 4 — 2 voters (Hill and Long)
No. 5 — 11 voters, including Petersen and Georgia's Mark Richt
No. 6 — 19 voters
No. 7 — 12 voters
No. 8 — 5 voters
No. 9 — 3 voters (Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer, LSU's Les Miles, North Carolina State's Tom O'Brien)
No. 10 — 1 voter (Troy Calhoun of Air Force)
No. 11 — 5 voters (Saban, Spurriter, Franklin, Colorado's Jon Embree and Louisiana-Lafayette's Mark Hudspeth)
No. 13 — 1 voter (Berry)

Here is Petersen's complete ballot:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma State
4. Oregon
5. Boise State
6. Stanford
7. Arkansas
8. Wisconsin
9. Clemson
10. Virginia Tech
11. Michigan State
12. South Carolina
13. Kansas State
14. Georgia
15. Michigan
16. Houston
17. Baylor
18. TCU
19. Southern Miss
20. Oklahoma
21. West Virginia
22. Nebraska
23. Penn State
24. BYU
25. Rutgers

Note: USC is ineligible for the coaches' poll.

A recent study of the coaches' poll found, on average, that coaches boost the rankings of their own teams by more than two full positions while boosting the rankings of teams in their conference by nearly a full position and upping the ranking of teams they’d beaten by more than half a position, making their own team look better, The Wall Street Journal wrote.

Harris Poll

Of the 115 voters in the Harris Poll — which makes up part of the BCS Standings — six voters put Boise State at No. 10 or lower, including former SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer (10). The Broncos' lowest vote came from Drew Champlin (11).

The Broncos, who finished No. 6 in the Harris Poll, had nine No. 4 votes, including one from Pete Cavender, a former Boise State player and current color commentator on Boise State radio broadcasts.

Click here to see how the Harris Poll voters ranked the teams.

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Is there a price on the Monroe coach or something?

How did it enter the headline then?


Everybody wants to hue the knurled


So much for bad mouthing Rocky Long all off-season.

Outrage & Disgrace!

Boycott the game entirely! Let's not even insult the efforts of our team & show up to play in such an outrageous system! My vote is to pass on AZ game & hold a celebration party for the hard work Broncos have done all year! Or even better yet, show up to the Sugar Bowl geared up fans in toe just to prove a National F/U to the whole system that our boys were ready to play & had fan following! Another solution would be to take money BSU getting for Vegas bowl & buy as many tickets as they can & leave the seats empty for Sugar! That type of statement would draw an unprecedented amount of negative attention to BCS cronies that would definatly draw some form of action being draw to their squewed system!


The Broncos didn't vote themselves out of the Sugar Bowl.
Support them to the fullest at the Las Vegas Bowl and let them know how we fee
l about a 4 year record of 50 wins.

Boycott the game? Might as

Boycott the game? Might as well take 1.7 million dollars and burn it. Don't be a knuckle head because you didn't get exactly what you wanted.


Like the idea of acting out. Not sure boycotting Las Vegas bowl will do any good. Like the idea of buying up tickets at sugar bowl though. Maybe instead of leaving the seats empty we could donate them to folks in need and veterans along with some bronco gear asking them to wear it to the game. (Maybe throw in some of those noise makers like they had in South Africa for the world cup.) I'll throw in for a ticket. Maybe we could get other teams who got hosed to throw down too.

Dude....the BCS is all about Big Money

schools supporting each other....

Kansas State and Arkansas got hosed too....

I hope ratings are down this year like they have been the past few years....

VT actually lost money in the Orange Bowl last year....I hope they lose alot more this year....

the BCS did Ugly a I dont have to waste so many hours watching meanigless games....

its the 'Who Cares Bowl' dot com....

Congrats on such a

Congrats on such a prestigious bowl game. I thought you deserve more such as the Roady Truckstop or something of that caliber after playing such powerhouse teams this season. What will be horrible is when a coachless, pathetic ASU football team tears you a new one. Coach Pete and company better start working on those trick plays!!

Dont be so mad lame...

It aint good for the soul to hate a team so much. Especially one always in the Top 10. Never get right with your "balance" with all the bitterness.

Nine out of 13.

Nine out of the 13 teams that the Broncos play this year are bowl bound. How many bowl teams did your team play this season?

You are spot on, let's examine....

Only 8 during the regular season - Georgia, Tulsa, Nevada, Air Farce, TCU, San Diego State, Toledo, Wyoming - no doubt a regular murderers row of college football heavyweights. Now I guess you are adding in 6-6 ASU who lost their last 4 games to UCLA, WSU, Arizona, and CAL and have a fired coach. About all you are saying is what we all know, there are way too many bowls. Now add New Mexico, UNLV, Fresno State and Colorado State to this mix and you have what? A cupcake schedule to beat your chest about?

I dont see him pounding his chest...

I see him asking lame how many bowl teams his team played this season...

A fair question...

If youre going to trash another team on its own blogs, AND HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY, be prepared to defend your own.

I know Pony, you want to kick the Broncos every chance possible. But surely theres better opportunities to make yourself look like less of a clown.

At least we won

What did the vandals do? Last in the WAC, sitting home during bowl season now caught on the horns of a dilemma. Who do they cheer for, their former coach who wisely jumped ship less than a full year into his contract or do they cheer for the Broncos to avenge his embodiment of all that the university of idaho stands for and screwed them.

10 of Michigan's 12

10 of Michigan's 12 opponents are bowl bound this year. And that doesn't include VTech. Your point only proves too many teams are eligible for bowl games...

Michigan isn't the issue here..

although they are ranked #13. Michigan fans WILL travel, as the school has one of the largest national fanbases. The main issue here is #11 Virginia Tech. The Hokies don't travel very well, especially during Bowl Season. They got crushed TWICE by the same team, and are ranked outside the Top Ten. Yet, the Sugar bowl committee wants everyone to think they were a better choice than Boise State or Kansas State?

I think the only ones who think this is a good matchup are Michigan, VaTech, and the Sugar Bowl committee.

The Roady's Truckstop Bowl

The Roady's Truckstop Bowl no longer exists. Way to show that you are cognizant of what is going on.


"Scoreboard" past 10 years.

Win One

For the Vandals, Boise State. Show the snidely Dennis Erickson who's the boss.

Which bowl game are the Vandals playing in?

Oh...2-10 playing in the WAC. Never bowl game again.

Yeah, but the way the Bowl system

works....who cares about Bowls anyway....

Have fun spending hard earned bucks in Vegas....

What you spend in Vegas, stays in Vegas....

Why not save $$$$ and invest in Boise?

Go least we dont have to worry about the phoney and corrupt bowl systems where idiots travel and invest monies elsewhere....

At least the Vandals don't

At least the Vandals don't have to worry about Bowl game payouts to benefit their quickly fading academic institution.

fourwayhead - just curious about 'net' money

How much actual net money did BSU make from past bowls in the past 10 years and how much will they make from the MAACO Bowl.

I am guessing it is into the millions and is the reason BSU continues to function as a college. It has to be milllions and millions and millions.

An interesting point is how much the BSU Bronco Athletics payroll has increased in the past 10 years. Has the net revenue stream from the Bronco Football Team offset the actual BSU AD payroll?

How much actual net money has the Bronco Football Team generated that has actualy gone into academics at BSU?

I understand the move from the WAC to the MWC was to make more net money. BSU has been in the MWC for a season now and how much net money has the Bronco Fotball Team generated from the MWC into the cofffers of BSU?

Did the move from the WAC to the MWC actually generate a net revenue stream for BSU and if so - how much?

Apparently you know about bowl payoffs and academic spending at Idaho. I am thinking you might know the same stuff for BSU.

Am I right and you actually do and can provide your numbers and figures - or - are you just a Mouth That Roared?

Just curious.

Go 2012 Broncos.

BAA Membership #63799


I hear rumors they are going to play in the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl versus Akron. The bowl's motto is: We Can Make Everything Shine!

Let us all move on! Beat Arizona State!

Chris Petersen's Broncos-will beat-Dennis Erickson's team-The Sun Devils-coached by Erickson-last game as head coach- commit stupid and stupid mistakes-that is why Erickson will no longer be the Coach.The Sun Devils- have a first round draft choice-at Quarterback-their secondary will really be tested- will they be up for a major task? Fans- please get over your frustration-of the three little letters-
one day we will have a better system.

Yes Weisburg it is time to move on and

quit watching and patronizing the system....I now see why tv ratings have gone down, with the exception of a few bowl games....

Arizona State wont be ready when Coach just recently fired....Dennis may send AD a christmas present by losing 69-0....

I wouldn't waste any money on this game....

and TCU against LA Tech is another deliberate slap in the non-AQ face....

But TCU is joining them....

Boise is going to have to have 3 BCS games as their OOC each year....they need to quit acting like scheduling is difficult....

Heck, Idaho has just as many BCS games played, if not more, than Boise State....

Won't work that way...

How do you propose they do that? Play all of those games as road games... then they lose out on the money home games bring in. None of the BCS schools will come to Boise. Not to mention the fact they have tried to schedule more BCS teams and nobody wants to play them. The logistics aren't going to work out to be able to pull off 3 OOC BCS games. Until their conference schedule improves they are going to suffer.


one of the reasons "nobody" wants to play them is the same reason they use for not playing teams such as Idaho and others that are "smaller". It isn't financially in their best interest to play in Boise. While Boise has a big stadium for Idaho standards, it is fairly small in comparison to some of the "big" teams that BSU states they can't get to agree to a home and home series. One of the arguments I've heard BSU supporters use is they shouldn't play in Idaho anymore and other places if they can't fill enough seats to make it financially worth their while. Well, I'm sure to these "big" schools the stadium at BSU doesn't provide enough seating to make it financially worth their while. Possibly anyway.

tmd, playing in boise has no impact

on how much money a team makes on a game.

Number of seats

have nothing to do with scheduling home-and-home series.

You are missing something, tho

A school is more likely to schedule Idaho than Boise State for one simple reason: guarenteed win. Schools will schedule the Vandals because they don't have to worry about losing. But, play Boise State, and there IS a chance. I'm not saying the Broncos will beat all opponents. I'm just saying that there is a good chance it could happen. Big schools don't want to take that risk.

Let's use LSU. Would Boise State beat LSU this year? No way. IMO, LSU is the best team in the country, and will win the NC Game. But, is LSU gonna risk that by scheduling a scrappy Boise State team that isn't going to roll over like Idaho or Northwestern State? Heck, NO! They'd rather schedule teams that are not going to have a chance against them.

BCS- Allways been about Money.

Sugar Bowl-better draw Michigan vs Virginia Tech.I believe Chris Petersen's Broncos-should be playing Michigan-in the Sugar Bowl-read above-More fan base for the two teams playing in the Sugar Bowl-voice your complaints -to the Sugar Bowl committee- at least we still have our head coach Chris Petersen for now?

if you want to protest

Cancel your Allstate insurance. They sponsor the sugar bowl. If people got together and hit them in the pocket-book then maybe the sponsors would work to promote a more fair system. I guarantee if people started doing this it would cause a wave. I am not only talking about BSU fans but fans everywhere

very good point kiesmitc

if 10,000 people cancelled their allstate insurance, it would have a big impact. i wish i was with allstate so i could cancel.

Just make sure

You have a new policy first and that you let them know the reason you canceled was their sponsorship of the flawed sysytem

I think that's a dumb idea

The Allstate Insurance company has nothing to do with the Sugar Bowl committee's selections. They merely sponsor the group, and expect it to make the best decisions. If you want to vent your frustration to Allstate, I suggest you contact them about the idiotic selections by the committee. Then recommend Allstate drops their sponsorship of the Bowl Game. But, boycotting their insurance service? That's just stupid.

You'll get a kick out of this

the Sugar Bowl site has remove the Executive committee bio's

Go to "members" > "Executive committee"


You can still find it at....

That's not the executive committee

That's just management staff running the bowl.


I have been ask politely to not post my blog to their FB page.......


I've been posting a lot to their FB page, and haven't been asked to stop.

They don't like

that I have a link in my comment, they took it down 4 times. Left it up so far from last night.

I'll check it out

I've seen a few that had links.

Wow. I just read that link "How many room nights are worth 65 years of history?"

Great read.

BTW, I've been writing the following on the FB page for Allstate Insurance:

"You should drop your sponsorship of the BCS Sugar Bowl. There isn't a bigger group of incompetent morons in the history of organised sports."

The first post I made (which had 12 Likes) was removed, so I reposted it.

Karl Marx on the


'We The People' are now 'We The Dufuses'....

We donate and support their heavy coffers....

We reward the socilaist under-achievers VT, and even bama....

Send your Silver, Send your Gold....

Socialism is here!

The best thing we can do is

The best thing we can do is go out support the team. When BCS people see how many Bronco fans show up and how well the Bronco's play, they will be beating their heads against the wall wishing they could go back in time and pick over. Supporting the team is the most important thing right now, we will have so many fans in the stands that ASU will think they are playing on the Blue Turf.

pony & lamesched

must live together. they use the same trash. just a couple of pathetic haters.

from an alabama fan on espn

I can't believe how badly Boise St. got screwed.
The Sugar Bowl ought to be ashamed of themselves for this one.
Virginia Tech really sux. They were demolished by Clemson Saturday.
Boise is 1 point away from being no. 2 in the country.
I'm a Bama fan, but this is disgusting.
If any bowl should be boycotted, it should be the Sugar Bowl.
They are in it strictly for the money. BAD CHOICE NEW ORLEANS!

So, why...

didn't Houston get screwed? They only had one loss and it was in their conference championship game? Plus they come from a bigger area and thus could probably sell a few tickets as well.

he didn't mention houston

just passing along a comment i found

there probably are similar remarks about houston, kstate, and some others

the comment count was 100 when i looked and it is over 650 now

most people outside of sec honks are pretty upset over the whole bcs mess

Way to Vote!

I guess that tells you the way to vote next year Coach Pete. Turnabout is fair play. And as far as Air Force goes, I would blow them out of the water in your game next year for that one!

BCS rankings

Boise's got a great team but somebody has to show me that they play a caliber of schedule like LSU or Oklahoma State. And moving from the WAC to the MWC sure isn't much an improvement in the scheme of the BCS. I realize it's frustrating but Boise's never going to make it where they think they ought to be. They'll never get into the inner circle.