Boise State football will play Arizona State in MAACO Bowl Las Vegas

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team will return to Las Vegas for its bowl game.

The Broncos (11-1, 6-1 MW) will face Arizona State (6-6, 4-5 Pac-12) of the Pac-12 on Dec. 22 in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas. The game begins at 6 p.m. MST on ESPN.

Boise State beat Utah 26-3 in that game last year.

Arizona State was 6-2 at one point and spent several weeks in the Top 25 but lost its last four games. Coach Dennis Erickson has been fired but is expected to coach the bowl game.

Virginia Tech apparently beat out Boise State for the last at-large berth in the BCS. The Hokies are going to the Sugar Bowl.

The Broncos finished at No. 7 in the BCS Standings. This is the fourth time the Broncos have finished in the top 10 without getting a BCS bowl invite. They were No. 10 in 2010, No. 9 in 2008 and No. 9 in 2004.

Boise State played in the 2007 (No. 8) and 2010 (No. 6) Fiesta Bowls.

Arizona State hasn’t played in the MAACO Bowl before. Boise State hasn’t played the Sun Devils since a 56-7 loss in 1996 in Tempe, Ariz.

Here are the statements in the press release:

“We are ecstatic to offer this matchup to help celebrate our historic 20th year,'' executive director Tina Kunzer-Murphy said. ''Boise State fans have shown they love Las Vegas as not only did they help us mark our sixth consecutive sellout a year ago, but they also came down in droves for the Broncos' game vs. UNLV earlier this season. It's also exciting to be the site of the final collegiate game for the sport's winningest quarterback, Kellen Moore. We are also thrilled to finally host Arizona State from the Pac-12 side. The Sun Devils are a traditionally marquee program that we know is excited about playing in its first bowl game in four years. ASU has a strong following in Southern Nevada and their campus is just over 300 miles away from Las Vegas so we expect to see a lot of maroon and gold in the stands on December 22. I would like to thank our committee for again putting together such a great matchup.''

Boise State coach Chris Petersen: ''We are excited about returning to the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas and to again face a tough opponent like Arizona State. We had a great bowl experience last year and I know the hospitality for our team and fans will again be outstanding. This senior class is excited about playing in another bowl and they will work hard in getting the team ready for the game.''

Erickson: ''The goal at the beginning of the year for any college football team is to play in a bowl game. I am so proud of our players and my coaching staff. We are grateful to the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas and the city of Las Vegas for giving us this opportunity. We are honored to be a part of it. We are playing one of the nation's top teams in Boise State as well.''


Here’s the ticket info:

Tickets for the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas are on sale at, and season ticketholders can log on through their season ticket account. Those with season tickets are asked to please check their e-mail for more details, as the season ticketholder priority deadline ends Wednesday at 5 p.m.

All tickets for MAACO Bowl Las Vegas are $62, and parking is $10, payable at the gate. RV parking is also $10, and there is no overnight parking available.

In conjunction with the bowl game, there were also be a Bronco Tailgate Party at the stadium put on by the Boise State Alumni Association and the Bronco Athletic Association from 2-4:30 p.m. Tickets are $40, and will include barbeque chicken, baby back ribs and a no-host bar, in addition to performances by the Harvey Neef Mane Line Dancers, Bronco Cheer and the Boise State University band.

The Boise State Athletic Ticket Office is open tonight from 6-9 p.m. The ticket office will also be open from 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday and Tuesday. For more information, please call 426-4737.


Mountain West bowl matchups:

Poinsettia: TCU vs. Louisiana Tech
New Orleans: San Diego State vs. Louisiana Lafayette
Military: Air Force vs. Toledo
New Mexico: Wyoming vs. Temple

6-6 team?

Wow. Thats cool.

Im not saying the Broncos deserve the BCS, being in the Top 5 and all. But cant we get some better bowl match-ups?

Bowl Matchups

Are all about conference affiliation. This is one big reason the Big East would be an improvement for BSU football (if not the other sports). It will be even more important if the BCS narrows down to just handling the NCG, which seems pretty likely.

BSU will destroy ASU. The only thing for BSU fans to worry about is whether Burfict breaks Kellen Moore on a dirty play.

The Big East may be a dead end when

the three main teams leave and the aq status goes with it....BYU was just playing along, they had no intentions, and they want to emulate the number one cfb franchise which is Notre Dame....

What Boise needs is two more BCS games in their schedule as OOC....One is not enough, and LSU dismantling Georgia kinda hurt....

Boise needs 3 BCS games each year for their power SOS....

AQ Status

Is going away, imo. The BCS is just going to select 1 and 2 and then the rest will be a free for all. The major bowls will go back to their old conference alignments.

That's my best guess, anyway.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ugly wins!!!

That's exactly it. We will never get respect until we have 3 OOC games against BCS teams each year. Ideally it would be teams from 3 different conferences just to prove we can play with them all. We beat Georgia, Michigan State and Oregon all in the same year and it will offset the weakness of the Big East schedule we run through with an average margin of victory in the high teens.

Ugly, you're pretty smart for a Vandal...(sorry, couldn't resist) does not have to be that


lets say in 2015, Boise State has Washington....all they would need is an Oregon State and maybe a Nebraska added to it....

then rest of season is mwc....

The non-AQs need to leave the AQ system....

or, the BCS needs a provision where the two best non-AQs play at end of season and the winner is a AQ....

Ugly...You a....gasp...



TexasSpud....No not a

playoff....just a championship game between the two highest BCS rated non-aqs that also have to have won their conference....just one game, the winner is an aq in BCS....this way at least one best non-AQ is always in....

PS....VNDL must be taking a nap?

Would you just

get the heck outta here. good gawd!


to boycott the BCS. Especially the Sugarbowl

In addition...

I will be boycotting the NC game.

syncaster, if Ugly left where would you get

your latest forecasts and prophecies?

AQ OOC games

You're right about this - first time for you.

If BSU had scheduled an AQ team instead of Nevada for an away OOC game (like Texas Tech, A&M or Nebraska) and won they'd have been tough to keep out of the BCS as an at-large selection even with the TCU loss.

AQ Teams

Can't find enough AQ teams that would schedule BSU and if they do NONE of them can seem to travel. Their preferred formula is, play little sisters of the poor out of league and then win their league or finish in the top 2 or 3. Look at the schedules of the AQ teams, how many actually played teams that are in the top 25 at the end of the year that are not in their conference. Very few if any until bowl season. Keeps them from being exposed.

AQ OOC Away Game

That's the standard defense but we had an open away OOC game available and wasted it on helping out Nevada fix their schedule when we moved to the MTN. This year Idaho, Fresno and Nevada played at Texas A&M, Nebraska and Texas Tech respectively, all body bag games for AQ teams not to mention Utah at Auburn and New Mexico at Arkansas.

We could have gotten one of those games for the same money we earned playing at Nevada but Gene played it safe and easy. Nebraska was prepared to give us something like $800K for a one-time home game this year. The little sisters theory doesn't really wash if we're prepared to take less money and a one-fer.

I suspect that Mark Coyle will be a little more aggressive with his scheduling and still bring in the OOC money games.

More BCS Teams

They won't schedule us. They're scared.

Would love to see look on

Would love to see look on commissioners faces if BSU & all the Bronco Nation NO Showed the Bowl in protest!

University of Washington goes bowling

Go figure......a 7-5,unranked Husky team gets to play Baylor who is ranked 15th,has a 9-3 record and has a Heisman trophy candidate. Must be the conference thingy.

Sugar Bowl

Because of the Sugar bowl selection I will be canceling all my Allstate business tomorrow and going to Farmers or someone else and encourage all BSU, KSU, and SMU fans to do the same. Pass this on.


good call! I hope you and others follow through. I have esurance...I wonder if they were purchased by allstate...maybe I'll have to reconsider and go back to Amica.

these two posts are idiotic

these two posts are idiotic


are you an AllState agent? You must be. Why else would you object? Or are you just against people's rights to protest and send a message to corporate America that we aren't going to take it anymore? Sorry, couldn't resist. I actually agree with your statement. Have a nice day.

well, if people are

well, if people are seriously thinking of cancelling business because of bsu not getting into the sugarbowl, that is idiotic. hahaha.
they didn't get in because they didn't deserve it

but go ahead and boycott all state business for bsu, hahaha

Virginia Tech


They are way over-rated and Clemson showed that to them twice in one season....

Death to the BCS!

They lost twice to Clemson

by an average of 24 points beat Miami by 3, BC, Wake, Duke by 4, UNC by 3, and played out of conference against Appalachian State, Arkansas State, East Carolina and Marshall. And they didn't play FSU in ACC play.

They lost by 28 yesterday. Not a typo. 28.

We know the BCS system sucks for

non-AQs....that is why I was rooting for Houston....

as VNDL as stated many times, the non-AQs have to go loss, and it is inferior bowl games....

Thats why I said in one post Boise State, Houston, and TCU will get shafted....

TCU is the best hope now, if they will rate them in top 16....

How did Houston lose so much ground?

TCU to Pointsettia ugs

Think thats about a done deal. Looks like all the BCS teams get protected.


gotto admit, Ugly will watch the small Bowl games and skip all the big 5....

The only big 5 I will watch is hopefully Oregon stomping Wisconsin....that punt interference call was bogus....Oregon has a good team and deserves BCS, so does LSU....

after that, they all suck....


I'm in agreement...I will tune into the Cotton Bowl...I still consider it one of the bigger bowls.


Who would've ever imagagined the MWC champion would be playing the WAC champion in a bowl game this year? WAC 1.0 vs WAC 2.0...seems like an irony.

Houston's best win...

was against UCLA (I'm guessing). Of their 12 wins, only 3 were against teams with winning records, and 1 was against a FCS school. That's why they dropped so far. Boise St. won 7 games against teams with winning records and their only loss was by one point, not 21 points like Houston.


I just don't see how the BCS can leave out a #5 or 6 team. The top 10 should go to the 5 BCS bowls. Regardless of conference affiliation, if a team can be rated in the top 10, they deserve more than a crappy, 2nd-rate game.


It's 100% money. Sugar Bowl anticipates much more money from VA Tech than BSU, so the pick makes sense for them. Rank in BCS means nothing, other than providing a pool of eligible teams.

Uh...thats not true

Better do some research on that...

According to ESPN...

Except for the Championship game, the rest are ultimately about who's fans will travel, and fill hotels. Rankings do matter, to a point, and a split-decision will fall on who they think will spend the money.

Did you hear Kirk Herbstreit?

Absolutely it's the money. Kirk Herbstreit nailed it a few minutes ago on ESPN. He asked if this is how you reward top performing teams - by picking lower-ranked teams because they'll fill hotel rooms and buy tickets. He said that if that's the case, then all a team needs to do is schedule 1-AA opponents and run up the scores.

Herbie was just about as disgusted with the pick as I was. Hey, they could have picked K-State and that would have been cool. But they went down to number 11, a team that lost miserably to Clemson. It's money, that's all.

My predictions for the BCS games are that #4 Oregon will absolutely throttle #10 Wisconsin in the Rose, #15 Clemson will past #23 West Virginia in the Orange and and #13 Michigan will take it to #11 Virginia Tech in the Sugar. I think that #3 Oklahoma State will beat #4 Stanford in the Fiesta, but not by much. And I won't call the NC game.

But I think that the biggest losers in the selections overall are the fans. The Fiesta Bowl and NC game ought to be good. The others ought not to even have the word "championship" associated with them.

Oh, and #7 Boise State will absolutely crush #57 Arizona State.

Sarcasm my friends

Sorry fellas I was being a smart azz.


I heard what Kirk had to say...however, he also included they should load the schedule with D-I cupcakes in addition to DI-AA.

so then your in favor of bsu

so then your in favor of bsu making it but not tcu, the conference champion. the same conference bsu is in. the same tcu who beat them. nah, that is not fair.

If I'm the Orange bowl

I'm Ecstatic about this!

For the first time in a very long time they can claim to be a superior bowl over the Sugar.

If was my thought that the Orange Bowl had at least 1 game...

since 2001 that determined a national championship???

Do look it up?


OH CRAP DEPT. USC was vacated.

BCS can't even get play and run a championship without TWO being ruined by DQ problems.

Useless system then.

more proof

'they' weren't about to give 'their' money to 'us' or TCU

the game or who should be in it doesn't matter

keep those non-aqs out

You are 100% correct ...

And anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy - if they don't HAVE to take you they won't. On the other hand, Cupcake State wasn't even a conference champ in a terrible league. Take care of TCU or Nevada and you had nothing to worry about. They are not going to take small-time, blue smurf turf, truck driving school unless they have to. Boo Hoo - maybe your new AD will sack up and schedule more than 1 tough game a year.

By the end of this year...

... Boise State will have played 9 bowl teams. Feel free to compare that with any other team in the nation.

You are somewhat correct, I guess ...

Only 8 during the regular season - Georgia, Tulsa, Nevada, Air Farce, TCU, San Diego State, Toledo, Wyoming - no doubt a regular murderers row of college football heavyweights. Now I guess you are adding in 6-6 ASU who lost their last 4 games to UCLA, WSU, Arizona, and CAL and have a fired coach. About all you are saying is what we all know, there are way too many bowls. Now add New Mexico, UNLV, Fresno State and Colorado State to this mix and you have what? A cupcake schedule to beat your chest about?


So, we are #5 (or 6) and our 'reward' is to play #59 Arizona State? What a freaking crock.


let's take our lot, win the game, finish at #3 or #4 and keep our heads up

sucks, but keep those seniors and this great team on track for 50 wins

sooner or later the bcs will implode


the BCS wont implode because all the big teams with giant monies are there....what do they care....

what can little Boise do to the BCS?

What needs to happen is all non-AQs leave the system and start their own....

If you read BCS rules, 9 of the 10 games are meant for the BCS AQ conferences....they leave one 'little' spot for the non-AQ if they go undefeated and are rated in BCS top 12....

The one that got shafted was TCU, but TCU is leaving for a BCS conference....

Boise needs to schedule as many BCS games as possible with their mwc schedule....

Craig James is a typical attitude within the system....

read again

i said implode

the movement is already underway to ditch the aqs and go with just #1 and #2.

tcu didn't get shafted ---- they lost twice to do themselves in

bsu lost the one time -------- enough for the outhouse

non aqs cannot lose and hold any hope

you can be a crappy vtech and get whomped twice by a shaky clemson and still get in

clemson can lose three times and still get in

big east wvu can lose twice, wind up in a 3 way tie, and still get in

lots of crappy stuff in the system

go alaphant, 12-9

tell us all mr ugly --------- what does not stink?

Horseradish....Ugly says

it all stinks....

This is the worse I've seen it....

I agree with few selections, but VT again shows it is more buddy system than anything else....

and LSU v Ala solidifies the buddy system....

No wonder Bowl ratings have gone down....

its the 'Who Cares Bowl' anymore....